Payback is a Bitch


This is a fantasy and a dream. I have wanted my stepdaughter, Beth, since her tits began to swell and grow over the last couple of years. She is 20 now and her tits didn’t even begin to swell until she turned 17, a late bloomer you might say. She is a little thing, not quite 5 feet tall and weighing maybe 90 pounds soaking wet. Due to her size she wears what I call little girl panties, hard to find mature panties for someone as small as she is. By little girl panties I mean ones that are bright colors and have faces or sayings printed on them, the kind you find in stores that you know are meant for younger women.

The only thing she wears that shows her true age is her bra, very small, maybe a 32 or 34 around but with either a large B or a small C cup. Her tits flow over the top of the B cup bras but she doesn’t quite fill out a C cup. I have admired and desired her tits for along time and enjoy a quick glimpse every chance I get.

She has a boyfriend and I know she is having sex. I can tell by the way they talk on the phone and have found pictures he sent her of his cock. Also in her phone I found pictures that she took of herself, actually self-shots of her rack and her parted thighs, showing her trimmed pussy. I jacked off to that one almost immediately and sent it to my phone, being careful to remove any trail showing I sent it to myself. To be honest I want to bend her over, rip those pretty panties from her and hate fuck her, playing with her ample tits the entire time. Now by hate fuck I don’t mean anything painful, just fuck her senseless and wipe my cock clean either on her sheets or by forcing my meat down her throat and ordering her to lick me clean.

She has never given me any respect even though I have provided for her every need, new clothes whenever she wants, a car to drive and almost no pressure to move out. The last one I almost regret. When she isn’t working her part time job, she just lays on her bed and talks or texts whoever isn’t working that day. She never gets dressed, just stays in her room and in my mind plays with her pussy while she talks to her boyfriend. She doesn’t know but I have caught him fucking her late at night. The noises are unmistakable; I know they are fucking in my house.

Maybe this is why I want her so badly. I know she is fucking, why shouldn’t she fuck me in return for all I do for her? I mean why shouldn’t I get some to repay me for the roof over her head and the car and the insurance? I won’t need her all the time, just a couple times a month. Someone for me to fuck because her mother sure doesn’t seem interested in sex anymore.

I think the lack of sex in my marriage is what finally pushed me over the kartal escort edge, jacking off only does so much; eventually a man has to fuck something, shoot his load deep into a mouth or a tight pussy and not on the floor or into his own hand.

My chance for repayment finally came when she wrecked her car. Money was tight and I had increased her deductible to 2000 dollars to make her insurance affordable due to her many speeding tickets. She sure as hell didn’t have the money and assumed that I would pay it for her. We talked about it a couple times when my wife was around, and she pretty much said that I should pay it, of course my wife took her side being the dumb bitch that she is. I know that she still thinks her little girl is still a virgin and I’m not going to do anything to change that perception. We talked it over and over, trying to decide where the money would come from. I have a little saved up for a rainy day and this was a big storm.

I told Beth that I would come up with the money and she needed to arrange for her car to be repaired. She just smiled her I told you so smile and strutted down the hallway. Now was my chance as I saw it. Once the shop had her car fixed I knew that they wouldn’t release it until the total bill was paid, I finally had her. The shop called on Saturday and Beth went down to pick it up, the shop told her that she had to pay the bill completely before she could have it. She just smiled and told the guy that she would be back in a few minutes with the rest of the money.

When she arrived at home I was the only one there and she walked up to me and told me that she needed the rest of the money so she could get her car. I smiled and said what money? She was taken back and in a pissy tone said the deductible; it has to be paid also before the shop will release my car. I smiled again and said I know that, what is it worth to you?

Beth started to yell, telling me that her Mom said I would pay the rest of the bill.

I nodded and added that her Mom said give, not me.

Beth was speechless, she thought all along that I would just give her the money as I had her entire life and yet here I was asking what it was worth. She finally began begging, telling me she would pay me back,

I stopped her short telling her that wouldn’t happen and she knew it.

She smiled her sweet little girl smile and again asked for the money.

I asked her what was it worth to her to get her car back?

Beth’s face turned to rage, and she started calling me every name in the book, from a worthless piece of shit to a bastard. She even swung at me before backing away and saying fuck you.

I just smiled at cumhuriyet mahallesi escort her until she said that, then I got a smug look on my face and told her that might help.

The look on her face turned from rage to disbelief. Yelling at me she said that she would tell her Mom what I had said and then I would get mine.

I just kept smiling and asked her if her Mom knew about her fucking, should I tell her?

Now she had a shocked look on her face, how did you know?

I told her that she should be quieter when she gets fucked, especially in my house. I smiled at her, nodded and asked her again if I should tell her?

Beth stepped back and didn’t say anything for a while, I thought I had blown it, maybe gone too far to quickly. Beth gathered her composure and gave me a slutty look.

“Lets get this straight,” she said, “you want to fuck me then I get the money, is that right?”

I nodded but added, more then once, even hookers don’t charge $2000 per fuck. Your mom is gone all weekend and here it is almost noon so the bank will be closed before I can get the money. I think this would be a great way for you to begin repaying me for all I have done.

Beth looked down at the floor and nodded a little. “Ok then let’s get this over with.” she said.

I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. Once there I kissed her deeply but she didn’t respond. I told her to strip and we could begin. She lifted her shirt over her head and her ample tits came into view, barely contained by her bra and spilling over the top. I licked my lips and tried to hide my desire a little. I didn’t want her to know of my lust for her, just wanted her to think all I wanted was fucked for the money.

Beth next slid her jeans down and her pretty panties came into view. She was wearing a pair with a big face printed on the front and I almost laughed, thinking that my face would soon be there. I roughly slid her panties down her legs to reveal her trimmed pussy. Now I usually want the pussy I’m going to lick shaved bare but hers was ok…neatly trimmed with just a mohawk over her slit. I laid her back on the bed and got between her legs.

She objected a little saying that wasn’t part of the deal.

I ignored her and told her that everything was in the deal, I wanted to lick her and she couldn’t stop me. She resisted a little, trying to hold her thighs together but I soon had them spread and my mouth working on her slit.

I could tell that she was trying not to enjoy it, but the wetness of her pussy gave her away. Her pussy juice flowed uncontrollably and I did my best to lick it all up. I know yunus escort she was getting very turned on; she started moaning and talking to me as I licked her. I ate her for ten minutes and she came hard at the end as I fucked her with my tongue and slid a finger into her tightness. Her pussy actually grabbed my finger and milked it as she came into my mouth. I continued to lick her as her climax completed and she regained her composure.

I sat back and smiled at her, Beth actually smiled back and I knew that we would be better friends now that she knew how well I licked pussy.

Beth just laid there smiling and finally asked me if I was planning on leaving her in that position? I smiled at her and turned her over onto her knees. Her pussy was made to fuck from behind and her slit leaked more juice down her legs.

I think you all know what I am talking about, some women when you bend them over their pussy’s are just there to fuck, doesn’t seem to matter about their ass size, some women are just made to fuck doggy style.

I held my cock and slid it around her pussy. She thrust back to me as my cock neared her wet slit but I held back, I wanted to make her beg for my cock and wouldn’t fuck her until she did. Beth continued to try to impale her pussy on my cock, but I held her off and finally asked if she wanted me to fuck her.

She almost screamed for me to fuck her and I thrust my cock deeply into her with one stroke, Beth let out a loud moan and screamed for me to fuck her hard. My cock pistoned into her tight pussy, I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I tried to hold back my own cum as long as I could, but between her talking and her tight pussy my own cum was fast approaching. I thrust into her faster and faster and soon felt my cum rising to the tip. I pulled my dripping cock from her and turned her around just in time to shoot my load on her face and tits.

Beth moaned and licked at my cock as the last cum shot from it. She looked beautiful covered in my cum and took her fingers and cleaned her tits off, bringing my cum to her lips and licking her fingers clean.

The rest of the weekend was amazing; we stayed naked the whole time since we were alone in the house. I think I fucked her 5 more times that weekend and several times since. I eat her pussy every time she offers it and a couple times I woke her up with my tongue. Our relationship is much better since we began fucking and Beth kids me saying that I should have fucked her sooner.

Her Mother still doesn’t know about her boyfriend fucking her and I plan on keeping it that way. On nights when I work late Beth sometimes stays awake and tells me about how he fucked her that night and eventually I get to fuck her. When her Mom leaves for work or to visit someone we are naked and fucking or licking in minutes after she leaves. I kick myself for waiting so long to make a move, she was reluctant at first but warmed up soon once she felt my tongue and my cock.

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