Backyard Pool Ch. 17


All characters are 18 years or older



Goaded by a pleasant sensation, Steve gradually regained consciousness to find himself gazing up into the leafy branches of the shade tree in his back yard. He had apparently dozed off on the blankets in the shade following their swim, to rinse off after their shaving session.

He lowered his gaze to find his wife sitting cross-legged at his hip, her fingertips lightly stroking back and forth along the upturned underside of his semi-tumescent penis as it lay across his lower abdomen, the source of that pleasant sensation. He saw that her eyes, however were not trained on his cock as she lovingly caressed it, but instead, she was looking out, across his body. Steve turned his head to follow her gaze.

He saw Ron, lying on his back nearby, while Amy was lying on top of him, facing in the opposite direction. The boy’s head was between his sister’s slender thighs, his tongue gently licking and probing at her vagina. The side of Amy’s face lay on his thigh, her eyes gazing adoringly at her brother’s erect penis, just inches away, as she slowly slid her tiny fist up and down along that long, thick shaft. From time to time, Amy extended her tongue, touching it to side of the boy’s rigid shaft, and slowly running it up and down, from root to tip.

They were both quietly relaxed, obviously just enjoying the pleasure of giving and receiving a gentle, sensual caress rather than engaging in a passion driven rush to orgasm.

“Ooooh…oooooh…oooooh, yeah…” Steve heard his daughter moan softy as he saw her smooth, round buttocks grinding slowly while her brother’s tongue gently caressed her vulva. “Ohhhh, Ronnie, that feels so good…” Amy, gripping the base of the boy’s hard-on, bent his stiff shaft to the side and slowly swirled her tongue around and its engorged head. After a few moments, she rubbed that smooth knob back and forth along her lips, then slipped into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah…” Ron groaned from between his sister’s shapely butt-cheeks as the girl gently sucked on the head of his cock while she tenderly stroked her fingertips back and forth along the full length of his turgid shaft as if she were petting a kitten.

As she gently sucked on her brother’s swollen glans, Amy raised her eyes a bit, sighting along the bent over shaft of her brother’s erect penis, to where her parents lay a short distance away. Her father was on his back and her mother was sitting on the other side of him at his hip. Both of them were looking at her and Ron as her mom tenderly caressed the curved, upturned underside of her father’s semi-tumescent penis while it lay across his belly.

Amy let Ron’s big, smooth cock-head slip from her lips and allowed his rigid organ to stand upright again. She smiled at her parents around that towering shaft of engorged flesh, then began slowly running her tongue up and down her brother’s erect penis. The young girl felt a thrill of excitement, knowing that her parents were both watching her. The thrill was further enhanced when she saw her father’s penis lift from his abdomen and slowly rise, growing longer and fatter, until it stood stiff and straight, its now engorged, purple head pointing straight up at the sky. Amy raised her head and smiled, nodding in approval once her father’s penis had reached full erection and she saw her mother wrap her hand around it and begin to gently stroke that now stiff and solid shaft of turgid flesh.

Amy licked her tongue up to and over the flared edge of her brother’s engorged glans and teasingly swirled it around and around that big, smooth knob, while continuing to watch her parents.

Anne, her eyes on her daughter, lowered her head and extended her tongue, swirling it around her husband’s engorged cock-head, mimicking the young girl. Amy smiled and took her brother’s glans between her lips, watching as her mother did the same thing with her father’s swollen knob. As she gently sucked on the head of her brother’s cock, Amy touched her fingertips to the side of his shaft and tenderly caressed it. Anne immediately touched her fingertips to the side of her husband’s rigid organ and tenderly stroked them up and down.

Now Amy pushed her head downward, sliding her brother’s penis up into her mouth, slowly taking it as deeply as she could. Anne followed suit, sliding her lips down along her husband’s erect shaft. Due to her years of experience, however, she was able to continue well beyond the point where her daughter had to stop, taking her husband’s long, hard cock all the way down her throat until her lips touched his newly shaved, hairless groin. Anne, watching her daughter’s face, felt a thrill of excitement as she saw the surprise in the young girl’s eyes. She held her husband’s cock deep in her throat until she saw her daughter slowly withdraw her son’s penis from her mouth. Then she, too, slowly şişli escort withdrew her husband’s long, hard prick from her own mouth, smiling proudly at her daughter as its big purple head popped free of her lips.

Amy smiled back and nodded approvingly. She again touched her lips to the tip of her brother’s penis and pushed it into her mouth. She quickly slid her lips up and down the thick, hard shaft three times, finishing with her hand gently stroking the stiff shaft of her brother’s throbbing penis while swirling her tongue around its swollen head. She watched as her mother now slid her father’s entire organ in and out of her mouth three times and ended with her hand stroking his rigid shaft and her tongue caressing his engorged glans.

Steve watched in amused wonderment as the two girls continued their little game, mother mimicking every movement her daughter made. After a few moments, he groaned, thrusting his aching cock upward. He couldn’t believe how stimulating it was to watch a blowjob being given to someone else and knowing that, an instant later, exactly the same thing would happen to himself.

After several long, sensuous minutes of this game, Anne sat up and gazed pensively at her daughter, while still gently stroking her husband’s erect penis.

Amy, their game apparently suspended, laid her head back down on her brother’s thigh and just slowly stroked her little fist up and down his rigid shaft while she returned her mother’s gaze.

Anne smiled and nodded her head. She rose up on her knees and swung her leg over Steve’s legs to sit astride his thighs. She scooted forward until her pussy was pressed against the underside of her husband’s upthrust erection.

She looked over at her daughter, expectantly.

Amy smiled and sat up. She turned her body around and sat astride Ron’s thighs, then slid forward until her pussy was pressed against the underside of her brother’s up-thrust erection. Amy saw her father jerk and his eyes lock onto her crotch as her vulva touched her brother’s penis.

Anne reached behind her and grasped her husband’s ankles, arching her lush, lithe body, with her firm, round breasts pointed skyward. Mimicking her mother, Amy leaned back, her hands on Ron’s ankles, her slender body arched.

With her knees spread wide, Anne flexed her thighs and clenched her buttocks, sliding her open cunt up and down along the bulging urethra of her husband’s penis.

Steve groaned, staring wide-eyed as his daughter began flexing, as well, and he watched his son’s big, sun-bronzed organ slide up and down along the smooth, hairless crevice of his daughter’s innocent-looking vagina.

Feeling his wife release his ankles, Steve looked back at her to see her straightening up, rising upward on her knees, straddling his hips. Touching her fingertips to either side of her cunt, she spread apart her outer labia to fully expose the glistening, pink, inner folds of her vulva. Anne lowered her butt a bit and touched her moist, inner labia to the upthrust tip of his penis. She began to slowly rock her hips, dragging the smooth, rubbery knob of her husband’s engorged glans back and forth along the dripping furrow of her vulva.

Steve gasped and turned his eyes to see Amy now rise up, spreading the fleshy outer lips of her pussy with her fingertips. A thrill of excitement shot through his loins as he saw her touch her moist inner labia to her brother’s big, round cock-head, then begin rubbing that big, smooth knob back and forth through the juicy little furrow of her vulva, just as her mother was doing with him.

With little moans of delight, Anne continued to caress the engorged head of her husband’s penis with her wet, slippery vulva for a good, long time, the fire of her passion growing each time that smooth, rubbery knob touched the exposed head of her erect clitoris. She glanced over at her daughter, assuring herself that the young girl was still mimicking her every move, knowing that she, too, as well as both men were experiencing the same growing excitement that she was.

Anne finally let her husband’s swollen glans catch in the little pit of her vaginal entrance. She pushed down slightly until it entered her. She flexed her thighs, popping his big, rubbery knob in and out of her joy-hole.

Amy heard her father gasp and saw his eyes turn to her, open wide in anticipation. She smiled and spread her knees far apart to give her father a good view of her crotch. She slid Ron’s swollen cock-head up and down through her moist furrow a few more times, then let its tip catch in the depression of her vaginal opening. She pushed downward, squeezing her brother’s engorged glans up through that tight little hole. She giggled at the stricken look on her father’s face as he saw the boy’s cock-head enter her vagina.

Amy watched her father’s eyes flash back and forth between Anne’s crotch, with his own cock-head popping in and out of her joy-hole, and Amy’s as mecidiyeköy escort she also began popping her brother’s big knob in and out of her vaginal opening, just as her mother was doing.

After a few moments, Anne stopped and, with a passionate groan, pushed downward, sliding her husband’s entire penis up into her warm, wet cunt.

Amy saw her father’s body stiffen, his mouth opening wide, as his eyes darted back over to her again. The girl smiled and pushed downward, sliding her brother’s penis up into her, much more slowly than her mother had, allowing her father to watch every inch of the boy’s long, hard cock slowly disappear into her vagina. She heard her father let out a gurgling groan as he threw his head back, thrusting his loins up against his wife’s butt.

“Oooooh…oooooh…oooooh…” Amy moaned as she felt the thick, solid shaft of her brother’s erect penis stretching the narrow opening of her vagina while its smooth, bulbous head pushed deeper and deeper through the warm, wet sleeve of her vaginal canal. “Ohhhhh, yes!” she gasped as the lips of her pussy finally pressed against his groin, around the base of his organ, while his rubbery glans lodged in the very deepest recesses of her cunt. “Ooooooh…oooooh…oooooh…” she groaned, throwing her head back as waves of delight began to radiate through her loins.

After a few moments, Amy turned to look at her parents and saw that her mother was now pumping herself up and down on her father’s penis. Her cunt still tingling from her orgasm, Amy began to flex her thighs, pumping herself up and down as well.

Abandoning their game of monkey see-monkey do, the two women now just enjoyed the pleasure of having a good, hard cock thrusting in and out of their aroused vaginas, with the added thrill of each of them watching the other as they fucked, both of them moaning and groaning with delight, as their lovely bodies writhed sinuously atop their men.

After several minutes of fast hard thrusting and grinding, Amy eased up, just sliding slowly up and down the full length of Ron’s erection for a time. Then, stopping, she leaned forward, bending his hard-on upward, and pressed her breasts into his chest. Amy rocked her hips slightly, with the boy’s penis fully embedded within her vagina so that it only slid back and forth an inch or two inside her. She pressed her lips to his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. As they kissed, she tasted the delicious flavor of own sweet nectar on his lips, deposited there during their leisurely sixty-nine a few minutes before.

Amy gradually slowed the movement of her hips, then stopped, savoring the delightful feel of the boy’s hot, solid penis, motionless now, gently throbbing within her, while their tongues sensuously danced in each other’s mouth. She began to rhythmically constrict the muscles of her vagina around her brother’s penis, trying to match the throbbing of his organ.

Amy finally broke their kiss. She ran her lips and tongue around his face, cleaning up her pussy juice, then laid the side of her cheek against his, as she relaxed with a contented sigh, just holding his penis motionless within her, while continuing to gently massage his throbbing hard-on with her vaginal muscles.

Tenderly caressing his earlobe with the tip of her tongue, she whispered, “Oh god, Ronnie, your big, hard dick feels so good inside me!”

“Yeah, sis,” Ron murmured in her ear as he lightly slid his hands up and down the curve of her sleek, slender flanks, and down to caress the smooth, firm flesh of her buttocks. “I just wish you could know how good it feels to have your warm, wet cunt all around my cock! Ohhh, yeah…that really feels fantastic when you milk my cock like that with your pussy!”

She stopped her contractions. “Mmmmmmm, yes…I love how hot and solid your dick feels inside me…” she whispered, licking his earlobe. “I can even feel it throbbing deep inside there!”

After a few moments, she resumed rhythmically squeezing her brother’s cock with her cunt muscles. “Ohhh, yeah…” Ron groaned. He dug his fingers into the soft, but firm, flesh of his sister’s lovely ass, and pulled her even tighter against him.

Amy pressed her lips to his for another long, sensuous kiss.

After a little while, Amy turned her head and looked over at their parents. Anne was still astride Steve’s hips, slowly riding up and down on her father’s rigid penis, her body writhing passionately. Her head was thrown back and her hands gripped both upturned breasts as, her long blond hair swished from side to side behind her.

“Mmmmm…let’s go closer to mom and dad, okay?’ she suggested.

“Sure,” Ron agreed. He grasped Amy’s slender waist and lifted her off the still rigid prong of his erect penis. “Did you come, sis?” he asked.

“Uh-huh. At least three times, I think. I lost count…” she sighed dreamily.

Amy kissed him, then pushed herself up. On her hands and knees, straddling escort istanbul him, Amy rocked her body so that the engorged head of his upthrust penis slid back and forth along the crevice of her pussy, then she scooted back and sat on his knees. She gazed down, smiling, at his stiffly quivering, erection. Leaning forward, she swirled her tongue around its big, smooth head, then took it between her lips and slid it up into her mouth.

Amy bobbed her head up and down several times, then let his cock slip from her mouth. “Mmmmm…” she purred, smiling, “your dick sure tastes good!”

“It should!” Ron said. “It’s all covered with your sweet pussy-juice.”

Amy giggled. “Oh, yeah! That must be what it is!”

Amy rose to her knees and hobbled over to where her parents lay while Ron moved around to sit on the opposite side of them. They watched as their mother continued to slowly slide up and down on the rigid pole of her husband’s erect penis, her lovely body writhing sinuously.

Steve looked back and forth at his two kids as they sat there on either side of him gazing at his penis as it slid in and out of his wife’s lovely, now hairless, pussy. He squirmed, still unsure of his feelings, especially now that the family’s oral sex play had advanced to actual fucking right there in full view of everyone.

Amy just watched for a minute, then she got up and moved around behind her mother. She knelt down between her father’s knees and laid her hands on her mother’s firm, round buttocks. Gently kneading the soft, but firm flesh of her mother’s ass, Amy spread her cheeks apart and watched her father’s long, thick penis slide in and out of her mom’s vagina.

After a while, Amy released her mother’s buttocks and laid down on her stomach between her father’s thighs, her face just inches from her parents’ genitals. She scooped up her father’s loosely dangling balls in her hand and began licking and caressing the soft, supple skin of his now hairless scrotum, rolling his testicles about on her palm with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh, shit…” Steve groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head as he experienced, for the first time, the delight of having someone lick his balls at the same time he was fucking a pussy.

Looking between the arch-way of his wife’s luscious thighs, he watched his cock slide in and out of her wide-open vagina. Each time Anne rose upward, he saw his daughter’s beautiful face as she tenderly licked his balls.

Amy’s eyes rose to meet her father’s gaze. She smiled naughtily as she gently fondled his balls, then she extended her tongue and touched it to the base of his penis. Now, each time his wife rose upward to the tip of his shaft, Amy stroked her tongue up and down along the underside of his exposed organ.

“Ohmygod…” Steve groaned, his head rolling back, his eyes closed and his mouth open. His body tensed up and his straining hard-on thrust upward.

Anne, seeing her husband’s reaction, lowered her head and peered back between her thighs to see her daughter licking the underside of his penis each time she paused with just its head inside her vagina. Realizing what Amy was doing, Anne leaned forward a bit to give her daughter more space back there. She also began pausing for a longer time at the top of each stroke, to allow the girl plenty of time to lick her father’s cock, before she slid back down on that rigid pole, to replenish the coating of sweet vaginal juices she left there with each stroke.

Now leaning far forward, Anne gazed down into her husband’s face and smiled at the look of bliss she saw there. She lowered her head and pressed her lips to his, thrusting her tongue down into his mouth. After a long, passionate tongue-duel, Anne slid her lips across his cheek and caressed his ear with the tip of her tongue.

“Oooooooh, baby,” Anne whispered in her husband’s ear, “how does it feel to have someone lick your cock and balls at the same you’re fucking my pussy?”

“Ohhhh, fuck…baby, this is incredible…” Steve whispered back, nuzzling his wife’s neck as he fondled her dangling breasts with both hands. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before!”

Anne glanced to the side and saw Ron sitting there, quietly watching them. She saw that the boy’s penis was standing stiffly erect and he was lightly stroking his fingertips up and down along the side of his quivering shaft. She reached out and wrapped her own hand around her son’s prick.

Smiling, Ron groaned and laid back, thrusting his penis upward as his mother lightly stroked her fist up and down his upthrust hard-on.

Hearing his son’s groan, Steve turned his head to find his wife tenderly caressing the boy’s erect penis.

Steve’s eyes went from his wife’s dainty little hand stroking their son’s huge, sun-bronzed penis, to her crotch, bisected by his own long, thick shaft with his daughter’s lovely face behind it. He looked back up at his wife, seeing her smiling, obviously enjoying having the boy’s cock in her hand while she fucked. Then he had an idea of something she might enjoy even more.

Steve reached out and grasped his son’s arm, tugging on it. “C’mon up here, Ronnie,” he said, “Let your mother have that cock the way she really wants it.”

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