Office Mate Ch. 03


I still cannot believe how my relationship with my sweet little sister developed so intensely over the course of last two weeks. From growing up together where we were just curious about male and female bodies and teasing and spying on each other as young kids, to being adults and having an affair with each other in the office and engaging in a taboo relationship where a brother and sister explore each other’s more secret sexual desires.

Our escapades in the men’s room continued. For the next two days we repeated our ritual of going to the gym and not changing into regular clothes and coming back to the office when everyone was gone. We would go into the men’s room, lock the stall door and slide our shorts off. I would tongue fuck my sister’s gorgeous pussy and chew on her clitty and suck on her hard clitty while finger fucking her tight little ass hole. She loves having her ass hole played with. She loves my finger but she loves my tongue up her anus the best. She would then return the favor by sucking my cock, licking my balls and drinking my cum while sliding one finger in and out of my ass hole, driving me crazy.

Next day was Friday and we knew the cleaning folks did not work on Fridays. So there was no hurry to leave the office. We both went to the gym and came back in our shorts and tee shirts. All day my sister had been teasing me with her low cut v-neck shirt and her gorgeous milky cleavage showing. In the evening, before going to the gym she came to my office with two top buttons unbuttoned showing me her lacy bra and her amazing breasts. I was hard and horny and could not wait to tongue fuck her pussy. I could hardly concentrate on my workout. I came back to the office quickly and waited for my sister. It turned out that she could not wait either and had cut her workout short. We smiled at each other and I winked at her. i got up and started walking towards the men’s kurtköy escort room. I hadn’t even reached my stall yet and my sweet sister was already behind me groping my butt.

As our routine I got down on my knees and started to tongue fuck my sister’s pussy as I fingered fucked her anus. After she came several times I got up. My sister, instead of kneeling down in front of me to suck my cock like usual, turned around leaned forward against the wall and stuck her ass out to me. Not knowing what she wanted I got down onto my knees and started to tongue fuck her pussy from behind and started playing with her anus. I could see how her ass hole would open and close around my finger as my tongue darted in and out of her horny pussy. In this position my sister did not take more than two minutes to cum. It was intense for her. Instead of me shoving my tongue in and out of her pussy she was fucking my tongue with her pussy – literally banging my tongue like a cock in her pussy.

After she came on my tongue several times she pulled me up by my hair. She turned around, smiled at me, kissed me so she can taste her cum on my tongue, and then, while looking into my eyes slowly dropped my shorts down. Never taking her eyes away from my eyes she smiled and started to stroke my cock and massage my balls. After a couple minutes of teasing my fat cock she looked at me and whispered.

“Daddy fuck my pussy with your fat cock. My big brother fuck your little sister with your monster cock”

I smiled as she turned around to face away from me never letting go my cock. Once she was turned around she grabbed my cock from the base and guided it into her moist wet warm pussy hole. Pushing her ass back into my crotch and spreading her legs and her butt cheeks apart, she made sure my cock was shoved up her cunt all the way. It was so hot. Her pussy was so wet and hot it felt like aydıntepe escort I was fucking a soft wet mouth. I grabbed onto her hips with one hand and started to play with her nipples with the other as I started to shove my cock deep into her pussy. Once shoved up to the hilt I gyrated my hips and moved my pelvic bone in circles so she could feel my cock move inside her pussy touching her in places she had never been touched before. I could hear her whimper and moan and whisper uncontrollably anything that could make her even hotter than she already was.

“Fuck me daddy, oh god big daddy, fuck my pussy daddy. Oh big brother your cock is gynormous, I am such a slut, fuck me baby. Fuck your sweet little sister, fuck your baby sister’s pussy.”

I could not take it anymore and within five minutes pumped a large load of cum into her pussy. As I started to cum I was afraid she would not want me to cum inside her. As I started to pull out she started to back up into me faster than I could pull out, making sure that my cock was nice and snug shoved up her pussy and so my cum would not drip out of her pussy. To further indicate that she did not want me to pull my fat cock out of her horny pussy she put one hand back onto my butt cheek.

We stayed like this for five minutes. No words were spoken, no movement. only slow breathing and the incredible feel of her pussy muscles contracting every few seconds to milk my cock. Her ass would move around a bit slowly in teasing motion. A few minutes later my sister whispered to me and said;

“Hey big brother I want you to fuck me again sweetie.”

With those words she started to gyrate her hips more and milk my cock with her pussy muscles making my cock harder and thicker and fatter and longer. I was hard and thick in no time ready to pump my sister’s horny pussy one more time. I heard another whisper from tuzla içmeler escort her as she said,

“Hey brother, remember what you did with your finger while sucking my pussy? Do it now while you fuck my cunt sweetie okay. Do the same thing okay daddy?”

I did not need to be told twice. I knew exactly what she wanted. My baby sister wanted me to finger fuck her ass hole while my fat cock was pounding inside her horny pussy. I made my finger wet with her pussy juices off of my cock base and started to slide my finger in and out of my sister’s anus as my cock started to pound her pussy hard, which made my balls slap against her cunt lips. Here I was, with my sister bent over against the wall inside a men’s room stall with my fat hard thick gynormous cock shoved up her horny wet pussy and my thick finger moving in and out of her sexy tight puckered ass hole. In no time she shuddered and withered and came in gushes all over my cock and balls. I felt her ass hole get tight and squeeze my finger as she came all over my balls.

We stayed there for another five minutes with no movement. Just enjoying feeling each other’s skin. Feeling how my semi-erect cock felt inside her warm dripping wet pussy. My sister turned her head, looked at me and smiled. She gently massaged my balls by moving her hand under her and removed my cock out of her pussy. My semi-erect cock coated with our cum juices rested in the crack of her gorgeous ass for another minute. She moved her ass up and down and wiggled her slowly so she could feel my cummy cock all over her ass crack. This was the most incredible teasing I had ever experienced. A few minutes later, she got down on her knees and sucked my pussy cream coated cock and balls. No words were spoken and we got dressed and quietly left the men’s room.

As we walked, I stayed a few steps behind her so I can see her gorgeous ass wiggle and tease me. While I was walking and watching her tush wiggle, I had vivid images of my tongue or my finger up her pink ass hole and my fat brown cock sliding in and out of your tight little pussy. I loved my sweet baby sister who called me daddy whenever she wanted me to shove my cock in her pussy.

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