Barebacked n Bred


Barebacked n BredI knocked on his door and let myself in to the house, since Dave knew I was coming over he left the door unlocked. Once inside I announced myself and I heard him call that he would be right down. Dave came downstairs just wearing a towel and stating he just got out of the shower. No matter, we fully embraced and then torridly tongue kissed as our hands wandered over each other’s bodies as we grinded into each other. We were both hot and horny and ready to take our friendship to a new level. I couldn’t hold back any longer and moved my hand to his towel, feeling his hard cock through it. I rubbed it and Dave groaned as we still kissed. I broke our kiss and moved down to his nipples. I sucked n bit and worked them both as I moved my hand inside of the towel reaching for his hard cock. I stroked him a few times and then bent down and took the tip of his leaking hard cock into my eager and hot wet mouth. I slowly lowered myself onto my knees as I took more of his hard cock and moaned in pleasure as I did. I heard Dave moan and soon felt his hand on the back of my head and him whispering to me phrases like, Yes take Daddy’s cock deep, oh yes work it you bitch, you suck it so good. I soon moved off his cock and took his balls into my mouth. He moaned as I moaned and I heard him say “oh yes”, that turned me on more and I asked him “if Daddy liked the way I sucked his big balls” he just moaned and pushed my head onto his balls more. As türbanlı balıkesir escort I licked and sucked and tongued his balls I rubbed his ass cheeks with my hand. With his wet towel on the floor and things heating up I felt him pull me up, once standing we kissed and he took me by the hand and said lets go to my room. Once in his room we kissed some more as he took off my t shirt and shorts. I didn’t wear any underwear this time, knowing that we were not going anywhere and that they were only going to come off anyway. Dave got onto the bed and I climbed right in and soon we were 69ing. Both of us were soon working away on each other’s hard cocks with our greedy mouths and tongues. The moaning and sound of slurping and warm wet mouths only served to make things hotter. I soon felt his finger rubbing on my man pussy and that got me harder, hotter and moaning as best I could with his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t hold back much longer and soon was pumping my hot man milk into Dave’s moaning and greedy mouth. He took it all and cleaned my cock to, getting every last drop out. He released my cock from his mouth and slid out from under me; he next rolled me onto my stomach and then reached down to my hips and pulled me up to my knees. I knew what he wanted so I willingly assisted. As soon as I got to my knees with my head down on the bed I reached back and spread my cute ass cheeks, exposing türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan my sweet man pussy to Dave. I said to him, “Does Daddy like my sweet ass”, he replied “You know it and its going to be mine” and he lightly slapped it. I first felt his hot breath and then soon his tongue on me. He soon had his tongue all the way in me and ate my ass out so well I was moaning for Daddy not to stop and that it felt so good. After awhile I soon felt his 2 and then 3 fingers in me as he finger fucked me, opening my tight ass for him. I moaned and told Daddy how much his bitch enjoys being finger fucked and how I wanted him to mount me and breed me, to make me his bitch. I soon felt his lubed fingers leave me and I felt the tip of his cock pushing on my man pussy wanting to get in. I tightened and pushed out as Dave was pushing in and soon the lubed head of his cock entered me and I gasped as it did. He slid slowly inside of me allowing me to feel his warm cock in me as he filled me up. I finally felt him bump against my ass and I knew he was all the way in me. WOW I have finally done it – barebacked – , and liking it. I moaned out loud “Yessssssss”. Soon Dave was pumping in and out of me, grabbing me by my hips and pulling me onto him more as he fucked me. Damn, how does he last! Hearing the slap of our bodies was so hot and made me hotter. Soon I was telling him to fuck my man türbanlı escort balıkesir pussy, for him to take me, take my ass, make me his. Yes, I can get very slutty and verbally slutty to when I am all worked up!!!! Dave pulled out and pushed me onto my side, he soon lifted my leg which I reached down and held up as he pushed his cock easily into me this time. I have never fucked in this position before and would have to try it sometime, but for now it was time for me to relax and enjoy it. Dave soon tired of that position so he pulled out and pushed me onto my back. He squeezed some more lube on his cock and was soon in me again. I had my legs over his shoulders and he was pumping me good. Our balls were slapping together and my semi hard cock was now leaking pre cum out all over my belly as it danced back and forth as I was fucked. I looked up into his eyes and told him to breed me that I wanted to feel his hot cum shoot into me, that I wanted his man seed. He looked down at me and said “Don’t worry you will get it soon enough”. Dave didn’t disappoint this time either. Soon enough he told me to get ready to take his seed and to be his bitch. I gladly told him yes and encouraged him to release into me which he soon did. I felt Dave push hard into me and hold me as he grunted. I then felt the hot spurts of his man seed as it shot out in pulses into me – WOW. We stayed like that until he was done and then he slowly pulled out of me and as he did I felt some of his seed leak out and down my ass. WOW, was all I could say as he looked at me laying spent on the bed and smiled. I laid on the bed thinking about how I was just barebacked and fucked by another man who shot his seed inside me, I enjoyed it and it was HOT. Later it was my turn to fuck him!!! Oh well, I guess my girlfriend was going to get a good long fuck tonight!!

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