Beach Getaway


This is the weekend you’ve longed for all summer. As you drive towards the coast anticipation and curiosity rack your brain. It’s been 2 weeks since your first sexual encounter with a female and almost 2 months since you were with her boyfriend who is also your secret lover. This time it will be all three of you. Your husband thinks you are going to the beach to spend time with your new friend alone and thankfully chose to stay at home.

As you get closer to your mysterious rendezvous you begin to feel anxious. What if she gets jealous? What if I get jealous?

The ocean appears on your left side almost right on the highway as you turn into the driveway on your right. There’s a short dirt drive that winds thru a tangled maritime forest and the house suddenly appears. The scenery is breathtaking and what’s more it appears to be in a private setting. The house is situated on the sound and has 2 levels with decks at the lower and top level. As you get out of the car the warm sunshine and salty breeze embraces you and temporarily washes away most of your anxiety.

“Hey there you sexy ass woman!” a female voice yells from the front porch. It’s your new “friend” She’s clad in a bikini, sunglasses and sandals and is carrying what appears to be a mixed drink on ice. She sets it down and walks up to you with arms outstretched. Expecting just a hug you reach for her. She reaches for the back of your neck and pulls you in for a long hot kiss. She’s so intoxicating. Her carefree attitude, her curves, and her open friendliness. You become intensely excited by the kissing, her wondering hands, and the scent of coco suntan lotion and hint of sweat, her body rubbing against yours. Oh my!

At last you collect yourselves and your things and head inside. You two chat for a bit and after a brief tour she tells you to get your swimsuit on and come out to the deck. As you walk out she greets you with your favorite drink on ice, Chambord and Lemonade! As you sip away the atmosphere and alcohol begin to relax you.

She holds up a bottle of suntan lotion and offers to rub some on your back. You eagerly agree and untie your top and lay down with eyes closed occasionally opening them to enjoy the view. Her hands feel like heaven on your shoulders, back, and legs. She keeps on touching and rubbing even though there karataş escort is plenty of lotion on your glistening skin. You feel her raise up briefly and hear the bottle squirt then feel more of her weight on your back. It’s then you realize she’s removed her top and is rubbing more lotion on you with her bare breasts. In spite of yourself you let out a moan and your pussy begins to tingle. You feel her lips on tongue on the back of your neck as her hands explore every inch of you.

This is more than you can take! As you roll over to confront your tormentor she pulls at the lower part of your swimsuit and on the deck it goes. She has not only removed her top but her bottom as well. Locked in an embrace and kiss, your hands explore each other. Both of you are now an entangled, lustrous, aroused, beautiful mess. You feel her lips all over your breasts and nipples, down your tummy, to your glistening pussy. You don’t want her to be left out so you move your head between her thighs as well.

It’s a good thing this house is somewhat isolated. Both of you fill the air with moans and gasps as you send one another into orgasmic bliss over and over. Finally, both of you need a pause so both of you rest beside one another and sip your drinks between breathless kisses with gusto. No need to rush this after all. You ladies still need to save your energy for him this evening.

After a bit both of you decide it’s time to enjoy some time on the beach just down the driveway and across the road. The ocean refreshes and cools you as you wade in. This is certainly turning out to be a great weekend thus far!

In a few hours the heat and the romp from earlier has sapped the strength from both of you. After some splashing and brief discussion you both agree a shower and nap is much needed and stroll back to the house. To your surprise she coaxes you to her bed after you get out of the shower. The cozy bed, the refreshment of your shower, her bare skin against yours, and her fingers running thru your hair sends you into a deep sleep.

Warm lips on your shoulders and neck stir you awake. Not that you mind, because these lips cause you to softly moan being awoken like this. You feel chin whiskers with these lips as well and realize it’s HIM.

“Enjoy your nap?” he asks.

“Mmmmm yes!” You whisper as you stretch luxuriously.

“Good.” Says he as he starts to undress and heads to the shower. “You’re gonna need your strength later” he says with a grin.

You slip on your dress…..a short dress and head into the kitchen where you see your lady friend is preparing dinner so you jump right in to assist. Grilled filet mignon, baked potato, and salad are on the menu tonight. Things are going much smoother than you could have ever hoped for. Your lady friend shares the tale of the little adventure from earlier and he smiles widely and keeps gazing at you with lust in his eyes. That unmistakable look you’ve seen from him before that only means one thing.

You’re getting fucked well tonight.

After dinner and clean up we all ease out onto the other deck facing the sound to enjoy the sunset. As we sip drinks and chat I can see out of the corner of my eye both of you looking over at me as I get more seat cushions. Your lady friend requests that I uncover the hot tub so we can all get in and relax. You go in to get your swimsuit on and come out to find us in the hot tub already but with no clothes on. We gently giggle and tell you only birthday suits needed. You readily shed your bathing suit and climb in.

After a little relaxing your lady friend decides it’s time to play. She straddles you while locked in a passionate kiss. Seeing this is such a turn on for me because I know this is something all of us have wanted for some time. I sit alone and patiently stroke my cock to ease my cock which is by now painfully stiff.

“Awwww someone looks left out.” I hear you say.

Both of you come over to me and your hands run freely all over me. I take turns kissing both of you as my hands explore both of you. You position yourself in front of me and grip and stroke my cock as only you can all the while looking into my eyes. I’m so hypnotized by you and this is proving to be too much for all of us to bear so we quickly towel off and head to the bedroom.

This is YOUR weekend and all about you so your friend and I lay you on the bed and proceed to ravage you with our lips, tongues and hands. Nothing is off limits as you writhe and moan. I get on my knees and offer my swollen cock to you and you hungrily accept. Meanwhile, your clit is being sucked and licked. With your hands massaging my balls, you lick and suck my stiff cock until I explode in waves inside your mouth. This plus the action going on between your thighs brings about a wave of moans and orgasms from you.

As soon as you gather your composure you crawl over to her and bury your face between her thighs. You feel her quiver and rise up and down on the bed as you flick your tongue on her clit and fuck her with a vibrator I have handed to you.

This is turning me on so much that I quickly become hard again so I take advantage of your inviting pussy and enter in. You’re finding it harder and harder to stay on task as I ease in and out of your tight wet pussy, my pace becoming harder and faster. Lady friend in the meantime screams as waves of pleasure wash over her again and again.

You feel me pull out and I coax you to ride my cock. You climb on and go nice and slow at first so you can feel every inch of my hardness inside you. All the while watching the expression of pleasure and desire in my eyes. Now you begin to feel fingers inside your ass from lady friend who is getting another toy to pleasure your ass with. You love having your ass pleasured but this is the first time you’ve had both your pussy and ass pleasured at the same time. Your pace urgently picks up and you toss back your head and bellow as you again are brought over the edge again and again.

You decide you need a pause and some water so you stagger off to the kitchen on wobbly legs as lady friend climbs on my cock and rides herself into the bliss zone again and again. When you return you lay on the bed and watch and feel the urgent desire for my cock to be back inside you once again but lady friend and I have other plans.

Lady friend produces a rather large strap on and puts it on and asks you to climb on as she lies on the bed. I stand there and gaze into your eyes as you grind and bounce on the strap on. I lean over and whisper if you want my cock in your ass. You say yes, but I hold off until you are begging for it. Each time I ask if you are sure I smack your ass progressively harder…but not too hard. I come around behind you once I’m sure you’re on the verge of climax and insanity to fill your ass with my cock. As soon as you begin to scream in ecstasy I pull your hair hard and explode inside you.

We continue this all weekend until you must go back to reality but you know this won’t be the last time!

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