Barrack Room Betty – Chapter Four


Chapter Four – A Night at the Flicks Michele was confused; she didn’t like Leading Recruit Jason Jones one bit, he was a bully but he was also handsome, strong and actually quite intelligent. She knew he had a thing for her as soon as the Leading Recruits made the grommets crossdress, and of course last night he had ejaculated in his pants when he was spanking her.Michele was no prude, she liked having sex as a transvestite, her Uncle had taught her all sorts of tricks, and then they had learned quite a few of their own during their torrid one-year affair. Spike was only the second man she had been amorous with, but she was no virgin.She felt Spike’s fingers caress her calf then trace the backseam of her stocking all the way up her thigh to the welt; she kissed him harder and wriggled in his lap, she loved having her legs played with. She gasped in his mouth when his fingers slid along the front of her satin panties. She was getting wet, pre-seminal fluid leaking into her knickers and she could feel Spike’s cock throbbing against her bottom.Then a door crashed open down the passageway.“Fuck me hookey; what the fuck is going on in with this rock show!” Petty Officer Knocker White yelled out as he clamoured along the passageway from the Duty Instructor’s cabin towards the reg office.“Fuck!” Spike shrieked, and dropped Michele unceremoniously on her arse as he leapt to his feet.“Fuck! Hide! Get under the desk!” Spike pointed to the foot-well under the Reg Office desk and Michele crawled into it, drawing her knees up under her chin.She couldn’t help but see the funny side and tried to suppress a giggle.“Oh please Michele shut the fuck up or we are all in a world of shit!” Spike begged.“Anything for you darling,” Michele smiled up at him mischievously.Spike raised a fist to her but he was smiling.PO Knocker White looked like shit. His uniform was dishevelled, his hair a mess, his beard unkempt and he smelled like sweat, stale beer and rum.“Leading Recruit Jones reporting PO,” Spike snapped to the Ho.Knocker dropped into the chair recently vacated by Michele and put his feet on the desk.“Sit down hookey,” He blurted out around a belch.Spike didn’t know what smelled worse, Knocker’s breath or his rancid feet.“Look it’s only been a few of days and I told you at the start that I wanted all the blocks and facilities checked daily but I ain’t getting the signed rounds chits,” he began.“Your knuckleheads and the four grommets should be able to do this easy. One grommet cooks, the rest of you do your rounds, do cleanos as required, and repair any fucking thing that is broken and if you can’t fix it, log it in the defect log. How fucking hard is that?”“Well…” Spike was about to interject and Knocker held up a hand to stop him.“Then at dinner one of you fuckwits brings me the signed rounds chit from each block and I countersign it and you return it to the appropriate block or facility. Then I go back to watching dits, drinking piss and having the occasional wank. Tass all!”“Should take you fuckwits half a day tops then you can go back to drinking in the wets; don’t protest, I know you have the key and I don’t give a fuck, and torturing the grommets or whatever you limp-dicks do for fun.”“Got it?”“Yes PO!” Spike snapped.“Well get it done! I’m going for a shit and a dhoby. I want those rounds chits completed and in front of me when my scran is delivered tonight,” Knocker smiled, displaying a set of green-tinged teeth.“By the way; it smells like a Wan Chai knocking shop in here; you wearing some homo aftershave of something?”It was a rhetorical question but Spike was about to answer when Knocker lifted an arse cheek and farted long and hard releasing a miasma that smelled worse than a Wan Chai shithouse.“If that’s not shit, it’ll do to til we get some,” Knocker chortled.He stood up unsteadily and left the office.“Oh my god that is foul!” Michele scrambled to her feet and darted to the corner of the office farthest from where Knocker had farted.Spike followed her and pulled her into his arms.“Your perfume was what he smelled,” Spike said.“Would you rather I smelled like pussers hard and Gamlen, or a Wan Chai Kai Tai?” Michele rubbed up against him.Pussers hard soap was used for general cleaning but some cheapskates were known to use it in the shower rather than buy their own soap and Gamlen was a commercial heavy duty cleaner widely used in the RN.“No Michele; you smell beautiful,” he put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him and kissed her.“And you look beautiful too,” he gazed into her eyes with genuine affection.“Then why do you keep beating me and treating me like shit?” a look of dismay and apprehension crossed her face.Spike’s face glowed red with guilt. He genuinely looked ashamed of himself.Michele grinned.“Because I’m a fucking grommet Recruit Wren who needs discipline and if you don’t keep that charade up we will both be in deep shit when the others figure out what we’re up to,” Ankara escort Michele said.“What are we up to Michele?” Spike gazed into her eyes.She pulled Spike’s face to hers and kissed him tenderly; but she didn’t answer.“I’ve fucked up! All this bullshit getting you girls dressed as Wrens and drinking all day, we haven’t been doing proper rounds and filling in the paperwork,” Spike lamented.“Well Leader, you have a Wren Writer who can type up your Daily Orders and get them distributed ASAP. Then I can join up with the other Wrens and we can check the blocks and bring you the rounds chits. If you get the other three Leading Recruits to help we can get back on track in no time,” Michele said.“But I was kinda hoping to spend some time with my favourite Wren today,” Spike smiled down at her.“Let’s get this done Jason; we have six weeks to spend time together,”“Your right Wren Writer Nyland,” he said officiously.“And I like it when you call me Jason,” he brushed his lips against hers and then playfully spanked her behind.“Ok Wren Nyland, start typing!” he instructed.They both sat down and Spike dictated the routine he wanted followed to get their maintenance and rounds routine back on track. Michele interjected here and there when she thought she had a better idea. She typed away on a Gestetner stencil fed into the typewriter. She put the finished orders onto the drum of the Gestetner copier and cranked the handle producing ten copies of Daily Orders; one each for the recruits, one for PO White and one for the file.When Michele bent over the copier Spike tried to play with her bottom but Michele brushed his hand away.“Later sweetheart, you know we have to get this done,” Michele admonished him.“Ok I’m going to deliver your Daily Orders and join up with the work party to catch up on what needs to done,” Michele said buttoning her jacket and putting the documents under her arm.“But that means I won’t see you for the rest of the day,” Spike looked petulant.Michele stopped in front of the mirror, pulled her lipstick out of her regulation black handbag and fixed her lipstick and then brushed her hair.“I told you we have plenty of time to get to know each other,” Michele winked at him and skittered out the door.“Fuck me I’m head over A-bracket for a Wren! A fucking transvestite Wren at that!” Spike smiled, sat down, put up his feet up and lit a cigarette remembering Michele’s soft embrace.Michele met up with her three charges, Doris had finished in the Galley and didn’t need to be back until 1100 having prepared lunch already, all she needed to do was warm it though. Michele issued the Daily Orders and explained what needed to be done.“If we split up into pairs we can knock this over by secure,” Michele said.Secure was 1700, one hour before dinner.“We could do it quicker if we weren’t dressed like fucking girls!” Doris moaned.“I’m fucking fed up with you Doris! We have no choice so shut your bitching!” Michele snapped.“Oh you fucking like this don’t you! You’re some sort of homo transvestite fag aren’t you!” Doris snapped back.Michele slapped Doris across the face, much to the astonishment of Polly and Mary.Michele looked Doris in the eye waiting for a response and got none. Doris lowered her head submissively. Michele took a deep breath and then she reached into her pockets and took out her cigarettes and lighter, lit a cigarette and exhaled. They all knew there was no smoking allowed in the blocks but no one had the temerity to tell her.Michele pointed a manicured, red nailpolished fingernail at Doris.“You don’t know what I’ve done to save our arses! I put myself in front of you last night when Jason was going to hit you! You don’t like being a Wren? Well tough titty! It’s the lot we all have to bear!” Michele hissed.“Ok, I’m taking Polly; you take Mary. We do our rounds and meet back here when we’ve finished,” Michele said.She grabbed Polly by her tie and dragged her out the cabin and then fell against the passageway bulkhead laughing, pulling Polly to her.“Fuck! Can you believe my performance in there?” Michele cackled.“Oh you were one super-bitch!” Polly sniggered conspiratorially.“You know that was all bullshit; that I’m really just a sissy whimp?” Michele looked into Polly’s big brown eyes.“Yeah I know. And you know what? You’re turning me into one as well; I really like these clothes and the stockings and the makeup and the wigs and my god I think I’ve come in me knickers half a dozen times,” Polly giggled.“Come on Wren Perkins; let us about our duties,” Michele said being serious again.As they burst out the end of the block and made their way over to the Nelson Division block, Polly couldn’t help herself and said out the side of her mouth.“So when did Leading Recruit Spike Jones suddenly become Jason?” Polly chided Michele, pushing her shoulder playfully.“Fuck off Polly,” Michele twittered.“You be careful there Wren Nyland,” he’s taken a shine to you Balgat escort bayan and he’s dangerous, Polly admonished.“But he’s so dreamy,” Michele said sarcastically, taking Polly’s hand and rolling her eyes romantically.They both laughed at Michele’s bad acting.As they entered Nelson Block Michele looked seriously at Polly.“Ok let’s find the brew boat and make a cuppa and have a ciggie, I have a confession to make.”Michele told Polly the same story that she had told Jason about her past as a crossdresser and her relationship with her Uncle Bill.“Oh my god Michele! That’s incredible!” Polly said when Michele finished.They sat in silence finishing their cigarettes. Polly eventually broke the silence.“Is it catching?” Polly asked.“Is what catching? ” Michele asked incredulously.“Transvestism?” Polly said looking Michele in the eye.“Are you serious?” Michele gasped.“Well it’s just that ever since you dressed me like a girl I can’t get the idea of Jimmy Lovejoy throwing me on the bed and doing unmentionable things to me out of my head,” Polly laughed.“Oh you big poof!” Michele laughed and spanked Polly on the bum.“OK sister, let’s get this shit sorted, as those rough Navy men say,” Michele quipped.They worked the rest of the day stopping only for lunch. The Leading Recruits had come in early and were gone by the time Michele and Polly got to the café. Michele was a little disappointed not to see Jason but she was pragmatic. There was work to be done.Michele approached Doris who seemed to have made a better effort with her clothes and her makeup; she seemed refreshed and her hair was brushed.“Are we good?” Michele asked.“Sure Michele. I know you are only trying to help us,” Doris said apologetically.“Ok Doris lets plough through the rest of this shit and you can return here at 1630 to start dinner,” Michele said.“Ok,” Doris replied.Mary looked across approvingly, seeing her two friends make up.“Come on Doris; it won’t take long, we’ve only really got the canteen to sort out,” Mary said encouragingly to her friend.“Bring me back a couple of pairs of sheers will ya. I’ve laddered mine today,” Polly called across the café, and they all burst out laughing.That evening at dinner the four Wrens sat together as usual while the four Leading Recruits sat at their usual table. Michele kept sneaking surreptitious glances across to the boy’s table to look at Jason who was doing the same thing to her. The other three lads also snuck glances over at the Wrens. The Wrens had all freshened their makeup, brushed their hair, applied perfume and replaced laddered stockings and looked particularly scrumptious to the men at the other table.“Fuck they’re hot,” James Lovejoy said to his oppos.“If I didn’t know they were guys under that lipstick and powder I’d give one of them a shag,” opined Jean Burgess.“You’d pop one in them anyway Burgess; I always knew you were a poo-puncher,” Billy Marron joked and punched his mate playfully in the shoulder.“I’ll tell you what though; if we hadn’t seen them as guys before, you would never know they weren’t real Wrens. Even the fat one has spruced herself up,” James Lovejoy remarked.“Well me hearties; you might just have your chance to find out if you really do fancy one of our Wrens,” Spike espoused.He stood up on his chair and addressed the café.“Ladies and gentlemen; and I use those terms loosely for you all,” they all smiled at his joke.“I have been given permission to open the base cinema tonight; so boys and girls, it’s off to the flicks. Doors open at 1930 sharp,” he announced.“Doris, be a dear and flash up the popcorn maker before we get there. Me and the boys will bring libations,” he winked and tossed the keys to Doris.“Why is he being so nice to us?” Mary asked.“Maybe his Wren Writer is taking down more than dictation,” Polly jibed and Michele blushed and kicked her viciously under table.“Fuck! Easy Michele; these are brand new sheers!” Polly whined.The four Wrens went over to the cinema early and helped Doris flash up the popcorn maker and loaded it with popping corn. Billy Marron arrived not long after.“Spike sent me to flash up the projector and get the first reel loaded. I thought Doris was going to be here on her own doing the popcorn,” Billy blushed when he realised how that sounded.Doris also blushed and Polly and Michele smiled at each other.“I knew that this was likely to happen as soon as they decided to dress us,” Michele whispered to Polly.“You can help me if you like?” Billy said to Doris, still blushing.Doris looked sheepishly at the other three Wrens who nodded approvingly.“Ok Billy, but no funny business!” Doris snapped and Billy’s face went from pink to crimson.Billy guided Doris over to the steep staircase that led up to the projection booth. He got her to go ahead of him up the stairs and it was obvious he was looking up her skirt; his eyes locked on her ample behind as they ascended.When they turned the Escort Batıkent corner at the landing and were out of sight the three Wrens rocked with laughter.“Who would have thought it?” Mary asked.“Well it just goes to show you,” Polly replied.A few minutes later the remaining Leading Recruits arrived carrying six-packs of beer. They burst through the double doors and they’d obviously had a few but weren’t drunk.“Evening ladies,” Jimmy Lovejoy smiled.“Told you we’d bring the libations,” he held up two six-packs.“Where’s the other one?” Jean Burgess enquired.“Doris went up to help Billy set up the projector,” Polly replied.“Did she now?” Jean beamed.“Oi! She ain’t like that! She’s the only one of us who doesn’t like dressing like a girl!” Mary quipped and immediately regretted saying it.Michele covered her eyes at the gaffe, Polly blushed and looked at the floor and Mary tried to correct herself.“I mean; we’re all only doing it because you’re making us, it’s just that Doris is the most, shall we say, reluctant.”Michele shook her head; Mary was just digging a bigger hole for herself and the other Wrens.“Really?” Jimmy smiled sarcastically.The tension was broken when Billy came clattering down the stairs. Everyone in the foyer just stopped and stared at him.“What are you lot looking at?” he scoffed.“Gimme that!” he took a six-pack of ale from Jimmy Lovejoy than went over to the counter and snatched up a large box of popcorn.“I’m gonna flash the movie up in five minutes so get seated. And err, me and Doris are going to watch it from the projectionist booth; saves having to nip up there to change reels.”He clattered back up the stairs in an obvious rush. Everyone in the foyer remained stock-still and silent, staring after him. When he turned the corner at the landing they all burst out laughing.What Billy hadn’t realised when he came down from the projectionist booth was that his face was flushed and covered with lipstick!“All right, all right, enough skylarking let’s get some good seats; I’ve been wanting to see this dit for ages,” Spike Jones rumbled.The three Wrens went ahead into the darkened cinema and went down the aisle a few rows to find seats in the centre and about three-quarters of the way back from the screen. Mary slid into the row and Michele was about to slide in beside her when she felt a firm grip on her upper arm.Jason Jones eased her away and guided her into a row three down from the others.“These seats are better,” he smiled, pulling down a seat and wiping it with a hanky and offering it to Michele.Michele sat down and placed the popcorn in her lap. She turned her head to see Mary and Polly sitting side by side with the Jimmy and Jean sitting side by side next to them. She smiled nervously, noting that they were all staring at her and Jason.Michele looked down at her popcorn and mumbled.“I suppose any mystery about us has been solved,” she looked furtively at Jason who was staring straight ahead.He reached down and took two cans of beer and popped them open and gave Michele one. He took a big slug of his, put it down on the seat beside him and turned to face her.“What mystery?”“You know,” Michele tentatively put out a hand and touched his leg.Jason took her hand in his and intertwined his fingers with hers.“Like I give a fuck what anyone else thinks?” he looked her in the eyes and with his free hand he stroked her face, flicking her fringe out of her eyes.Just then the musical notes of ‘The Entertainer’, theme music to ‘The Sting’ burst through the speakers and the screen lit up with the opening scene.“Ok let’s watch the dit: like I said, I’ve been waiting ages to see this,” he picked up his beer and turned to face the screen.“Did Spike just stroke Michele’s face?” Jimmy asked.“I think he did,” Polly replied.“Well I never!” Jimmy exclaimed.“I bet you have,” Polly jibed.“Shh! Shh! I’m trying to watch the dit,” Mary admonished them.Polly snatched a brief glimpse at Jimmy and he smiled back at her. Her heart skipped a beat; she thought he was so handsome.“You going to pass those beers around sometime soon?” Mary leaned forward and asked Jean Burgess who was sitting at the end of the four people in her row.Jean popped a can and attempted to reach across Jimmy and Polly to give it to Mary but some of the froth dribbled down the can and onto Jimmy’s arm.“For fuck sake!” he whinged.“I’ve got a better idea,” Jean said.He stood up, grabbed a six pack and squeezed through the row of seats behind them and entered their row from the other end and sat beside Mary.“Here,” he offered her the beer and Mary smiled at him when she took it.They were now sitting in order: Jean, Mary, empty seat, Polly, Jimmy. The girls had big boxes of popcorn in their laps, which they shared with the boy sitting beside them. They munched popcorn, drank beer and watched the movie.It was halfway though the first reel when Polly felt Jimmy’s fingers touch the hem of her skirt. The cinema was pitch black except for the light reflected from the screen. She looked down and saw Jimmy’s fingers tentatively stroking the hem of her skirt. She slapped his hand and he quickly withdrew it. Jimmy looked chastened and Polly smiled. She wondered how long it would take before he tried again.To be continued.

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