Battles Bar and Grill Ch. 02


Caryn was surprised when Reets came home from work and slammed the door. Well, before the new owner bought the bar where Reets worked it was a regular occurrence, but since Myn bought it, Reets has been coming home actually happier and more energized than when she left. While the responsibility was greater, so were the rewards, including positive feedback and financial. Hearing her slam the door was a surprise.

“Hey love?”

“Hi Caryn, you didn’t need to stay up.”

“I know, but you also know that I napped after Rei went down. Bad night?”

“No, actually a really good one, the band was great, the floor went smooth. Shirley’s friend is working out real well.” Reets thought back to the night and realized that it really was a very good night. Everything went like clockwork, the place was busy enough to keep everyone moving, but no one got overwhelmed. Curtis, the bouncer, had next to nothing to do and Jamie, one of the bar-backs, drove a couple home that had over-indulged. All in all one excellent night, with one small exception — Myn.

“Myn was there, wasn’t she?”

“How did you know? Oh nevermind, of course you would know. Yes, she was there, the first time she did more than just stop by in over a month. I should have realized it when Chris scheduled a night off.” Reets said shaking her head.

Caryn smiled to herself. She had watching her lover dance this little dance for several months now. She knew how Myn affected her and even understood it more completely than Reets would realize.

“You are off Friday, right?”

“Yea, Friday and Sat, although I am on call for Saturday if it gets busy.”

“Perfect. I called Caroline, we are going out!” Caroline was Rei’s favorite babysitter. She lived two houses down and was perfect with 8 year-old Rei. Caryn and Reets had met Caroline’s parents and while her Dad seemed to be a little reserved, Caroline’s Mom didn’t seem to mind her babysitting for a lesbian couple. Caryn thought that Caroline’s Dad was slowly coming to grips, especially since the house had been empty for over a year before Reets and Caryn moved in and since moving in they had fixed it up. Carol, Caroline’s Mom, didn’t seem to have any reservations at all. The same can’t be said for all the neighbors, but no one was saying or doing anything hurtful or even harsh.

“Were you planning on asking me?”

“No, not really; I am stealing your Friday night and maybe Saturday morning. Caroline will be prepared to spend the night. Her Mom said she might come over and the two of them can raid our movie collection without having to hear snide crack from Mark about ‘chic-flics’.”

“So where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Caryn . . .”

“Cool your jets, love, I am taking you someplace neither of us had ever been.”

“I am too tired to argue with you. OK, Friday is yours. If it sucks I will blame you!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Since it was about 3AM, Reets took a quick shower to get the cigarette smell off her body and crawled into bed, spooning up to Caryn. Caryn spun around and the two of them fit together like they had from the very beginning. They would fall asleep like this, but sometime during the night separate and end up facing away from each other. For some reason, they always fell asleep entwined. However tonight, Caryn wasn’t too interested in sleeping.

She reached over and started stroking Reets’ hip, she couldn’t see the smile form on Reets’ face, but when she pushed tighter against her, scissoring their legs together, she knew her lover wasn’t completely out of sorts. The darkness was no barrier as she felt Reets’ hands on her, hands that knew her body so well, yet could still bring her the passionate heights. She felt her push her leg up and then she raised herself above Caryn, their pussies pressed against each other as she felt her kiss her ankle and hold tight to her leg as she ground into Caryn.

Caryn reached up and slid her hands under Reets’ sleep shirt, teasing her breasts and pulling a little on her nipples. She didn’t want to prolong anything mainly because she woke up from a nap shortly before Reets had gotten home and woke up more than a little bit horny. She had a dream about her and had woken up hot, wet, and wishing Reets was already home.

The well-lubricated friction felt so good, she knew she was making some noises. Reets always teased her about the noises she made while making love, but she never really heard herself. Her hands tightened on Reets’ breasts and Reets took that as a sign she was getting close. She really bore down, the now soaked panties added to the feeling.

Reets loved nothing more than feeling her lover cumming. Even after the frustrations of the day, feeling Caryn beneath her and hearing all the sexy moans and groans of her lover was enough to set of her own orgasm.

. . . . .

The next day, Reets went back to bed after putting Rei on her bus. Caryn headed for her job in the city. On the way she put on her Bluetooth headset and hit a speed dial on her cell.

“Morning trabzon escort Sal, it happened again.”

“I figured you would be calling. Yea, here too, it was almost funny to see Myn so off-kilter.”

“I told Reets I was taking her someplace new on Friday.”

“Are you sure? They might get a little pissed off at us for interfering.”

“They might, but we can’t let them keep going like this. Reets is practically beside herself and even Rei can see a difference on days after Reets and Myn had to interact.”

“I know the feeling; Chris even called me about it last week. He doesn’t know what’s up, but he knows Myn isn’t as hands-on with the bar as he expected. His words were like she was trying to avoid something. I think he was fishing to see if there was something he could do. I also think you are right, it’s time. Are you bringing Rei?”

“I thought about it, but decided Reets might use her as a distraction. I think I want her to be able to focus on Myn.”

“OK, but next week I want to see Rei as well. She’s a doll!”

OK Sal, if this works.”

“You do realize this is more than a bit dangerous?”

“Somewhat, but I know she loves me.”

“And Myn loves me. I’m not worried about that. I am just worried about their tempers. Myn has one that rarely shows, but when it does — it’s Katy bar the door!”

“So how do we handle it?”

“As a matter-of-fact, I have a few ideas on that.”

. . . . .

Friday came and after ensconcing Carol, Caroline, and Rei with a huge bowl of popcorn along with several movies which would have bored the hell out of Mark, Caryn and Myn headed out toward the city.

“Rei loved the idea of a ‘Ladies Night’ and felt so grown-up. I wonder if she’ll even realize the first movie was for her and she’ll be in bed before they hit the real chic-flics.”

“She’ll have a blast! She always does and both Carol and Caroline love her. So, where are we going?”

“We are going to dinner and then we will see from there.”

They pulled up outside of a 4-story apartment building. Reets looked at Caryn with a raised eyebrow because there wasn’t a restaurant or club in sight. Caryn knew exactly what her lover was thinking and she grinned a very sneaky little grin. Reets didn’t say anything because she knew that look and realized Caryn was playing the surprise angle to the hilt. She refused to give her any satisfaction by asking anything.

As they walked up to the building, Caryn carrying a bottle of wine, Reets realized that it was an old building, but it excellent shape, just like both sides of the block she could see. The neighborhood was a nice one, several newer cars on the street, some mature trees lined both sides; it had an old feel, yet a very comfortable one. Caryn buzzed them in and ‘accidently’ covered the mailbox so Reets didn’t get a chance to see the name. The responding buzz happened so quickly that Reets knew they were expected. They took the elevator up to the top floor. There were 4 apartment doors off a short hallway past the elevator. As they exited the small elevator, one of the apartment doors toward the front of the building opened. Reets stopped short as a familiar long and lean woman stood there with a welcoming expression on her face. They’d only met once, but there was no way Reets didn’t recognize Myn’s lover.

Sally looked at Caryn and Rita and saw Reets freeze up in recognition. She knew this was going to be the hardest part of the evening. Before she could say anything, Myn joined her at the door and she stiffened as well. Like Reets, Myn had no idea who was coming to dinner– only that it was important to Sally.

Myn had been more than a little surprised that Sally wanted to use their upstairs apartment. Myn owned the building and maintained two apartments. One was on the second floor and it was a modern apartment, with all the amenities including the Internet and several flat screens, and the one they usually used for entertaining. The top-floor apartment was their personal space and one they protected with a vengeance. Having a small dinner party up there would normally be reserved for very close friends and never, ever business. In a flash Myn realized what Sally was up to and she wasn’t sure she was happy about it. But she knew her lover well and any temper would be met with an innate stubbornness that always surprised her. Instead of getting angry, she looked down for a moment and then she looked up and put a resigned smile on her face.

“Hi Rita, Hi Caryn, you might as well come in. Long and Tall here has some explaining to do!”

Rita lagged behind and Caryn practically had to drag her.

“You didn’t know either, did you?” Myn asked Rita and she passed her into the apartment.

Reets couldn’t speak just yet. Her anger was much closer to the surface. She felt sandbagged and more than a little annoyed. Caryn saw it in the stiffness in her back and the jerkiness in her movements. She held her breath for a moment as they crossed the threshold into heaven, for that was trabzon escort bayan the only description their living room that would ever fit.

“No Myn, Caryn didn’t tell me who we were dining with. She does love her little surprises.” Reets answered through clenched teeth.

“I think both our partners have been conspiring together.”

“I think you are right. The question is what do we do about it?”

Myn paused. Sally and Caryn were deeper in the apartment; Rita was still standing near the door. She thought furiously for a moment and then smiled a genuine smile at Reets.

“Come on!” She grabbed Rita’s hand and pulled her out of the apartment before Sally or Caryn could react. Instead of the elevator, she pulled her to the stairs and they ran pell-mell down two floors and Myn took her into another apartment. This one was less like the antique-filled slice of heaven Reets had glimpsed so briefly.

They stood there looking at each other and then both of them started laughing.

“Come on in. We can talk here and maybe annoy our partners a bit!”

Myn sat back in a comfortable looking chair and waved Reets toward a matching couch.

“Who’s apartment is this?”

“Oh it’s mine. I actually own the building. I have this one and my more personal space upstairs. That’s where Sally and I live. I use this one for other things. Upstairs is more private, which is what my tall lover had in mind.”

“I don’t know what Caryn expected, but you and I rushing out sure wasn’t part of the plan. Did you see the look on her face?”

“Nope, I was too busy running. Sal is faster than I am and she might have beaten us here if she put her mind into it.”

“So she will know where we are?”

“More than likely, unless she thinks we left the building.” A phone rang.

“And that would be her, but I think we can ignore that for a bit. She won’t get worried for a while. She knows that we won’t kill each other. We might want to kill them, but not each other.”

Reets looked down. “So now what?”

“I guess we need to look at why our lovers felt the need to blindside us like this. I had no idea who was coming over. I was surprised when she wanted to eat upstairs, which hinted to me it was personal, but when I saw you two I was shocked, as I am sure was the plan.”

“I think I was as surprised as you were. When Sally opened the door, I wanted to either run or kill Caryn. I’m not sure how to explain to Rei how Caryn’s body ended up in a dumpster somewhere, but it was tempting.”

The two ladies paused and looked at each other, neither sure how to broach the great big elephant that was sitting in the middle of the room.

Meanwhile upstairs. . .

“Well that didn’t go as planned.” Said Sally with a slightly exasperated tone.

Caryn recovered from her surprise of Myn and Reets running out the door quickly and looked at her partner-in-crime. “Sally, if anyone ever calls you a Mistress of Over-statement, they are lying.”

“Quick, peek out the front window; tell me if they leave the building.” Sally said as she moved to the door and checked the hall.

“No, I don’t see them.”

“OK, then I know where they are going, Myn has another apartment on the second floor.”

“Are they going to kill each other?”

“No way, Caryn, at least not yet; they might be contemplating our murder.”

Caryn turned from the window and wrapped her arms around herself and looked down at the carpet. Sally looked at her and came across the room. “You OK?”

“Just a little nervous.”

Sally gathered the younger girl into a tender hug. “There is nothing for you to worry about. Rita loves you! She’s just not sure how to handle her feelings for anyone else, especially someone like my Myn.”

“How do you do this? I mean, that’s your lover downstairs with my lover and you are OK with it. It frightens me!”

“Caryn, it shouldn’t. To be honest, Myn and I have had other girls in our bed. It’s never frivolous or a one-night stand. It’s always someone . . . or a couple . . . we are friends with, care a great deal about, and in our own way . . . love. I can’t cage Myn anymore than I think you can cage Rita.”

“It’s still scary.”

“Maybe, but there is something you aren’t considered. When you let go of your fears and any lingering insecurities, form a mental image of Rita and Myn together.”

“I don’t understand.”

Sally stood behind Caryn and whispered to her in her most gentle voice. “Picture the two of together and see just how hot they will look. Lose the negative mindset and let yourself get turned on to the possibilities.”

Caryn seemed to tighten up for a second and a small shudder went through her. “Oh fuck!” “Exactly!”

. . . . .

Myn got up and retrieved a small remote. A couple of clicks later the room filled with gentle sound, a slow song, slow and romantic. Myn stood on front of Reets with a hand out. “Dance with me?”

Reets hesitated.

Myn smiled slightly and almost sadly. “Neither of us seem escort trabzon to have the words so rather than sit here in a very uncomfortable silence, I want to dance with you.”

Reets touched her hand and stood. They moved around the room slowly in perfect time to the slow song. They started in a pose that could be described as dancing school classic. Two hands clasped and their other hands touching each other between the shoulder and hip. There was enough room between them that you could have driven a Prius through the gap. Reets looked right at Myn’s neck, appearing too nervous to meet her eyes. Myn looked slightly down at her partner and couldn’t help but smile to herself.

As the dance went on, Reets relaxed more. There was no pressure, only the beautiful music and the gentle leading from Myn. It took several minutes, but gradually Reets started losing herself to the music and she closed her eyes as Myn lead her around the floor. With little thought, they also slowly narrowed the gap and the two women discovered that physically they were well matched as their bodies contacted so smoothly that neither of them consciously noticed it until several minutes after they came together.

“You know, Sally and I fit together like this as well. I bet you and Caryn do as well.” Myn said quietly.

“We do. It was one of the things that attracted me when we first met.”

“That was us as well. Sal just clicked into place when we sat next to each other on the couch upstairs.”

“With Caryn we were crashed on a floor during Spring Break.”

They talked about a number of inconsequential things as the music segued from song to song, all slow, gentle songs perfect for dancing close together. The dancing and the conversation seemed to relax both ladies. Reets actually put her head on Myn’s shoulder and relaxed completely into a moment as conversation lagged.

When the music finally came to an end, Reets turned her face toward Myn and was not surprised at all when they kissed. What did surprise her was the feeling that crashed through her. The kiss broke though any barriers the two of them had put up. As they caught their breath, one of them uttered an “Oh My God!” which was echoed from the doorway where both Sally and Caryn stood.

Neither were embarrassed, Reets looked at them and glared. Myn managed a few words. “How long have you two been standing there?”

“Long enough, do you two have any idea how sexy you looked dancing, let alone mentioning that kiss?” Sally said trying to hold in her humor.

Caryn had no trouble forming words, “I have to give it a 9 for technical execution, but a 10 on artistic interpretation.”

The four of them paused for a moment and then started laughing.

Later, after repairing to the dinner that had been waiting for them upstairs, the four of them sat on the couch and loveseat in the living room. Myn talked about the décor in the apartment, Sally shared a few cooking secrets about the meal they just ate. Caryn told some hilarious stories about her work and Myn shared a few waitressing stories and even working Spring Break. As they sipped some excellent wine, they all seemed to reach a point where casual conversation started being a way to evade the main subject at hand.

“So now what?” Reets asked.

Caryn looked at her lover, knowing how hard it was for her to even say this much. “It depends on what you want, love?”

Myn broke in, “There’s no reason to make any decisions. Right now we are two couples who happen to enjoy each others’ company. Rita, I really am attracted to you, but Sally is the love of my life. Her handling this proves it! Caryn, I’m not sure if you and Rita have a similar relationship, but I think you are heading in that way. I mean, you and Sal set us up knowing something was going to happen. It might have been explosive!”

“Oh I think it was explosive!” Sally chimed in.

“Oh shut up!” came three voices nearly in unison.

“I just think you are all taking this too seriously. Myn, are you going to be having an affair with Rita behind Caryn’s and my backs?” “Of course not?”



“So that means you will be having one in front of us; which means we need to be thankful we have a very large bed!”

Caryn giggled and Reets looked at her. “Baby it beats the floor in a cheap motel during Spring Break!” Reets had to smile at the memory of the first time they made love.

Sally was the first to move. She held out a hand to Caryn, which surprised both Myn and Reets. “You three have been so wrapped up in yourselves that you forgot there was a 4th person involved here. And this person wanted to kiss mini-Myn here since I first saw her.” She said it with such an engaging grin. Caryn took her hand, much like Reets had downstairs. There was no preamble, no dancing, Sally pulled Caryn in close and just looked at her face for what felt like forever. Myn for the first realized something Sally had mentioned; about how much she and Caryn resembled each other. She never really saw it until she saw Caryn in Sally’s arms. Sally didn’t always notice, but their first night together, they had hugged and Myn caught sight of the two of them in a large mirror. She treasured that memory and to see it nearly re-enacted in front of her was surreal as well as sexy as hell.

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