BBC Only if I can Watch PT4 Blacken


BBC Only if I can Watch PT4 BlackenAfter Amie had been alone with Dwayne for that one night and I had my fun with Ezzy it seemed that Amie was finally satisfied and didn’t mention him or having more black lovers for a long time. Maybe the way Dwayne treated her at the end had changed her tune about him, he didn’t seem so wonderful.For several months we never really talked about it but gradually the subject worked itself back into our lovemaking in the form of dirty talk. As we made love I would say stuff like, “You really liked fucking all that black cock didn’t you?” Sometimes she wouldn’t respond verbally but usually showed her excitement in the form of crashing orgasms. Other times she would would talk dirty back to me with things like, “Oh yes, their big beautiful black cocks felt so good in my cunt and ass.”For the most part I had put it out of my mind but on occasion I would think of the things she had done and it would really excite me. I was starting to think she had been sated and was over her obsession with BBC, she really gave me no indication she wanted or needed more black lovers. This is what I thought she was thinking and I continued with that opinion of her until last summer, about a year after our first encounter with Dwayne and his friends. That is when I witnessed something that told me she was not over her infatuation with black lovers.Her car was in the shop for repairs and after work she had gotten a ride from a co-worker to the gym. I was to pick her up when I left work and give her a ride home. That day my work load was light so I left early and did some errands before I swung by the gym to pick her up. I breezed through the errands so I got the the gym about half an hour early. I went in to locate her and at first I didn’t see her but then I saw her sitting at the butterfly press and leaning over and talking to her was a young black man. She was smiling brightly at him and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle. I watched as they conversed and he seemed to be paying attention to her tits which were clad in only a sports bra which had a scoop front so it showed a little cleavage. She seemed not to notice or care and continued her conversation occasionally dabbing herself with her towel. Sometimes she would wipe the sweat from her cleavage and it looked like she was trying to draw his attention to that part of her anatomy.The area we live in doesn’t have much of a black population and I think this was the only member of the gym that I had seen that was African American. It might have been totally innocent but she certainly seemed interested in him and what I know about her it would seem she still has a thing for black men. After a minute or so I decided to let my presence be known, I walked over to them and when she spied me she looked very surprised and quite sheepish.”Hi Honey!” I greeted her, “Are you about ready to go?”She quickly gets up and says, “You’re early, I still have to shower.” Meanwhile her friend had quickly walked away.”Who’s your young friend?” I inquired.”Oh that’s just Barry. He’s in here all the time” She answers, “I’ll be out in a minute.” She quickly scoots away from me towards the showers.I didn’t mention it again that evening but a few days later on Saturday she went to the gym for a workout. When she came home, we were having lunch and I asked her how her workout was.”Good.” she responds.”Was Barry there?” I ask.She stops mid nibble on her sandwich and looks annoyed and responds, “Why do you ask?””Oh it seems you enjoy his company. He certainly seems enamored with your charms.” I said.”Look Bob, there is nothing going on between him and I.” She says curtly.”I’m not saying there is, I just noticed how you light up in his presence. You would still like to be with another black man wouldn’t you? Do you want to be with Dwayne again? ” I asked.She pauses and stares into her iced tea. Finally she responds, “Dwayne? No way, it got too complicated. Then again, you know that I have always had a thing for black men and that really hasn’t changed. How that turned out with Dwayne kind of scared me, I felt I had lost control. Not just the incident at the glory hole, I could have backed out of that, but how his feelings towards me took over everything. I don’t want that to happen again and ruin my marriage to you.”I decided to prod her along and asked her, “Tell me again what you find attractive about black men as lovers.”Amie thinks for a few seconds and says, “I feel that they seem to really pay attention to a woman’s needs and are very uninhibited sexually. They are very masculine and forceful in their lovemaking and I just want them to take me any way they want. I feel very submissive and I will do things I would not do otherwise, the excitement is uncontrollable. The taboo aspect also plays into it because of my Southern upbringing in a family that does not believe in interracial relationships. I would drive my Daddy wild if he knew what I have done. And there is the tactile thing, nothing in the world feels like a black man’s skin. I just love how it feels and smells and I also love how their skin looks, especially how a the skin on a fully erect black cock looks and feels. It’s just incredible. I really love it when they are on top of me missionary style and I look down at their their muscular black chest pressing against my tits.”She had told me most of this stuff before with but I just love hearing it again how aroused she seems when she does. “I have seen how submissive you are with them, you seem like a different woman.” I told her.Amie hesitates and finally says, “What I haven’t told you before because you might think it is weird but I get turned on thinking of them as my black master, kind of a reversal of the history of black men in America. I feel like I’m serving up my body as payback for what our white ancestors did to them in the past and I must do whatever they wish me to. It is even more erotic to me if a black lover is of a lower socio-economic class, that just drives me wild. I do love sex of any kind and I do think I am a nymphomaniac and I feel like I need cock all the time and all the black cock does is enhance the excitement. You give me plenty of sex but I do masturbate every day and you know how I am when I get going.” She pauses for a bit then continues, “Look Bob, I know I’m pretty easy on the eyes and have always gotten my share of attention from men my entire adult life. It hasn’t stopped just because I am married to you, I don’t want to brag but I could have affairs nearly anytime I want. I’m hit on at least couple times a week; at work, at the gym, at the coffee shop and the grocery store. You are lucky I don’t hop from bed to bed, believe me I could but I don’t because I value our relationship. I’m telling you right now that I am glad you let me have fun with Dwayne and the others, it really scratched an itch I had and still have at times. I do think it got complicated and messed with my mind a bit and I think it bothered you also. I felt like I was performing for you when I had sex with them also. You know you wouldn’t keep bringing it up and wanting to talk about it if it didn’t excite you, am I right?”All I did was nod because this was all true, I did enjoy seeing her fuck black cock and it was also true parts of it was very disturbing. I was quite surprised she had the black master fetish but it made sense. It had occurred to me that she was a nymphomaniac but the events lately had confirmed it. She would have sex every day and more than once if time allowed and seeing how insatiable she was with multiple sex partners told me she was different from most women. I had also seen the attention other men showered on her, I know my best friend Steve has told me how lucky I am to have her. I am positive he would screw her in a heartbeat and he came on to her on more than one occasion when he caught her alone. I have seen the attention she gets when we go out bar hopping and the stares of strange men in other situations. We spoke no more about it that day but later that evening after particularly passionate lovemaking, Amie is laying next to me and while softly stroking my cock she asks, “Do you want to see me with a black lover again?”I had been thinking about it at times, more so lately. I knew where this was going if I told the truth and I could be opening another can of worms, very erotic but very complicated. So after a bit of thought I told her, “Only if it is something you really want. I’ll admit it is so erotic to see you give yourself fully to a black man, it had been a fantasy of mine and I think it is something I would like to see again.””You know I have fantasies also.” She told me.”Of course you do.” I told her. “Why don’t you tell me your favorite fantasy?”She laid there silent for a few minutes and then she says, “It is very much like your fantasy, but this time I want to set up the scenario, to fulfill my fantasies also. I want to control the outcome as much as possible and I think you would really like it too.””What do you have in mind?”She hesitates, bites her lower lip and finally asks me, “Would you like to see me with more than one man at a time again?”My heart skipped and I felt flushed and my mind raced with all kinds of erotic visions as well as other thoughts such as, was she testing me to see my reaction? Was she serious? She certainly had done it before. Did I really want to her do this again with all the potential of losing control of the situation? The more men involved the more risks of all kinds that come into play. I didn’t want to put her into a dangerous situation, we had really gotten lucky when Dwayne and his 3 friends gang fucked her. Then there was the situation Dwayne put her in when he took her to the glory hole and I wasn’t there to help her. We had been very lucky; no disease, no pregnancy and no physical harm had come to her. The more men that are with her increases chances that one or more of those three things could happen to her. Do these fears outweigh the sexual excitement of seeing her with multiple black partners?She was laying there staring at me, waiting my answer. After a long pause I finally said, “What if I say yes, would you jump at the chance and how would you want to go about it? What do you want 2 or maybe three black men?”Amie was the one now hesitating and finally she says,”As I said I have my fantasies, one of my favorites is I’m totally naked in a room with 6 totally naked black men that are total strangers. I’m the center of attention and nothing is off limits. The whole scenario is such a turn on for me with all the possibilities so I’m thinking I would like to be with…with maybe 6 black lovers. I have had this fantasy for a while and it gets me VERY aroused when I think of it, it is my favorite fantasy when I masturbate I wonder if I could handle that many and I would love to see if I could do it. Of course they would have to be tested for STDs and I would want to approve the choice of men. I want them to be reasonably young and good looking as well as well endowed. I figure we would have to set it up with at least 9 or 10 men to get the 6 because the chance of no shows. What do you think?”I have to admit I was surprised at her fantasy, not about the black men of course and that she wanted to do more than one at a time, but 6? it seemed so totally slutty. After careful consideration I finally told her, “The idea is very hot but the reality might not live up to the fantasy as you know. I am very concerned about the risks, the more men that are involved the higher the risks.” I said I thought for a few moments then continued, “Six? You want fuck six black men in one evening? I don’t know what to think about you now.””You must think I am the biggest little slut in the world!” I did four that first night with Dwayne and that is the most men I have ever done at one time. I just want to do something a little different, a little more. What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything you want.” She says.My cock had now grown hard in her hand at the thought of her fucking that many black men and as I positioned myself between her legs and as I slip inside her Amie says, “Oh Bobby, I think I know the answer and I think it will be fun!”A few weeks or so was spent looking on line for suitable candidates near the metropolitan New York area Which is a good 7 hour drive from our home. Less chance of encountering anyone we would know. Amie’s stipulations were that they had to be in good shape and attractive, no old out of shape men this time.. We went through numerous candidates and rejected most because Amie didn’t like the looks of them or they weren’t well hung. Some she did like wouldn’t or couldn’t provide proof they were disease free. Finally, we found a 27 years old guy who was an ex college football player who elazığ escort bayan knew of some friends that would be available. He assured us he knew some black men that fit the bill, were ex athletes and still in good shape with a couple of them gym rats so they were ripped. His name was Edgar and he had gathered together 4 men. This gave us 5 participants so we needed 1 more for the 6 pack but we wanted to make sure at least 6 showed up so we located 5 others for a total of 10. Amie said jokingly that if all 10 showed up she thought she could still handle it or have fun trying. Pictures were exchanged and she liked what she saw. They certainly liked what they saw when they saw Amie’s pictures. We had sent them 3, one in the short white dress, one in a bikini and another totally nude.They ranged in age from 21 to 42 and were all well endowed as Amie wanted. Two of them claimed to be particularly well hung, better than 10″ long and very thick and so proud they sent pictures immediately of their cocks. Amie had to ask the others to send proof of cock size and they met her approval. For a the next week or so Amie communicated with them via flirtatious e-mail and she also talked to them on a disposable cell phone and that involved much dirty talk.We insisted on proof that they were disease free and when they provided that and we provided Amie’s proof we were good to go with just one thing we still had to discuss. In one of the emails Edgar sent Amie he told her he really hated sex with condoms and his friends felt the same way would really love to do her with their bare cocks. She had answered him that nothing would make her happier than to make love to him bareback. This led to a heated discussion on our part. “Do you think that is wise to tell him that you are willing to fuck six strangers bareback? Aren’t you concerned about the risks?” I ask her.Amie said, “Look, We are requiring proof that they are clean and I feel it would be OK if they took me bare. I really do not want to refuse them anything they want to do to me and besides, you know that I really don’t like rubbers. I love the idea and the feel of their hot sperm shooting inside me.”I couldn’t help thinks of the one time we did a MFM with a white guy (that is another story) and even though he provided us proof he was disease free she still insisted he wear a condom. She does seem to be willing to do more for black lovers. This was all part of what was running through my mind when I finally responded, “I dunno, I’ll admit it’s a hot idea but I think this needs some thought because of how many lovers are involved.” I replied. I then thought of a bit, and observed, “Maybe most of them will want to use condoms anyway.””I’m not so sure about that!” She exclaimed, paused then said, “He’s not the only one to tell me he wants to screw me bareback. That came up in a couple of phone calls…In fact one of them told me he didn’t wanted me to use any birth control either and make it what he called a breeding party. Now that is stupid and is just erotic talk but it shows you what some of these black bulls are thinking.”When she told me that the first thought that came to mind was: Black bulls? She’s referring to them as black bulls now? What has she become? What did she really think about this breeding party idea? My little Amie is really getting into this now and this was going to be an adventure like no other. I decided to keep an open mind about that situation so we booked a room in a a nice hotel in New York near these men and off we went. We checked in and went up to our room and Amie got herself ready for their arrival which was scheduled for 8:00 that evening.She had been closed mouth about what she wanted that night, nothing about what she was going to wear or anything. She went into bathroom and showered and fixed herself up nice and pretty. She came out of the bathroom totally nude with her face made up tastefully with pink lip gloss, she had gone to the hairdresser that week and had her blond hair, normally naturally curly, done in a straight hair style. It was hot to see her with straight hair, like she was another woman. The spa had waxed her pussy totally bare that week so it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She had on her favorite hoop earrings, a gold bracelet, her wedding and engagement ring and nothing else. As she sits on the edge of the bed and does her nails making small talk and sipping wine. Finally she filled me in how she wants the evening to go. First of all she was not going to wear anything, even at the start. They would be greeted with the sight of her totally naked when they come in.”Bob, I want you to meet these men at that Pub down the street across from the hotel parking garage at 8:00. I have already called them and told them to be there at that time. It is there that I want want you to give them our room number and then come back here alone, tell them to wait 30 minutes before they come up to the room. I want them to all come in at one time.” She instructed.She then gets up and slides on a thin silk robe and sits at the desk and starts to write something on the hotel stationery. “What are you writing?” I ask.”Nothing important, it’s nearly 7:30 you really should get ready to go and meet my friends.”I finished my beer and slipped my shoes on and got ready to go. I paused for a bit, to flick through the channels on the TV. I was thinking of the upcoming evening and how it was a big unknown. Amie gets up and comes over to me and stands in front of me and parts the front of the robe, “How I look? Do you think they will like me?”I drank in her beauty and gathered her in my arms and kissed her. “I don’t know if I want to share you tonight!” I exclaimed!”Well it’s a bit late for that now!” she says pushing towards me to the door. “Remember, you just sit back and let this evening happen and let them do whatever they want and enjoy the show!”As I closed the door behind me I was very aroused but also very apprehensive. What the hell were we doing? How many black men would show up? Six? Eight? All 10 or none at all? In a way I was almost wishing none would show up or maybe only a few. Could Amie handle all this? Could I?I walked into the bar just before 8:00 and looked around, the place was pretty busy and finally I saw Edgar (so far so good, the picture he sent was him and not someone else. I hate bait and switch) standing over by the end of the bar. I went over and greeted him. “Edgar? I’m Bob””Hey man, how you doing?” He says, shaking my hand. He introduced me to his two friends standing there with him, Jon and Allen.”Is this all that that came?” I asked.”No, the rest at the back of the bar. Two other friends I brought and three others that were invited by you.” He answers.My mind raced, I quickly tallied up the total and eight black men were there to fuck my beautiful little Amie. We walked to the the big table in the back room where the other five men were sitting. I had seen their pictures so the introductions were pretty easy. Here is a brief description of each man:Edgar, age 27 6′ tall and with a slim but muscular build. He was medium brown skin and his head was shaved and had a small goatee.Allen, 27, the biggest at 6′ 4″, probably 250 pounds and the darkest skinned of the group, nearly charcoal black with a shaved head,. He’s an ex lineman on his college football team so he was ruggedly built. Reportedly he was supposed to have the biggest cock, in excess of 10″ and very thick.Remington, the youngest at 21 and about 6′ 1″, tall and slender with a long cornrows in his hair.Jon, age 26 and the shortest of the bunch at about 5’8″ and broad chested with a body like wrestler. His skin was medium light brown.There was Josh, the oldest in the group at 42. He was about 5′ 10″ and ruggedly built like a construction worker. His skin was a dark walnut brown, his head was shaved with a little bit of a stubble his chin.Riley, 28 around 6 feet tall and average build, very dark brown skin and close cut flattop haircut and a according to the pictures he sent us he has a big fat cock, not real long but very fat. .Arliss, 22 and a bit over 6′ and around 200 lb his skin is extremely black and cornrow hair and a a cap turned sideways on his head. He seemed like the “Gangsta” type with lots of tattoos and seemed to act a little surly.Brendon, also 22 years old and like Arliss had that “gansta” look and attitude. Arliss and him seemed to hang together. They both had their share of gold neck chains and earrings. He was around 6’2″ and probably a little over 200 lbs and chocolate brown skin.I bought them all a round and I explained to them how it was going to work. I had them all show me a hard copy of their STD test as a final confirmation and I told them the room number and told them to all show up together at 8:30.As I walk towards the exit one calls out to me, “We’re looking forward to this fun night!”I walked slowly back to the hotel, got on the elevator to our floor. I step off the elevator and head to our room, pausing a bit before I went in.. I was thinking, what the hell are we doing? It now all seemed so crazy and surreal. I unlock the door and go in. Amie is sitting naked with on the end of one of the beds, she had removed the bedding down to the sheets and I was surprised to see she had set up some restraints on the bed. There were four padded cuffs with ropes attached and running under the bed.”What’s this?” I croaked, I could feel my mouth getting dry. Surprised is actually the wrong description, shocked is more like it.”This is the surprise and my fantasy, I want you to tie me spread eagle on my back for them to see when they come through the door. I will be totally exposed to them with my tits and pussy on display for them. I won’t be able to cover up and they can do what they want with me. How many showed up?””Eight.” I said weakly.Her face turns a little red and she takes a deep breath. “I didn’t really expect that many, this is going to be different…but exciting, I hope I can handle this!” She exclaims. “You better hurry and tie me up we’ve got just a few minutes before they arrive.”As I tighten the cuffs around her little wrists and ankles I ask her, “Are you sure about this?””I’m so nervous, but I’m pretty sure!” She is breathing rapidly. “I think you like it too by the looks of that bulge in your pants!” I was indeed very aroused.When I was done, there she was spread tied spread eagle on the bed and I stood there marveling at how pretty Amie was with her beautiful blond hair cascading around her face and shoulders. She is a petite 5′ 2″ and 110 lb with firm all natural breasts. She had been working out a lot so she had improved her figure, her tummy was flat and firm and she had really tightened up her ass. Her measurements were now 34C-23-34, not bad for a woman who had just turned 31 a few weeks before. So beautiful with nothing on but a gold necklace, hoop earrings, a gold bracelet and of course her wedding and engagement ring. Amie also seemed so tiny and vulnerable laying there.”I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest” She says. I reached down and placed my hand on her chest and sure enough I could feel it racing.”Now I want you to get that envelope on the desk and don’t open it until they get in the room. That’s when I want you to read it to them.” She tells me.”What does it say?””It’s a surprise!”As I wondered about the letter, my attention was drawn to her newly waxed pussy slit and thinking about what was going to happen to it that evening when I heard voices outside and a knock at the door, it was time!. The thought crossed my mind what the staff at the front desk must have thought when they all came though the lobby at once. I went over and opened the door and they all piled in. When they saw Amie helplessly laid out spread eagle on the bed for them their jaws dropped and eyes flew open in surprise. I heard a bunch of comments like, “Daaaamn! Shit, look at her!” “Fuckin’ A!” “she be given’ it up for us!” and “I can’t wait!””Hello lovers.” She says in her soft southern drawl.They all greeted her unison and started to peel their clothes off.Amie says, “Slow down, Bob has to read you guys something before we start.”I fumbled with the envelope and ripped it open, the letter was written on the hotel’s stationery. This is what Amie wrote:First of all hello and I want to tell you how much I am looking forward to this evening. I am presenting myself to you in this way to show you how submissive to all of you I will be tonight. A friend of mine told years ago that if she was with the right man she was always willing to do just about anything. I feel like you all are the right MEN so I will do anything and everything you want me to do with nothing being off limits, I am here to service each and elazığ escort every one of you. I required testing for disease because I want all of you, to fuck me with bare cocks. It is your choice if you want to use a condom but I know most of you want to fuck me bareback and I want lots of bare black cock. I want our lovemaking to be black flesh against white flesh and don’t waste your delicious hot semen by spraying it all over me. I beg you to cum deep inside me as much and as often as you desire, that is where a man’s semen belongs. I want a piece of every one of you inside me. One of you told me he hoped I didn’t use any birth control and turn this evening into a breeding party. At first I thought, not way! But the more I thought of it the hotter I got. I decided to stop taking the pill 2 weeks ago so my fertile womb is truly unprotected from your hot sperm so pump me full!When I read this I stopped and looked at her in shock, I knew it wasn’t true. She had really been careful to make sure she took the pill every day in anticipation of this evening. She gazes at me and smiles and give me a little wink, obviously she just told them this to turn them on. It worked on then like a charm, they were laughing and fist bumping and Edgar exclaimed, “I can’t wait to drain my nuts into her fertile pussy”! I then went back to reading the letter:Like I said, nothing is off limits. Every square inch of me is here for your pleasure. I can take a good hard screwing and like it a little rough so you may and I want you to to fuck me long and hard. I don’t care how big the largest cock is tonight, whatever you want I will try and will do it if physically possible. Bob is here just to watch and keep me safe but he will not interfere in any way with what you do to me so long as you stick to the guidelines I have laid out here.So here I am helplessly spread eagle before you, for you to do what you want to me and I have no power to stop you once we get started and I do want to start the gang bang by you taking me in this way. The only thing I ask is when I want to be released from my restraints that you do it. I will be sure to show you a good time.So take off all your clothes now, I want to see and feel every square inch of your gorgeous black flesh. Let the party begin!Love, Amie.They scramble to finish disrobing with their cocks springing into action. I looked down at Amie and I noticed her nipples are fully erect and her areolas are crinkled up and half their usual two inch diameter and wonder if she is cold but I then realize she is just VERY excited. I also saw a bit of moisture at her smooth little slit of a pussy, I notice she is biting her lower lip. Now clothes are thrown everywhere and the group of 8 naked black men are gathered around her. It would seem that her letter, her beauty and the whole situation with her bound spread eagle for them had had the desired effect as every one of them were fully erect and two of them were certainly huge, what could be best described a having horse cocks over 10 inches long with one being very thick. The rest seemed to be in the eight to ten inches in length and most were very thick. Amie was going to get what she wanted tonight! They all seemed to be in good shape with most of them having some tattoos and the two gangstas having lots of them.Remington, the skinny man was going down on Amie and was licking her pussy. He commented as he ate her that she would be too messy later for him to do it. Allen, the huge muscular and very black man with a hugest cock was on her left sucking her left nipple. Another was on her right breast and one was positioning his cock at her mouth and she was licking it. As she did this, She was arching her back, squirming around and moaning loudly. This goes on for about 5 minutes with the others reaching in and copping a feel of her smooth skin. Finally Edgar decided to get things organized and ripped some strips of paper into various lengths.”Come on, let’s draw to see who fuck her tight little cunt first.” He says and they all stop and pull the strips of paper from his clenched fist. Once drawn, the guy with the long piece was Allen the big black ex lineman. They all moaned and made joking comments that he was going to stretch her out, ruining it for the rest of them.”Go get her Allen, we’ll all watch the show until your done.” Says Edgar.He crawled up between her legs and lays on top of her and kisses her roughly and deeply and she responds passionately. Like I said he was a big very dark skinned man with shaved head, broad shouldered and probably 6′ 4″ and maybe 250 pounds. He had diamond earrings, two gold neck chains, several rings on each his huge hands and a big gold watch. His cock was very black from its base to tip and looked to be better than 10″ and extremely thick especially at the base.”You want this thing? Are you goin’ to give it all up to me?” He asks as he places the head of the cock at her little slit and starts sliding it into her.”I can’t stop you…You are so powerful! You cock is so big, hard and strong!” She exclaims as she stares intently at his cock as he works himself into her.”I’m going to fuck you hard, you sure you can take it little girl?” He hissed between clenched teeth.”Please! Just do it!” She is arching her back and trying to thrust her pussy towards his black member. Amie looks over at me as if to see my reaction and she seemed to be telling me with her expression that it’s too late to stop this now and were now past the point of no return.He is on top of her kind of up on his elbows and is now working his cock into her. “Damn! He exclaimed, “She be tight! I’m going to go slow or I’ll rip her apart.””Give it to me, I can take it!” Amie exclaims as she is now squirming uncontrollably underneath him.Thankfully he does work up to it gradually, her clear blue eyes open wide and she gasps as he enters her. Soon he is stroking her smoothly, working his bare black cock into her, stretching her wide open and gradually more and more of it disappears inside Amie. I am so amazed that she can open herself up and take such a massive black penis (it appeared to be a wide as a wine bottle and nearly as long) with her pussy lips stretched so much it appears they were ready to rip. I have always been amazed at how tight her little pussy felt around my cock, so much tighter than other women I have been with. It must seem unbelievably tight for him. I looked around the room and couldn’t help think how outrageous this was with my totally naked petite white wife surrounded by 8 naked black strangers. One of them is fucking the shit out of her and the others eagerly waiting their turn to penetrate her deeply.My mind wandered as I pondered the situation, for the rest of the evening Amie would be on her knees and back willingly and eagerly spreading her legs for these 8 black strangers. What makes her so uninhibited when with black men? They all would be dumping their seed into her unprotected womb. I then thought of how excited they got when she told them she quit taking birth control and I then I had terrifying thought that what if she had lied to me and had indeed quit taking birth control and all these black men could potentially get her pregnant. At first I had a wave of panic sweep over me which lasted for a few seconds which then switched to sexual excitement as my cock strained even more against my Levis. For a few long seconds the situation was messing with my mind. A vast majority of husbands will never witness their wife have sex with another man, much less a black man or even more unlikely see her participate in an all black gang bang with 8 men. I couldn’t make up my mind if I was about to witness something very special and erotic or merely see my lovely wife be totally degraded. I finally shook myself out of my thoughts and got back to what was happening in front of me.Amie has enough play in her leg restraints to bend her knees up about halfway and her head is rolling back and forth and she is muttering, “You are a real man! So powerful! Your cock is so big and powerful! I’m so helpless! Oooooooo!”He is now going at it full bore, really plowing into her with nearly all of his dick disappearing into her and her moistness is very evident on his black shaft. He raises up onto his hands and with each stroke her tits jiggle a bit and she is straining against her restraints. She is now cumming hard with a violent shudder. Allen then drops back down onto her and picks up the pace for a few more minutes with her squealing with passion. Finally he lets go of his load into her. He is grunting, groaning and thrusting erratically while she is whimpering with another orgasm. He collapses on top of her and after a few minutes he pulls out of her and gets out of the way for the next onslaught of black cock.It is now Edgar’s turn and without ceremony he mounts her and plunges his cock into her up to the hilt. Wide eyed, Amie looks up at him and she cums instantly as he plunges his 9″ cock into her. He is pumping in and out of her and she is straining to bring her knees up.”Release my legs!” She pleads desperately. Two of her newfound friends step up and unbuckled the cuffs on her ankles and she gratefully wraps her legs around him and digs her heels into his ass cheeks, drawing him deep into her with each stroke. Allen had ridden her for a good 15 minutes and Edgar now had lasted maybe 5 minutes but he was really fucking her wildly, pulling almost all the way out and plunging back into her very hard. When he finally spews his seed deep into her moist pussy, I was surprised he lasted that long at that pace.Here we were, almost a half an hour into her marathon fuck and there were still six more men for her to get off. Next up was the young skinny man and his big cock looked almost comical on his body type. It was not a super long cock, maybe barely 8 inches, almost as long as Edgar’s but bigger around. As he got ready to mount Amie she finally asks to have her hands released. Once done She reaches up and pulls him down to her and guides his cock into her with her right hand. She then puts her arms around his neck and soon they are intertwined and they are kissing as they make love. They are taking their time and they both seem to be really enjoying each other, smiling and whispering things in each other’s ears. He lasted longer than the other two but eventually he picked up his pace and both he and Amie came at the same time. She told me later that the load he dumped into her was huge and combined with the other two really filled her up. Up to now no one had used a rubber and looking around, I saw no indication that the others were going to either. It looked like Amie would get her wish have more bare black cock at one time than she had ever had.Amie then went to the bathroom for a few minutes and when she returned she knelt before three of the men who were sitting on the spare bed. She starts playing with their cocks and sucking them off. One of them leans back and moans loudly with his eyes rolling back in his head proclaiming how good it felt. She then stops, much to their disappointment, and asks, “Which one of you am I spreading my legs for next?””That would be Josh.” Replied Edgar.Josh at 42 and the oldest of the group turned out to be the other man with the largest cock, similar in size to Allen’s, just not quite as thick.. He was about six feet tall with walnut brown skin and ruggedly built, not like a gym body sculpted but more like a construction work. He has big strong rough looking hands. He went to where Amie was sucking off the three men, takes her hand, stands her up and leads her by the hand to the other bed. They embrace and kiss gently while feeling each other up. She then pushes him onto the bed so he was laying on his back with his ass on the edge and his legs hanging over the edge of the bed. She kneels in front of him between his muscular thighs and starts running her tongue up and down his black shaft. She then gently licks one of his balls while stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his ball sack with the other. After a few minutes of this she puts first one ball in her mouth and sucking on it and then the other. “I most girls don’t spend enough time on a man’s balls.” She coos to him, “Do you like how I suck on you balls?”He moans his approval as she then lifts them up with one hand and licks the backside of his scrotum. She then comes up for air for a few seconds and purrs, “Your body is so hard and muscular and your hands are so rough, you must work so hard. Your balls are so soft and silky, lift you legs up sweetness, I want to play with your ass.”He lifts up his legs and grabs them behind the knees and pulls them up to his chest. Amie then goes to work stroking his cock with her right escort elazığ and and lifting his balls out of the way with her other hand and starts to lightly lick his anus. He is groaning and twitching as she does this and she pauses to ask him softly, “Your anus is so soft Sweetness, you like your ass licked? I’ll do it as long as you want.” He just moans loudly and she continues running her tongue along the underside of his ball sack and down to his ass.Finally, he sits up and pulls her on top of him and she mounts his dick and slowly lowers herself onto it. She is rocking back and forth and leans forward and crushes her tits onto his torso while his big cock repeatedly disappears into her eager slit. She rises up so he can get a nice look at her bouncing tits and he reaches up and fondles her pretty breasts, first rubbing them roughly and then pinching and pulling on her nipples. As he does this she throws her head back and is breathing hard. They then turn over and he mounts her missionary style and cradling her head in his hands he gets down to some serious stroking for a few minutes.They then break their embrace and he spins her around onto her knees and enters her doggy style. He has her by the hips and is pulling her back and onto his black cock. They fuck that way with him plunging into her pussy from behind. After a bit he pauses for a second and reaches over and grabs a bottle of lube we had on the nightstand. He drips a few drops onto her asshole and as he continues to screw her pussy he works her anus with the tip of his thumb.”Ooooo!, I was wondering when one of you were going there, please be gentle.” She gasps.”Think you can open your ass for my dick?” He snarls.”It’s soooo big but I willing to try for you Sweetness!” She coos.He squirts some lube onto his black shaft and places the head at the entrance to her anus. Amie pulls her blond hair to the right and looks over left her shoulder at Josh as he starts to work his black cock into her. Her lips make a little “O”,her eyes close and her mouth opens in a silent gasp as the head of his cock slides into her ass. He pushes about 5″ into her bowels and she clutches the sheets with her hands and lowers her face into the mattress, moaning softly.Josh is now pushing further into her and grunting loudly with each thrust. He leans forward and grabs a handful of her blond hair and abruptly pulls her hair back, lifting her head off the mattress. He is pulling her hair with his right hand and his left hand is pressing on the small of her back. Her eyes are rolling back in her head and she is making a squealing sound through her clenched teeth. Both of them are drenched in sweat and he is dripping from his face and torso onto her ass cheeks. With each thrust into her ass she opens wider for his thickness. Soon he has nearly all his cock is in her and is stroking faster and faster.At this point Arliss, the 22 year old Hip Hop gansta guy who is covered with tattoos has a gold ring in each ear and a ring in each nipple gets in front of her and places his 8″ cock at her lips. He parts her lips slightly and he pushes his member between her lips. He pushes his black meat into her mouth and soon he is roughly fucking her face. She occasionally gags when he pushes into her throat and in no time she shudders violently with a crashing orgasm. When she does this she leans back into Josh and Arliss’ cock pops out of her mouth and she now has her arms around his ass, clinging for dear life with his cock is against her left cheek. Josh’s fucking of my wife’s ass now quickens and he grunts and snorts as he pumps a load deep into her ass. He is trembling as he ejaculates and he slowly eases his dick out of her and I heard a little popping sound as he pulls out of her. He rolls off the bed and goes into the bathroom.His place in her ass is immediately taken by Brendon the other gangster and he is now plunging his cock in and out of her. He had the most bling of all her black lovers with several gold chains around his neck, diamond earrings, a huge watch and lots of rings. Like his buddy he had several tattoos. As he starts screwing her behind, his friend Arliss is now laying on is back and has slid himself under Amie and she mounts his 9″ black cock all the while keeping the other man’s cock buried in her ass. Amie is smothering Arliss with passionate kisses and her chest is crushed against his ring adorned chest. She now has a big bare black cock in her little pussy with another in her ass.At first their double penetration loving seems uneven but after after several seconds the three of them finally hit their stride and Amie is rocking her ass and thrusting her pelvis in unison with her two young friends. The loving gets faster and faster until Amie shudders with another orgasm and she is thrusting and bucking hard. This is too much for Arliss and he gasps and groans long and loudly as he lets go of his semen into her pussy. He relaxes and slows his stroking as Brendon now is fucking her behind harder. Arliss now grabs both her ass cheeks and spreads them apart and pulls her hard against him as Brendon is really plowing into her now and in a minute or so he convulses as he cums deep inside her ass. They all lay in a pile of black and white flesh gasping for breath.”Oh my, Oh my, Oh my!” Amie keeps muttering as she tries to catches her breath. They separate and Amie rolls over onto her back with her legs spread wide. Cum was oozing out from between her cunt lips and her ass was slightly open and white cream is starting to flow out of her anus..Next Jon, the short rugged wrestler type mount her missionary style and gripping her ass cheeks with both hands shoves his fat black cock into the soft slit of her little pussy. Soon he is buried into her up to the hilt of his cock and he is pumping in and out of her with short strokes, his ass is making little circles as she reaches around and clutches his ass cheeks pulling him into her. “Give it to me!” She mutters, “Give me everything, fill me up!””You want to take it?” He growls, “You want my cream in your slut pussy?””Yes! Yes! Yes!” Amie exclaims with each thrust from his big straining cock.They are now fucking faster and faster and his ass cheeks tighten as he spews his his load into her pussy, mixing it with the other black men’s sperm already inside her. Amie shudders with another crashing orgasm as he finishes.”This is so intense!” Amie gasps, “I can barely stand it! It feels so good!” As Jon rolls off her she is noticeably trembling, especially her lower lip. She now starts pleading, “Please! Don’t leave my pussy empty, someone fuck me!”Remington crawls on top of her with his slender 6’1” frame and abruptly shoves his black cock into her as she reaches up and runs her fingers through his long cornrows. “Thats what I need, a big fat black cock, it feels soooo good!” He is cradling her head in his hands as he is fucking her with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out and then plunging back into her with his balls slapping against her ass each time.”What’s wrong with you? Can’t you fuck me harder like a real man? I can’t feel it! Are you queer?” She asks between clenched teeth, and with that he really starts plowing into her. He starts a barrage of dirty talk like, “You like being a cum dump for us don’t you you little slut?” and, “I hope I knock up your white cunt!” He has a nasty sneer on his face as he says this through clenched teeth.”Give it to me!” She responds, “Fill me up!”Neither one of them lasted much longer and soon they were both cumming hard with her grabbing his ass and pulling him into her for the last few strokes as he empties his nuts into her. They lay there gasping for breath for a few minutes and finally he pulls out of her with a slurping sound and a copious amount of jizm now runs out of her and into the crack of her ass.She takes a short break and goes to bathroom to pee and clean up a little. When she comes out there leave only one more black bull for her to fuck to make it 8 lovers and that is Riley, the black skinned man with the flattop haircut and fat cock. He lays on his back on the dirty sheets and Amie mounts him with a long sigh, “Oooo, that feels nice.” She tells no one in particular.She is soon thrusting her hips and riding him hard. As she raises up for him to inspect her he grabs her tits and pinches her nipples roughly and with that she climaxes again, I had lost track of how many times she had cum. He then grabs her ass and he stands up and she continues to ride his cock, her arms around his neck and him lifting her ass up and down as she ride his cock. He then falls onto the bed with her under him and keeps fucking her until he gasps and cums hard, unloading into her. He tells her, “Damn! You are so beautiful and sexy! I could fuck you all night.””There’s time for that later, I want her now.” Says Josh the rugged older guy who had fucked her ass earlier.”I came in your ass now I want to give you a load in your cunt now!” He exclaimed as her mounts her for a second time. He is up on his hands now and screwing her hard as she reaches up and pinches and then sucks on his nipples and wraps her legs around his ass cheeks. Her eyes are closed and her face contorted as she cums again. Josh leans into her and gives her a deep wet kiss and she returns his affections fully, shoving her tongue into his mouth. He then puts his arms under her and while on his elbows he gets down to making love to her in earnest. After what seemed like an eternity he unleashes his load into her They then lay there intertwined kissing deeply and after a few minutes they separate. Josh then goes into the bathroom as Allen then mounts her with his massive frame and pushes his huge cock into her well used pussy.She was tied spread eagle when he took her the first time so now she was free and she wrapped her arms around his broad torso as much as she could. He was on top of her just barely keeping his full weight off her by resting his body on his elbows. He was saying things to her such as, “You ready for another load from me?” She eagerly replied, “Yes! Mix it with the others!”They were now fucking hard with him grunting loudly with each plunge into her. She was gasping uncontrollably and her face was contorted with passion as an orgasm sweeps over her. Soon he is gasping and his black ass tightens as he cums hard and lets his cream flow into her love hole. He totally collapses on top of her and I thought he might crush her. They lay there murmuring things I could not understand and deeply kissing. After he pulls out of her a massive amount of jizm just flows out of her.The rest of the evening is a blur to me as she does another double penetration and sucks and fucks her black lovers. Gradually they get dressed and one by one leave and sometime early in the morning the only 2 black men left are the two Hip Hop gangstas Arliss and Brendon. After a long pause in the action Amie gets up and goes into the bathroom to take a shower. They both follow her and get in the shower with her, and when I look in they are both sudsing her up as she rubs soap over and plays with their cocks and balls.When they get out of the shower they dry each other and Amie tiptoes to the bed and crawls in under the sheets. Arliss asked her if he and his buddy cold join her for the rest of the night.”I would love that!” She replies, “The three of us can cuddle.”They both climb in on each side of her and snuggle up to her. I am sprawled out in an easy chair and soon I doze off into a fitful sleep. I am woken up by the sound Amie’s heavy breathing and when I look across the dimly lit room I could see Amie on top of Brendon slowing humping his cock. They were kissing and screwing faster and faster. She rises up so he could get a good look at her tits and she gasps as he reaches up a fondles them. She leans in and they kiss again as she shudders with another orgasm. He flips her onto her back and he rides her for what seemed like forever until he tenses and grunts loudly as he cums hard inside her. Brendon remains on top of her for quite a while before finally rolling off her and his friend Arliss takes his place and in no time he and Amie are passionately making love.”Oh, baby!” Arliss exclaimed, “I’m cumming! He is now unloading inside her, mixing his sperm with Brendon’s load.This went on for the rest of the night, the three of them alternating between sleeping and the two young black men taking turns fucking Amie. They told me later that both of them had taken Viagra and that at least partially explained their stamina along with their youthful horniness. By 9:00 am they were gone and Amie was still passed out, totally spent after her long night of taking cock bareback from 8 black strangers.I has been over a year since this night and she has had no other lovers because we have decided to start a family. Will she ever have another black lover? We don’t know. She claims she will never have another gang bang, she experienced it and she claims that aspect of her sexuality is now behind her. I know it was one of the hottest things I have ever witnessed.

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