Girdle Lover Part II


Girdle Lover Part IISo Betty and I would meet whenever we could. One fond memory was going to a shopping mall helping her try on various high heels after dinner. Betty was still wearing her work clothes and it was such a turn on seeing her sexy cute size 7 feet with pretty painted toenails covered with tan pantyhose slipping into various shoes. I finally convinced her to buy these 4.5 inch spiked heeled bright red pumps which were difficult for her to walk in but made my cock hard as steel. The young saleslady probably thought it was pretty strange that this middle aged lady and this young guy were interested in buying these sexy high heels. We then went to the ladies hosiery department to buy some of those Hanes non-stretch stockings with the reinforced heel and toe and the green band of color at the top of the welt. This was the early 1980’s and you could still find these nylons at major department stores but they have since been phased out. I remember they had different grades of sheerness (walking sheers, business sheers, etc.) and they were sold by foot size and came in the famous Hanes colors like Barely There, Town Taupe, Gentlebrown, Quicksilver, etc. We bought a few different colors and Betty went to the ladies room in the mall to remove her pantyhose, put on a garter belt and hook up the new stockings we just bought. She also put on the new red pumps. When she came out of the ladies room, she had a little trouble walking back to the car in the new shoes, but when we got to the car, I was extremely turned on by her sexy legs and heels. I ran my hand over those türbanlı ağrı escort smooth new nylon stockings and we made out for a while in the car. I then had her pull down her panties and I ate out her pussy till she came on the front seat of the car and then she blew me until I came in her mouth.A few days later I saw her at work and I could tell Betty was very upset. I finally got her to tell me what was wrong and apparently, her husband Jim had noticed all the sexy clothes she had recently, and he confronted her about having an affair. She had told him the truth about us, and then that horny old bastard threatened to tell her employer unless she agreed to have sex with me with him watching (although I did not know the word for it back them, Jim was a cuckold). Betty was devastated and I told her not to worry. I had read enough S&M books to know that Jim was probably a submissive and could be used to have some fun. I told Betty to tell her husband that we’ll do it only if he dressed up like a French maid transvestite and that he eats my cum out of Betty’s pussy. Betty did not want to have anything to do with him so it took some convincing. But finally she agreed to tell him the conditions. Also, I told her that he needs to shave his entire body and get a manicure and pedicure like a good transvestite. It came as no surprise that Jim agreed to all of these conditions and we planned for a get together on a Saturday night. When I arrived, Jim whom we called Jamie did not look too bad for a first time TV. He was wearing a türbanlı ağrı escort bayan blonde wig, makeup, false eyelashes, earrings, French maid costume, black fishnet pantyhose, and black pumps. He also had nicely done red fingernails. Betty had helped picked out his clothes and helped him with his makeup. I think he was almost passable. He looked like a grandmother trying to be a slut.Betty asked him to serve us some drinks to help us get relaxed. Betty was wearing a black robe and I could tell she had on black gartered stockings and was wearing those red heels I loved so much. After our drinks, “Jamie” sat off in a chair as Betty and I began to make out. To humiliate Jamie, Betty started saying stuff to me like “I love having your big young cock in me. You turn me on so much.” I then asked her to suck my cock. I helped her off with her robe and she was wearing a white strapless corselette holding up her black stockings. Her big breasts were overflowing the top of her corselette and you could see her nice puffy nipples. I said “Wow, you are so gorgeous. Too bad Jamie missed out on all this!”. She then sat next to me and began sucking my cock and licking my balls. I then had her lay down on the couch in the living room (where we had fucked many times when her husband was out of town) and I got on top of her missionary style. The whole situation was such a strange turn on that it was not long before I shot a big load into Betty’s hot pussy. I could see Jamie over to the side of the room rubbing the front of his frilly türbanlı escort ağrı panties. Betty said to him “Come over here you slut and lick the cum out of me”. Keep in mind that Jamie had never eaten his wife’s pussy before so this was his first time plus he gets the extra bonus of eating my cum too. Betty also told him to stop playing with himself and that he can cum later tonight when we were all finished with him.Jamie wobbled over to the couch teetering in his high heels, kneeled down, and started eating Betty’s moist pussy. I could see the cream pie I had produced and Jamie started eating it all up. When Jamie was finished, Betty then told Jamie to give me a blow job to make my cock hard again. It was kind of weird, but it was also a kinky turn on to see Betty’s transvestite husband sucking my cock. He actually did a pretty good job and spent a lot of time licking underneath my cock’s sensitive spot. Betty meanwhile had put on a strap-on rubber dildo, lubed it up, and started fucking Jamie from behind. You could see his whole body tremble as she entered him and started going back and forth fucking his virgin ass. This whole scene was too much for me and I began cumming a second time. I started saying “I’m going to cum again” and Betty yelled at her husband, “You better swallow every drop” which he did. This was the first time I had ever cum into a another man’s mouth. Betty and I must have fucked 3 or 4 more times that night. Finally, she let Jamie masturbate into a small glass (he did have a very stubby small cock almost like a golf ball) and then ordered him to drink it. The three of us met a few more times after than first encounter. I think Jamie was a closet transvestite from the start and we allowed him to express himself. Eventually, I got a better job and moved to another city. As far as I know, Betty and Jamie are still together. Maybe he’s sucking off one of her new boyfriends right now.

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