Bear and Cubs Fling


Dale and I had always had this kind of sexual chemistry between us since the moment we had first met it was just something that one day we both knew was going to happen and when it did was going to be the best time of either of our lives.

But both of us being in relationships when we first met couldn’t bring ourselves to act on our impulses not straight away anyway but if the moment came where we was both single then there would be nothing in our way to stop us.

Dale is what most of us would refer to as a “bear” type as he was quite tall, very broad shoulders and quite muscular with a very hairy chest all the way down across his stomach too, a full dark beard, short hair and deep brown eyes.

Where me I was more of a “Cub” so a younger version of Dale, but still quite broad shouldered, hairy chest, which also travelled down to my stomach and I had a small trimmed style beard which more just like long stubble at the moment, with blonde hair and blue eyes, quite the Arian look you could say.

But after about a year and a half of knowing each other both of our relationship began to come to an end, with Dale’s boyfriend splitting up with

him and well my relationship was on its tender hooks with me moving out and my boyfriend wanting to try and save our long term relationship.

Because I was moving away friends had suggested that we have a leaving party for me as we didn’t know if or when I would be moving back as I had more pressing issues to deal with, more than my relationship.

I had sent out all of my invites and had already invited both Dale and his boyfriend at the time who he had now just split up with, both we unsure if they was coming because they was unsure if the other was to attend.

Before the night of the party had come Dale and his boyfriend Dean had spoken and had both agreed they were going to be civilised and come to the event and just leave separately.

The night of the party had come and I had previously been out that morning with Dale and as usual the chemistry was flowing and we both wanted to just rip each-others clothes off there and then and just fuck like the world was going to end, but we had decided that it wasn’t right why I was still in a relationship.

As we stood there in the pub surrounded by our mutual friends we couldn’t help but just stand there and when no one was looking just smile, smirk and wink at each-other and when I went to the bar having the temptation to stand there with my pert arse just there for the taking knowing that Dales eyes would be fixated on it.

I had intentionally not worn underwear that night so that it showed off every part of my bum to its fullest potential just for Dale and no one else, he was the only one I could think of at this moment in time, I wanted him and one way or another I was going to have him.

We all continued to chat as a group sharing stories and our fondest memories çankırı escort of the past 8 years since we had been up here and all the fun times we have shared.

I made my excuses and went to use the toilets giving Dale a glace which said follow me, to which he acknowledged and after one minute followed me into the toilets.

As he came into the toilets I was stood by the sink eagerly awaiting for him and when he did I acted on impulse and pushed him into a cubicle up against the wall and started to passionately kiss him and then reached and grabbed him by his long thick member cupping his cock in my hands and gently started to bite his bottom lip.

I started to pull it back slowly and just let go, keeping my mouth close to his lips and said “that is just a fraction of a taste”, smiling as I readjusted myself and walked off exiting the toilets, to join the others leaving Dale all hot and bothered at what had just happened, this was our first kiss and I wanted it to be one he would never forget.

We continued to enjoy our evening glancing even more looks and smiles of pleasure both of us thinking about the experience that had happened earlier in the toilets.

We both left at different times hugging before we left saying our goodbyes and with Dale wishing me all the best for the future, knowing that one day I would see him again somewhere.

I left to move to a new town leaving not only my friends who had become my adopted family but my boyfriend also behind and was looking forward to having my own space and freedom that awaited for me, only returning to see my boyfriend and friends from time to time.

After a month of me moving away I had decided to get in contact with Dale and we made arrangements that we would meet in a club in the capital in three weeks’ time and have ourselves a fun night out just us 2 and later in the year go away somewhere else for a long weekend just as friends of course but knowing that we would end up having sex somewhere along the way even if I was in a relationship.

Three weeks had past and it was time to meet up with Dale in his hotel and get ready for a great night ahead just the two of us, meeting anyone who was interested in getting to know us.

I travelled by train to the capital and phoned

Dale to say I was in the entrance lobby of the hotel, so he could come down and meet me and take me to his room.

We got to his room and his bed had his travel case on it with some clothes layed out that he had already chosen to wear for that evening; Dale had turned to me and told me that he was yet to have a shower as he hadn’t long arrived himself.

As I sit myself on the bed and lie down I could feel his eyes staring at my package and he began to become aroused and quickly made his excuses, closed the door to the en-suite and proceeded to run the shower.

As I sat there and eagerly escort çankırı awaited him to come out I began to picture him naked in the shower, the water hitting his skin and him lathering himself up with his shower gel, getting soap into every crevice and orifice imaginable.

I heard the shower stop and Dale pull back the shower curtain and wondered if he was going to come out with just a towel around his waist of if he was going to ask me to pass him his clothes.

The door lock turned and he opened up the door and stood there with nothing but a towel around his waist, dripping wet and steam still coming off of his hot naked body he was like a vision of the most perfect man alive.

He run his hand across his chest and stood there with another smaller towel drying his hair and wiping his face of any water that had accumulated, when the most wonderful thing imaginable happened.

His towel had become lose and had dropped from his waist exposing his flaccid cock for my eyes to admire and just stare at, it was quite big considering he wasn’t erect….. Yet.

I just lay there and stare at this magnificent creature that was just stood before me and with that I stood up, pressed my body up against his and began to passionately kiss him just like I did weeks before in the pub toilets.

This time Dale wasn’t going to let me get away with just teasing him he was going to have my sweet, tight, pert arse for himself and there was nothing that no one could do about it.

He pushed me back onto the bed and pushed off his case and clothes throwing them to the floor, lying on top of me he started to passionately kiss me and started to undo my shirt exposing my bare chest.

Getting harder he started to play with my nipples making them get harder with excitement the more he played with them kissing my chest and running his fingers through my chest hair he began to start growling at me like a tiger.

I proceeded to do exactly the same to him so I lifted my knees up placing my foot flat against the sheet and spread my legs wide feeling his hairy balls tickling the head of my semi erect cock and started running my fingers through his chest hair.

He lowered himself onto me and as his wet muscular body layed on top of mine, my semi erect and his fully hard 9″ thick uncut cock we practically rubbing against one another and we began to start kissing again.

As our mouths start to become dry he works his way down taking my now throbbing boner into his mouth and started to suck on my junk like there was nothing in the world that was going to ever taste as sweet again.

My legs began to spread wider and I started to rub the top of his head and his shoulders the best I could reach, and occasionally stroking his beard, with it tickling my balls every time he went down taking me in all the way to the base.

Dale then started to çankırı escort bayan growl again as he used his big muscles to flip me over, pulled me to my knees, spread my cheeks apart and worked his tongue deep into my hole making me more moist than I’ve ever been, the anticipation of him fucking me was just making me more horny and then I began to growl to Dales delight.

He worked on my arse for a good half hour before working on my ball sack his beard making it more sensitive with every kiss and lick that he gave me, he lowered my bum to a reasonable height and put his raw cock inside me inching in slowly as not to hurt me.

As he slowly starts to enter me he stops and suddenly pulls out spreads my cheeks apart and spits on my already moist hole just making it so wet that his cock just slides in with no problems.

But being an old romantic like he was Dale wanted to see my face why he made me scream in ecstasy this made him get off more knowing that I was being pleasured so he turned me over and layed me on my back.

I brought my knees up again, wrapped my legs around his waist y his slowly filled my now gaping hole with his full muscle, once he was in me he layed on top of me with his chest against mine, and I reached around and took both of his bum cheeks in my hand and began to squeeze on them and pulled him into me controlling how hard and how fast he was going to fuck me.

Once he had the right rhythm going for what I wanted I took one of my hands away and started to hold onto his bulging biceps trying to grab his muscle in my hand, then with the other one stroking up his back and through his hair.

I pulled him closer so his ear was at the side of my mouth and began to scream quietly in his ear, begging him to fuck me more, harder and faster and as he starts going faster I feel his cock pleasing my prostate which made my hole get tight around his throbbing member making my screams get increasingly louder and louder.

Dale then starts kissing my neck again and barely reaches my nipples, his tongue just scraping the tip enough for me to feel the pleasure surge through my body as Dale gets closer to shooting I feel myself getting close too and my orgasms getting more strong with every thrust.

As I reach around and grab Dales cheeks again I slowly insert a finger into his hole making him explode, depositing his hot juicy liquid inside me and as I feel each load shoot deeper inside me

I feel myself just that much closer.

Instead of just pulling out of me, he sits up sitting on the balls of his feet, and starts to wank of my hard throbbing cock while still pressing deep into my prostate making me want to shoot far and wide, as he gets faster I begin to start feeling my hole tightening around his cock and clench tight.

I grip tight onto the side of the bed and shoot my load it hitting the top of his chest with every spurt that comes out, my hole continuing to get tighter and tighter. Once the last of my juice has shot from we collapse next to each other and I snuggle into Dales chest finding a nice dry patch where I’ve not shot my load and we snuggle, just gazing into each other’s eyes as we just savour the moment of our first experience together.

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