Beautiful Disaster


One Last Time

He spread her legs, opening her smooth thighs with his hands, pressing his face hungrily into her soft mound, and slipping his tongue into her warm tangy depths. She was beautiful as she arched her back and wiggled her hips against his movements. Her porcelain, peaches and cream, skin was almost edible. He nibbled gently at her clit, making her squeal in delight.

It was painfully tragic that this would be their last night together. He couldn’t tell her. But it was, nonetheless, and Holden would force his thoughts to stay in this moment, to enjoy every inch of her one last sweet time.

He gripped her waist and pulled them together, staring into her innocent crystal green eyes, glassy with desirous pleasure. He pressed his throbbing cock into her warm depths as they both gasped with the overwhelming sensation. She wrapped her legs around him, gripping him into her, wanting all of him. Though she’d never been able to take all of his 8″, she certainly enjoyed trying. Her large 36C breasts with their pink nipples bounced beautifully with their rhythm and he lost himself in her, soft moaning, pouty pink lips, and that long golden hair fanned out around her like a halo. How could he say goodbye to this?

As his urgency began to build inside him, he picked her up and flipped them over in one smooth motion. Looking down at him now, her sweet juices dripping down his hard cock, she began to ride him. He grabbed her hips and added force to each of her movements. She slid up and down on his thick cock grasping at his chest with her small hands, her breath trembling on each exhale. Knowing she was close, Holden wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulling her down against his chest, crushing her against him, and thrusting roughly and quickly into her from below. Her moans and gasps next to his ear were almost more than he could handle but he wanted her to cum first. “Cum for me Amber..Cum for me. Let it go,” he breathed into her ear, her soft hair draped across his chest as he held her tightly to him, pounding faster …relentlessly into her wet pussy. And she obeyed. He felt her orgasm begin, felt her tighten around him, squeezing, pulling, and begging for his cum. With amazing force, he thrusted deeper and deeper, burying himself further than ever before. As Amber moaned and bucked, Holden released it all, filling her with his desire and filling her up with is thick cum.

The Situation is Bleak

Amber was devastated. Holding her head in her hands, she sat in the car and sobbed deeply. There was nothing left, no where to go, she was out of money, and was at this very moment, officially homeless. Her car, a small suitcase of her clothes, and some memories were all that was left. Her Mother died when she was 8. The only family remaining lived on the other side of the country and they weren’t close at all.

It all began with the death of her Father. At 18, she didn’t even know just how in-debt he’d become. There was nothing she could do. They’d evicted her from their home that very morning. She decided to drive into the city and try to get some assistance, food stamps, some place to sleep, something, anything. The idea of living out of her car was not even remotely appealing. She’d never dreamed of being in this position, not when she lived in the nicest neighborhood, had the finest clothes, and basically anything she had ever wanted. College should have been next. She’d even been accepted to Wellesley, a joy she and her Father had shared. But that was all over now. She had to find a way to just survive.

When her boyfriend’s family found out that the family’s money was all gone, they’d immediately cut all ties. Holden tried to ignore all that but the truth was he couldn’t. And he was leaving for college in a few weeks anyway. It was over. It was heartbreaking and humiliating. It seemed every dream was crushed.

The older 3-series BMW with its leather interior, seat warmers, and cushy accessories held little of its previous sparkle. Not that it wasn’t a very nice car; it just seemed so much less important now. She thought curiously about that as she rounded a corner and looked for a space outside the Social Services building. It was crowded. Although it was frightening to be there herself, knowing that with the depressed economy so many other people were in need, was something of a small comfort. She was tired of feeling so alone.

As she walked in, she noticed two nice looking men in suits watching her from a distance. They smiled casually looking her up and down…something slightly predatory in their demeanor. Amber picked up her pace and headed for the front doors feeling their eyes on her ass.

Two hours later, humiliated and hopeless, Amber walked back out the front doors of the large building. She only qualified for a small amount of food stamps. They treated her like dirt because she clearly wasn’t of the right class who typically make çanakkale escort use of their services and assistance.

As she walked back to her car, past a homeless man and his dog, she wondered how much worse things could get. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.

“Miss, are you alright?” an unfamiliar voice called from a shiny black Mercedes.

Amber recognized him as one of the men she’d seen outside the office earlier.

“Um, yes, I’m okay. Thanks.” She kept walking.

“If you’re here, it can’t be good. I think I may be able to help you, if you want to hear me out.” He offered kindly.

Amber knew better than to just hop into some strange man’s car, handome or not. But she was destitute, desperate, hopeless, and needed to talk to someone. So she looked at the handsome dark haired man with his curiously helpful brown eyes and said “okay.” He popped the door open for her and she carefully got in.

“My name is John,” he smiled genuinely.

“I’m Amber.” She replied shyly.

John took her to lunch and listened intently to her story. He offered a tissue when she cried at the tough spots and hugged her when they got up to leave. She admired his strong jaw, dark handsome eyes, and his substantial height. She guessed that at 5’1″ herself, he must have been 6’4″ the way he towered over her.

When she had finished her story, John told her that he had helped a lot of girls in situations like hers and that if she could keep an open mind, he could help her become independent and very wealthy.

A Business Opportunity

“First, this is not prostitution. The women who work for this organization are not “Call Girls” or anything like that. We simply provide a lifestyle for you and for our investors. They will treat you very well; even lavish you with affection, gifts, and all your needs will be taken care of. You will never need to get a “job” or worry about the bills. You will have the freedom to persue your own interests and your life during your free time. You will make friends here. You will be cared for entirely. How does that sound?” He watched carefully for her reaction.

Amber was young but she wasn’t stupid. “But I will have to… have sex won’t I? What else?”

“You have to be willing to do whatever they want. That means anything. Which brings me to my next question, what kind of experience have you had? ” John inquired matter-of-factly.

Amber tried to close her mouth. She’d done a lot with Holden and felt confident in her level of sexual knowledge.

“I’ve done a lot of different things” she replied naively.

John smiled to himself knowing she would be one of the most sought-after women in the organization. He could tell she was greener than a gourd as well, and THAT would be her biggest asset.

“We’ll need to make sure you’re ready, if you really want to do this. It is quite lucrative. The residual income can become…significant within a few years, if you can handle it.” John said, with a challenging look. “Here’s how it works: We have a rather large group of investors, if you will, that enjoy a unique sexual lifestyle. Many are married, many are not. Most are very wealthy. This is a very private professional organization. Everyone is screened and evaluated both the girls and our backers. You will attend our events and gatherings as needed. There are certain private venues that pay a lot of money. Only the best get to take part in those. If you are so lucky, you can potentially make a very lucrative income. If you make the cut this evening, you will be immediately moved into your own private residence that will be paid for by our investors. Tonight, six of our generous benefactors will sponsor you. In turn, you will be available to them and anyone else they desire at anytime, day or night. Should you be needed, you will travel, attend cruises and go on vacations.

There are rules involved. If you tell anyone, you will be put back into the circumstances that brought you downtown today. Immediately. If you are needed, you will go. Your benefactors have full access to you and your home. They will come and go as they please. You will be given everything you need as well as a substantial cash allowance.” He smiled at her.

With the burden of worry so close to being gone forever, Amber considered the options.

“Can I leave whenever I like?” She asked.

“If you leave, you may never return. But you can leave at any time.” He stated honestly.

“Okay. What do I need to do now? ” Amber asked, her heart racing in her chest.

John had her sign some papers, a contract.

“And now you get to see your new home.” He smiled.

He drove her to the oceanfront in one of the most expensive areas. They pulled into the circular driveway of one of the largest beach homes she’d ever seen.

“This….. is when I live?” She asked in awe.

“This is where you çanakkale escort bayan live. You live on the top floor. Two other girls live here but you each have your own private space within. The floors have been split into three separate 2 bedroom private condos, furnished and ready for your pleasure.” He smiled.

They took the elevator to the top, he punched in a code and the doors opened upon the most beautiful room she’d ever seen. It smelled of exotic flowers and the back wall was nothing but windows with an expansive view the Atlantic.

Her car was delivered and parked in the driveway. She was provided with a closet full of the most beautiful clothes and lingerie. Amber felt she was in a dream.

“Amber, I’ll need to get some photographs before I leave. I need you to take off your clothes.” John stated as if it were the most normal request.

“Um now?” She asked startled.

“Yes now..” He said irritably. “You start now, Amber. As we discussed, you will do what is required of you and you will do it well. Now, I need to see what we have to work with.”

Amber stood there, thinking she knew this was part of it, but still wasn’t ready for it now.

John took two long strides and was on her in a moment. He tore her blouse off revealing her breasts. He pushed her onto the huge king bed with its crimson and black satin bedding. “no…. please.” She uttered in shock.

“Don’t fight me little girl” he stated plainly as he tore the jeans from her legs. She was afraid to move and to fight. “This is what you do now. And I’m going to show you how this works.”

He removed her pink panties and she jumped and gasped when he spread her legs and stroked her soft lips with his huge hand. He grabbed a small camera from his pocket and began snapping pictures. He photographed every bit of her and barked orders she followed like a slave. When he was done, he sat the camera down and began to take off his clothes.

“Amber, I’m going to do you a favor and break you in easy today. You and I both know you have had no experience whatsoever. You may not be a virgin but you have much to learn.

We will start your real education tonight. I’m going to help it go down a little easier now.” he told her as he removed his pants. His cock was fully erect and bigger than she’d ever imagined. It must have been a full 10 inches with a huge purple head and a shaft that was fat like a tree stump, getting thicker down to its enormous base. His chest and arms were broad and muscular, intimidating, and sexy. Although Amber was somewhat afraid, she couldn’t help the feelings of arousal that stirred inside her at the sight of this big forceful man.

He told her to get on her knees and to wrap her lips around his dick. And she did. It was so big; it’s head almost too fat to fit all the way in her mouth. He told her exactly what to do, how to flick it gently with her tongue and how to caress his balls in just the right way.

Then when’d had enough and was certain she was nice and wet, her spun her around bent her over. He slid his hand over her pussy, “mmm nice and wet, like a good girl. You are very responsive. That’s a good thing.” He slid his fingers inside her making her gasp and rubbed a finger over her tiny pink bud of an ass. She flinched, not expecting that.

“Oh my, you are a Virgin in that respect aren’t you, Amber? Never had a cock in your ass?” he asked in amusement..

“No” she breathed heavily.

“You will today” he grinned wickedly as he used her own juices to lubricate one big finger, pressing it slowly past her tight virgin barrier.

She flinched and he felt her surprise. “Just relax. Once I get you ready, you’re going to love it.” He commanded.

He positioned his huge head at her pussy, “relax” and he pushed in. Snug and hot and wet, she moaned loudly at the invasion. He pressed his finger deep into her ass and buried his cock as deep as he could at the same time.

Amber felt the discomfort of his huge size and of having her ass invaded simultaneously. But also felt a stirring of great pleasure, something unique she’d never felt before.

John ravaged her young pussy and fingered her little ass until the discomfort was gone and there was nothing left but pleasure. Then he stopped and pushed her down on the bed. “This is for your own good. It’s going to hurt at first. Just try to relax.”

And then he spread her legs with his thighs and her ass his hands, both opening her wide and holding her down. She felt his cock at her ass and panicked. Her heart racing, she squealed, “No. I’m not ready. I can’t!” She pleaded as he began to stuff himself into her tiny hole.

He ignored her and in a few thrusts had managed to get his entire fat head inside. He held it there, still for a moment, allowing her to adjust as she squirmed and cried out in terrible discomfort.

Then in one final slow deliberate thrust, escort çanakkale he was deep innside her. All but 3″ of his fat cock remained visible.

“You’re going to take every bit of my 10 inches, Amber. Do you understand me? You’re going to take it and you’re going to like it.” He growled darkly from behind her, as he leaned into her, grabbing her hips and forcing her back onto his thick shaft at the same time. Amber was suddenly silenced as he broke in a little more, catching her breath in her throat. The feeling of being stretched and filled completely was indescribable, both painful and pleasurable at the same time.

He then began to fuck her boldly, in and out slowly gaining a bit of momentum. The pain began to evaporate and Amber was surprised to feel sheer ecstasy taking over her entire body.

“Oh God yes…” she moaned loudly.

“That’s it, Amber. Now you’ve got it.” John responded proudly.

He flipped her over and fucked her deep in her snug ass, so that he could see the pleasure on her face. He told her to play with her pussy and clit and she did, amazed that she was about to climax with a cock up her ass. John began pounding into her “Take it! Take my cock!” He commanded her as she exploded in orgasm, clamping down in him, he shoved deeper inside her with every savage thrust. Grabbing her hips he buried himself painfully deep, making Amber scream out in painful pleasure, as he shot load after load of his thick seed deep inside her.


Amber’s legs were still weak and although nervous and a little scared, she was excited.

John had explained to her that things would be expected of her tonight and that he wanted to make sure she was ready. That she needed to know what to expect. And now that she did, parts of her wanted much more.

She bathed in the oversized Jacuzzi tub and had time for a little nap. There was even fresh fruit in the refrigerator to enjoy. She dressed in a tight black mini dress that hugged all her curvy assest and paired it with black and silver stiletto heels. As instructed, she wore no panties. She felt so alive suddenly, as if something had been awakened inside her and she was curious to see what might happen next. John had given her $800, her weekly personal allowance. Her head was filled with dreams about how she would spend it as she stepped into the elevator.

The black shiny Limo that was sent for her, drove for what seemed an eternity, past the busy oceanfront, past the suburbs, and out into a quiet rural area lush with trees and pastures. Eventually turning down a small desolate road, they drove past a huge black iron gate and down a long winding driveway lined with tall busy cedars.

The mansion loomed up from the distance and the parking area was filled with cars.. amazing cars. A red Ferrari, two Limousines, a silver Porsche and fancy exotics she couldn’t identify.

John was waiting to escort her in. Dressed in a stunning tuxedo, he smiled devilishly “feeling alright?”

Amber smiled shyly remembering what he’d done to her. “Yes.”

“Good it’s going to be an amazing night for you. I sent the investors your pictures from this afternoon and there’s been a bit of a bidding war, you could say.” He looked amused.

“What does that mean?” she asked curiously.

They walked down the large corridor and entered a huge room. There on the wall was an enormous picture of Amber, completely naked. It was obviously one of the photographs John had taken earlier.

Amber’s face grew hot with embarrassment. She looked at him confused and shocked.

“This is the way it is done. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Look over there.” He pointed over her shoulder to a small corner of the room where a red velvet bed lay draped in gauze. Two men were openly having sex with a tiny brunette woman. Shocked, Amber couldn’t take her eyes away from the erotic scene. One man was buried in her ass and the other was pounding her pussy, her head thrown back in total ecstasy.

“This is all part of it, Amber. That lovely woman is the wife of one of the men here tonight bidding on your affection.” He grinned.

Amber suddenly realized that all eyes were on her. People were looking and whispering, talking and smiling while staring at her.

As they moved deeper into the cavernous room with its elaborate marble floors, enormous chandeliers, and decorative tall ceilings, she noticed that all the people serving drinks and hors d’oeuvers were completely nude. Then she watched as a large burly man in a tuxedo took a piece of food from one of the trays being offered by one of the naked servant girls. He quickly took the tray from her hand, unzipped his pants, as she dropped to her knees, and began sucking his cock, right there in front of everyone. The people nearby gave little more attention to this than a chuckle. Amber averted her eyes as they moved forward.

“The ceremony will begin in a few minutes; let me introduce you to some of your potential benefactors. And don’t worry; they won’t touch you until the winning investors have been announced a bit later.” John stated as they approached a very tall French-looking older gentleman.

To be continued…

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