Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 02


In this chapter, Richard has to service the two men fucking his wife and lick their cum from her pussy. It contains oral, anal, gay, and multiple party sex including a spit roasting and triple penetration. No COVID or STDs in my fantasy world. Thanks again to JohnnyGalt for his editorial assistance.

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch 2 – Post Wedding Shakedown

My mother, Lynn, was married. She’d tied the knot a second time, to a man who seemed better than my cheating father, despite him fucking my wife a couple times in the last couple days. To be totally fair, I’d had sex with a fair amount of other women lately and my wife was currently engaged in a conversation with two of the groomsmen, Sven, Björn’s brother, and Peter, a Norwegian Navy buddy, to fuck her in our hotel room later. I’d promised I’d be there to watch, and she said she might have other tasks for me, no doubt licking their cum from her twat. She was flirting outrageously, and had been ever since the dancing started.

So why was I sitting here nursing a flute of champagne instead of screaming my fool head off telling those two large male specimens to back off and leave my wife alone before I beat them within an inch of their lives. Not that it was likely I could. Despite knowing a martial art, they were both large men and I’m sure Norway taught their sailors self defense. I could maybe take one, but not both. Sven had six inches and seventy pounds on me and Peter was almost as large. Two would be damn tough. My fear of losing wasn’t the reason I was sitting there, quasi calmly. I’d have stepped in if Marnie was subject to unwanted attentions. The point is, they weren’t unwanted and I had her collar around my neck, promising just last night to serve her like the good boy I was. I also had a pair of her panties on. I was imagining one or both of their cocks pounding into her and sitting down so my damn erection wouldn’t be so obvious.

My day had started off on an odd note. My wife, Marnie, had popped my anal cherry in the Crew’s Mess on the American Entrepreneur by fucking my ass with a strapless vibrator she could plug into her pussy, while Joshua Greenbriar’s wife, Miranda, the Honorable US Representative from North Carolina, captured the cum I’d released when I orgasmed in her extremely kissable lips. Have I said yet how my life has taken some strange turns to left of center?

I’d found out a couple days ago I was a submissive and my wife was a switch, at the moment my Dominant because I was more submissive than she was, although she was submissive leaning herself. I just wasn’t the man to Dominate her. It had been hard getting the news she’d planned to cuckold me this trip. My mother, now Lynn Amundsen, had talked to me for over an hour along with her fiancé, Björn, and her two slaves, Manuel and Sherry, telling me what was going on. She asked me what I wanted to do. The choices were to divorce Marnie, or confront her and hope it could be nipped in the bud, or accepting it.

“Son, I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but that survey you took for Beth indicates you’re a submissive. It’s been accurate in predicting behavioral patterns of the people who take it. It accurately said Björn and I are Dominant, Manuel, Sherry and Yasmine are submissive, as well as the other people on this ship who are in Dominant and submissive relationships. Marnie wears the pants in your family, though you might wish they were on your legs instead.

“It doesn’t mean you’re weak, Richard. It doesn’t mean you’re effeminate or gay or anything like that. Manuel is submissive, though not as much as you and he was a Navy Corpsman, a combat medic, who served in Afghanistan and Syria. I met another man who was an Army Ranger, and heard of police officers who are. It’s just your nature.

“If you want to divorce her, I’ll support you, because I love you and would do anything I could for you, but it’s possible you’ll end up with someone else like her. I don’t think it has anything to do with how you were raised or your relationship with your father or me. It’s just the way you were born. It’s no reflection on you. You’re a good, kind man I’m proud to call my son. To be honest, I think you may be happier if you realize now what you are and accept your life. All the other submissives on this ship are very happy in their role.”

“You mean let Marnie make a cuckold out of me?”

“That’s likely what would happen, if not now, then soon. It may not even mean she doesn’t love you, but as a switch who tends toward submissive herself, she may not be getting what she needs from you. Not your fault, any more than your red hair and green eyes are your fault. Tell me the truth, how close are you to agreeing to enter the strip contest tonight and letting her serve as one of the prizes?”

I’d been fighting it, but Marnie was wearing me down. She hadn’t accepted it when I told her I didn’t want to do it. At some point, it was likely I’d finally say okay, just as I had to letting Beth kırşehir escort give us both oral sex after her survey. I hadn’t wanted to do it, thinking it was wrong for a married couple to have sex outside their marriage. Not that I’d regretted it afterward. It had been the best blow job I’d ever had. Truth was, Marnie had always had me wrapped around her little finger. I pretty much caved if she wanted something bad enough.

“Pretty close,” I admitted. Despite the rock in the pit of my stomach when I said it, I realized I was close to giving in again, that I’d been close to letting some other man fuck her and it would have been with my permission.

“I’d like to make a suggestion to you, and I hope you’ll give it some consideration.”

“What?” I was grasping at straws. I did love Marnie despite this horrible revelation. I found it hard to imagine a life without her.

“Become her submissive. Don’t keep acting as if yours is an equal relationship as Björn’s and mine will be or as Manuel and Sherry’s will be when they wed. Let her take control of you and your marriage and surrender to the role you’ll be happiest in. This means accepting you’ll eventually be a cuckold, as hard as that might be to hear.

“But, often times, a femdom relationship such as you will have, can go to some extremes. She could start making you into a woman, making you wear make-up, women’s clothes, undergoing hormone treatments to feminize you, all the while she’s fucking the men who give her what she feels she needs and isn’t getting from you. You’re not feminine at all and never have been, but you could end up that way. She could have children with the other men she has sex with and make you raise them. I’m not saying that would happen, but it could.

“Beth thinks you’re one of the most submissive men she’s tested. I don’t believe one of those femdom slaves is you, despite your nature and I think that would hurt you more than being merely submissive would. But as I said, she tends toward submissive herself. I’m a Dominant. I can turn her into my submissive. As my submissive, I could leash the worst impulses she might have as your Dominant. I could prevent any feminization or making you raise another man’s child. By taking my collar, I would limit what she does to you.”

“If she becomes your submissive, can’t you keep her from doing anything?”

“It doesn’t work that way. Her submission is voluntary. If it doesn’t meet her needs, she can give up her submission to me and we’re back to where you started. Her needs are for a Dominant male to take control of her. She will seek for this and eventually find it. If you don’t give her a large portion of what she needs, my Dominance will end and either you divorce her or find yourself surrendering to her anyway and ending up in some way I can’t control. I say, give her most of what she wants and let me control the worst of her impulses.”

“How would you go about this?”

“This is the hard part. I need to turn her into my submissive slut, and quickly. I need to establish my Dominance and her submission very fast and hard, as we don’t have a lot of time before you go home and my time is limited by my wedding. I will impose my will on her from the beginning. She’ll fuck anyone I want her to, male and female, starting with Björn, Manuel and Sherry, then as many strangers as I can scrounge up. Then she needs Dominant training so she knows how to treat you properly as her sub, because even though she’s the Dominant person in your relationship, she’s treating you like shit because she doesn’t know any better. She’s using sexual blackmail to control you, rarely letting you have sex with her, yet using you every day for oral sex. She has sex with you when she wants something from you or on occasion to prove she loves you, so you’ll give her something else she wants. When I’m finished with her, she’ll surrender her mouth, ass and cunt to you every day.

“That’s what you get out of this change in your relationship. Lots of sex, and when you submit to her, your needs for sex will increase. What she gets is the chance to Dominate you under the rules I set and to get what she needs from other men.

“At the moment, she thinks she’s in control. She needs to realize immediately she’s not in control; I am. As soon as I turn her into my slut slave, I can tell her what the rules are. I’ll give her permission to take you as her submissive under very strict rules. Alexandra will end up being my surrogate as I won’t be around to keep her under my thumb.”


“Turns out she’s a Dominant also. She’ll ensure my rules are followed. It will satisfy some of Marnie’s need to be submissive herself, so she may not need sex outside of your marriage as often as she might otherwise want, but she’ll still need some because Alexa isn’t a male and Marnie is primarily heterosexual. In fact, she’s never had sex with a female before if she didn’t lie to Beth.”

“You mean you’ll make Marnie have sex with escort kırşehir Alexa?”

“It’s part of how you establish Dominance. There’s one other thing you should realize before you decide what to do.”


“If you submit to Marnie and she submits to me, and by extension, Alexa, both of us will also be your Dominant. We won’t make you have sex with us because it’s illegal, but you’ll be made to have sex with others as part of our Dominance. Since Marnie will be fucking other men outside of your marriage, at least monthly, I want you fucking other women outside your marriage. Other than the blow job Beth gave you today, you’ll be undergoing submissive training to make you more pleasing to Marnie. As part of that you’ll be having sex with other women, Joshua’s slaves. Beth will give you cunt licking lessons. If you choose to do this, it’s the most I can promise to you, but I truly do believe you will be happier in the long run. I leave it up to you decide.”

It took about ten minutes for me to decide to surrender my life, but when I did, it felt as if a great weight was lifted off me.


Marnie had danced with me, the groom, Carl, the other groomsman and Björn’s nephew, who Alexa seemed interested in, and a couple others from this ship, some of whom she may have fucked already, even Alexa when Alexandra demanded a dance. Alexa made sure they kissed as they danced, taking her dues as surrogate Mistress, but she seemed most interested in Sven and Peter for the sexual tryst she was planning.

I’d danced with others as well, all of Joshua’s slaves, Sherry, the bride, and Lisbet, who seemed like she was Beth’s date for the event, despite being Joshua’s submissive.

As Marnie danced with Sven and Peter, I’d seen their big hands gripping her lush buttocks a few times, giving them a squeeze. She’d kissed their cheeks and whispered to them a few times. I’d seen them glance at me occasionally, probably wondering what was going on and why I wasn’t doing anything about it. I was relatively sure I knew. Marnie told me she was planning to fuck someone else and she wanted me to watch. She said she meant to establish my submission to her much as Mother Mistress had done to her, making her realize she wasn’t in control and her Mistress could make her do whatever she wanted. She’d been turned into a slut for several hours.

She’d made Marnie fuck or suck any man who came up with her whore price; twenty-five cents for a blow job or fifty cents for a fuck. She’d earned $6.25 in her stint as a whore, and that included a quarter tip. It didn’t include the others Mother Mistress made her fuck for free.

I mean, if they were willing, and not confused or put off by fucking another man’s wife, she was planning to have another cock or two throbbing their loads of cum into her pussy while I watched. Sven disappeared for a while while Peter continued to dance with Marnie. She was snuggled deep in his arms as they slow danced, her D cup breasts smashed against his chest. She finally kissed his lips, not content any longer to brush his cheek. I could see her part her lips, letting his tongue invade her mouth. My cock was throbbing.

Sven reappeared and gave Peter a nod and Peter smiled, kissing Marnie again. When the dance ended, he patted her ass and gave her breast a squeeze as he let her go. Marnie came back to our table with a grin on her face.

“It’s all set up, honey.”

“Which one, Mistress? Peter seemed interested.”

“Both of them. I have some wonderful plans. Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for this, Mistress, but I did agree to surrender my will to yours.”

Marnie straddled my legs, tugging her dress up so she could do so. I could feel her bare mound against my rock hard cock. Our mutual Mistress didn’t allow her any underwear down below. She was probably soaking the front of my rented tux with her juices. Only the fact the pants had a zipper kept my cock from being bare as well. Not that I wanted her to stop. She kissed me, the same as she’d kissed Peter, as passionately, as much tongue. I kissed her back.

“It seems you won’t totally mind,” Marnie whispered, “if that poker jabbing at my pussy is any indication.”

“It’s confusing, Mistress,” I admitted. “My head is filled with thoughts of you fucking someone else, and despite the despair and darkness I feel in my heart, my body seems to be betraying me. I feel like I could have a heart attack, my chest feels so constricted. It’s like I have a belt around my chest which won’t let me take a deep breath. Yet, as you can tell, I have an erection, so I’m not sure what I feel.”

“Hopefully, it’s only the newness of it, and your erection will win out before your heart gives out.” She kissed me again, hugging me. She laid her head on my chest. “Hopefully, it will get easier as time passes. I don’t want you to have a heart attack. I want you to enjoy our life together as much as I will.”

I kırşehir escort bayan had to wonder. Would I enjoy our life together? Could our marriage possibly last? I was giving it a chance, but I honestly couldn’t say how it would end up.

She saw the confusion on my face and kissed me again. “I haven’t surrendered my mouth, ass or cunt to you today,” Marnie said. “Our Mistress made it very clear I had to do so every day. I want you fuck me with the others. I want to be airtight tonight.”

“What’s airtight, Mistress?” naive me asked.

“A cock in every one of my slave holes at once,” Marnie said.

“So you don’t just want me to watch and clean up the mess afterward, Mistress?”

“That might happen sometime, but I want this new stage of our life to begin with a bang. I want to warn you now, that I want you to suck their cocks tonight, if they’ll let you.”

“You know I’m not gay, Mistress. Not even bisexual. I’ve never even had the slightest wish to be with another man.”

“I know you’re not, honey. Any more than I’ve had the desire to lick a cunt before I did. Having to do so did instill deep feelings of submission in me. I think it’s important to instill those same feelings in you.”

“You don’t think having to lick their cum out of your pussy is enough, Mistress?”

“I equate that with having to suck the cocks of the seven men that fucked my ass. It was powerfully submissive, but not quite to the extent of having to lick my first cunt. You’ve already licked cum out of my cunt and ass and doesn’t the idea of sucking a cock bother you more than that did?”

“No question, Mistress.”

“Then doing so will make you feel more submissive. It’s possible neither of them will want you sucking their cock. I don’t think either of them is bisexual, so I might have to do a little bargaining. We’ll see.” She kissed me again, rubbing her big tits against my chest. “I do expect you to obey me, and I will punish you if you refuse.”

“I can always use my safe word, Mistress.”

“I know, but I don’t want you to. I’m not expecting you to suck them to orgasm, just get them hard enough to fuck again. If you’re already licking my cum and theirs out of my cunt, it shouldn’t be much different cleaning the same cum off their cocks.”

Oh, goodie. Something else to worry about.


“I’m thinking about it, Mistress. More like trying not to think about it. If I think about it, I’m not sure I can do it. If I don’t think about it, maybe I can just let it happen when it happens.”

“Good luck with that. I think about cunts a lot now that I’ve licked them. Though I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it before I licked my first. I think Manuel had left a load of cum inside Sherry before I licked it. I thought Mistress was going to whip me when she told me to do it. I realize now it was probably the threat of being whipped and she had no intention of whipping me. She told me she’d whip my cunt so hard it would hurt to pee for a week. I believed her at the time. I won’t threaten to whip your cock, Richard. I just want you to do it for me, to show how submissive you’re willing to be for me.”

Pretty damn submissive, because I was thinking about it. Theoretically, the oral skills Beth had taught us could be applied to cocks too. After Marnie had learned the skills, she gave me the best blow job she’d ever given me, eagerly swallowing my cum. Marnie had never done so before, always spitting it out if any cum got in her mouth after a BJ, saying she detested the taste of cum. She normally pulled off me as I started to squirt, cleaning it up with a towel when I’d unloaded. Apparently, she detested it less now. She’d swallowed lots of cum in the course of her whoring herself out. I wondered how used to swallowing cum I’d get.

Marnie danced a few more times with her chosen men, letting them know she was still eager. They always looked at me after the dance. I know they were judging me. I might have done the same thing to someone else a week ago. Today I was the judged.

Mother Mistress had observed the interplay between the four of us. After all, they were both members of her wedding party.

“Are you okay, son?”

“I guess so.”

“Björn could stop it if you want.”

“I think I could stop it if I wanted. Mistress might be upset if I did, but she knows I’m having a rough go of it. She keeps checking in with me. If it’s going to happen, might as well happen now. I don’t think it will get easier except by getting used to it.”

“Manuel had a problem surrendering when he decided to submit. Sherry was more the catalyst for his submission than he was. He knew she wanted a Dominant and he wanted to keep her from a male Dominant, so they both submitted to me. The first week or two was pretty rough for him. Like you, he was raised to believe in certain things that were in opposition to his submission. He wanted a more equal relationship with Sherry, but she didn’t want an equal relationship. She wanted to surrender to someone, but he couldn’t be the Dominant she wanted. Beth finally convinced him to fully surrender to his role. To ignore his upbringing and the roles society expects us to assume. That if he fully surrendered to me, he’d be happier than he was and enjoy his life more.

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