Beg for it


Beg for itI’m drunk, not with alcohol, but with your scent. I can feel it fill my nostrils when I breathe in, the smell of your skin is intoxicating. As I pull your hair exposing your neck my inhibitions begin to melt as I smell the sides of your exposed throat. I run my teeth along your pale skin as a small moan escapes your mouth.I hold your long hair firmly in my clenched fist as I take my fill of you with not just my sense of smell, but also my sight. I feast my eyes on the sight of you, your exposed neck begging to be bitten, as your eyes roll into the back of your head. The feel of your hips gyrating on the bench next to me as I hold you still by your hair, incenses my desire. We eventually move on.I walk with you taking in every sensation you give off. The feel of your waist beneath my hand drives me almost as mad as the scent of your skin. We stop at the crosswalk with no one in sight as you move your hips back into mine and grind against me as I moan and sink further into an****ism. My capability for rational thought diminishes with each action you take. We stand at the crosswalk in bliss, until we realize the light is never going to change, and laughing we continue on.We walk for what seems like a happy eternity, your body pressed into mine. I grab your hair once more and feel you teeth bite into my chest as I pull you into me. We reach your car and I wrap my arms around you, my hands landing on your beautiful ass, and pull you up onto me. Your legs jump up and entangle my waist as I push you into the side of your car, I push my mouth into the small of your neck and bite down making the nerves in your neck tingle with exquisite pleasure. I feel your arms pull me into you as we grind against the side of your car.-I put you down and look into your eyes seeing my lust echoed there. I relinquish control to my inner b**st, and I pull your head back firmly by your hair and hear you moan before pressing my lips onto yours, as I devour your mouth. You kiss back feverishly until I pull away leaving us both breathing heavily, staring hungrily into the others eyes. I twist you around and push you against the side of your car holding you there by pressing my hips firmly against your ass. Pulling your hair with my right hand I lean in close to your left ear and whisper, “I’m going to make you beg for my cock,” As my left hand runs up along your side and squeezes you breast. you lift your arms and wrap them around my head and pull me into you from behind, as I feel your hips begin to gyrate, a moan escapes your lips. I know you must be able to feel my erection nestled firmly against your buttocks and we stay locked like this pushing back and forth against each other until you look back and grin, letting out a moan when you see my lust filled eyes. I grin and back up spinning your around so I can see your eyes. I push you hard against your car and then lean in to whisper in your ear. “Open betist giriş The Door”.You fumble for your keys and get the door open as I push you into your backseat. As I climb in on top of you I pull the door closed behind us and then run my hands up your sides underneath your shirt. Moaning you lift your arms and I take that as an invitation to remove your shirt, leaving your beautiful breasts bound only by your bra. Growling softly I reach behind you as you arch your back, you moan as the clasp releases and unleashes your chest from its constraints. I look hungrily upon your luscious breasts as you take them in your hands and smile. “You are absolutely spectacular,” I say with a deep almost a****l like growl as I look down at you lying there. I softly trace around the outside of your nipples with my fingers not touching the sensitive aureola, but watching as they become hard. I continue to play as you start to breathe heavier and arch you back filling my hands with your breasts.Once I have teased you to my satisfaction I finally touch your now hard nipples. I pinch them simultaneously between my index fingers and thumbs, before leaning over and taking one in my mouth and running my tongue gently around it. I move my mouth to the other nipple and resume touching the first one, which is now coated with a thin layer of my saliva. I carry on like this, back and forth from one nipple to the other until you push your fingers into my hair and push my head downwards with a delicious groan.I kiss my way down your stomach until I reach your waistline. I then unbuckle your pants as you push them down. As your legs become free I move up and nibble softly on your inner thighs, before biting down more firmly and pulling more moans from your willing throat. I look up at you and say nothing more then, “Beg”. as I breathe out softly on your exposed lips.You see my green eyes staring up into yours, as you try to grind your pussy into my face. Your mouth parts as you push your fingers into my hair and try to pull me in closer. I stay firm and merely lick up the outsides of your exposed lips. You moan as you feel my tongue tease your pussy. I stop, “Beg” I say firmly, from between your delicious milky thighs.”Please…”, you sat breathlessly.”Please what?” I say with a salacious grin.”… Eat me…”With a smile I wrap my arms around your hips and pull your pussy onto my mouth. You moan and your fingers entangle my hair pull my head into your crotch. My tongue quickly finds your clit, and my fingers gently spread you open as yet another moan graces my ears. As a pair of my fingers find your g-spot, my eyes watch your face for reactions to my ministrations, making sure to find the best combination of patterns to trace on your clit. I grin as I find your timing, pleasuring you inside and out.”Fuck!” you grin and moan, as I work you towards climax.”Oh… ggggod…. yes!…. ugh!… fuck betist yeni giriş yes!… There just like that! Ahhh!”Your car echoes with the sounds of you growing closer and closer to orgasm. The thought of someone hearing you or looking in the window turns you on that much more. As that scenario enters your head, it serves only to spur you onward towards climax.As the minutes pass you feel yourself reaching the crest. I feel you getting closer and redouble my efforts. You grasp my hair and hold my head betwixt your legs as they wrap around my shoulders holding me in place. Your back arches off the seat, your eyes roll back into your head and you mouth opens as you begin to climax. The sound of your sultry scream fills my ears as you come hard beneath my mouth. Your pussy clenches on my fingers as I continue to stimulate you throughout your orgasm.Once you relax and breathe deeply I slow down. With a grin I remove my fingers slowly from your sopping pussy, and sit up looking down on your smiling contented face as you recover. after a brief moment you sit up and push me back slightly unbuckling my belt. I moan slightly as you reach in and grasp my hard cock inside my pants. A smile spreads across your lips as you remove my thick cock and set eyes on it for the first time. I grasp you head and look you in the eyes, “Suck my cock like the dirty slut, I know you are” I say with a grin as I apply pressure to the back of your head. I watch as your mouth gets closer and closer to the head of my cock. Your eyes and mouth grin as you look up to watch my reaction as my cock slips slowly past your lips. You see my eyes roll back as a low growl escapes as you begin to bob slowly up and down along the shaft of my cock.The sight of you taking my cock deep into your mouth, while your fingers do their best to make me explode, makes me groan and pull your hair. You moan with your mouth still on my cock, my fingers holding your hair tight, the vibrations drive me wild. I hold your hair until you look up with your beautiful blue eyes. I look you directly in the eyes as I let you continue to move your mouth down my shaft. “Suck me the way you want me to fuck you,” I say and release your hair. I watch you start moving up and down slowly, watching my eyes to see my reactions. You slowly increase speed until your head is bouncing up and down on my lap.”Ohhhhhh… yeah… this is what you want.” I groan. “You want me to pound you.”You nod firmly up and down, with your mouth still wrapped around my cock and you moan sensually as you imagine it pushing into you. You see my eyes afire with lust as I push you off my cock and onto your back. I take you legs and put your feet over my shoulders, while moving my cock to the edge of you drenched pussy.I run the head of my rock hard shaft slowly up and down your pussy lips watching you face for a reaction. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I say.”Ohhhhh…. betist güvenilirmi god yesssss..””Then beg for every inch.””Oh please fill me up with your cock! Yessss… Ohhh more!”With every one of your supplications I push more of my cock into your tight pussy. I give you a little bit at a time feeling you stretch a little with each small thrust. You keep begging for every bit of it until I am buried balls deep in your wet cunt. I watch your eyes as it fills you up for the first time. You face flushes with waves of pleasure and turns to an open mouthed grin. I leave the full length buried inside of you and let you feel it filling your every crevice. You gyrate your hips getting a good feel of it inside of you. I slowly start pulling out, only to reach the edge of you pussy and wait. “Tell me what you want,” I say.”Oh… please!” You beg as you try to pull me back into you.”Tell me what you want and you may just get it.””Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fill me with your cock.”I smile and give you want you want, driving my cock fully into your cunt in one hard thrust. You cry out in pleasure as I begin to plunge in and out of you. I now moan along with you, each thrust brings us both closer and closer to mutual climax. I groan and roll you over onto your hands and knees, and plunge into you once more. I grasp you by the hips and fuck you like a dog, Fucking you with long hard thrusts. The sounds of sex fill the back seat of your car, as we slam into each other. We each cry out with every thrust, my growls and your screams of pleasure in combination are extremely erotic.”You like getting fucked like this,” I say as I give your ass a firm smack.”Ohhhh… yess… I love getting pounded from behind.” you look back at me and grin”You’re like a naughty bitch in heat.” I give your sensuous ass another firm smack.”Yeah… Fuck me!” you growl and you slam backwards onto my every thrust.I feel myself growing close, and from your reactions I can tell you are also getting closer and closer to your second climax. I pull out once more and pull you on top of me. “Ride me. Ride me and come like the dirty slut I know you are.” You gladly accept and impale your properly stretched out pussy onto my cock in one quick movement.”YESSS!” you moan and start bouncing up and down, making it so my cock rubs your g-spot on every bounce. “I’m getting close ahh… YES…. come with me! OHH!” you say as you throw you head back and cry out still atop my cock. You come loudly and start to shake as you rock you hips back and forth, grinding on my cock and riding out your orgasm as I come with you grunting and filling you deeply with my cock as it begins to twitch and spurt.When your orgasm begins to ebb you let my softening cock slip from between your legs as you collapse onto my chest. Breathing heavy I wrap my arms around you as we lay there savoring the moment.After a while an idea pops into your head, you look up at my eyes and grin, running your hand down between my legs and grasping my cock. You feel it twitch and see a flicker of lust pass through my eyes. You take that for assent and climb down taking my now hardening cock into your mouth, getting me ready for another ride.

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