Best Friend ? part 4


Best Friend ? part 4First sorry this has been so long in comeing,well after same had left and the great sex linda and me had that night and over the next days it looked as if everything was ok , sam had fucked linda and told her all about how i had sucked him etc and she had taken her part in that i now had no male underwear ! i was now in tights and pantys and a bra every day as a normal part of getting dressed and true to his word sam comes around for his blowjob, he is now comeing to the house to either pick linda up or she gets ready for him and he fucks her upstairs, on some of these occasions she has me fully dressed to greet him and lead him to her, sam also likes to see me underneath her as i clean her pussy of his cum, they will kiss and play with each other while talking about how well i was doing, it was during one of these sessions that my fears started to come türbanlı ığdır escort back to me, as i was under linda with my tongue in her pussy i could feel the weight of sam on her and the movement of her playing with his cock, sam said to linda i have a new plan for bill next week as i have told a couple of my friends about him and shown them the photos i took! i could feel linda gently press down on me and her pussy get wetter as sam went on to say that he was going to take me out to there house where i was to suck cock and that the wife wanted to watch and give me a caneing, also that his other friend who would be there was going to fuck me! at this point lindas pussy was running in juices and my face was soaked as she ground down on me and i heard her say tell me more, sam went on that i was to be dressed in a school girl türbanlı ığdır escort bayan outfit that he was getting and that he was arranging it for a day that she was home so that my make up etc would be right, and that if it went well he would lend me out to them for maid duties, linda got off me and pushed me to the floor she then laid on the bed and asked sam to fuck her as hard and rough as he could ! linda told me to fuck off downstairs and she would call me when she was ready, i went downstairs and i could hears the sounds of them fucking and her screaming in pain and pleasure, after about half an hour it went quiet and sam came down the stairs he looked at me with that evil smirk and said she wants you up there, the said see you next week slut! i went upstairs to find linda laid with her legs spread she looked türbanlı escort ığdır at me with a look of pure lust and said clean me! i went straight between her legs and sucked and licked her swollen pussy takeing all sams cum and her juices in my mouth and tasteing it before swallowing it all the time she is telling me how good his cock felt as he had fucked her, i then moved up her body seeing the bite marks on her belly and on her swollen tits! as i slid my cock into her and gently fucked her to her third orgasm we both cuddled into each other and then as we held each other in the after glow of our love makeing the reality of what sam has arranged came to us , i said i wasnt sure and that this was what i had been afraid of! linda looked at me and kissed me long and hard and told me you dont have a choice we are his playthings, she went on she was looking forward to sams next time fucking her as he would give her more details and that she looked forward to me comeing home to tell her all about it, over the next few days our normaly gentle lovemakeing got more aggressive as she thought about what sam had planned , he is comeing tomorrow to pick linda up to arrange next week, i will be back to write about what happens

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