Beth , Friends Ch. 3


About a week after the girls’ adventure at the “sex shop” with the owners Frank and Phil, Beth told me that when Tonya, Mary, and she went for their walk that morning, they met two other women that were also walking around the neighborhood for some exercise. They started talking and ended up walking with them for about a half-hour until the three of them got by Tonya’s house, said their “good-byes” and promised to meet the two of them again the day after next to go walking with them.

She said that the two of them were pretty hot looking. One of them was a redhead named Sue, and the other a brunette named Karen. Sue and Karen told them that their husbands also worked on the base. They had transferred here about a month ago and, two weeks after they got there, the husbands went off to another base about two hundred miles away for a month’s training. They went on to say that, during this month, their husbands’ didn’t get any time off, and that they weren’t allowed to visit them. They both had only been married for about a year and they said that they really missed them.

Mary made a crack about how they must be real horny after being “without any” for two weeks already, and they both said that they were real horny as they were used to doing it most every night since they were married. The five of them continued with some light-hearted kidding for the remainder of their walk and again Beth, Tonya and Mary said good-bye, promising to meet them again in two days, and went into Tonya’s house to have some fun with their “new” toys.

Beth said that when the three of them were lying in Tonya’s and Sam’s bed following their “cock-less” fuckfest, they started talking about how they would like to get Sue and Karen to join their little “girl-only” daytime group. They agreed that the both of them were more than a little horny and that they would just come out and ask them if they were interested in fooling around with them when they went for their walk on Friday. When I came home from work on Friday, anxious to hear what happened that morning, I was greeted by a totally nude and excited wife who couldn’t wait to tell me about the great time the “all five” girls had. I stripped as I followed Beth into the bedroom and, with minimal foreplay, proceeded to fuck her ass silly, emptying my load deep trabzon escort into her bowels as I brought her off playing with her clit at the same time. We both lit a cigarette and she started telling me the events of her day.

When the five of them met up and started walking as usual, the conversation turned to sex, and Sue and Karen again told the others how horny they were.

Sue then asked Beth and her friends, “When you’re finished with your walk everyday, do you go to Tonya’s to have a drink and cool off?”

Sue went on to say that she and Karen were curious about why they never invited the two of them to join them when they went to Tonya’s. Beth, Tonya and Mary looked at each other and smiled knowing that this was the perfect opportunity to ask if Sue and Karen were interested in joining them. My aggressive Beth told them that they usually did have a cool drink to cool off, as well as then showering together and enjoying each other sexually. Well, Karen and Sue didn’t run away screaming at that point so she continued to tell them that they had been getting together for about a month enjoying each other while their husbands weren’t around. She told them about their trips to the “sex shop”, and also about our continuing group sex activities on the weekends.

When she finished, she was surprised when Karen said that they had thought about that possibility when they talked about not getting invited in after their walks. Karen went on to say that she and Sue had even talked about what they would do if the three girls asked them to join there, if there was one, “sex group”. Beth said, “Well what was your decision, cause we’re asking you?”

Karen and Sue looked at each other, nodded, and Sue said, “Yes, we’ve decided that we want to join you, but we’re a little afraid because we’ve never made it with a woman before.” She added, “We’re both horny as hell and the three of you are so open and hot-looking that we’re sure we’ll enjoy it.”

Beth told Sue and Karen that they also discussed asking them that day, but didn’t have to as Sue gave Beth the perfect lead-in to broach the subject. As they continued walking and talking, Beth took the lead again and asked Sue and Karen if they were up to it today when they finished walking. She said that the two of trabzon escort bayan them shrugged their shoulders and said that it sounded good to them. Tonya suggested that Mary and Beth go retrieve their “toys” and meet them all at her house.

When Mary and Beth got to Tonya’s house the three of them were sitting around the kitchen table having a glass of iced tea and talking. Mary and Beth helped themselves and sat with them, joining in the conversation, in an attempt to put Sue and Karen more at ease with the pending activities. After about fifteen minutes it appeared that they were more comfortable, so Tonya, anxious to get things started, suggested that they all go in and take a nice cool shower. They all got up and walked into Tonya’s and Sam’s bedroom and began taking off the little clothing they had on. Since their shower was somewhat small, Tonya suggested that they shower in shifts. Beth asked Sue and Mary to go first with her with Tonya and Karen following behind.

At this point of Beth’s description that night she started to describe what Sue and Karen looked like naked. First of all, Beth described the lovely Karen who had long jet black straight hair, a set of nice but smallish tits which she said were barely B-cup size, a great ass and long legs and had a neatly trimmed black bush. She went on to describe Sue as about 5’4″ and 120 lbs., with straight shoulder length light red hair, a great set of almost C-cup tits that had a slight sag to them with nipples that stood out about a half-inch from her tits, and a well shaped ass and legs. The most distinctive thing about her was her neatly trimmed light red-haired bush. Beth had never seen that color pubic hair on either a man or a woman and she said that she was very anxious to go down on her. As a matter of fact, neither had I in my experiences so far in life.

Beth said when the three of them went into the shower they put Sue in between and took turns washing her front and back as Sue tentatively began to touch and wash both of them at the same time. Karen and Tonya came into the bathroom and urged the three of them to hurry up, so they rinsed off and let the other two get in the shower as they quickly dried off and went into the bedroom. Beth positioned Sue toward the bottom of the bed with her escort trabzon legs off the end, kneeled down between her legs and started to lick her already slick slit and clit. Beth said that she tasted heavenly. At the same time Mary kneeled over Sue’s head and leaned down to suck on her tits and dropped one of hers into Sue’s mouth and Sue eagerly drew her nipple in and started to suck on it reaching up with her hand to play with Mary’s other one.

After a few minutes of this, Beth reached down and picked up the dildo with the bulb attachment she got from the sex shop and, continuing to suck on Sue’s clit, slowly began to insert it into her now sloppy wet cunt. As she inserted it deeper and deeper she said that Sue began moaning and started to buck her hips up and down trying to hurry Beth along — to push it all the way in.

In the meantime, Tonya and Karen had finished their shower and Karen was in the same position next to them as Sue was, with Tonya eagerly munching on her neatly trimmed black bush. Tonya was sticking her replica of Sam’s cock into Karen’s cunt and Beth heard Karen moaning with pleasure. Mary started alternating between sucking on Sue’s tits and then Karen’s as the three recently experienced bisexuals brought the newcomers closer and closer to an orgasm. Beth said that Sue was really bucking all over the bed as she continued to ram her new toy into her cunt and it was hard to keep her mouth on her clit. All of a sudden Sue stiffened up, cried out that she was cumming, and started to shake, which lasted a couple of minutes, before settling back pushing Beth’s head away saying that she was too sensitive down there right now. As Beth backed off Sue’s cunt she was able to see Karen cum violently as Tonya mercilessly rammed the fake Sam’s cock into her.

Tonya, Mary and Beth were very worked up and wanted to get off so, shortly thereafter, they decided that the bed was too small for all of them to fit comfortably. Tonya got out a couple of sheets and spread them out on the bedroom floor. They all got down on the floor and got into a circle so that each of them could eat a cunt while getting eaten themselves. They spent another couple of hours using their toys, hands, and mouths on each other. When they finished they promised to all get together on a regular basis as the original three did. Since Beth was a little sore from the activities that day we ended the night with her sucking my hard pole as I tongued her to another couple of orgasms. I went to sleep thinking about what a lucky man I was to have such a beautiful and sexy wife.

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