Beverly Needs A Plumber


Laura had just finished her house work and was preparing to relax with a glass of wine when the door bell rang. She opened the door to find Beverly, her husband’s sister. She asked Bev in and asked if she’d like to join her with a glass of wine.

“That’s just what I need,” Bev replied.

“What’s wrong? You seem down,” Laura asked.

“It’s Jack, he isn’t taking care of business at home and I’m so horny I could scream.”

Laura was shocked because she thought Bev and Jack got along so well. “you mean not taking care of business in the bedroom?”

“You got it. I’ve tried everything. He just isn’t interested. Last night I tried sucking his dick and he went to sleep before I finished.”

“Wow, I didn’t think any man would doze off in the middle of a blow job.”

Beverly gave her sister in law a forlorn look. “Well, he did. Actually I’m thinking about having an affair. I’ve got to get some relief.”

While they were chatting about the risks of sneaking around, Laura heard the door open. It was Bobbie, her 18 year old son. He came in and sat on the couch between his mom and aunt. “What are you two up to?” he asked.

“Your aunt Bev has been telling me about her home problems.”

“What kind of problems? Plumbing? Electrical?”

Bev izmit rus escort giggled, “You might say plumbing, I think I need the Roto-Rooter man.”

Bobbie looked puzzled and his mom said, “She isn’t getting any at home lately.”

Bev blushed and Bobbie just said “Oh.”

“I have an idea, Bobbie, why don’t you take care of Bev’s problem.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“You know very well what I mean.”

“Geez mom, she’s my aunt.”

“Bobbie, I’ve known about you fucking your sister for months so I’m sure fucking your dad’s sister won’t be a problem for you.”

Laura looked at Bev and said, “this could solve your problem. No sneaking around and risking disease. Besides that, Bobbie has a nice one and he knows how to use it.”

Laura grabbed the front of Bobbie’s gym shorts and pulled them down enough to allow his hard cock to spring out. She wrapped her hand around it and jacked it a few times.

“My God,” said Bev. “He’s bigger than Jack.”

“Do you really fuck your sister,” she asked Bobbie.

Bobbie squirmed a little and replied, “yes.”

Bev took his cock in her hand and asked, “Does she like it?”

Laura laughed and said, “She must, you can hear her all over the house when he’s slamming izmit escort it to her. That’s how I discovered them.”

The lust was visible in Bev’s eyes. “Bobbie, will you take me upstairs and show me how you do it to your sister?”

“No, no,” Laura said, “Fuck her here, I want to watch.”

Bev leaned into her nephew’s lap and slid her lips over his cock. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and then sat up and looked into Bobbie’s eyes. “Do you mind your mom watching?”

“I guess she’s seen me fucking Katy so I’d don’t mind if it doesn’t bother you.”

Bev leaned back on the sofa and pulled her skirt up. Bobbie pulled her panties off and pushed his shorts off. Bev grabbed his dick and said, “I’m on the pill and wet and ready so just fuck me, honey.”

Laura was thrilled as Bobbie shoved his big cock into aunt. She had only caught glimpses of Bobbie fucking Katy and now she was going to get to see it all. She thought of how marvelous it must feel to have his fat cock pumping a wet pussy.

“Oh God Bobbie, no wonder your sister screams when you fuck her. I love your cock. Fuck me hard, just like you fuck Katy” shouted Bev.

Laura was mesmerized as she watched her son hammering his aunts hungry pussy. She unconsciously rubbed her pussy through kocaeli escort her clothes as she listened to Bev beg Bobbie to fill her with cum.

Suddenly Laura noticed movement in the hallway. Her husband, Brian, was home from work peeking into the room with a stunned look on his face. She walked into the hallway and whispered, “It’s a long story but Bev needed a cock and I told Bobbie to fuck her.”

“You what?”

“I never knew how to tell you but he’s been fucking his own sister so I thought he may as well fuck your sister.”

“You what?”

“Don’t kid me, I’ll bet you’d like to fuck her too if you had the chance.”


Laura reached down and put her hand on her husband’s cock which was as hard as she’d ever felt. She unfastened his belt and pulled his zipper down. Brian’s pants dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them as she led him into the living room. As they neared the couch Bev opened her eyes and saw her brother’s cock just above her face.

Laura pushed her husband toward Bev’s face and said, “Suck your brother’s dick, Bev. Suck it like you’ve always wanted too.”

Bev opened her mouth and Brian leaned over the couch and started to fuck her face just like Bobbie was fucking her pussy. Bev wrapped one arm around her brother to pull him closer.

Laura envied her sister in law as Bev did her best to handle two cocks at once. “Things are going to be a lot different around here,” she thought to herself as she began to strip off her clothes.”

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