Who is she? – Part One


Living in upstate New York, working in the city, subways are a transportation necessity. As usual, it was packed like a sardine can. I had already given my seat to an older lady, so on my feet I stood. 9 th Street, the next stop, was always crowded. Those of us standing did the back step shuffle. She climbed in and I checked her out. Mature, not small but not fat, perfectly thick in all the right places. She wore a sleeveless summer dress, black with a floral print, heels and dark hose. With a head of auburn hair and just enough make up, she was not beautiful, yet pretty. I guessed her to be in her fifties. She walked my way, gave me a smile and stood in front of me. I couldn’t place it, but there was something familiar about her face. Returning her smile, she spun to stand in front of me. Looking down, I saw she had a nice round ass. The subway gave its usual jerk of movement and she bumped back into me. I thought nothing of it until she didn’t make a move forward and away from me. Every break in the track caused her ass to bounce. My cock started to rise under this clothed massage. Through a wide sweeping Ankara bayan escort turn, she swayed with the cabin. Her ass cheeks parted and my hard cock slid between them. I gave a small push and she pushed back. I got bolder and gave her a thrust. She took a step back to molded herself against me. Without a doubt, the game was on. I was due to get off at the next stop, but that was not going to happen. I was determined to ride as long as she did. Pressed as deep as our clothing would allow, I noticed my thrusting had caused her dress to rise. With it being hiked up about 6 inches, I could see stocking tops. Using her free hand, she held one side of her dress to stop the upward crawl. I sped up my thrusting. Soon the hand moved behind her to wrap around me. She gave a touch which led to a solid grab. Then her fingers moved as if to measure from tip to balls. I stood perfectly still as she continually inspected me. Not one word passed between us, as she continued to quietly give me a hand job. Just when it was feeling too good, she stopped. Her hand went away, then it Escort bayan Ankara reappeared with a card. The front side of the card was scribbled over, but the back side had a message. “I have time. Do you? Follow me.”Ten minutes later, I was five feet behind her, watching the roll of her ass as she walked ahead of me. I still had a thought of familiarity about her, but my hard cock didn’t really give a damn. Soon we were standing at her door and without turning around she spoke, “No names are needed. I want you to fuck me like a common street whore! Give me just a couple of minutes, then come in.” From outside I could hear movement and when it ceased I went in. Immediately I saw her, ass up, on her knees, still fully clothed on a king sized bed. I walked up behind her and rolled her dress to uncover her ass. Her stockings were clipped to a pencil thin garter belt and she was panty less. Porcelain white ass cheeks separated by deep crevice, hung over a thicket of hair. Protruding from the hair were unusually long, coral flaps. Attached to each flap was a gold chain Bayan escort Ankara which disappeared inside her. I dropped to my knees to get a closer view. The chains glistened, covered in her lubrication, forming solid drops. I gave a soft tug to one chain and watched as a bulge appeared, until a golf ball sized globe slid out of her. Pulling the other chain, another slightly larger globe slid out. Under the weight of the two globes, at least another inch of inner labia hung down. I thought to myself, this lady has some kink and today is her lucky day! If she wants to be fucked like a whore, she has the right one! I smacked her ass hard and shouted. “You fucking cow cunt whore! That’s why you chose me! You need big, black cock to feel anything in that fucked out piece of meat!” She moaned. I smacked her ass several times more and said, “You bring your prim and proper white ass out here to get fucked down by a black cock that can split you in half!” Her moans were constant, almost begging by now. I smacked her ass until both cheeks were glowing red, unzipped and laid my cock between her cheeks. I picked it up and let it slap back against her, several times. The wetness from her cunt began to spit against my balls. I dragged my cock down and slammed into her nearly knocking her flat. She grunted loudly as I hit bottom. She wasn’t as deep as I anticipated and her hanging flaps felt wonderful as they moved inward with me.

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