Bhua cum from UK


Bhua cum from UKBhu aunt cum from UK.You must have read our life so far hope you like it.Pari here We I an Ajay enjoy our sex life.I got phone call from UK. When I answered the phone There was ladies voice on the other end. She introduce herself. I am from Uk she said My name is Diljeet.I told her that I am Pari Ajay,s wife. Daljeet said she is sister of Ajay,s father,Ajay,s bhua Aunt in Uk.She spoke very nicely. I told her that Ajay,s dad and mom has been dead for some time. Diljeet said she came to know about it I am sorry that it has happened.It is the will of God.Bhua said she is coming to india. Can you pick me up at the airport.I said sure we will be glad to pick you up, give me the date and flight number.We said byeWhen ajay came home I told him that his bhua aunt from UK is coming to see us?Ajay said is she going to see us naked or, I said dont think like that she is sister of your dad.If she is lady then she must have cunt between her legs. I said i am sure she has but we must not thing sexually about every one. OK OK I said we will see when she come here.Ajay said he dont have any memory about her. I think I was about a year or so old when she went to UK after getting married. She and my mom/dad use to talk about her. Then there was no communication with her. Any way we will make her welcum here in her brother,s home.Ajay said if she is going to stay here then we has to stop having sex with Nalni and her son Raja.I said yes we have to that can be tough. We just have to sneak to do that. How long did she say that she will be here? I said she said she will be in India for at least 2 months. She want to travel and see India.We told maid and Raja that our aunt is coming from UK. We might have to stop sex fort a while. Nalni and Raja were not happy about it but accepted it by saying we might have to do it in privately. On the flight date we went to airport to Pick aunt up. The plane was 30 min early. She got through custom and was waiting for us. Since we did not knew her we had her name on paper. She saw her name and raised her hand.I introduce myself and pointed to Ajay. She hugged me and Ajay. We sat in car she asked me to sit with her in back seat. She held my hand in her hand and praised me of my beauty. I was blushing with her compliments. She was telling Ajay that he is very lucky to have wife like me. She said she is head turner. Number 10 as they say. She was massaging my hand some time put our hand on her thigh. Some time on my thigh. It felt like she is trying to seduce me. I was getting turned on. I am sure she saw lust in my eyes. But she or me did not say any thing. Some time she let one hand go and put that hand on my back and rub it up and down. She got me wet but I held back. I should describe her body. She is 5.8” Boobs looks like 36d. Her eyes are very sexy and her türbanlı mersin escort lipsare ready to suck. She is great looking lady at her age. We went home took her luggage upstairs to her room. I said to her take shower then we will eat lunch.Bhua came down she had punjabi dress. She looked very nice in tight kameez. Her breastes were showing great. We all looked at her with amazement. Even Raja looked at her with lust also his mom too. I can see Ajay was looking his aunt with lust in his eyes. I introduce Nalni and Raja to Bhua and said they are like a family. Bhua acknowledge them.We sat on table Nalni and raja brought the food to the table. Bhua said it is very nice food. Nalni is from South yet she can cook just like punjabi.Raja was standing in the kitchen by the counter waiting to call. I see his cock through his pant was getting hard. As I looked so did the Bhua. Bhua licked her lips pretending to lick dal from her lips. I saw that clearly what she looked.Every now and then she would look at Raja.After we had eaten we went upstair. There Bhua started to talk about her b*o (AJ,s dad and mom)I stayed for few minutes then I left them alone so they can talk about their family. I went down stair.There Nalni and her son we very happy. They commented about Bhua. I went sloce to Raja and put my hand on his cock through pant and said that is why your cock was getting hard. Nalni said I was wet too looking at bhua,s body. Nalni said to me please Pari get her ready for us mom/son want to play with her. Nalni said I am sure you want her too. How about AJ? I said I am sure he love to fuck his aunt. Wehave to wait and see what can be done. I am sure she saw Raja,a cock and she is interested in it. Raja said he like foreign ladies they are good fuck. I said how do you know they are good fuck? He did not say any thing. I asked again then Nalni said he has fucked few foreign ladies. I said where did he fuck them. Nalani said she till tell me later on. I told Nalni to keep eye on AJ and bhua I am taking Raja in your room. Raja said no I want to fuck you on counter. They can not see us fucking on counter. Raja pulled his dick out of pant and it was almost ready for fucking. I just went on my knees and sucked his cock to get it hard. Very soon he got hard. In mean time nalni was rubbing my cunt lowerd my pant. I got on counter and Raja got close to my fuddy (cunt) and pushed his cock all the way in. Nanli was sucking my boobs as Raja was pumping my cunt with his thick long cock. Now his coc is 8 and half. Nalni was working on his cock to make it bigger. He fucked me for 10 minutes.I cum twice. Raja is well trained by his mom he cum as I was cuming. We both cum. Nalni took rag diped in water and cleaned me and Raja. As soon as we were all cleaned türbanlı mersin escort bayan AJ and bhua was coming down.Nalni asked them if they want tea? Bhua said yes we would love to have tea. We had tea 3 of us.Bhua said she want to lay down for couple of hours if we dont mind. I said that be good idea go and rest. AJ and I will be going out to orchard will be back soon.When we went out I looked in AJ,s eyes with question. He asked what? I think your are right about your bhua he is lady and have cunt between her legs very wet I think. AJ asked how do i know that? She licked her lips as she saw Raja,s cock through pants. I bet she like that big cock. AJ said you are right she is one sexy lady. She had very rough time in UK. Her husband became alcoholic and abusive. She and hert daughter who is 18 has to live by them self. Bhua showed me her dau,s pic she look like white girl. Slim and sexy with nice boobs.I said so she is sexually starved? AJ said that I dont know but would not mind to fuck her if she let me. I said Raja also want to fuck her. That baster ed he want to fuck my bhua? Well I said he fucked your wife what is wrong if Bhua want to be fucked? I said the question is how can we get her? Have to think some plan.Bhua told us that she like to go and see gurdwaras. I and AJ said that is good idea. We can go and visit them.After couple of days we left for pilgrim journey.We stopped in Delhi. There are few gurdwaras. We asked Bhua if she want room by her self or can we rent one room with 2 beds. She said one room will be good. I and AJ had one bed gave bhua other bed.On second day we went out to see sight seeing. I asked Bhua if she like to go to dance club? She said yes it will be nice to go to club and meet other people. We found out from the hotel manager which club be good. He asked if we want to go to couple,s club or mix. He told us about couple club gave us the name. We went there by taxi. It was about 8pm. There were not many people in the club. So we order drink for us. Club was nice setting and good music was playing. There were 3 couple on floor dancing. We three went on floor and started to dance. Soon few other people came on floor. Bhua had good moves she is good dancer. After couple of dance we sat and order more drink. One other couple came to our table and said hi. We asked them to sit and chat. After few minute the man man ask bhua if he can dance with her. She looked at us we said go and have fun.His wife sat on our table and chit chat. She asked us if we are new in Delhi. I said yes we are. Told them she is our bhua from UK. We are showing around delhi and other cities. I looked at Bhua she was dancing with man his name is Kuljit. Bhua was making good move to excite her partner.Few more people went on floor. türbanlı escort mersin They lady on our table said why dont we join your Bhua and dance.Music change to slow dance. The lady came close to AJ and Bhua and her husband paired up. I went to use washroom. Bhua was grinding her self on the guy. Most of the other people were doing that too.I came back and sat on our table and watched. The music lasted for 10 minutes. Then there was a break.Bhua and others came to table and sat down. I saw Bhua,s eyes they were full of lust. AJ had his pant like a tent. Also the other guy was same. I said I see every one had nice time on floor. Bhua said yes the music was nice. Was only the music was nice? The lady said no every thing was nice. She said your husband is good dancer. Kuljit said your bhue is nice dancer too. After a while few other people were on floor and dancing with who ever. So we all went on floor. The drink was have some affect on us. Any one can dance with any one. There were men dancing with men and girls with girls also. Music was non stop sexy dance. Bhua and Kuljit and others were holding each other and gring their pelvis with each other or other guys and girls join with them too. 4-5 people dancing in group and having fun.2 couple started to do strip dance in the middle of floor. Every one was watching in circle. Very soon they were naked and still dancing. Guys had their cock hard and ladies had their nipples hard. Every one was clapping and shouting go go go. They paired up and guys cock was touching girls,s pussy.We started to shout go in go in. Guys lifted girls up and put their cock in pussy and started to fuck the girls. They move to people watching as they were fucking girls. Every one touched them to give them support for what they are doing.Bhua was next to me and she hugged me. AJ was on the other side of me. I touched AJ to watch Bhua.The dancing girls were on their 4,s on floor the guys got behind them. They put their cocks in them and started to fuck them. At that time DJ said every one go for it free for all.One guy came over and took Bhua away. Another girl took AJ away. I was not going to be left alone so I picked one guy.Every one got naked some on floor some standing up. It was big orgy. We experience of orgy in Germany when we were there. Never knew that it happen in India too in clubs. After 5 min DJ said change over. Every one change the partner. DJ said girls go on top. Guys were on floor and girls got on top of them got their cock in them. It just happne that Bhua was next to me. She was riding cock and was smiling. I asked if she is enjoying it? She said she love it. She moved faster on guys cock. Many guys cum and still few fucking. Bhua and I went to wash up. Soon AJ was there too for wash up.Bhua got on knees and started to suck AJ,s cock in front of other people. AJ told every one that she is my father,s sister. Every one cheers. Go bhua go bhua suck your bhatija (Nephew)The couple who were sharing our table asked if we want to go to their home? We looked at Bhua.Bhua said I am game for any thing. They said they have son at home. Since you have bhua we thought we can share our son with you.More later

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