Big Sister Helps Brother with Sex


Violet invited her brother to stay with her after his girlfriend asked him to leave.

The Introduction:

Did you ever have a sexy dream that felt so real that you wondered if your dream really happened? Then, wishing and wanting to have that dream again, no matter how many times you tried to have that same sexually, hot dream again, you couldn’t. It was gone, seemingly gone forever.

You don’t remember all of the dream but you remember enough of the dream to know that the dream was hot, really hot. You remember enough of the dream to want to experience the dream again. Then, one day, as if Satan smiled up at you and took pity on you, out of the black haze of deep sleep and without even trying, you have that same, sexy dream again.

What’s the dream? The dream is different for everyone. Since everyone has a different, sexual fantasy and with no two, sexual fantasies exactly alike, your dream is whatever you want it to be.

In Michael’s case, Violet’s younger brother, he dreamt of kissing his sister. He dreamt of making out with her while touching and feeling her everywhere that a brother should never touch and feel his sister. He dreamt that she returned his passionate kisses with her deep, wet kisses. He dreamt of French kissing her and Violet French kissing him.

Now that I inspired your dream tonight and motivated you to dream about having sex with your sexy sister, tell me and be honest, I want to know. If your sister was as pretty and as sexy as Violet, and if your sister wanted to have sex with you too, would you have sex with her? Even if only in a dream, how would it feel to make out with your sexy sister while touching her, feeling her, and groping her?

As Violet is the beautiful and sexy mixed-race woman in my story, how would it feel to imagine making out with a beautiful and sexy, mixed-race woman? Now, if you will, imagine if Violet was your sister. How would it feel to touch her and feel her everywhere that a brother should never touch and feel his sister while French kissing her? Now, imagine masturbating yourself and stroking your cock harder and faster while imagining Violet naked and having sex with her naked body. How would it feel to masturbate over your sister while imagining her having sex with you?

Think about it and imagine it as if it really happened. You’re not only dreaming that you’re seeing your sister’s naked tits but also, you’re sucking her naked tits while fingering her big, black, erect nipples. Turning them, twisting them, and pulling them, you’re consensually having your wicked, sexual way with your sister’s naked tits and nipples.

You’re not only dreaming that you’re seeing your sister’s naked, black, round ass but also, you’re touching, feeling, fondling, groping, squeezing, and slapping your sister’s black, naked ass before tapping her black, naked ass. You love your sister’s ass, don’t you? She does have a nice ass. How does it feel to touch, squeeze, and grope your sister’s round, firm ass?

Moreover, you’re not only dreaming that you’re seeing your sister’s black, naked ass but also, you’re dreaming that you’re seeing your sister’s black, trimmed, naked pussy. If it wasn’t enough that you had your wicked, sexual way with her naked tits and her naked ass, now you’re dreaming about having your wicked, sexual way with your sister’s naked pussy. You’re rubbing her clit, fingerfucking her cunt, and licking her pussy before fucking her pussy. As much as you love your sister’s tits and ass, you love her pussy too.

If having that dream again, isn’t enough, imagine if one day that dream came true? Tell me. What would you do if one day, you discovered that your sexy, big sister sexually wanted you as much as you sexually wanted her? Instead of having to sexually seduce her and/or to force her to have sex with your skinny, black ass, she sexually seduced you. Instead of stripping her naked and raping her, she consensually wanted to have forbidden sex with you, her baby brother.

“Wow! How hot is that? As shocking as this story is true, this is, indeed, your lucky day. Your sister willingly, voluntarily, and consensually wanted to have sex with you. She wanted to do everything to your naked body that you wanted to do to her naked body. Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

# # #

Sexually teasing you and incestuously enticing you, she constantly flashes you up-skirt peeks of her bright, white panties and up-nightgown peeks of her naked, black, trimmed pussy. While sitting across from you with her knees parted while pretending she’s reading, she flashes you her dark shadow of black, trimmed pubic hair, her pussy mound, her camel toe, and her pussy slit. If that’s not enough, she constantly shows you down-blouse views of her long line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra. She continually shows you down-nightgown peeks of her naked, black breasts, her areolas, and her black, erect nipples and up-nightgown views of her naked cunt.

Yet, instead of making your move, as if mesmerized and/or hypnotized by all that you’re bursa escort bayanlar seeing of your sister, you’re afraid. You fear what may happen when you cross that imaginary line of incest. After having sex with your sexy, big sister, do you automatically become a lifelong member of the Jerry Springer, fan club?

Do you subscribe to what President Trump does with every woman he meets? Instead of shaking their hands and/or kissing them on the cheek, admittedly with his taped confession, he grabs a whole handful of their pussies through their panties. Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh obviously admires his supreme leader. Something for every young man to follow and live up to, Melania must be so proud of her husband’s perverted, sexual behavior.

Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg were shocked when our beloved president reached beneath their long dresses and grabbed their panty clad pussies. As if you’re a virgin instead of a sexually experienced, horny black man, when seeing something of your sister’s sexy and shapely body that you shouldn’t see, you’re frozen. You know what you want to do but fearing the ramifications of your illicitly forbidden actions, you don’t know what you should do.

Should you cover her with a blanket or should you fuck her? Instead of making your incestuous, sexual move on your sexy sister, you look, you stare, you leer, and you ogle your nearly, naked sister. You want to have forbidden sex with her but you can’t, you just can’t. As if the imaginary incestuous line had electrified, barbed wire all around it, with walls as high as the Mexican/United States border, you don’t dare go where no brother should ever go with his big sister.

“How dare you think about having sex with your sister? How could you even think such an illicit, sexual thing? What’s wrong with you to sexually lust over your sister? What’s wrong with you to want your sister to stroke you, suck you, and fuck you after you finger her, lick her, and fuck her?”

Then, your lucky day again, instead of feeling guilty for having sexually forbidden thoughts, you feel energized. When everything seems so bleak and so black, your girlfriend, Flora, who has huge, double D, black breasts, kicks you out of her house in the middle of the night. With nowhere to go, you ask your sister if you can stay with her. Surprisingly, not only does Violet allow you to stay with her but also, shockingly, she allows you to sleep next to her in her small, full-sized bed.

“Please Violet. Please,” pleaded Michael as if he was reciting Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. “I have nowhere else to go and miles to go before I sleep.”

Then, that night, while pretending that she was soundly sleeping, after she made the first incestuous move by allowing her brother to sleep with her in her bed, Violet waited for her brother to make the next incestuous move. If it wasn’t enough that she flashed him her naked tits, ass, and pussy all night, she invited him to sleep with her in her bed. While she lay sleeping, she hoped that he’d feel her big tit and finger her erect nipple while spooning her naked ass and impaling her naked pussy with his erect cock. She hoped he’d give her forbidden sex.

# # #

Now, with the ball in your court and with you in her bed, tell me, I really want to know. If your sexy, beautiful sister invited you to sleep in the same, small bed with her, what would you do? Without having any guilt, remorse, or shame, would you dare touch her and feel her while she’s sleeping?

Think about it, just think about it while imagining it. Imagine touching and feeling your sister while she’s sleeping. Could you cross the incestuous line and have incestuous sex with your mixed-race, black, blue-eyed, sexy, and shapely sister while she’s sleeping? Could you do it? Would you do it?

Tell me and be honest. There’s no one here but me and you. If she was waiting for you and expecting you to fuck her, could you fuck your sister? Would you fuck her? While you played with her big tits and fingered her erect nipples, would you allow her to stroke your cock while sucking your cock? Could you put a gentle hand behind your sister’s black, pretty head and hump her beautiful mouth and fuck her pretty face? Could you cum in your sister’s mouth and watch her swallow your cum? Could you give her a cum bath?

This is your big sister and not some whore that you picked up in a bar for the night. This is your big sister and not some hooker that you paid to have sex with for a sweaty hour. This is the woman who helped raise you when your Mom disappeared with a white man from Calabasas California. Calabasas? Wait, isn’t that where Ray Donovan lives? Tell me. I really want to know. If she wanted you much as you wanted her, could you dare have incestuous sex with your sister.

If you were Violet’s baby brother, what would you do if she invited bayan sarisin escort bursa you to sleep with her in her bed? Would you touch her, feel her, and grope her while she slept? Would you have sex with your sister? Would you allow her to stroke you while blowing you? Even though she’s your blood related sister and the closest woman you have to a mother, would you cum in her willing mouth? Would you fuck her? Would you cum in her warm, wet pussy too? Would you give her your baby?

Well, this is the story of what happened to Michael, Violet’s, mixed-race brother, when his sexy, incestuous dream about having sex with his mixed-race sister came true. Even though this is Michael’s dream about him having sex with his sister, this could be your dream. Instead of having sex with your sister, Violet could be your mother, your mother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your aunt, or your cousin. Now, what would you do if you were in Violet’s house and sleeping in her bed?

# # #

My story: Big Sister Helps Brother with Sex

It was nearly midnight when Violet’s doorbell rang. Having gone to bed early for once on a Friday night, it was late and she was tired. It had been a long day and a difficult week. Thinking she was dreaming and hearing a doorbell in her sleep, she closed her eyes and returned back to sleep. Then, her doorbell rang again before there was a loud knocking at her door. While still half asleep, she couldn’t help but think of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, the Raven.

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

‘Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, ‘tapping at my chamber door—

Only this and nothing more.”

Someone was at her door but who? She just moved here from across town. She hadn’t given her friends her new address, yet. Except for her brother, Michael, no one knows she lives here.

She climbed out of bed, slipped her feet in her slippers, and walked to peep out her peephole in her front door. It was Michael, her brother. Tempted to grab her robe but when she saw it was him, she didn’t bother. He had seen her in her nightgown plenty of times before when they lived together for six-years.

When they lived together, just before she moved, she sexually teased him by flaunting her nearly, naked body at him. Sexually exciting him and incestuously enticing him, she was always flashing him bits and pieces of her semi-naked and naked body. Suddenly, sexually excited that her brother would see more of her nearly, naked, black body through her sheer and sexy nightgown, she was sexually aroused to flash him again.

‘What is my brother doing here at this hour,’ wondered Violet while hoping there wasn’t something wrong. She hoped he wasn’t in trouble? She wondered if he was drunk, high, and/or horny.

If he was drunk, high, and/or horny, she’d love it if he was here for sex. She’d love it if her brother was finally here for a booty call. Already horny and sexually frustrated, she’d love to have a hard cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, even if it’s her brother’s big, black dick. She looked at the clock on the wall and yawned before opening the door.

‘With him helping me to move, he’s the only one who knows that I moved here. Perhaps, he’s hoping that I’d blow him and/or fuck him as my delayed payment for helping me move,’ she thought with a laugh.

“Just a minute,” she said through her front door.

She ran in her bathroom to fix her hair and to put makeup on her already pretty face. She looked at herself in the mirror to see all that she was showing. She palmed both of her big breasts in her hands and pushed them up to reveal even more cleavage than she was already showing.

‘As long as he played with my tits and fingered my nipples, I’d suck his cock while stroking his cock. I’d even allow him to cum in my mouth and would swallow his cum,’ she thought. ‘As long as he fingered my pussy and licked my pussy first, I’d even fuck him. I’d fuck my brother. I’d even allow him to cum in my cunt and give me his baby. Maybe we could move to Calabasas too.’

When she opened her door, as if on cue and complicit in flashing her brother her big tits, her nightgown strap slowly and seductively slid from her shoulder. As if she was a model on a runway having a fashion faux pas, her left breast but for her areola and her nipple were completely exposed to her horny brother. Something that he was always sexually excited to see, if she didn’t fix her nightgown strap, Violet would soon flash her brother her entire, naked, left breast.

“Michael? Come inside. What’s wrong? Why are you here? It’s the middle of the night,” she said yawning again and closing her door behind him while pulling her nightgown strap over her shoulder.

Immediately, before she covered her breast, as if she bursa evi olan eskort was an escort and he was a customer, he stared down at what he could see of her left breast. He continued staring at all that he could see of her big tits through her sheer, low-cut nightgown before he looked up at her beautiful face. She caught him staring at all that he could clearly see of the tops of her meaty breasts, her long line of sexy cleavage, and the impressions her erect nipples made in her nightgown. She felt uncomfortably embarrassed by his leering stare before she felt a twinge of sexual arousal moisten her pussy.

A breast man, she knew her brother not only loved tits, especially big tits, but also, with him telling her that he did, he loved her tits. Knowing that her nightgown strap would soon slip from her shoulder and fall to her forearm again, she feigned her modesty by pushing her nightgown strap over her shoulder again. As soon as she pushed her nightgown strap over her shoulder, as if complicit in exposing herself to him, her nightgown strap slowly and seductively slid from her shoulder, yet, again.

Normally, with her an exhibitionist, she wouldn’t be embarrassed by a good-looking man seeing something of her that he shouldn’t see. If on a nude beach, she wouldn’t be embarrassed by men ogling her beautiful, black, naked body. Instead of feeling embarrassed, she’d be sexually aroused. She’d even sexually tease those naked men who hoped to see a naked woman than seeing just more naked men. Giving them a real, sexy show while allowing them to not only masturbate over her but cum on her, she’d lay on her back, spread her legs, and masturbate herself while they watched.

During her horny, whoring days, she had men touch her, feel her, grope her, and undress her in an XXX-rated theatre when sitting there alone. During her horny, whoring days, she had stroked and sucked more than one strange man on a nude beach and in a movie theatre. As long as they didn’t hurt her, she enjoyed having random sex. As if complimenting her for a blowjob well done, she loved it when men ejaculated their cum in her mouth and/or all over her pretty face and in her beautiful, black hair.

Yet, this wasn’t some random stranger. He was her kid brother and she was his big sister. She was supposed to be embarrassed by Michael staring at all that he could see of her through her nightgown, even though she wasn’t. She was supposed to cover her sexy, sheer, low-cut nightgown and hide her nakedness from her brother with a bathrobe, even though she didn’t. She was supposed to be morally modest even though she was never that and could never be that for him or for anyone.

‘I’m such a wicked, incestuous whore,’ she thought. ‘Once a whore, always a whore. I can’t help myself. I’m so horny. I’d have sex with him if I could. I’m so sexually frustrated. I’d stroke him, suck him, and fuck him if he’d finger me, lick me, and fuck me. I love sexually teasing him by flashing him. Something for me to masturbate over later after he leaves, I love giving him an erection and making him horny and sexually frustrated.’

She enjoyed the sexual attention her brother paid her by staring, leering, and ogling all that he could see of her through her sheer and sexy nightgown. He made her want to show him more than just her cleavage. Horny now, she wanted to flash her brother her naked tits, her naked ass, and her naked pussy. Instead of acting like his big sister, she wondered what he’d do if she showed him the whore that she really was.

Then, as if she willed it to happen and as if operated by remote control, her nightgown strap slid from her shoulder again. If she dared to lean forward while her strap was off her shoulder, with her nightgown leaning forward with her too, her breast would be completely exposed to her horny brother. If she dared to lean forward while her nightgown strap was off her shoulder, he’d not only see the size and the shape of her left breast but also, he’d see her areola and her nipple too.

‘Praise the Lord. With the Devil making me do it, I’m so tempted to lean forward to show my brother all that he hopes and wants to see of my big tit,’ she thought. ‘I have the Lord guiding me on one shoulder and Satan tempting me on the other. It’s hard for me to be good when I’m tempted to be bad.’

# # #

Ever since he turned 18-years-old, six-years ago, when she was 21-years-old, her brother was fascinated with her big tits. As if undressing her with his eyes and imagining her in her bra and/or topless, he stared at her tits. Then, whenever she was cold or sexually excited, as soon as her nipples made their impressions through her clothes, as if hypnotized by them, he’d stare at nipples. As if he was a baby wanting a bottle, his lips would pucker.

Knowing that incestuous sex between them was illicitly forbidden, she still enjoyed the sexual attention of a man, even if that man was her brother. As if daring him to have sex with her, she still enjoyed sexually teasing, incestuously enticing, and flashing her brother bits and pieces of her sexy and shapely, nearly, naked and naked body. Yet, even when she was drunk, high, and/or horny, and thought about having sex with her blood related brother, she didn’t have sex with him. She’d never have sex with Michael. If only he was a family friend, one with sexual benefits, a co-worker, or a distant cousin, she’d do him.

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