Bigger and Bigger – Aden’s Trial Ch. 01


Lolling in bed, legs splayed, Aden thumbed numbly through the same faces and headless torsos populating the grid. The occasional vibration alerted him to a “hey”, some from new profiles, one or two from past hookups eager to go for a second round. None of them registered in his attention.

Shifting himself up on his elbows, Aden rubbed his eyes and shifting his weight from one ample butt cheek to another. He had a half insistent erection that sensed it probably wasn’t going to be satisfied tonight, but made its presence known by pressing tightly against his underwear.

Nothing new, nothing challenging. Nothing attached to a man that was going to give him the stretch that the silicon in his drawer could accomplish.

Aden played with filters a bit, checking out men that were a bit further afield. Anyone self-described as a rugged, muscular top in a ten mile radius found their way under his thumb. A few advertised cocks of various lengths, 7, 8 and 9 inches. Most were lying by at least an inch, usually two or three. He had fallen for the warped photos before, or the guys whose 6 inches looked like hammers on their short bodies. And he had lain there, unsatisfied, as they ploughed him, thinking he didn’t notice that it wasn’t exactly matching up to the fantasy they had sold.

Seeing no one new, or interesting, Aden turned off the filters and scanned the areas outside his small city. Some new faces popped up, that were either too far to usually come to his attention, or hadn’t added enough to their profiles for his filters to find them. He favourited a few interesting leads, and began to feel renewed pressure at his underwear, accompanied by the tell tale wetness of precum and a slight inflation of pressure in his prostate.

“Slut,” he mumbled to himself, judging himself for reacting to men that were probably over an hour’s drive away. As if he even had the confidence for a hook-up tonight anyway. He wasn’t necessarily very experienced… and the guys he felt comfortable hooking up with weren’t the type of guys he was attracted to.

Aden flicked the app up and off his screen, resigning himself to the contents of his bottom drawer. From that drawer he drew a thick, black dildo and permanently slippery bottle of lube. He squirted out a generous pool of viscous lube into his palm, ran one finger through it, and then through the valley of his ass, pressing it into the first inch of his anus. He slicked his other hand up and down the full length of the dildo, focusing on the almost apple-sized head.

The dildo itself was thickly, impossibly veined – in a way only silicone can be. Aden went back to the lube bottle for another squirt. This time, he focused on raised furrows of the dildo’s veins, more for the ritual than necessity. He felt his prostate swell and press against the bed as he did, anticipating the ribbed pounding that was to come.

With his monstrous, silicon friend truly slick, Aden spread the last of the lube on his own cock, now straining upward and angrily red from lack of attention. A trail of precum dribbled from its tip, which he mixed in with the lube.

Aden’s cock looked impressive on his petite body, and particularly in his petite hands. It wasn’t a monster, but it was thicker than people tended to expect, and looked thicker again on his small frame. Once or twice he had showed up to a hook-up to find that the top had exaggerated their size, and took small pleasure in finding a moment to press his own up against theirs, to make sure they saw that they had lost to the girly sub. If he was going to be unsatisfied with average cock, he could at least draw pleasure from their sweaty, desperate-to-please exertion, and how the slap of his fat cock on their chests both emasculated and aroused them.

His hands still slippery with lube, Aden reached for a nearby towel, and dried them off enough to re-open his phone and tab to a porn site. Positioning himself on all fours, he scrolled through various offerings, and teased his ass with the dildo: first enjoying the blunt pressure of its impossibly fat heat, and then, as the first video loaded, emptied himself of breath, relaxed his anus, and swallowed its first fat inch.

His eyes fluttered painful pleasure but, disappointedly, the pain took over, and he found his asshole rejecting its new tenant.

“What the fuck,” he muttered. “Must be losing my mojo.”

He tried again, changing videos until he found an old favourite.

An actor, almost as broad as the door he was standing in, enters his stepson’s room, whips the duvet off the bed. He’s yelling at him in Italian, probably about being lazy or something. He’s gesturing to his suit, his expensive watch. All the stuff he worked hard for. Or something, they’re all the same. Whatever he’s saying to his ‘stepson’ isn’t impressing the younger man. There’s backchat, then soap-opera anger as the father whips his belt off. The stepson isn’t only unimpressed, he’s biting his lips, and turning his sweet, full ass towards his stepfather. Confusion, on the stepfather’s part, who begins loudly kayseri escort slapping the belt off the thick palm of his hand. The stepson, again, coquettish, running delicate hands down his slender legs and then daring, whips down the unbelted pants, revealing the thickest thighs in porn, and tight white underwear from which coils of thick, black pubes spill.

The underwear is barely attached to the man. His package is so heavy, and the underwear so threadbare and tight, that it sags forward, the elastic strained, half revealing a monstrous, fleshy bulge.

Aden let the familiar scene play out, still teasing his asshole with the black cockhead, occasionally pressing the first inch in and, with a little gasp, letting his anal ring push it back out again.

On his screen, the stepfather is still holding the leather belt, a thumb slightly caressing the leather. The camera zooms in, and gifts the viewer a brief shot of his forearm hair, as thick and black as his pubes, emerging from his shirt sleeve. In the foreground, slightly blurred, looms his package, swaying backwards and forwards as he continues to chastise his stepson.

Aden usually switches from video to video, needing more and more stimulus to keep him going. This film, though, he always watches start to finish. This shot, in particular, was like a Freudian key to his sexuality. The expensive suit, the darkness of the hair, the muscular forearm pressing against the fabric, and too-small underwear spilling dark leg and pubic hair, and straining from the weight of a still unseen cock.

And then it cuts to him, on the bed. Or, at least an actor that could pass as his brother. The same pouty lips, slim arms and hands, and full, huge, peachy ass, that looked almost ridiculous on his little, feminine frame.

Aden felt his prostate flare with the desire, and he pressed the dildo back inside himself. First one inch, then another and then, gradually, he found himself halfway through it. The thick veins teased his lust-swollen prostate, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

On his screen, the scene was progressing with exaggerated, teasing slowness. The stepfather, his suit pants pooled around his ankles, was still, somehow, irate. The stepson alternated between expressions of rebellion and seduction. The stepfather’s bulge, on which the camera was transfixed, stirred and grew, heaving further from the black tangle of pubes as he grew to erection. The crux moment arrives, where the stepfather, halfway through a speech in rapid Italian, gasps and stops as the stepson’s slim, manicured hand reaches out and grabs the growing erection, causing it to swell almost immediately to full mast.

Aden, still on all fours, pressed the dildo further into himself, his ass taking it greedily as he approached climax. The slowness of the scene lent itself to long, slow strokes, and the exaggerated veins of the silicon cock rippled exquisitely against his prostate. He looked over his shoulder to his bedroom mirror which, purposefully placed, showed his own pornstar-arched back, his massive, heaving ass and, with each stroke, the sweet, pink lips of his asshole flaring around the thick dildo.

A rushing feeling in his balls warned him that he was close to cumming. And not even at the first blow job scene.

Not wanting to end his night so soon, he reached his free hand forward and paused the scene. Leaving the dildo half inside him, carefully not to jostle it too much in case he came, he eased himself back to a more comfortable position and clicked the grid back open. He didn’t know why he always went back to it when close to cumming. It was like his body didn’t know that he couldn’t just summon one, or more, of the men into his room.

He flicked through some of his recent favourites from outside the city. His standard type, burly men, showing off hairy, muscular chests, thick thighs, and often impressive beards. Or daddy types, silver flecked hair, expensive clothes. And the occasional college jock, for old times sake, tall, lithe, with a musculature just starting to catch up to their height.

He returned to a mysterious profile that had always intrigued him, sitting in his favourites since he downloaded the app. All it showed was a shirt cuff and a glass of whiskey. The bio simply read “I know what I deserve, and I know how to get it.” Not necessarily unusual on an app where half of the people pretend to be doms. The picture too wasn’t quite unusual. It was the details. A swelling of the just-visible shirt, that suggested heavy pecs. The hair emerging from the shirt sleeve. The impossible largeness of the hand wrapped around the whiskey glass.

Aden usually didn’t message low effort accounts, but, his ass full of silicon, and half mad with lust, he found himself tapping out a quick message.

“Hey,” he said. “I know what I want too, and it’s not the 12″ dildo that’s half way up my ass.”

The response was almost immediate.

“Does it go all the way?”

Aden watched himself stiffen back to full erection.

“Of kayseri escort bayan course, I’m a pro.”


What can I do with interesting, Aden thought. His need was too immediate and he found himself tabbing back to the film.

He dropped back in as the stepson’s hand was wrapped around the still underwear-wrapped cock. Aden began pumping the dildo in and out again in anticipation of the big reveal. A few more words are exchanged, the stepson draws his head close to his stepfather’s crotch, sniffs deeply, and then, with a flourish, whips down the underwear. He is rewarded by a foot long cock, suddenly unleashed, whipping back with equal force, slapping him forcefully in his face.

The camp over-acting falters for a moment, replaced by a heady mix of genuine shock and feral lust. The cock, still the sole focus of the scene, bobs in front of his face, brushing his pouty lips. It is obscenely big, almost as thick as it is long, and adorned with a glistening bead of precum. A tongue reaches out to take it, gingerly, and Aden, so engrossed in the scene, can taste the sweet saltiness in his own mouth.

The dildo, satisfying as much as it could, was still not a match for a man. Aden found himself switching back to the app, and the frustrating reply. He considered the alternating character of the stepson, which wasn’t too far off how he wanted to be treated in bed. He decided to go with pouty cunt.

“It is interesting that I can fit twelve thick inches of silicon inside me, yeah. Interesting, but not challenging.”

He paused a second, then added, “could you provide a challenge?”

Half a minute passed before the reply came through.

“Come and find out.”

Heat pulsed from Aden’s prostate in quick, delicate flashes, sending shivers of lust up his spine. The offer of a human cock caused an immediate deflation of interest in the silicon substitute, and he felt his dildo begin to slide softly out of his protesting asshole.

He gathered his thoughts before composing his response, and scolded himself for working up an interest in an almost blank profile.

“Hmm,” he typed, “I’ve heard that before from blank profiles and when I came to find out, I didn’t end up coming at all. Do you have something to back that up? Also, where even are you?”

A minute passed. Aden resisted the temptations to tab back to the porn. His cock began to droop in anticipation of disappointment. Then a vibration.

“I’ll give you 5 seconds of live. You can make your mind up from that. I’m busy.”

Aden hated that he was turned on by his abruptness, but nevertheless felt his cock stiffening again. A live video was the hardest to fake though. No angles or editing to add internet inches.

“Okay busy,” he replied, “show me a sword and I’ll show you a sheathe.”

“Clever,” the reply came, followed by an Accept Video Call? Pop-up. Aden hesitated, adjusted his hair, and found good lighting. Then he tapped accept.

He was immediately greeted by the sight of a fully suited man standing in front of a mirror, his face just out the shot. All he noticed of the background was wood and leather, and the sense of expense. He was transfixed by the figure in the suit who, once Aden accepted the call, had begun to walk closer to the mirror. When he completely dominated the screen, he placed one hand over his crotch and, begun to rub the fabric. Each stroke caused the fabric to gather around a long, thick bulge, as if he had shoved a flashlight down his pants. After a few moments, the fingers reached for the zip and opened it one fluid motion, causing a white, underwear-covered bulge to half flop forward. The stroking hand returned to the bulge, pulling the fabric tight against an impossibly long, thick cock, just about visible through the material. It looked completely soft.

Then, without warning, the video cut off.

Aden’s pulses of lust grew to an inferno. He broke into sweat, and his cheeks burned red. His own dick was painfully hard. As he put his hand to it, it released the first sticky pearl of pre-cum. His phone vibrated.

“Show me a sheathe, then.”

Aden was almost ashamed by how quick he complied. He didn’t even reapply lube to the dildo. In a flash, he had propped the camera against a pillow, and set himself up at an angle he hadn’t used since his camming days. He sent through the call request and, when it accepted, he had already taken the first inch of the dildo. The next followed, easily, and the next, and the next. The screen, only half visible to Aden, just showed a pair of thick lips surround by a dark beard. Two more inches joined the rest of the dildo, causing Aden to almost cum and lose focus.

Fuck, he thought, I got myself way too close watching porno.

Another inch, and another. Aden didn’t have to fake his pornstar moans.

Just as he had steeled himself to take the next few inches, he noticed the screen had returned to the chat pane. Still penetrated, he manoeuvred himself toward his phone. A new message.

“I escort kayseri think that’s enough.” A geolocation followed.

Aden hurriedly clicked into it. His map immediately moved away from his current location, leaving the city in a blink. The red marker was surrounded by trees and by what looked to be a small lake. He zoomed out and had no recognition of the area, but saw it was at least a 40 minute drive away.

He eased the dildo out of his ass, shuddering as its ribbed girth stimulated his prostate.

“That’s.. quite a bit away. And I don’t drive.”

Aden’s dick was bobbing in horny frustration, refusing to believe that the night was over so soon.

“Send your location and I’ll send my driver.”

That was new. How wealthy was this guy?

“Are you sure?” he responded. “Do I need to bring anything?”

“You’ll be looked after. Just bring yourself. Send the location.”

Aden sent it, confused about the direction things were going, but blinded by lust. He invoked the memory of the bulge, of the long stroke down that revealed its length, of how it was so obviously still soft. What fucking size could it be?

“Okay, I have a driver near you. He’ll be there in 10. He’s bringing a member of staff back to the villa too. He’ll keep you entertained for the trip.”

Ten minutes? Fuck, Aden thought, he wouldn’t even have time to shower. His ass was still full of lube, and his room strewn with sex toys.

He hurried around the room, throwing a towel over the dildo. He fingered through his underwear drawer, finding lacy lingerie an ex lover had once bought him. It had come with an obscene price tag, and made his ass look fantastic so he pulled them on. He wasn’t sure what to go with after that. He didn’t have fancy clothes, and he didn’t want to show up looking as poor as he was. And nothing went together.

He heard tires come to a stop outside and, in a stroke of inspiration, shrugged into a black, woolly overcoat.

He inspected himself in the mirror. Black coat over black lingerie, he thought. The hooker I was born to be.

Patent leather combat boots were added, then lust and curiosity carried him outside to a massive, black, stretched SUV, humming ominously in front of his building. The same two forces carried him into the strange car, where he found himself sitting on supple, leather seats, opposite a young, muscular man who, from his dress and build, must have been a bodyguard.

For a moment, neither said anything. Aden had been in such a rush to get ready that he had completely forgotten what the last message had said. Entertainment?

He had only been in the car for about a minute, but in that time, the bodyguard hadn’t taken his eyes off him. Deciding that bratty had gotten him this far, Aden opened conversation with a simple “What?”

He received an arched eyebrow in response, and nothing more.

Maybe bratty wasn’t the solution.

“I’m Aden, by the way, and this is a very strange situation.”

“Kane.” He paused, then added, “so this isn’t normal for you then?”

“Definitely not,” he replied, happy to puncture the weirdness. “30 minutes ago I had never even talked to..” Aden realised he didn’t know his name. “Fuck,” he said, “I don’t even know this guy’s name. What have I gotten myself into?”

Kane laughed. “To me, he’s just Sir. We’ll see what he becomes to you.”

A moment passed before the big man added, “You’re not 100% what I expected from the lingerie and coat look. I was expected whore level confidence.”

“Hmm, is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Prissy can pique interest, but it won’t get you through the night.”

“Interesting. So… what’s your role in this? You seem to be familiar with… with Sir’s preferences. Different guy every night?”

“Not quite,” Kane responded, studying him a bit more closely with eyes so deeply brown they looked black. “He can be…. quite intense. He likes people that can match that intensity, and he’s good at finding them too. But he only brings the very occasional guest out to the villa.”

“Intense,” Aden repeated. “Right. I still had a twelve inch dildo up my ass when I agreed to this, so I guess I can do intense.” As the words came out, he realised he didn’t know what, if anything, he had agreed to.

A smile teased the furthest corners of Kane’s lips, a smile that would have been invisible if not for the ceiling spotlight just above the bodyguard, and the fact that Aden had been intermittently studying his lips’ sensuous heaviness.

“You have beautiful lips,” he said.

Kane laughed. “I was still processing the 12 inch dildo comment. You don’t stick to a topic, do you?”

Aden shrugged.

Kane looked thoughtful for a moment, pursing his lips. “I think my lips are probably my second best feature. Or maybe 3rd, or 4th, depending on how you count them.” He dropped his hand to the crotch of his black suit pants.

Between half-hearted edging and his almost climax, Aden had been on the orgasm rollercoaster for over an hour before jumping into the car, almost cumming several times, but never quite allowing himself to take that plunge. In the instant of Kane’s comment, though, he found himself straight back at the peak of the coaster. His dick stiffened to a near-painful hardness, and his prostate, probably bruised from the attention of his dildo, pulsed in lust.

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