Bigger Down There Ch. 03


I’ll remember waking up that morning for a long time to come. At first I couldn’t quite work out why I felt different to usual and then the sensations started to manifest themselves. Unusually, I had panties on, and my vagina felt nicely full. And creamy!

Helen realised I was awake and closed the gap between us. “How did you sleep gorgeous,” she asked.

“Very well” I said, “and right now I’m feeling as sexy as hell.”

Helen leaned onto her side, and used the hand that wasn’t supporting her to caress my dildo filled cunt through the pants that held it in place. “If you do that I’m going to cum very quickly,” I groaned.

“Let’s have a look at you” I heard Helen say. Actually I was rather distracted because half of me wanted to pee and I was beginning to think that as soon as the dildo came out I would let go, but at the same time I was eager to see what I looked like after having been full of dildo all night, and equally, I desperately wanted to cum.

I moved away from Helen and got out of bed. As I stood up, I think it became fairly obvious to Helen that I needed to relieve myself. “I think we need to get you into the bathroom” she said, and was on her feet and leading me across the floor.

“I think it’s best if we get these off in the bath” she said, and I allowed myself to be supported over the side and into the tub. Helen then surprised me by stepping in as well and I was treated to a wonderful glimpse of her spectacular and floppy labia lips hanging down from her perfect cunt as she parted her legs and climbed over the side.

She knelt down and started to ease the pants with the internal dildo down my thighs, and I partially bent from the waist to take a look. The dildo was super slick with my juices, but once the thing was fully out of me, I couldn’t help it, and as much as I tried to hold it in, the pee started to flow from my dilated cunt.

I was more shocked than surprised that Helen didn’t move out of the way. She seemed fixed in her kneeling position and a good third of the pee spilling from me splashed onto her arms and upper thighs. Once I had finished, Helen pulled the pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them, the dildo shiny and creamy jutting from the crotch. As soon as I was out of them, Helen gently pushed me to the back of the bath and sort of assisted me into a sitting position where the bottles of shower gels and shampoos stood.

She gave my hole a salacious lick and pressed my knees further open and really worked her tongue in and around my sloppy cunt. I was already soaking and Helen’s tongue lashing had me quavering.

She looked up at me and held out her hand. I nodded. I felt three of her fingers enter me with considerable ease and then sensed the fourth being worked in. I managed to get my feet up on the surface which I was sitting on which had the effect of opening my thighs wider, and in doing so, providing total access to my parts. “Do you want the last one?” she asked.

She really didn’t have to ask – of course I wanted it. I watched with intense satisfaction as she drew her four fingers partially out of me, bunched her thumb in with her fingers and started the slow and exquisite journey into my engorged and wanton cunt. She slid them back and started again. And again. The tension was bordering on the excruciating. After about 20 or so strokes, there was a moment of sublime pain/pleasure as her hand went in past her thumb, and I never wanted it to end.

Helen was on her knees in front of me, fisting me beautifully and it was easy to see from her eyes (as well as from the clear gloopy strings that were dribbling from her cunt) that she was revelling in this as much as I was.

I’m not sure what made her suddenly do it, but at the point where I thought my eyes were going pop out of my head, Helen leaned in and kissed my exposed clit and started stroking it with her tongue. It came as something of a shock because I had momentarily taken my eyes off hers and was looking upwards when I felt it.

My orgasm when it came was like an explosion. It started in my toes, building up to a crescendo that cascaded through my body, and I genuinely saw stars in my eyes. It was massive. Helen had to practically stop me from falling off the end of the bath. My feet had slipped from where they were placed as the tremor travelled through me and I almost fell onto Helen and into the bath.

There were a few little jolts of discomfort as Helen still had her fist in me, but she allowed me to recover a little and then carefully withdrew her hand. She looked at it as if not quite sure what to do with it, but still looking into my eyes, leaned forward and scooped some of her cum from between her lips and then offered her hand to me. As I tipped my head to reach her hand with my tongue, I realised that Helen had done the same and we both greedily slurped the womanly juices from her fingers.

I hadn’t a clue what the time was but Helen seemingly became aware that she needed to get moving. çankırı escort bayan I was slightly troubled as I hadn’t touched her at all, but she assured me that it was no problem – she said that she had derived immense pleasure from pleasuring me and that we could work on her pleasure tonight.

I’d actually forgotten that it was Monday! We showered together (which helped to clean the bath!) and got ready for the day ahead. There was no time for breakfast – we must have spent a good 45 minutes doing things we probably shouldn’t have been doing early on a Monday morning, but missing breakfast seemed a small price to pay for the sort of experience I had just had, and besides, I could pick something up at Uni.

My day was something of a blur. I sat through three lectures but couldn’t tell you what they were about. I was on a high for most of the day and if and when I tried to concentrate on what the lecturer was talking about, my mind drifted back to the events of the morning. I came close to going to the Ladies at lunch time to jill myself off to another cum, but resisted. My Sloggies were clinging to the wetness of my sopping cunt, my lips felt super sensitive, and I was conscious of my clit being pressed down into the crotch of the panties every time I got up and moved.

The funny thing was, at no point did I start to question myself about what I had gotten myself into. I felt as if I was discovering the real me, and I knew with certainty that Helen was going to educate me well, and what was more, I was up for it, no matter how warped it might become.

I got home before Helen, and decided to give her a message that I could be a brazen hussy. I stripped, and replaced my Uni clothes with a tight tee shirt. That was it, no nix, no bra, just the tee which formed itself nicely around my little tits, and I spread myself out on the settee. I heard her arrive home and feigned sleep to see what she would do.

It didn’t take long to find out. It was a sensual kiss and a gentle caressing of my partially open cunt with her fingers. I gave a satisfactory moan along the lines of “M’mmm, what a welcome – that feels so good.”

Helen disappeared upstairs to get changed and came down in a thigh length, open robe. We went into the kitchen, got ourselves a drink and started to chat.

She asked how I was feeling which seemed like a slightly odd question, and Helen must have sensed that I was looking perplexed. “I’ll be more specific” she said. “Are you OK with the last few days and with what we did this morning?”

“Of course” I said – “why wouldn’t I be?” The thrust of the conversation was that Helen wanted to be sure that she wasn’t “pushing me to far too soon,” (her words). I assured her that I had never been more content, and that it was unlikely that she could push me too far. “I really want this Helen,” I asserted, “and I want it to be with you.”

She gave me a penetrating look. “I’m into a lot of things Andrea,” Helen continued, “and I don’t want to overdo it with you.”

This had me intrigued. “What sort of things?” I asked. For the first time, Helen looked slightly pensive.

“Well, let’s see. I like what we did this morning, as in all of it. I’m into stretching a bit more than you might think, and a couple of other things that I’m not sure I can ‘fess up to yet”

I decided to push her a little. “I think I’m unshockable if that helps, and it is unlikely that you’re going to scare me off. You’ve opened up a side of me that I always knew was there, and now you’ve unlocked it, there’s no going back for me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do with you.” I stressed the word ‘nothing’.

“Sam’s coming home at the weekend,” Helen said, “but like I said, there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

It seemed like a vaguely odd time to bring this up, and I suspected that there was something else hovering in the background here, but chose not to pursue it. I will admit however that this left me somewhere between anxious and excited at the same time.

“Let’s talk about Sam later” I said. “For now, I want to feast my eyes on your outrageously sexy cunt. Helen parted her legs. “I’ve told you – it’s yours. Do what you want with me.”

How could half a dozen words conjure up so many lewd, passionate and completely depraved thoughts? I took Helen’s hand and practically tugged her into the lounge, pushed her back into an armchair and lifted her legs and placed them on the arms of the chair. I knew what I wanted to do. I took her meaty lips, one in each hand and started to work on them. I didn’t hold back. The more I stretched, them, the wetter Helen seemed to get. I had no intention of fisting her, I just wanted to see how far I could get those gorgeously erotic lips to extend, or at least to see what she could take.

She lapped it up. “Ooh, that’s it, go for it – pull my slutty lips out. See how big I’ve got them. Do you like my sexy piss flaps”?

Her words were pushing me to do something çankırı escort further. What could I do? On the drinks table was an empty bottle. I reached over for it and slid the neck into her massively slippery opening, and pulled her lips over the shoulders of the bottle. She was so wet, it was difficult to keep a grip of them, but I encompassed her lips with one hand, and used the other to twist the bottle from side to side.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum buckets if you don’t stop that, you delightfully filthy girl.”

All that did was spur me on. I wished I had another hand to get at her clit, but as I didn’t, I started to push the bottle in further, using my fingers which were circled round her lips as a bump stop against Helen’s clit.

“Cum for me” I said softly. “Cum for your little cunty little pet.” The bottle was not past the shoulders yet, but it was a good way in and as much I was tempted to take my hand away and push the thing into her welcoming hole, I wanted to bring her off from my own ministrations, so I leaned forward and started licking her distended lips which were stretched round the bottle.

I heard an “Oh God,” and then felt her creamy cum start to pool around my lips and the bottle neck. There was a copious amount, and I gently eased the bottle away and swirled the remaining cum juice around Helen’s slick lips with my finger tips and tongue.

There was a pleasing gape to Helen’s hole now, and I derived some sinful gratification watching her heavy and drooping lips hang down provocatively from her gash, which was still dripping from her orgasm.

After a bit of a recovery period, we cleaned up the armchair and the rug between us, and set about preparing some food. Helen had shrugged off the robe, and as she stood at the cooker I indulged myself by gazing at her taut, womanly backside. She had her legs slightly apart, and I was periodically treated to the tantalising image of her beautiful lips peeking out between thighs.

We ate, watched some TV, and eventually Helen said “come on, it’s time for you to pay me back for this morning,” and led me out of the lounge. Helen had her hands on my bottom and almost pushed me up the stairs, and when we got to her bedroom, she sat on the bed and stated “why don’t we spend some time to work something bigger into me.”

She reached into the drawer and emerged with a pinkish looking device which looked like a giant dick which got progressively wider towards its base. It wasn’t particularly long at around a foot, but it was very wide, and definitely well over four inches.

Helen said that it was called a ‘Walrus’ and explained why she liked it. “You can keep working it in and the further it goes in, the further it stretches me” she said. She went on to say that she hadn’t used it for a while as it was difficult to use on her own.

“Oh, so you’ve had help with it?” I asked.

“A few times” she whispered, “but let’s not get into that now.”

Helen spread a towel out on the floor, and lay down on it. She said that we might need a bit of gel to help get started so I fished some out of the drawer and as I sat down in front of her, she told me to use my hands first to get her warmed up.

She told me where to sit, so that she could look at my ‘delectable cunt,’ and where I would be well placed to get my hands on her. She prised her lips apart with her own hands, and I got to work, teasing her at first, but enjoying the enticing act of opening her up.

This toy gets thicker about every two to three inches along its length. It has a slightly irregular shape, so it is easier to grip than a straightforward round dildo, and because of that I could twist and turn it as I gradually drove it into Helen’s slick creamy cunt. I loved the way her lips formed loosely around the toy, and as the minutes passed, I started to scoot along the floor to get closer. The dildo was relatively easy to use with one hand now that it was about halfway into her, and I used my free hand to reach over the top of Helen’s hole so that I could pull her lips back and open giving me clear access to her clit which was starting to jut out rather alluringly.

Helen was encouraging me to do her. “Come on, ram it into me my beautiful slut. Get my hole opened up. Do you like looking at my big mummy cunt?”

That actually tipped me over the edge. I gave the dildo another push, up to its fullest girth and well into Helen’s sloppy hole. “You’re loving this aren’t you Andrea?”

“You know I do. I want to get you bigger, wetter and sluttier as well.”

“Pull it out a bit and push your fingers in with it then” Helen groaned. Christ she was wet.

I managed to get the dildo in about halfway with my four fingers alongside it, and it felt heavenly. Helen came loudly and some more juice dribbled out of her. She asked me to take it out slowly and as I was withdrawing it, Helen leaned forward. “Do I look good” she asked.

I wished I had a mirror to hand so that escort çankırı she could see what I could see. Helen used her own fingers to spread her lips and used her other hand to gather up some of her syrupy cum, and then raised her fingers to my mouth and offered me some. It was a good job Helen had put a towel down. The towel was sodden in the middle, and I would have quite happily rubbed myself down with but instead, Helen used it to dry herself off a bit which was a shame because I was enjoying seeing the stringy cum as it was trickling down her thighs.

Helen said that she was going to make us a drink and would bring it up. The pants with the dildo was on my bedside table, and I moved it onto the bed in the spot between where Helen and I would sleep.

Helen emerged with the drinks, and her eyes fell on the dildo pants. Are we putting this back in you tonight?” she asked. I nodded.

I was nicely lubed up from our recent session, and we got the pants on and the dildo in without too much difficulty. As we sat drinking the tea Helen had brought up, she was silent and then turned to look at me. “How big to you want to be Andrea?”

This was a slightly unexpected question, but I thought for a few seconds before answering. “I want to get at least to the point where I can take two hands with ease, I said, and I would really like to be loose 100% of the time. I would rather that my cunt didn’t really close up at all, so that I am always conscious of it rubbing against my panties.”

“It turns me on to hear you say that” Helen responded, “but it will take some time, although if you don’t run off somewhere, that’s something we’ll have plenty of.”

As we were in conversation, I decided to ask a couple of questions of my own. “Am I the first female you have been with,” I asked.

There was a short silence, and for the first time I wondered if I had overstepped the mark. Eventually Helen answered “no, you’re not.” There was a further pause. “Actually my leanings have been towards women for a long time. You’re not the first, but as you have discovered, I have some rather unusual predilections, so most of the others, not that there have been many, have not shall we say, measured up. However, there a couple of things you should know about me, but we’ll talk about those another day.”

This had me intrigued more than worried, but I sensed that now wasn’t the time to press it.

“But you’ve been into stretching for quite a while.” It was more a statement than a question, but it prompted a more animated response.

“Longer than you might think, Helen said, and not just my cunt. I have been stretching my lips as long as I’ve been doing my hole. I’ve even researched it.”

She went on to tell me about two websites she accesses regularly, the Large Labia Project and Labia Stretching. “If you like, we could have a look tomorrow – I’m sure you will be as interested as I am.

With that pleasing thought in my mind, I eventually drifted off to sleep. We didn’t repeat our Monday morning adventure, but we showered together and took the pants off in the shower again. Helen reached down to feel me, and like Monday, this caused me to wet myself, and like Monday, Helen just let my pee wash over her legs and feet which I found strangely erotic. I couldn’t resist a quick play with Helen’s lips and she leaned back slightly and pushed her mound towards me to give me better access. Appealing as it was, we did not have much time so I gracefully withdrew my hand after less than a minute.

Helen went to work, I went to Uni, and I got home first again. When Helen got home she said she had a surprise for me. She dragged me upstairs and into the bedroom. “Get undressed” she said. “I’ve got something I want to show you,” and immediately started removing her own clothes.

Her top and bra came off first, and when she removed her skirt she was naked underneath. “Give me your hand” she uttered.

I moved much closer to her and she directed my hand towards her cunt which was thrillingly wet. As I probed inside I was immediately aware of something soft and with the feel of material inside her.

“Pull,” she said and as I did so it was immediately apparent that I was removing a pair of panties from her gash. They were too small to be Helen’s, and I recognised them as the pair of mine that I was pretty confident I had been wearing yesterday. They were completely saturated in her juices.

Helen lifted the panties out of my hand and let them hang from her middle finger. “I’ve had these in me all afternoon,” said Helen. “What shall we do with them?”

She beckoned me towards her with her empty hand and held the panties at about head height. I suddenly realised what she had in mind. I stood directly in front of her and opened my mouth, allowing Helen to feed the deliciously tasty panties into me.

“Oh God, I love you – you are so delightfully naughty my cunty little pet,” Helen said loudly.

I was loving it, and Helen reached down to slip four fingers into me and used the flat of her hand to loosen me up. I rolled the panties around my mouth and then very slowly, pulled them out of my mouth using my tongue to lick some of the wetness off them. When I had them all the way out, I asked Helen if she would like a taste.

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