Birthday Dogging


Birthday DoggingMy girlfriend and I have been together for three years. We are both in our early 20’s.I would describe her as slim with small boobs with short dark hair. She has always been shy sexually and is even reluctant to undress in front of me! I put this down to her religious parents.We had the usual boring sex maybe once or twice a week, and it was always at my instigation. On my birthday we went out for a meal, and during this I ordered a bottle of wine. Now my girlfriend does not drink, but that night I pursuaded her to have some. When she had drank two glasses, she seemed to come out of her shell and just kept drinking. I ordered some more just to see where this would lead. Well by the end of the meal she was obviously drunk and I started to get some devious thoughts.Just down the road was a large park, which I knew was a notorious dogging spot.We drove down the dark lane to the park, and as we pulled into the car park I spotted several parked cars. My drunk girlfriend asked where are we? I said perhaps we can have some naughty fun as it was my birthday. Well she surprised me totally when she reached down and pulled my cock out and started playing with it.Wow I thought, she is drunk! I asked her to take off her top, and she did so straight yahyalı escort away and then took off her bra without me asking! She was totally unaware of our surroundings or was just past caring. Now I was getting really devious thoughts! How about your skirt? I asked, and without a care she took it off. Now your panties I said, there was a slight reluctance then she just whipped them off. Now there she was totally naked except for her high black heels.Wow I was feeling sooo horny. I said please suck me, and she just leant over with her bare ass in the air and started sucking. It was about then that I noticed a guy come to her window. He could see her bare ass and pussy which got me even more horny. He pulled his cock out and started wanking himself at the sight.It excited me so much to see another guy looking at my naked girlfriend, I wanted to take it further. As she continued sucking me, I hit the down button on her window, to the delight of the guy outside. When it was completely down he reached inside between her legs and started touching her pussy. I expected her to jump up and scream, but she just let out a small moan and carried on sucking.I didn’t know if she thought it was me but she was enjoying what he was doing all the same.I could hear his fingers going in and out of her wet pussy which got me so hot.I thought wow I may as well go for broke and told the guy to open the door. My girlfriend looked round to see who I had talked to and saw this strange guy with a hard cock right behind her! She looked back at me, and I told her, let him. She had a naughty look on her face and went straight back to sucking me. I took this as an ok, so I told the guy to fuck her. He got straight up behind her and slid his cock into her sopping pussy.He fucked her hard and fast and her groaning told me she was loving it. She started trembling and I knew she was going to cum. The loud moan she let out told me she had just as the guy did the same. He quickly left the scene and she sat down next to me. I asked her to show me her pussy and was delighted when she opened her legs to show me the guys cum dripping out of it.I started rubbing her clit which made her instantly horny again, so I said do you want more cock? Mmmm yes she replied. I noticed a few guys milling about outside, so I told her to get out and lean over the bonnet of the car! Without hesitation, she got out completely naked except for her heels and bent over the bonnet looking at me through the windshield with a very whorish smile on her face.The guys wasted no time in coming over, and in no time she had a guys cock in her and others touching her pussy and breasts. I played with my own cock whilst watching my normally shy girlfriend behave like a complete slut! They turned her around so she could suck at the same time as being fucked, and she sucked anything that was put in front of her. Old guys young guys, she didn’t care. They used her like the whore she was being and I loved it!The guys took it in turns to fuck her until they had all cum inside her. I couldn’t wait to get her home for my turn! When we arrived at home I took her to our bedroom and told her to lie spread eagled for me whilst I took some photos. Wow, the cum of about eight strangers came poring out of her very red looking pussy, what a great site!I jumped on and added my load in record time as I was so horny.Life has never been the same since that night. She now wears short skirts and revealing tops. And at least once a week she makes me take her back the park as she loves strangers fucking her. She can’t seem to get enough now, which does not bother me as long as I get some lol. She walks round the house naked apart from her heels when my friends come round, and I have even come back to find a few neighbors visiting lolIf you like this story let me know and I will tell you more of our adventures

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