Blast from the Past


It was somewhat chilly, considering that it was supposed to be summer already. The air had a slight bite to it, and I pulled my cardigan from my bag and slipped it over my shoulders as I walked home from the underground station. Suddenly, tingles spread up my spine and I realized someone was walking close to me – turning around I could see the silhouette of a woman barely a metre away.

“Fran?” a voice emitted from the outline, and I saw the shadow of her hip bump out as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other. Who was she, how did she know my name? I licked my lips and felt my mouth get a little dry… something about the way her hip curved in the shadow was doing strange things to my mind.

“Who are you?” I replied, nervously running my fingers over my neck before linking them together and biting my lip.

She laughed, the sound very seductive in the darkness and she took a step closer – “don’t you remember me? I was at school with you, I’m Jenny…”

Jenny… I racked my mind but the only Jenny I could remember was a short, skinny mousy girl who I was partners with in science – this gorgeously curvaceous woman couldn’t be that same Jenny… but now I thought of it, there was something in the sound of her voice that struck a chord in my Biology lesson memories. “Science Jenny?” I asked, just to make certain. Her outlines head bobbed up and down and I heard her chuckle softly, “wow,” I continued, “you sure grew up well!”

Jenny laughed, and reached out to pat my arm – “from what I can see, so did you! Fancy getting a drink to catch up tomorrow? It would be great to know what you’ve been up to…”

I paused for a second, trying to work out if I was right and there was a flirty tone in her voice or if it was just wishful thinking on my part… I wasn’t sure, but I remembered that Jenny had had a relationship with a girl called Charlotte in our final college year so there was a fair chance that I was correct and the bote in her voice was indeed a come one… and, God, I sure hoped it was.

“That sounds lovely,” I replied, injecting a flirty tone into my voice as I moved slightly closer to her, “what time would be good for you?”

She let out a soft sigh that sent shivers down my spine to curl deep within my stomach as she swayed slightly closer to me and I felt her breath on my skin as she exhaled. “I could get to the café down the road here for about 7:30 if that’s any good for you?” Jenny said softly, and I knew for sure that I was not imagining the tender tone in her voice now.

“That sounds lovely,” I murmured back – she was close enough to hear me speaking in such a soft tone. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then…” I moved towards her and kissed her cheek, “I can’t wait to catch up.”

She moved so quickly that I barely realized what she was doing until I felt her soft, full lips on mine, coaxing a response out of my surprised gasp. The kiss lasted barely five seconds, but the feel of her lips was imprinted on my mind and I knew I’d be thinking of her until I saw her the following day. “Just making sure you don’t forget,” she breathed into my ear, one hand stroking my neck as she moved away and walked briskly down the dark road, leaving me staring after her.


The following evening, I was home early and walked through the door at about half past 6, giving me an hour to fidget until I saw Jenny. I decided to put the time to use wisely and commenced on a rather vigorous preening routine. By quarter past 7, my legs were smooth, my eyebrows were Kurtköy Escort no longer overgrown and my hair was in an acceptable state with makeup finished. I knew exactly was I was going to wear, and pulled out a short floral dress with a red cardigan. I was ready to go, and God, I was so nervous it was absurd. Would she still fancy me when we met up, and would my shaved legs be seeing any action? I guess only time would tell. But what if I didn’t recognize her – I’d only seen her in the dark and the memory of yesterday evening was a bit blurry… apart from the kiss, which was in blazing focus.

I walked into the café dead on half past 7 and scanned the room for her, my gaze alighting on a woman leaning against the wall, looking straight at me with a smile on her lips. I ran my eyes over her and my mouth went dry, as my eyes devoured her luscious curves that filled out the red dress she was wearing to perfection. As she moved away from the wall and walked towards me, her hips swayed in perfect time to her steps, raising goosebumps on my arms as I bit my lip, meeting her eye and knowing she’d be able to read what she was doing to me written clear over my face.

“Well, hello,” she said when she neared me, stopping a few centimeters away to scan my face and smile,

“Hey, you,” I replied, moving forward to loop my arms around her waist for a second. “Long time no see, huh?” As I was going to loosen my arms and let her go, she slid her arm around my neck and turned my head to meet hers as her lips came down on mine again, sending fire burning through my body as our breasts pressed into each other and I felt every inch of her gorgeous body pressed against mine. Her mouth opened, leading mine as I slid my tongue inside, running over her bottom lip to delve inside her mouth, her skin so soft beneath my kiss as I pulled her hips closer to mine and ran my fingers over her deliciously curved sides.

The kiss ended way too soon, and I thanked God that the café was almost empty as our lips parted with a soft sound and I rested my mouth against her neck for a moment before disentangling myself. I met her gaze and realized we were both wearing the same foolish grin on our faces as she took my hand and led me to a table in the corner.

“I ordered you a latté, is that okay?” she said, looking at me for confirmation.

“That’s lovely, thanks,” I replied, smiling. “I’ll get you one, next time…”

She grinned at me, sitting down opposite me and taking my hand over the table. “So, tell me – what’s life been like since high school?”

The next couple of hours until closing time (it was late shopping night so the café was open until 9:30) passed so fast, it was like a dream. We talked and talked about anything and everything and every so often, one or other of us would get that look in our eye and lean over the table for a long, gentle kiss before parting and giggling.

Closing time came far too quickly, and as we left the café hand in hand, I turned to Jenny and laced my arms around her neck. “Do you fancy a coffee at mine? It’s just around the corner…” I murmured, my mouth almost touching hers as she smiled into my words.

“That sounds perfect to me,” she replied quietly, kissing me before she finished talking and the remaining words leaking out through our kiss. We walked, hand in hand, down the road and as we got to my door, I took hold of her hips and backed her against the wall. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you for most of the evening, you know,” I whispered into Kurtköy Escort Bayan her ear, leaning against her. Every part of our bodies were tight together as I took her face in my hand and pressed my lips against hers, one hand sliding down her waist to nestle in the curve of her back, pressing her tight against me as I explored her mouth.

Her hands went tight around my waist, and as one slipped lower to rest around my ass I let out a sigh into her mouth as her fingers slid down my legs to stroke the bare skin of my thighs beneath the skirt. I didn’t want to pull away, but I could hear a car rapidly approaching us down the street and I figured it would be best to continue with this inside so I kissed her for a couple more seconds then gently disentangled myself and swung the door open. Grabbing the keys from the lock, I threw them on the table in the hall and turned around to smile at Jenny.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” I joked, taking her hand and leading her into the kitchen. “Coffee or tea? I have juice as well…”

“There’s only one thing I’m thirsty for,” she said softly, taking hold of my other hand and placing them around her neck as she moved closer again and this time backed me up against the kitchen wall, her hand moving straight back to my legs where my skirt had rucked up to reveal an expanse of freshly shaven thigh. I moaned slightly against her mouth as her fingers caressed the sensitive skin of my inner thighs and as she moved her mouth to my neck and gently sucked on my flesh, my eyes closed and my mouth opened to gasp in air as my hand ran through her silky hair. Her hands were moving from my legs to slide the straps of my dress from my shoulders and she pulled me away from the wall momentarily to unzip the dress at the back and slide it off my body to leave me in my cream, lacy underwear.

“Hold on, this isn’t fair…” I murmured to her, moving away to step out of my dress and leave it on the floor. “I was looking forward to undressing you…”

She laughed and held out her arms. “Here I am, honey,” she said softly, “feel free…”

I moved closer to her again and kissed her quickly, open mouthed and intimate as I ran my mouth down her neck and over the opening of her dress between her breasts. “Come with me,” I whispered into her skin, and took her hand. Leaving my dress on the floor, I led her to my bedroom.

As we entered, I stopped her before she sat on the bed and backed her against the wall like she’d done to me – my mouth on her neck again and repeating the motion of sliding my tongue over her breastbone to kiss the tantalizing cleavage that had been teasing me all evening. Her dress buttoned up at the front, so as I undid the first button, the soft sound of fabric parting burnt a pattern in my stomach and I could feel my panties were already sodden with need for her. Her dress was beginning to gape and I could see her breasts, cased in a filmy balcony bra, swelling out from the open fabric and the smooth line of her stomach disappearing behind the dress.

I undid the next button, kissing the triangle of creamy flesh exposed by the parting red fabric, and as the third button quietly popped open, the dress slid down her body and lay in a rippling circle on the floor. I let out a soft sigh against her stomach as I saw her legs were encased in stockings with creamy blue suspenders, matching her bra and panty set. I’d been staring at her legs all evening, not knowing she was wearing stockings, and the knowledge now was such a turn Escort Kadıköy on I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust.

I was on my knees in front of her and her legs were slightly parted as I saw a damp patch on her panties. I gazed up over her wide hips and smooth stomach to see her looking down at me, her eyes lidded and her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her hips moved forwards, spread for me as I moved my head closer to her and kissed the centre of the wetness, running my tongue over the outline of her clit in the damp fabric. She let out a soft moan as I slid my hands between her legs to cup her ass as I licked the outline again, harder and more firmly this time as I used my tongue to move the wet fabric to one side and her pussy came into view, the labia shaved silky smooth as her natural hair grew over her mound. I sighed into her clit and then sucked it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue before letting it free as her hands moved to my head and she gasped out my name.

I stood up, and moved to kiss her, sliding my tongue inside her mouth and letting her taste herself on my lips. As we kissed I took her hands and led her to the bed, sliding down with her on our sides to entwine our legs as I unfastened her bra and then rolled her on to her back as I slid the straps off her shoulders to reveal her full breasts. Her nipples were simply gorgeous, full and pink with erect tips that were just begging for me to tease them with my tongue. I slid my fingers down the sides of them, to cup them in my hands as I traced the outline of the areola with my tongue before sucking the hard peak into my mouth and flickering my tongue around the teat.

Her back arched and she let out a soft cry, pulling away from me to pull me up over her body and kiss me, arching off the bed to slide her hands hungrily down my back to unfasten my bra and slide my panties off in a five second time frame, the bra hung from my shoulders as she pulled the panties off my ankles, moving quickly as the pace picked up and she slid down the bed to part my legs with her hands. She kissed my open pussy, tonguing the hole for a moment as I closed my eyes and bit my lip as the feeling overwhelmed me. But it seemed that more was to come as she slid her tongue over my clit, from the bottom to the top as she nibbled gently on me and swirled her tongue around the hard nub nestling between the lips. My mind blew, and I saw stars behind my closed eyelids as she sucked my clit into her mouth and brushed her teeth against the sensitive skin, “Jenny – Jenny,” I moaned, gasping her name, “hold on, let me turn around…”

She moved her mouth away, pulling off her panties but leaving the stockings on as I swiveled around the bed, grabbing her leg and hooking it over my neck as I breathed in the hot, damp smell of her wet pussy so close to my face. I felt her hands slide over my ass as she buried her tongue deep inside me again, the gentle feeling so intimate that I moaned into her clit as I greedily ran my tongue over the engorged bump and swirled around it. I could feel how close I was to cumming, and as I wriggled my hips and the friction of her tongue on my clit brought me to breaking point, I cried out into her clit, licking and sucking frantically as I slid two fingers deep inside her tight, wet hole and felt her convulse around me as I came in her mouth. The feel and taste of her orgasm sent me spiraling into another world of pleasure as I came again, my head spinning as I felt her damp, beautiful body writhing against me.

We lay there, falling apart in each-others arms for most of the night and the next morning, I woke up to her mouth on my neck and her hand sliding over my stomach to stroke my pussy which was still wet and aching from the night before, and, my God, the day that followed, we didn’t get out of bed once.

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