Blind Obedience, Chapter 11


“I can totally see that in you, Master. If I had been in school with you, I would have followed you too… like a little puppy!” she said.”jewel, my dear, had we met in school we may not be together now at all. It took what we went through to make us appreciate what we have now. Had I not had the pitfalls and stumbles and mistakes I made, I wouldn’t know just what a treasure you are. You don’t how good it is to be full unless you’ve been hungry a time or two.””Well, I am sorry that you had to go through all you did to get here, but I am so glad you arrived. And now that you have, Master, I am going to do my very best to make sure the trip was worth it. I want to be all you want and all you need. I want to be your perfect submissive and your perfect fuckslut.” That seemed to me to be a perfect exit, so I waved the waitress down and asked for the check. While we waited, we finished our wine and when the check came, I walked with jewel up to the cashier’s station and paid for our meal.We left the restaurant and I helped her into the car, seating her and then walking around and getting into my seat. We started off towards my house, but it was still a little early.”jewel, do you need to get home right away? It’s still early and I was thinking of grabbing some dessert,” I said.”No, I don’t have to get home at any particular time. I don’t have to work tomorrow and I love being with you, Master. Dessert sounds wonderful!””Good,” I said and headed to where I was planning on going. A few minutes later, I turned off the road onto a dirt road. “Where are we going, Master? I don’t remember any dirt road,” she said, feeling the road get bumpier.”We are going to get dessert. Just relax, we’re almost there,” I answered. A couple of minutes later, we pulled into the parking area next to this pretty little lake that I knew of.”Where are we, Master?” jewel asked.”This is Cordero Lake. I like coming here It’s peaceful and not very crowded. In fact, we are all alone here as far as I can see.””But I thought you wanted dessert?” she said.”Oh but I do, dear, and from what I see, it’s going to be delicious!” almanbahis şikayet I said, bringing her hand up to my lips and kissing it.”Oh Master, you are incorrigible!” she giggled.I didn’t answer her, I just got out of the car and came around to her side. I opened the door and helped her stand up. Then I walked her around to the back of the car. When I turned her to face the back of the car and started to bend her over the trunk lid, she stopped me.”W-what are you doing, Master? What if someone sees us?” she said, uneasy.”jewel, I already told you that we were alone here. There’s no one here but the two of us. I wouldn’t be doing this if there were others around.”Do you remember me telling you that I would never endanger your job? And that my number one job is to protect you? Well, that protection includes protecting your reputation, jewel. I would not attempt anything sexual or immoral if we were in plain view of others,” I said.”Yes, Master. I am sorry I questioned you. I should know that you would not try anything if there were others that could see us. I’m sorry I didn’t trust your judgment,” she said.”It is all right, my treasure. Trust is something that is built up over time and we haven’t been together all that long. You will learn to trust me, my dear, in time. The more we are together in different situations you will learn that I will do everything I can to protect you in all ways.””Yes, Master. I will try to learn to trust you. I am sorry I doubted you.””Don’t worry about it, jewel. It’s only natural for you to want to protect yourself. But you don’t have to – that’s my job and my responsibility. Your job is just to please me. You let me worry about your reputation and protecting it.””Yes, Master. Master… can we have ‘dessert’ now?” she asked. I smiled. Such a good girl. I turned her back around to face the back of the car again and bent her over the trunk lid. This time she stayed where I put her and I tapped the insides of her legs. “Spread those legs for me, slut.”She spread her legs wider than her shoulders and I pushed her dress up over her hips, almanbahis canlı casino baring her ass. “Ohhh…” she moaned as she felt the cool breeze blowing over her naked ass.”Don’t worry, my dirty little slut, you will forget all about the cool air on your ass in a few moments!” I said.I rubbed her ass cheeks to warm them up a little. I swatted them a couple of times each, not hard, just enough to warm them a bit more. Then my hand slipped down and I began rubbing her pussy lips. I didn’t go into her yet, I wanted to toy with her a bit first. Her response was not long in coming. “Ohhh God, Master… oh, I love your hands on me…” she moaned. I felt her pussy gush almost as soon as I touched her and the wetness became apparent right away.”You must love it, slut, look you are already sopping wet. Were you expecting this, or are you just naturally a dripping, drooling slut?” I asked as my hand kept rubbing over her slick, soaked pussy.”Ohhh…Masssterrr…” she moaned as her hips starting to rotate and grind on my hand. My hand rubbed hard over her drooling pussy and she rode my hand for all it was worth. I looked up to see her long fingernails scratching and clawing at my trunk lid as she tried to find a purchase to hold on to something. Suddenly, I shoved two fingers deep into that warm wet hole and they slid in so slickly she didn’t respond for a second while her mind was trying to figure out what was different. Then she realized what had happened.”Oh fuck, Master! Oh, yes… yes… fuck my dirty pussy with your fingers! Ohhh, fuuuck!” she moaned. She raised up on her tiptoes as if that would help me get my fingers deeper in her. I furiously pumped in and out of her pussy as she moaned long and loud, not caring anymore if anyone heard her or not. She was lost in her own lust and nothing mattered anymore except what was happening between her legs. I watched as my girl got more and more aroused and heated. Her legs had begun to shake from the strain of trying to hold her up; she had rocked back down flat-footed again, her legs unable to hold her up on her tiptoes almanbahis casino any longer. Pussy juices ran down the insides of her legs in tiny rivulets leaving shiny trails on her terra-cotta skin.Just when I thought she might be getting close to cumming I stopped and pulled my fingers out of her. She lay there on the trunk of my car, panting, with barely enough strength to hold herself up.I stood up behind her and gave her only a couple of seconds to catch a breath or two. Then I started the second phase of “dessert!”SMACK!SMACK! Two quick sharp slaps to her upturned ass cheeks to start with.”Now…”SMACK!”Hold…”SMACK!”That…”SMACK!”Ass…”SMACK!”Open!” I said, smacking her ass cheek with every word, alternating sides so both would feel my hand.jewel screeched as the blows landed on her upturned ass and her hands flew back to her ass. She pulled her asscheek wide apart just as I directed. I saw my target and aimed my cock at the wet pink hole.I lunged forward burying my entire length into her in one swift, slick motion and my hips slammed into her ass pushing her forward a couple of inches and pinning her tight against the back of the car.Once I was inside her, I scooped up both her wrists and, bending them behind her back, held both wrists firmly in place with one hand. With the other, I reached forward and grabbed a huge handful of her jet black hair and, twirling it around my hand, hauled her head back. jewel hardly had time to take more than a breath or two before I was balls deep in her pussy, her hands pinned behind her and her head pulled back. “Aaah… Master!” she cried as I began pounding in and out of her. I fucked her hard and deep and fast as if I was trying to drill a hole through her. Fortunately, the back of my car was pretty flat and smooth with no hard angles so my powerful thrusting wouldn’t hurt her. My cock pistoned in and out of her like a deranged oil rig drilling for crude. She writhed and squirmed as much as should could which wasn’t much since I had her pinned to the car with my legs and hips, my hand held her wrists behind her back, and her head was still pulled back as I fucked her. Although you may think that sounds uncomfortable as hell, jewel was loving my domination. She moaned and grunted as my piledriver cock split her like kindling, her pussy slobbering as my cock slid in and out.

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