Bob and Sara

Big Tits

I have had a fairly successful sex life, which has only fueled my desire for more and more variety as I age. While I don’t consider myself as bi, I have had some experiences that would say to you that I am. I had a one-way experience with a guy that just wanted to suck and get fucked. I came twice. I didn’t have any regrets of that encounter. My next was with a trans-woman. We sucked each other in a sixty-nine until I came in her mouth. I didn’t regret that encounter either, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t pay either of them back, which leads me to now.

One very prominent fantasy involved a three way with a couple including a bi male. I had been looking off and on for years, but I didn’t have any luck finding a couple until I came across Bob and Sara. They were a few years older than me and I’m 59. I read their ad and found that they were interested in just about everything that I was. We messaged each other and shared or interests and desires. This went on for several weeks and provided for some intense jerk off sessions for me. Finally we agreed to meet for drinks.

We met at an outdoor bar on the oceanfront. Sara looked lovely, dressed almost if she had been playing a tennis match. A short skirt that showed off shapely legs and a low cut cotton top that displayed her ample cleavage. Bob was dressed similarly to me, with shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. They were both shorter than me and fit with Bob at about 5’8″ and Sara about 5’4″. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and he gave me a firm handshake.

We ordered an appetizer and a round of rumrunners. The conversation was light and comfortable. Sara was engaging and every time she laughed, she leaned forward showing off her assets. Bob seemed to have a gleam in his eye when looking directly at me. We all knew where the conversation was leading and everyone seemed eager to move forward. After a second round, Sara invited me to join them at their nearby condo.

Bob popped into the kitchen to make us another round of drinks and Sara walked right up to me and hugged me tightly. Her breasts felt incredible pressed against me. I leaned down and began kissing her. She enthusiastically returned the kiss. She alternated between having her tongue completely in my mouth to her sucking mine in her mouth almost to the point of pain. One of her hands was massaging istanbul travesti my hardening cock while the other was squeezing my ass. I took her shirt and bra off before Bob ever returned. Her tits were magnificent and I went after them, sucking and nibbling on her sensitive nipples.

When Bob returned he said something I didn’t quite hear. He stepped beside us and began rubbing both of our backs and butts. I moved to Sara’s left breast and he began sucking the right. She was enjoying the attention and she began unbuckling my belt. As soon as my zipper was down she thrust both hands in my underwear and started playing with my cock and balls. She looked up at me with glassy eyes and said: “bedroom”.

As we walked into the bedroom all of us were dropping our clothes as we neared the bed. Sara sat in the middle of the bed with her legs spread. She had a lovely pussy that was freshly shaved. I dove in face first and began to lick her deeply. The taste was light and enticing. After sticking my tongue in her pussy as far as possible about 6 times, I backed out and began lick all around her hole, intentionally avoiding her very prominent clit. This left her squirming trying to get it in my mouth. It was easily the largest clit I had ever seen and it was very erect.

I felt the bed shift and I knew that Bob had joined us. He leaned over to suck her nipple and he began to rub my back. When she moaned and squeezed her other nipple, I zeroed in on her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and it seemed to swell even larger. I rapidly flicked my tongue a cross the tip and I felt her thighs tighten around my head. She began to shudder and thrash around, squealing as she came. Bob reached under me and began to stroke my cock. I was so hard I thought it might burst.

I rolled over to my back for a breather and Bob quickly swallowed my 7 inches. He knew what he was doing, licking the right spots and alternately swallowing all of me. He started fondling my balls as he settled into a pace of long, deep strokes with his mouth. Sara was starting to recover and she rolled over to me and began kissing me again. When she kissed her way down to my nipples, I lost control. My hips lifted off the bed as I began pumping cum into his eager mouth. He kept sucking until I could take no more. I had to ask him to stop.

While I was coming istanbul travestileri back to Earth, Sara began sucking Bob’s dick. He wasn’t as long as me, but he was actually thicker. I guess he was about 5 inches long and thick enough that Sara’s small hands couldn’t fit all the way around it. I joined her in between his legs and started by kissing her cheek and the corner of her mouth. She took his cock out of her mouth and kissed me deeply. I could taste his pre-cum in her mouth. While we kissed, she kept his dick right at our faces and even started to rub it where our mouths met. She put a hand on the back of my head and when she stopped kissing me, she pushed me towards his cock. Frankly, I didn’t need the push, but it was fun to see her so excited.

I was eager to return the favor to Bob. Because of my prior experiences a fantasy was to suck a dick to completion. I always wished that I could reciprocate with my prior encounters. I like the taste of my own cum and I have always been curious to get it directly from someone else.

As Sara pushed me onto his cock, I felt my own start to stir. I took my time with Bob, licking, sucking, stroking, I even sucked his shaved balls into my mouth while stroking him. Sara moved up and placed her pussy on Bob’s mouth, facing me so she could watch. He was dripping pre-cum by the time I went back to sucking him. I settled into a steady pace going as deep as I could, and I could tell that my efforts were working. He was moaning steadily but was muffled by the pussy on his mouth. I had his cock and balls very wet, and when I could tell he was getting there, I slipped a wet finger into his ass. I pushed until I could feel his prostate and I started rubbing it in circles. He came suddenly, erupting into my mouth. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth. I could feel his ass spasm on my finger in time with his spurts. I swallowed as best I could with his dick deep in my mouth, but some leaked out of the corners. Sara leaned down and helped me clean it all up. One of my fantasies was complete and I had never been hornier. We kissed deeply, sharing his cum.

Sara got off of Bob and turned her ass toward me and asked me to fuck her. I couldn’t wait. I grabbed her hips and lined my cock up with her eager gash. I rubbed it around for a second before pushing in. She was very wet, and travesti istanbul surprisingly tight. She had good muscle control and squeezed me on the outstrokes. It was like she didn’t want to let me out. I varied my pace with long slow strokes and then faster shorter strokes. Bob crawled under her and started to lick her clit and my shaft. She went after the cock now in front of her face. As we all settled into a rhythm, I began rubbing my thumb around and into her ass. This really set her off and she moaned around Bob’s cock. It wasn’t long before her legs started shaking and she had a loud orgasm even with Bob in her mouth.

Soon after, she pushed me away and told me to get the lube from the nightstand. While I was doing that, she mounted Bob. Looking over her shoulder at me, she told me to put it in her ass and fuck her good. Another fantasy about to come true. I had several MFM threesomes before, but I never got to try a DP. As I approached her ass, I took a moment to fondle Bob’s balls again. I lubed up her ass and positioned the head at her opening. There was a little resistance and then the head popped in. I started going a little deeper on each stroke until I was balls deep in her. It took a minute for us to get a rhythm going, but soon I would pull out as Bob pushed in from below. I could feel his cock rubbing up against mine through the thin membrane. It felt great! Soon she had us stop so that she could control the pace. She was moving back and forth, with Bob and I moving in and out in unison. She was going crazy as she did this saying how full she felt and how stretched out she was. As she crested, I reached around and started playing with her clit and she exploded. Bob climaxed with her. I could feel his dick throbbing against mine as he came.

When Sara rolled off of him, she left me waving in the air. Bob pulled his legs back and told me to fuck him. I slid into him easily and he put his ankles on my shoulders. Then he grabbed my hips on both sides and pulled me all the way in. I loved looking down and seeing my dick disappear under his balls. I fucked him with maybe twenty good strokes before I started to lose control. Sara could tell and kissed me and played with one of my nipples. That pushed me over the edge. I came hard for the last time that day. We ended up in a pile of flesh in the middle of the bed. I was still in Bob and slowly slid out as I softened.

Sara brought us all warm towels to clean up with and we all agreed that this was special and should be repeated. We made plans for the following Saturday. I wonder if Sara would like to meet Theresa…

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