Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 04


INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Richie and Troy had hoped that their body swap would just last 24 hours, but when they awaken on Saturday morning they are still stuck in each other’s bodies.

Now they have to pretend to be each other for another day. Nerd Richie has to babysit Troy’s niece and nephew for his older sister Kaley he has never met, watch Troy’s arrogant younger brother Justin play soccer, play high level Australian Rules football against a rough team from a very bad area, this preceding an evening at the movies with his sister Dakota. Bumbling jock Troy has to masquerade as Richie when spending the day with a branch of Richie’s family he has hardly met, with Richie’s uncle a stern and highly suspicious judge. What could possibly go wrong?

Please enjoy this hilarious Chapter 4 of ‘Body Swap With Sister’s Boyfriend’ as Richie and Troy mess up time and time again while stuck in each other’s bodies. All characters and situations are fictional with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 and over are involved in any sexual situations. Also note that this story has bathroom humor which may not to be every reader’s taste. Please enjoy Chapter 4 of this series, look for Chapter 5 coming soon and rate and comment.


Richie lifted the covers off him to examine the damage his erotic dream had done. Fortunately there was no jizz on the sheets, but Troy’s boxer shorts were filled with the sticky white substance, semen in copious amounts all over his cock and balls. The smell of cum was very noticeable in the bedroom.

Getting out of bed, Richie told himself that he hadn’t had the wet dream over his sister, he was in Troy’s body therefore Troy had had the wet dream, but he did not truly believe this. And how in the fuck was he going to clean up this mess?

It was still dark outside, so hopefully he might be the first awake. Richie hastily grabbed one of Troy’s tee-shirts, a pair of his shorts and a pair of his undies out of the drawer, and raced into the bathroom, slamming and closing the door behind himself.

Taking off his boxer shorts, Richie looked at the massive white stains. He grabbed a handful of tissues and cleaned the sticky white cum away from his cock, then rinsed out the boxer shorts and dressed. It would look highly suspicious if he just hung out the boxer shorts and boxer shorts alone to dry. Hoping Troy had a lot of laundry to do Richie made his way back to the bedroom. Noticing that the smell of jizz was still there, Richie sprayed some deodorant around and looked for Troy’s clothes hamper. For once he was in luck – there was about a week’s worth of laundry.

Carrying the hamper to the laundry, Richie puzzled over the washing machine at first as it was a different make to the one at his house, Richie was able to get it working and put Troy’s clothes into the machine, glad he had been able to cover up the evidence of his wet dream. However, he could not cover up the fact that he had had the wet dream over his own sister, albeit in very peculiar circumstances.

Standing by the washing machine, Richie heard a sound that was becoming all too familiar, the Turner family dog growling at him.

“Hi um Sam, nice dog, good dog.” Richie smiled at the dog, but as with everything he did Sam took this as an act of provocation, baring his teeth and snarling.

“Fuck Troy, what have you done to piss off Sam?” Justin asked, the teenager appearing in the doorway still waking up.

“I um, haven’t done anything,” said Richie.

“What are you doing the washing for at this hour apart from waking everyone else up?” Justin asked. He grinned. “Did you wet the bed or something?”

“No!” Richie’s response was quick and defensive, and Justin laughed.

“I bet you did. Or were you and Dakota’s brother out in the park before dawn again this morning – or wherever it is child molesters like to hang out – and get covered in dirt?”

“Haven’t you got something productive you should be doing, Justin?” Richie knew this arrogant shit of a kid from school and he was insufferable enough there. Having to pretend to be his brother was a real challenge, although nowhere near as bad as having to pretend to be his own sister’s boyfriend.

“Yeah, in a few hours’ time I’ll be helping the Dolphins kick the Taipans’ butts,” said Justin. “Then I’ll be watching the Crocodiles kicking the Roosters’ asses from here to Darwin.”

“I wouldn’t be too confident, Justin,” said Richie.

“Yeah, I would, and the Crocodiles will kick your butt hardest, Troy.”

This was probably quite true, but Richie said nothing more and Justin went on his way, the dog following the younger boy but glaring at Richie to indicate that it clearly had him in its sights and one false move would result in the dog fucking him up big time.

The Turner family were all early risers and soon they were up and about. All of the heavy cloud cover over South Queensland had gone, and residents of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other regions Ankara escort in this area of the state were waking up to a warm and sunny Saturday. Taking Troy’s laundry out of the machine to hang it out to dry, Richie wondered what the real Troy was up to back at the Mitchell house.


With a busy day for all family members, the Mitchell family were also up and about early. Troy, not surprisingly given his huge dose of Game of Thrones the night before, had enjoyed dreams of being in a medieval fantasy world. Dakota had been in Troy’s fantasy world too, dressed in medieval clothes with this causing Troy to awaken with an erection, and while dangerously close to a wet dream awoke a minute or so before this would happen.

Troy considered jerking off, but then thought better of it and abandoned the plan, letting his erection subside. Not that it was a much of erection, fully hard Richie’s cock was smaller than Troy’s when Troy had been swimming in the ocean in the middle of July. His erection was gone, but he was still horny for Dakota given she was just a short way down the hallway.

Getting out of bed to get a glass of water, Troy was in time to see Dakota go past. The tall blonde was barefoot and wearing an oversize tee-shirt over panties, her hair hanging loose. Troy admired Dakota’s pretty bare feet and long legs, but she did not notice him, heading for the shower before work.

Dakota could feel she had a wedgie and reached under her tee-shirt to correct this, Troy’s eyes bulging at the wonderful sight of her white knickers with pink flowers, Dakota pulling her panty elastic out of her butt before going into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind herself.

The sight of Dakota’s teen panties saw Troy’s erection return in seconds. He took stock of his surroundings. Doctor Mitchell had gone out for a walk to get the newspaper, and Mrs. Mitchell was tending to pot plants on the back patio. Troy heard Dakota turn on the shower, and knew this was his chance to do something to relieve his desires.

Slipping un-noticed into Dakota’s bedroom, Troy’s trembling hands opened her clothes hamper and he struck gold straight away. A pair of Dakota’s white knickers – the panties she had worn the day before – were lying on top of the rest of her clothes. Picking up Dakota’s dirty panties, Troy could see the feminine stains his girlfriend’s vagina had left on the double cotton saddle.

Lifting Dakota’s knickers to his nose, Troy took a sniff of the creamy stains that her cunt had made during Friday and his erection rose higher as his nose inhaled the musty feminine smells from her pussy. This wasn’t the first time he had smelled Dakota’s knickers, she was pretty kinky in bed and liked Troy to smell her pants in front of her while she jerked him off, but the secrecy of this panty sniffing voyeurism was a new feeling and drove Troy wild.

Along the hallway under the shower head, Dakota was rinsing the soap off her perfect teenage body and gave her box a final rinse. Turning off the shower, Dakota stepped out and dried herself then picked up her white floral panties, holding them out and stepping her bare feet into them, pulling them up and adjusting them around her pussy.

Dakota’s D-cup breasts were soon restrained by her bra, and now it was time to put on her work clothes. Dakota’s part time job was working at a shop that served healthy snacks, yoghurt, juices and smoothies and had a uniform – a green polo shirt and peaked cap and black shorts, with Dakota proceeding to put on her shirt and shorts.

She stood barefoot in front of the mirror brushing her long blonde tresses, but rather than tie her hair back into the high pony tail she usually chose, today she went for a different style – loose pigtails. Dakota put on a pair of white sneakers and white ankle socks then her peaked cap, then carrying the over-sized tee-shirt she had slept in returned to her bedroom.

The bedroom was empty of course. As soon as Troy had heard her turn off the shower and Jodie finish watering the pot-plants, the pervy panty sniffer had quickly returned his girlfriend’s undies to her dirty clothes hamper and beat a hasty retreat to Richie’s bedroom. While not the brightest boy on the planet, Troy knew that getting busted smelling Dakota’s knickers while in his own body would have been bad enough, but while occupying the body of her brother would have made things 1000 times worse.

Troy watched Dakota passed by and his mouth watered. He loved Dakota in her Catholic school uniform but almost as much he loved her wearing her work uniform, it looked so cute on her especially with her hair in pigtails and wearing a peaked cap. With the smell of Dakota’s cunt in his nose thanks to sniffing her dirty panties and Troy wishing he could smell the real thing, and seeing Dakota in her work uniform Troy’s erection was getting harder by the second, and there was only one solution.

Getting a pair of Richie’s shorts, tee-shirt and undies, Richie held them in front of his groin area and raced for the bathroom. Ankara escort bayan Naked and under the warm water of the shower, Troy took hold of his – or to be technically correct Richie’s – erect but still very small penis in his hand and jerked off. But what Richie’s penis lacked for in size, it certainly did its job and Troy ejaculated heaps of sticky white cum when he reached orgasm in less than two minutes. Some semen sprayed onto the white tiles and Troy had to get the shower attachment down and wash it off, leaving no evidence of his morning masturbations.


Troy was not the only teenager up to secret sexual shenanigans in the Mitchell house. In her bedroom Dakota was aware how much her boyfriend loved her work uniform, and decided to give him a treat. Pulling her shorts down to her knees and her pretty white panties with pink flowers to her thighs, Dakota positioned herself so she was standing with her back to the mirror and took a selfie, perfectly capturing her pussy and her bare bottom in the mirror.

Satisfied with the result, Dakota pulled up and adjusted her knickers and her shorts and sent a message to Troy, saying she would see him at around lunchtime, attaching her latest sexy selfie.


Richie was sitting in the lounge room of the Turner house, the family dog Sam watching him closely making sure that this imposter did not do anything that the dog disapproved of. Jim Turner and his son-in-law Dwayne had already headed out. They were not doing any landscaping work today, but needed to measure up and quote on a job for a client. Justin to Richie’s relief was also out, Troy’s younger brother going to see a friend from his soccer team, before going to the game with his friend and family.

Barbara was about to go out to do the shopping, and her Liverpool accent filled the house. “I’m just going to collect your Nan and go shopping, Troy. Kaley and the kids should be over soon.”

“Okay, see you soon Mum,” Richie called back, getting Dakota’s message and opening it.

As soon as he did so, his eyes went wide and to his great dismay his cock hard at the sight of yet another sexy selfie from his semi-nude sister, this time in her work uniform with her shorts and knickers down, shamelessly showing off her snatch and her bare bum reflected in the mirror. With fumbling fingers, all Richie could do was message Dakota back to say how much he liked her photo and work on losing his latest erection caused by his troublesome twin.

As soon as Barbara backed her car down the driveway and drove away, Richie took Troy’s phone and went to face-time Troy, with Troy answering and Richie seeing his own face appear on the screen.

“You okay to speak?” Richie asked.

Troy nodded. “Yeah, I’ll just go outside.”

“Well, we didn’t change back overnight,” said Richie. “So I guess we’re stuck as each other again for today. Enjoy your day out on the boat, but remember be careful, don’t say or do anything that gives you away.”

“Good luck playing football,” said Troy. “And enjoy your movie.”

“Movie? Oh that’s right, the movie with Dakota after football.”

“Yeah, it’s supposed to be really scary. Anyway I’ve got to go, your Dad just came around the corner. Bye.”

Troy terminated the call, but Doug Mitchell was close enough to hear his son say to whoever was on the phone that ‘their Dad was coming around the corner’. He watched his son go inside, wondering what was wrong with his son these last few days. Even with his friends last night, Richie had been acting odd.

Several miles away, the real Richie contemplated his fear of playing the Crocodiles in the afternoon and the scary reality of another date with his sister in the evening. A group date with Dakota’s friends and their boyfriends last night was weird enough – strange enough for Richie to have a wet dream over his sister – but what would happen when they were one on one was terrifying. Even more terrifying than the Staffordshire bull terrier that was following Richie around growling.


Troy went inside and encountered the cat, which arched her back and hissed at him, baring her sharp white teeth. Dakota passed by in time to see the cat’s aggressive response to her brother.

“What did you do to upset Coco, Richie?” she asked accusingly.

“Um, nothing, Dakota,” said Troy, his mouth watering at Dakota in her work uniform. Even her green peaked cap was hot, especially with her pigtails.

“Just don’t go upsetting Uncle Gary and Aunty Cheryl’s cats as well,” said Dakota, she and Troy making their way to the kitchen, Troy discretely following Dakota so he could perve on her bum and her visible panty lines through her shorts.

The kitchen was empty, with both parents having finished their toast and coffee and now in their bedroom, packing their small overnight bags for their respective trips away.

“Give my regards to Karen, Chris and the kids,” said Doug, as his wife put fresh underwear into her bag.

Jodie nodded. “I will. It should be nice and relaxing up there Escort Ankara at Noosa helping them with the horses. You have a good time with Richie. How is Richie this morning, by the way? I haven’t seen him yet.”

“He’s acting so weird these last few days,” said Doug. “Last night he was acting pretty odd with his friends, I think Chad and Lachlan were glad to leave. This morning I heard him talking to God only knows who on his phone, telling them that their Dad was coming around the corner, but I was the only one there. It couldn’t have been Dakota he was talking to obviously. How is Dakota by the way? I haven’t seen her this morning.”

“Dakota is Dakota as usual,” sighed Jodie. “She never changes. Maybe a day out on Gary’s boat will be good for Richie?”

“I hope so,” said Doug. “But it might be a long drive down there if Richie continues acting the way he has lately.”

“Perhaps you can take Troy with you?” Jodie laughed.

Doug grimaced. “Don’t even suggest it. Maybe there’s a virus going around that only affects boys? Troy’s been acting pretty odd too, lately. Well, odder than usual.”

The parents returned to the kitchen where the kids were getting breakfast. Doug and Jodie’s eyes went wide at the sight of their ‘son’. He was enjoying a bowl of cereal but seemed to have somehow lost all table manners overnight, shoveling down one spoonful after another, chewing with his mouth wide open and milk running down his face. Doug and Jodie exchanged a glance. Richie never usually ate like this.

Dakota, herself munching on an apple, noticed and said sarcastically, “Are you sure you have enough cereal in your mouth at one time Richie?”

“Yeah, good thanks,” said Troy, completely tuned out and staring vacantly at the wall like a space cadet and completely missing Dakota’s catty comment.

“I’ve got to get ready to go to work,” said Dakota. “Bye Richie, Mum and Dad. Have good weekends and I’ll see you back tomorrow morning?”

Jodie followed her daughter down the hallway. “Remember what I told you about tonight, young lady.”

“Like I could forget,” grumbled Dakota, the young girl making her way to her bedroom thinking about the fun that she and her boyfriend would get up to tonight with her parents and brother both away for the night.

In the kitchen, Troy finished his cereal and gave his bowl a wash.

“Richie, have you packed your overnight bag? We’re leaving soon,” said Doug.

“Just doing it, Doc – I mean Dad,” said Troy, his mistake with his name again rousing Doug Mitchell’s suspicions about what was going on with his son. Had Richie started smoking marijuana or taking LSD in these last few days?

Troy threw some clothes into Richie’s backpack and was about to leave when he saw Dakota walk by carrying her purse. But rather than make for the front door, she made a detour to the laundry and Troy heard her close and lock the toilet door.

It occurred to Troy that Dakota would soon have her shorts and knickers down and given how hot she was and that they couldn’t have sex for God only knew how long, Troy could not resist sneaking closer to the toilet and listening to the splashing, tinkling sounds of Dakota having a piss.

Behind the toilet door, Dakota’s tall figure was indeed sitting on the toilet urinating with her shorts and her knickers around her ankles, a long stream of yellow pee coming out of her urethra and going into the toilet water, her bald pussy getting wet with urine.

Troy continued to listen to Dakota peeing and his erection grew at the sound which never seemed to end. Had Dakota drunk a whole six pack of beer? Finally though, in the toilet Dakota’s urine stream slowed down and turned to large splashes then droplets, before abating altogether and leaving the teenager sitting on the loo with a wet pussy.

Dakota unwound three sheets of toilet tissue from the roll and applied them to her box, drying all the urine from her wet vulva and disposing of the used paper into the bowl. Now finished apart from her vagina emitting a small pussy fart, Dakota stood up and flushed the loo, the clear water flushing away the yellow water from Dakota’s massive piss. The teenager pulled up first her knickers and then her shorts, adjusted them in place around her crotch and left the bathroom, pausing only to wash her hands.

Troy, still loitering around the corner, did not catch Dakota’s attention as she went by. Troy knew that sometimes when he had been to the toilet after Dakota had been for a pee that he could smell her pussy afterwards. It wasn’t a strong smell of course and he had to sniff hard to detect it, but there was a pussy smell nonetheless. It obviously only worked if she had just urinated, if Dakota had moved her bowels or farted during her visit to the toilet then those unpleasant smells would be the ones to linger but on this occasion Troy knew she hadn’t pooped, and he hadn’t heard her fart either so with his erection growing, Troy made his way to the toilet and closed and locked the door.

Bending down, Troy sniffed the air around the toilet seat and was rewarded as the slight female odor from his girlfriend’s pussy entered his nostrils. As Troy thought about how great Dakota’s vagina looked, felt and smelled the voice of Doug cut into his thoughts.

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