Bottom Bitch


I’m the bottom bitch,who loves the BBC,that she fucks me with,very faithfully.On a daily basis,she pulls my panties down,and removes my plug,before she goes to town.As sexy as can be,and completely dressed,she Elvankent Escort drills my cuckold hole,better than the rest.16 inches long,11 Beşevler Escort inches wide,she has the biggest cock,and the wildest ride.My Cebeci Escort toes curl as she fucks,and I squeal like a pig.The lady takes no prisoners -for her BBC’s so big.Down to her black balls,I slip and slide all night,until I cum hands free,boy pussy wet and tight.When she hits my prostrate,my little cock leaks cum,soft inside its cage,BBC deep in my bum.Cuck cum fills a bowl,I lick up with my tongue,that my HOT WIFE says,keeps a cuckold young -with a fine complexion,like a pretty boys or girls.I’m her bottom bitch.She’s my Hot Wife and My World.

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