Brainy to Barbie: Sandra Ch. 05

Big Tits

Months past in tranquility in Jenny’s apartment. Sandra, who was being fucked on the regular, lost what little extra weight she had, forcing her breasts to become even more pronounced. Men grew more and more addicted to her, but she fell more in love with Jenny in their place. Sandra hardly left the apartment, she had everything she needed to satisfy her growing sexual urges. She worked from home and pulled in good sums of money, at least as far as Jenny told her.

Every night they would cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms, it was their promise. After every day, no matter what happened, jenny promised to be there for Sandra. Whereas when they first met Jenny seemed like the hot fun one, Sandra now found her a little too serious and reserved. She felt it was her responsibility to make sure Jenny was comfortable and protected. In fact, Sandra supplied Jenny with style tips now, since she was up on all the latest fashions. Whatever she wanted, Jenny materialized for her, no matter what. Sandra’s intelligence, when applied to her sexuality, produced incredible financial and aesthetic results. If she did leave the apartment, she would be flirted with incessantly.

Jenny, who had been less than honest about Sandra’s returns, decided to reward her by taking her on a spa vacation in a nearby town. Sandra was delighted. She had never been to a spa. She felt that she needed to relax after the recent spat she had with her parents and with the school administration. Jenny promised that she would get a massage too.

For their spa day, they indulged hatay escort in every pool, sauna and delight available. Their jaw-dropping looks caused a stir wherever they went. Even the masseurs were taken aback by their combined beauty. The two women looked out together at the sunset from the vantage of a warm infinity pool.

“Wow, what an amazing day,” enthused Sandra as she collapsed onto bed beside Jenny.

“Do you feel relaxed?”

“I feel so good. Thank you so much.”

“It gets better.”


“Yep, why don’t you put on a little make-up and cuddle me for a while?”

“Oh, that kind of better.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

As Sandra nodded off in Jenny’s embrace, they heard a knock at the door.

“They’re here, look alive.”

“Who’s here?”

“Hey Jenny,” one of the men said as they entered. A small crowd of tall, strong men came in to the room, towering over Sandra as Jenny greeted them.

“Is this her?”

“Yes, she’s all yours.”


Jenny sat back on a chair as the men began to undress. Sandra looked at her expectantly.

“Don’t worry sweetie, these guys are from a big hockey team. They’re all clean and won’t give you any trouble. DO it for me, k?”

Sandra nodded. She was a bit overwhelmed by their presence, but her pussy was on fire. On some level she felt that her evening with Jenny was ruined, but she knew how much pleasing men pleased Jenny. Perhaps she liked to watch?

Without much warning, the men took hold of Jenny and pushed her to her knees escort hatay below them. She started servicing their cocks as she practiced. She found it difficult to care for each one in time, but she could sense their desire. She tried to treat each one very special to please Jenny. She looked up and smiled at them, making the faces she learned from her work.

Before she knew it, the men had arranged her on the bed so that they could use all her holes at once. This was the first time she had ever tried anal, but she did it for Jenny. She could tell the men loved it. Her body was flush with excitement. They used her brutally, but she could hardly feel it as she was so aroused. It felt so good to not have to give any effort and receive so much in return.

Some men came inside her quickly and changed out for the others. Jenny watched with glee. Sandra was performing perfectly; she fulfilled every man’s desire once after the other as they clutched at her young supple flesh. Sandra wasn’t aware of it, but she was moaning loudly. She could feel her pussy throbbing from the intensity of the experience. She felt powerless before these men whose strength was apparent from their cocks and hands. Yet, she felt incredibly safe. Her lover was only a few meters away making sure that nothing happened. On some level, she knew that the men had a base level of respect for her as they weren’t brutal and had no desire to cause her pain. They didn’t want to humiliate her or call her names, they simply wanted to fill her up with heir cocks and blow hatay escort bayan off some steam. In a way, their strength assured that no one would be able to hurt her if they tried. Before long, one man remained, and he flipped Sandra over on the bed and fucked her ruthlessly from behind. Sandra was so blissed out she drooled and moaned on the bed. Some of the men remarked how good she was, what a slut she was and how much she loved it. Some of them who stayed in the room cheered him on as he focused on getting off inside her. After several grunts and cries, the men let out the final load of the night. Shortly after, they left.

On the bed, Jenny pet Sandra and congratulated her. Sandra explained how tired she was and how much she loved Jenny before climbing into bed and falling asleep.

The next morning before leaving for home Jenny told Sandra she had an important question for her.

“So, last night was amazing and all the guys loved it. I don’t know if you follow hockey, but they have a big tournament coming up far away and they want us to come with them.”

“Oh, I don’t know. It sounds expensive.”

“Don’t worry it’s all paid for.”

“Is it just those guys? I’m kind of scared.”

“Don’t be, it’s going to be great. You’ll be great. You’re a star!”


“Oh yeah, they loved it so much. You’re going to be famous.”

“Wow, I’d love that.”

“Ok, it’s settled then. There’s a jet waiting for us.”

“What about our clothes?”

“Don’t worry, they have it all.”

From then on, Jenny shopped Sandra around to her financial benefit. She figured this whole operation could last a little under a decade, after which she would be incredibly wealthy. Still, she felt pity for Sandra who had fallen so deeply in love with her. Oh well, she thought, she’s smart, she’ll be fine.

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