Buddies , Wives Ch. 01


Don, Donald my husband of eight years was working on his sixty-five Ford Mustang. His life long Friend Denny was sitting on the work bench, feet dangling above the floor and a beer in his hand. Denny knows everything and will let you know in a New York minute if you are not doing something right according to him. But despite his busy mouth and unyielding know it all attitude I like the guy as much as my husband. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it.

I was standing in the space between the kitchen door and the garage door. The garage was added as an after thought leaving the small space. Denny was saying “Don old boy I think Wilda is a beautiful sexy lady, why don’t you give her to me for a week. I promise to return her well lubricated and purring like your Mustang.” I was stopped by the way he was talking.

But Don only said “Damn it you have been asking me that for eight years and the answer is the same.”

Denny cut in saying “OK, OK I know you’re not into that kinky shit. Or so you say! But I remember one night when there was just you and I and a certain lady alone.” He stopped short of going into any details. Then they both laughed. Denny jumped down off the bench and grabbing another beer from the Refrig he said “Well if you change your mind let me know.” He patted Don on the ass as he left the garage saying he had to go to the store.

Don called after him “Does you’re wife ever think you’re fucking nuts or am I the only one.” His words fell on deaf ears as Denny was gone.

Denny’s words gave me a start for a few second but then I thought these guys have been friends for so long they must know each other pretty good. Yet there was something in Denny’s words that gave me a small tingle I’ll not say where. But it stayed with me for what seemed like a long time.

Later in the day Don said for me to get cleaned up as we were going out with Denny and his wife Karen. As I showered I rubbed my clitoris as I always do. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feel when a vision of Denny jumped into my mind. He was naked and so was I we were alone in a strange place and he was smiling at me. I was on a bed and I felt like I wanted Denny to come into my arms. I snapped out of that daydream and finished my shower. But for some reason my little sexy daydream would not let me alone. It kept popping up even as we entered the River Side restaurant and lounge.

Denny and Karen were already seated in the lounge with drinks in front of them. Karen is a tall girl with a stunning figure and a wide sexy mouth. Her thick dark hair set off her broad jaw line. She said once she was close to two hundred pounds. But let me tell you if that were true all two hundred were set in just the right places. At five ten I guess one could carry that much weight and still look great if it were all solid.

I know Don had eyes for her because he never failed to show just how much he liked her. Don bent down to give Karen a kiss and Denny stood to do the same to me. Kisses and hugs out of the way we were all seated laughing and telling jokes.

From our table we could see down on the river even as the sun started to set. Don said “Holy shit look.” We all turned to look down on the river.

Denny said “Christ would you look at that? Free porn.”

Karen smiled and said “Well they do have a hell of a floor show here.” I kept my mouth shut. But I was looking as hard as the others. There below was a small boat and in it there was a girl bent over at the waist holding on to both sides of the boat. Behind her was a guy with his pants down around his ankles and he was fucking her doggie just as fast as he could.

Our waiter was standing next to the table and very softly said “There is no change for the floor show tonight.” We all turned to look at him. We all started to laugh at the same time. By the time we returned our gaze to the river the boat had floated by and out of sight. This short interlude somehow set the mood for the rest of the night.

The drinks flowed and before long all of us were laughing too much and the conversation got down right sexy. Before long Denny said lets go home before we get too drunk to drive. That sounded like a good idea to me. Once we were out in the parking lot Denny took me by the arm and pushed me toward his car while Don and Karen hoofed it across the lot towards his pride and joy the sixty-five Mustang.

Maybe the guys had this all planed or maybe it was spontaneous I am not sure but somehow I did not care.

Denny unlocked the door on my side and as he opened it for me I moved to get in. He however took me in his arms and turned me around and kissed me. I kissed him back. I felt his erection press my leg and thought “I guess I can still turn on a man.” I wondered if Karen was doing the same to my husband. I know when Don gets a few drinks into him he does get very amorous. Before we buckled up Denny once again pulled me to him and kissed me. He has expert Ankara bayan escort hands as he managed to slip a hand in my blouse and find my breasts. Karen is a big girl but in the boobs department I have her beat hands down. I am a 44-D while Karen is a 38-D.

I wondered if Karen was thinking of doing what I was. I unzipped Denny’s trousers and freed his lovely erection. I lowered my head into his lap and took the head of his hot cock in my mouth. His reaction? “Holy fuck Wilda, I knew you would be a great cocksucker.” I took that as a compliment.

By the time we got back to his house I was hotter than a firecracker. Denny was in a hurry as he pushed me through the front door and pulled me up the stairs. Our clothing was evenly distributed down the hall and across the bedroom floor. He laid me on the bed a quickly got between my legs. He lifted one leg and when he pushed he found my pussy wet, ready and wiling. I some how knew his cock was going to feel good as he pushed into me. I was so excited I let out a low moan and wiggled under his frantic attack. I thought he was not going to last but he did and I was the first to fire off the first salvo. However Denny followed my lead as I felt a warm wet flow of sperm fill my cunt. We wiggled, jerked and rolled all over the bed before we came to a halt.

He rolled off and we lay side by side breathing heavily.

Fifteen minutes later we were up, dressed and sitting in his car. Ten minutes later we entered my home. Hand in hand we went up to the master bedroom. Don was on the bed naked and Karen was just coming out of the shower.

She smiled and said “Did not think you guys would get here so soon.” She did not attempt to hide he lovely body nor did she act shy in any way. I got the idea that maybe she and Denny might have done this swap thing before.

Don said “Hi, Baby.” Then he turned his attention to Denny and asked “Well how was it? You have wanted to do this ever since I got married.”

Denny put an arm around my shoulders and said “Even better than I ever dreamed. Wilda is a great fuck and one hell of a fantastic cocksucker.” We all laughed. Then Denny and I striped and joined in wild games on the king bed. Don and Denny laid back and Karen and I sucked our husbands cock hard. I got so excited watching Karen sucking Denny cock I damn near climaxed.

I was still sucking Don’s cock when Denny got up behind me and with Karen’s help pushed into me doggie style. Denny had me by the hips, fucking me just the way I love it. Karen moved up and straddled Don’s face. Then she leaned down till her face was next to my own. I pulled Don’s cock from my mouth and Karen kissed me on the mouth. Wow, what a strange feeling being kissed by a girl and getting fucked at the same time. “Oh my how I wished I had started swinging a long time ago.”

For the next few minutes Karen and I took turns sucking Don’s cock. Denny brought me to another climax before he pulled out of me. He had not fired off a round yet. Karen had climaxed for Don’s enjoyment. I managed to be the one sucking Don’s cock when he climaxed.

Don got up and went to the bathroom I rolled to the side of the bed and I watched as Denny got behind Karen. I was so excited as he aimed his full erection at her tiny dark spot. I had never seen anything like this not even in one of Don’s XXX videos. I was so excited I reached and pulled her chubby cheeks apart for him. It darn near got me off again as I watched his cock head pop into her tiny ass. He looked up at me and said “Wilda would you like to try an ass fuck?”

I was so shocked I just mumbled without saying a word. He smiled and went back to what he was doing. It took a few prods to get his cock fully embedded in her tight ass. But I could tell Karen was enjoying it as she let out tiny screams of pleasure. I could see Denny was near and as he got closer he stiffened and pushed harder. He jerked driving his cock up to the balls in her ass. Karen screamed and yelled she was cumming.

I yelled “Fuck her Denny, fuck her hard. Fuck her beautiful ass.” I had no idea what I was saying till later when Don told me what I had said. Don was now standing next to me.

He said “See there Baby I told you a good fuck in the ass would be fun for you. Try it you’ll like it.” He mused.

Don had been trying to get me to let him fuck my ass for years. But I had always said ‘NO’ so in time he had given up. But now I was ready but not tonight as both guys were shot as well as us girls.

Later when Don and I were alone he told me that Denny had expressed his desire to fuck me for a long time. I did not tell him I had head the conversation earlier that day. But I also got the feeling that Don had wanted to fuck Karen for some time too. We both went to sleep with our own dreams and visions of new times and new pleasures to look forward to.

It was nearly morning when I had a dream of Denny fucking me in the ass and Don was in my pussy Escort bayan Ankara at the same time. I had of course heard for such a thing but I was surprised when I woke up shivering and wet with sweat thinking of that duo doing me.

Don was off to the golf course and I was sitting in the kitchen with my second cup of coffee when Karen looked in the back door. I waved at her to come in. She said “Hi” as she went straight to the coffee pot. Once seated across the table from me she looked in my eyes and smiled. I blushed. She asked how I was with the memories of last night in the light of day. I blushed even more and after a healthy gulp of coffee

I said “Well it was different and I was very surprised at all of us doing such a thing.” I wanted to ask her straight out if she and Denny were open swingers. But I thought that in time that question would be answered.

She reached across the table and said she had found it both exciting and erotic. But mostly she said she was surprised at her self for getting so aroused at watching Denny having sex with me. She said watching was so erotic she almost climaxed just watching.

I admitted I was also turned on by watching. Then I said “When Denny fucked you in the ass I thought that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen I my life.”

She moved around to sit next to me and she leaned close and said “When we kissed was the high point of the whole night. I was so turned on by your kiss I could not stop thinking about you all night.”

I just looked at her as she moved closer and planted a kiss on my open mouth. It surprised me but not so much as to make me turn away. I almost welcomed her attentions. I had not wanted to say anything just in case it was some thing we did at a moment of heightened passion. But I had enjoyed her kiss or maybe I was the one that kissed first I don’t know and just now I did not care.

I welcomed her kiss and I kissed her back. We seemed to act as one unit. To move as one person. We hugged and I let my hands wander to her breasts. I had never in my life felt another woman’s breasts in passion. I had once helped a girl friend do a self examination of her breasts but there was no passion like I felt now.

Some five minutes later we were on my bed naked caressing and fondling one another. Karen had long fingers and large hands. She found my clitoris and wiggled a finger tip across it expertly. Either she had done this before or she had masturbated as I had once in a while. Either way I enjoyed her touch. I found her thick bush and pushed a finger of my own through it. There under that dark thick crop of hair was a wet warm exciting pussy for me to explore. I had never in my life done such a thing but it seemed to come very easy as I rubbed her clitoris and at the same time wiggled a finger deep into her quivering pussy.

Karen cried out and in one quick movement turned around and placed her face between my legs and offered her charms to me. I used my fingers to part her pussy lips and kissed her pussy as I would have her mouth. Karen reciprocated by placing her tongue in my cunt. I have always loved oral sex but this was more than just oral sex it was like nothing else I had ever experienced. It was a little bit of heaven I was crying as I climaxed for her and she for me.

I was still shivering as she held me in her powerful arms. I was crying and I had no idea why. But I knew one thing I liked what we had just done and I was sure it would happen again with or without the guys joining in.

I fell asleep. I had no idea how long we lay there in one another arms. I woke to fine Don standing in the doorway looking at us. “Well I’ll be damned. You two look like a couple of lesbians doing you’re thing.” He stepped closer and look at me and said “Did you like it with Karen or do you still think you would like to get fucked by a dick?”

He was being crude and I knew he was teasing us as much as he was interested in how I really felt doing it with a woman.

I said “Fuck you Don. We were just enjoying the aftermath of last night. Besides we were talking about the four of us getting together again soon. One thing lead to another and so we tried it. And Yes Mr. Smartass I did enjoy it with Karen.”

Don was laughing as he dropped his shorts on the floor. He had a full erection and was moving up on the bed between us. He said to Karen that he wanted to try her ass on for size. She said get the K-Y jelly and let have some fucking fun.

As the two of them bandied about with words my ass puckered with a desire for Don to do my ass. So I said “Don I want you to do my ass first. I want you to take my cherry ass right now.”

Karen jumped up and told Don to do my ass. “Take your fucking wife’s cherry ass Don.” I’ll help she said as she moved to the bathroom to get the K-Y jelly.

I was scared for I knew how Don could be; rough without knowing it, aggressive but not wanting to hurt, yet it was just how it is. Bayan escort Ankara Then Karen was standing next to the bed telling me to get up on all fours. I did as she asked. I dropped my head down with my face in the pillow waiting for Don, my loving husband to do what he had wanted to do for a long time. While I had put him off for years I was now so excited and aroused I wanted to find out what joys Karen got from anal sex. I wanted to feel for my self the explosion in my bowels and to experience first hand why some women love anal sex so much.

I almost jumped off the bed as Karen touched my rear entrance. It was expected and yet not. Her hands were soft with fingers expertly rubbing the K-Y jelly on and into my orifice. Karen pressed a finger into my bottom and I found it not at all unpleasant, in fact there was some stimulation with a strange feeling of anticipation of what was to come.

Don was on his knees waiting his turn to “Do the deed”. He and Karen kissed while she applied the lubricant to my bottom. She worked a finger into me rubbing around and probing deeper with every circle. God it was so erotic, so wild for me to even think I was doing this with a woman and my loving husband naked with us. Reaching back between my legs I covered my clitoris with three fingers and masturbated myself into a world of wild exciting sex.

I never felt Don push into me. I was having a climax of such magnitude I would not have cared if the world stopped. Any thought of stopping him now were gone forever. He pushed easily till his muscular body was bouncing off my rear. I was fully impaled on his weapon; my virgin ass was now a thing of history. I felt the second climax rumbling around in my lower end waiting to erupt. Don exploded so fiercely that he did hurt me a little. He hit something in there that woke me. The fire that burned was his love for me and I accepted his love and gave him all of mine.

How wonderful it was that I could feel sure intense love for my husband and he for me knowing we had sexual pleasures with others. I had seen desire in Don’s eyes for Karen and I knew how she must have enjoyed his lustful fuck last night. Yet I loved him more at this moment than ever before in my life. I was also feeling a strange love for her too.

I reclined in a hot bath relaxing and letting things enjoy the heat. Don was down working on the Mustang, Karen had gone home and I had so much to think about. So much had happened in the last twenty four hours. So much pleasure, so much erotic expression, so much intense feeling had flowed forth I was still reeling from it all. I needed time to slow down and get my wits back.

I drifted off and almost at once I saw Denny waiting for me in my bed. He desired me so much Denny had waited for eight years to get me and had expressed such care and gentleness as he took me even though he was highly excited. I wanted to try it again with Denny and I wanted him to do me as he had done Karen. I think I was getting into this open door policy. So why not open the door a little wider. By the time I was up and around Don had disappeared again.

The weekend came to an end with out any more encounters. Just as well I was hurting just a little and the rest would do me good. Of course I was not sure Don would not want to replay the last scene over again soon.

Karen called me Thursday and invited me to lunch at Hotel Crowder. They have a really excellent lunch menu so I accepted and headed down town about noon.

I parked in the rear and came in though the side to the lobby. I stopped by the pay phones and watched as Don came in the front with a very young blonde I did not know. He guided her to the bar side of the restaurant. Once out of sight I went on across the lobby to find Karen in the Restaurant with another lady. I whispered to her about Don and so we moved to a rear booth well out sight on the archway to the bar. I wanted to save this bit of information I now possessed till a later date. I did not feel jealous or even betrayed for all I knew it may have been business. Oh, sure I was sure it was business.. Monkey business.

Karen introduced me to a lovely lady named Ruby, no last names for either of us. Ruby was about our age and looked very athletic. Even her face looked strong and her bare arms showed signs of muscles I surely did not have. I as sure she worked out on a regular bases. Ruby said she had retired from the service just a year ago after twenty years. She had square shoulders and a way of looking at you straight on as if she was really interested in what you had to say.

We ordered drinks first and sandwiches later. My third was enough to put me away. I had little breakfast and I am not much of a drinker any way. My absorption rate must be very high as I get drunk easily. By the third drink I was laughing and acting silly. I was very open about what I thought of Karen and her friend. I suspected they were into girl (eat) girl and wanted me to join the party.

Karen got me to be a little less vocal and after a few well chosen words I agreed to go up to a room they already had. The two of them carefully paced there cloths on a chair while I tossed my rags all over the fucking place.

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