Buddy’s Little bro 3


Buddy’s Little bro 3Well, as you should know by reading the first two stories (if you haven’t, I highly recommend reading them. They’re in my profile, and remember rate and comment please :), I showed Ian how to masturbate, and then one night, we went a little farther than we intended to. This is the true story about how we again went a little too far, but it would be a night that neither of us would ever forget.It started the summer after my sophomore year. That previous summer was when Ian and I explored out sexual selves for the first time. During that school year, Ian and I kept enjoying ourselves. I would come over after school to hang out with Daniel, and whenever Daniel left Ian and I alone, we would give each other a quick blow. Since we had school, I wasn’t ever really able to spend the night that much, so Ian and I weren’t able to progress ourselves, so we were left with the quick blow job while Daniel was showering off or at swim practice. We had gotten pretty good at pleasing each other. Ian loved it when I played with his arse. He would lie on his back, and I would slowly insert one o my fingers into his hole. While my finger went exploring, I would then take Ian’s whole cock in my mouth. I wouldn’t just go up and down like I used to. I would give my head a little bit of a twist, and I would also stick my tongue out a little bit so his cock would slide against it. Me, I really didn’t like ass play that much. I don’t know why, but I could never find the type of enjoyment out of it that Ian could. I liked it when he would rub the outside with his finger, but not when he stuck it in.So now that school had let out, it was game on for me and Ian. My parents had both left out of town for the weekend, so I was sent to Daniel’s to stay with him for the weekend. It just so happened that Daniel also had an out of town swim meet all weekend with his mom, so it was just me, Ian, and Daniel’s dad. That Saturday Ian and I were downstairs watching tv. His dad was gone at work. We had never had the house to ourselves, and to my surprise, we weren’t doing anything yet. We were just sitting there on his futon watching mindless television.All hiltonbet yeni giriş of the sudden I felt a pressure on my balls. Ian had grabbed my crotch and was giving my junk a good squeeze. He then put his hand in my pants and started playing with my hardening cock. I looked over at him and smiled. He looked at me and asked, “Feel good?” I nodded in approval. I proceeded to slide his shorts and underwear off to reveal his small, soft dick. I didn’t mention this earlier, but I really like soft cocks. I don’t know why. I just like them. Anyways, I began rubbing his balls, and his soft dick was short lived. I began stroking his 6 inch penis. We sat there for a little bit, each other’s penis in hand, gently stroking. He then took his hand off of my cock, and he stuck it up my shirt and began rubbing my chest and abs. I crawled off of the futon in between Ian’s and kept stroking with one hand while I rubbed his balls with the other. I then replaced my hands with my mouth. I turned my head to the side and slid my lips up and down the side of his shaft barely opening my mouth. I went up and down about four times before I made my way to the top of his cock, and I took his head in my mouth. Sucking ever so slightly, I slowly progressed my mouth further and further down his cock until I felt his head lightly touch the back of my mouth. I made my way back up to the top of his dick and then went back down. I gradually began to pick up the pace until my head was bobbing up and down. He ran his fingers through my brown hair, and lightly forced my down further on his cock. He began to gently thrust his hips forward and back so that he was gently fucking my mouth. It got to the point where I barely had to move my head. He was pounding my mouth with his rock hard cock. Exhausted I came up for air, and I slowed down the pace again. With my head again gently bobbing up and down on his cock, I slid my finger in between his butt cheeks. He told me to hold on a sec, and he shifted his hips forward revealing to me more of his butt. He looked and me, smiled, and said, “continue”. I giggled and went back down on his cock. I took hiltonbet giriş my middle finger and rubbed the rim of his hole. I then slowly slid my finger in and went to work rapidly sliding my finger in and out of his arse. With his cock in my mouth and my finger in his arse, he all of the sudden pulled my head up. He was breathing hard when he said, “I want you to lick it.” “what?” I asked. “my hole. I want you to eat me out.” I had never done this before, and, honestly, I thought it was kind of nasty, but, reluctantly, I agreed. He scooted forward and spread his legs revealing to me his pick hole. I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against his hole. Ian gave out a light moan, and started to move my tongue around. I licked his rim and occasionally tried to stick my tongue into his arse. I continued to prod his hole with my tongue while Ian loudly moaned and groaned. I took my right hand and gripped his cock which had gone slightly soft. I jerked him until he was rocked solid again. He said that he was so horny, and that he wanted my cock so bad. We unfolded the futon to make it a bed, and I laid on my back. He turned around and mounted me. He bent over and placed his mouth over my cock. His arse was in my face with his legs around my head. I again licked his hole and started to stroke his cock from behind him. Every once in a while I would start to suck on his balls while he was working one my cock.At one point he sat up in pleasure completely covering my face with his arse. I freaked out and threw Ian off me. I was like, “what the hell was that? I couldn’t breathe!” he laughed a little bit and said that he was sorry and that it just felt so good. I laughed and he laughed, and then we lied down because I think we both needed a break. He leaned over, looked at me and smiled. I smiled and asked, “what?” we lied there for a little bit looking at each other, and then he said, “I don’t know, I just really like doing this.” I told him that I liked doing it too, and then I leaned over and gave him a kiss. We had never kissed before, but I knew that I wanted nothing more. We sat there for what felt like hours, but was probably hiltonbet güvenilirmi just a couple moments. He asked me for a favor, and I said, “sure, anything” he asked if we could fuck. I told him that he knew that I didn’t like it when stuff was in my arse. He laughed a little, and he said that he wanted me to fuck him! Surprised, I said that if he really wanted me to I would. He then turned over onto his back and spread his legs. Just at the thought of what we were about to do immediately got my cock as hard as a diamond. I put Ian’s legs in the air. Then I took the head of my cock and started rubbing it along Ian’s crack. After a failed attempt of trying to stick my cock in his arse. Ian told me to wait and he ran up stairs. When he returned he had a bottle of lube from his parents room in his hand. I thought to myself “duh”. After putting lube on my cock and a little bit on his hole, we were again ready to go. I guided my head to his lubed up hole and slid my cock in. He cringed a little bit, and it was hard but eventually he relaxed and I was able to slide it in easily. Every time I pressed my dick inside him, Ian would gasp and moan. I asked him if it hurt and if I should slow down. He told me that it hurt a little but he didn’t want me to slow down because it felt too good. I kept going until I was able to get my cock all the way in every time. My balls were slapping against his arse, and I was rubbing his chest with my hands. Ian had become hard, so I started to jerk his cock. I then noticed that I was starting to sweat and my breathing got heavier. I knew I was going to cum soon. Ian then gave out a large groan, and he came all over his stomach. As he came, I noticed that there was a pressure on my cock. Something was pushing on it. I ignored it and pulled my cock out. I quickly began stroking myself. And it only took a couple strokes before I came in the same spot Ian had.I smiled at him, and he smiled back while he rubbed our cum together on his belly. We then walked upstairs and took a shower. We got changed and went back down stairs to continue watching tv. Daniel’s dad got home from work only about 30 minutes after we had gotten out of the shower. Ian and I continued on like nothing had ever happened.And that is the story of my first time. Ian and I spend a lot of time together that summer, and with me having a car, we were able to go where ever we wanted. Haha, if only Daniel knew.

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