My first meet wit a man


My first meet wit a manI signed up to a site called Fab Swingers two days ago to try and meet people for fun.I was sending messages to everyone local and receiving messages from local’s aswell but two caught my attention1. A couple MF – He wanted his wife banged while I sucked him off2. A single gay guy up for funThe couple lived more than 1 hour away and after about 30 minutes of messages they didn’t want to. The guy lived less than a mile away and me and the guy got talking and he said “Are you free tonight” and I replied “Yes”. We arranged a place for him to pick me up. When he 1xbet yeni giriş got there I was teliing him it’s my first time and he turned and said “Don’t worry, we wont do anything you don’t want to”.When we got to his place he took me straight into his bedroom and he started undressing so I did, but before I could take my shirt off he started kissing me and rubbing my cock. He then took my shirt off and started playing with my nipples, so I played with his. I then took my trousers off and he started kissing me again while rubbing my cock, so I grabbed his and it was 1xbet güvenilir mi around 6.5 – 7 inches but thick and after around a minute he stopped and said “Do you want to suck me off” so I said “Yes”.He then sat on the end of his bed and I got on my knees and started stroking his thick cock and then I started sucking (Which at first it felt weird in my mouth but after afew minutes it was brilliant). I was sucking him for afew minutes and he was moaning and then he pushed me off of his dick and said “It’s your turn” and patted the bed next to him. I got on the 1xbet giriş bed and he kissed me and pushed me back so I was laying flat and then he started to suck me and oh my it was brilliant, it was the best I have had, he just kept going and going. I was moaning and grabbing on to his head board but he kept going and then finally I came in his mouth. He tried to swallow but started choking and spat it on the bed next to me and said “Fuck me that was alot of cum”. He carried on sucking for afew more minutes and then I sucked him again but he didn’t cum.We didn’t do anal but that was a great experience and the great thing we are making it regular.My first time sicking a manIf you want to meet people for fun try out fabswingers.com. I signed up on Thursday night and it’s now Saturday and i’ve just come home from a great experience.

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