Building site fuck with older guy (gay)


Building site fuck with older guy (gay)I’m Kyle 17 gay m uk About 2 months ago My Mu.ms boyfriend Matt got me a job on a building site with a company he works for , for the first few weeks I stayed with Matt and basically just helped him out , bringing him tools and material and just little jobs . One day matts foreman said he had a job for me , one of the lads was Off work Ill and he wanted me to cover him and for a day or 2 until he came back in . At dinner while we was all in the canteen all the lads were having a laugh with me saying the guy I was going to be working with was called gay gray ( graham ) and he’s gonna bum me and stuff along them lines , you can imagine the building site banter I was getting .Nobody knew I was gay and I wanted to keep it that way otherwise I would never hear the end of it especially on a building site . Anyway , the next day the foreman got me in his truck and drove me to where I would be working , it was miles out from the main site , it was at the back of some fields near some woodland , My job was to fence off the site around the woodland with graham , we had to knock posts into the ground then nail panels of plywood on to them .At first sight he didn’t look gay atall , he was like 6 ft , slim build , bald head the only thing was he had an loop ear ring in his left ear , Apart from that you Would never imagine he was gay , even his voice was quite deep and not türbanlı rize escort feminine in anyway .I thought the lads must of been having me on an telling me lies .so I didn’t want to ask him .Later that afternoon it started pissing down badly so we walked about 10 mins away to the little portacabin to take shelter and a break . We took our coats off and put them on the heater , we sat down and made a brew and started chatting properly for the first time all day really . He was 39 years old , It took me abit of time to build up the courage to ask him but in the end I did …”Graham , a few of the lads yesterday were saying you were gay , is it true or are they talking shit ? ” yh it’s true , why ? Have you got a problem with that ? ! ” no , no not atall , don’t mention it to anyone but I’m gay myself . ” oh right seriously ? I never would of guessed .”” I Thought that about you , and look how that turned out I laughed ” ” so , have you got yourself a fella yet or you still experimenting ? ” ” I’m single mate , I did have a boyfriend but it didn’t work out , how about you ? ” I’m single too mate , I prefer it to be honest , so I take it your not a virgin then ? ” no I giggled ” and went a little red , ” ok , so Kyle what kind of stuff are you into ? ” ” Errr , I dunno ” I said a little embarrassed , ” I’m into younger guys ” said graham , ” what türbanlı rize escort bayan about you ? You not into older guys or have you never been with one ? ” ” I don’t mind them, I have thought about it a few times I guess ” but I’ve never actually done anything with an older guy “( my cock started getting hard as we spoke )Graham – ” so Kyle , so would you ever do stuf with an older guy ? ” “Well yh I guess so ” ” so how about me and you have a little fun now then ? ” what here I asked ” “Yh why not ? , it’s only us two here , nobody’s gonna know , we will just keep it between me and you ” ” well yh if u want ” I said a little nervously Graham stood up ” so Kyle you into sucking dick or don’t you like it ? ” “Yh I don’t mind ” I said as my cOck became rock hard He walked towards me , I could see the bulge in his pants .He unzipped his muddy pants and stood infront of me .He pulled down his pants and his boxers at the same time to his ankles , they lay over his muddy boots His cock was really big , it must of been 8 inches but really fat .I froze because I was a little nervous and excited at the same time , he said “go on then let’s see what you’ve got “I began sucking his big cock , it felt so warm in my mouth , I could barely fit it in but tried my best to please him , going as deep as I could .He started running his hands through my hair türbanlı escort rize , fucking my mouth a little without being too rough . I sucked him for a good 15 minutes as best I could He stopped and told me to get my pants off , I kicked off my muddy boots and pulled off my pants and boxers , He turned me around and bent me over the table, he put his chair directly behind me and told me to open my arse cheeks , I felt his warm wet Tongue in my arsehole , he really began going for it eating my arse good , He slipt up a finger then two in-between eating me .it felt amazing , I dorm think I had ever been hornier .He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock , He bent me right over the table and slowly slid his fat dick inside me ,it took about 5 minutes before he fully got it in and got a rhythm going and it felt great . He was smashing off my Arse cheeks going deep inside me , I tried to hold the moans in as bet I could , He didn’t last very long before he pulled out and spun me around , I got down on my knees and he blew his load on my face and in my mouth , it actually tasted nice for once He stood me up and we began snogging and licking the cum of my face it was a first and was so , so hot .He got on his knees and began Sucking my 7 inch cock instantly , taking nearly all of it deep in his mouth , I didn’t even last 5 minutes before cumming in his mouth ,He stood up agian and we began snogging agian as we rubbed our cocks together it was so hot .Afterwards as we were putting out pants back on , ” did you enjoy that Kyle ? ” because I certainly fucking did he laughed ” ……… His work mate was Ill for the next 3 days , so as you can imagine the next 3 days we fucked and sucked each other to death it was amazing Thanks for reading ,

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