Business Man-on-Man (Part 4)


Rob and I finished showering, wrapped our towels around our waists, grabbed our beers and walked into the bedroom area. Sweat had collected on the bottles in the hot and steamy bathroom and yet the beer was still cold. I licked my lips in anticipation of that first long swig of beer and as my tongue encircled my lips, all I could taste was the salty, musky taste of Rob’s semen that still lingered. Rob carefully piled the pillows up against the headboard of the king-size bed and sat back against them with one leg on the bed and the dangling off the edge. I took a long sip of my beer and plopped myself down into the chair sitting next to the bed.A heavy sigh eminated from deep within me as I took another sip of beer. “So? Was it everything you thought it would be?” Rob asked. “Incredible”, I replied. I had fantasized and masturbated about being with another guy time and time again in the past, never imagining that I could ever have followed through with those thoughts. Now, here I was, wearing nothing but a towel and sitting within arms length of a near-naked man who I just izmir rus escort bayan sucked off in a hotel shower. It was a very heady feeling. Rob finished his beer and I guzzled the remainder of mine before I got up and grabbed a couple more from the mini-bar. I made my way back to the chair and elevated my feet onto the bed, getting comfortable and settling in for some conversation.As his right leg dangled over the edge of the bed, Rob lifted his left leg to get more comfortable. The movement easily lifted his towel and offered me a perfect view of his cock and balls. “You big tease,” I said to him. He twisted and tugged and pulled his towel from him and tossed it to the floor. Then he extended his right leg and slid his foot under my towel and with a quick flick, cast my towel open in front of me. He gave me a quizzical look as if to say “Is that all?” I proceeded to undo my towel and expose myself completely as well. The cool air of the room felt good against the naked flesh of my body that only moments before was locked in Escort izmir otele gelen the embrace of another man. Rob nodded in approval as he looked me over, his eyes intently studying my cock. He told me to move the chair so that I could sit facing him and to drape my legs over the arms of the chair. As I did this, he started telling me that the orgasm that he had in the shower was the most intense cum that he had had in a long time. He said being with a man and letting himself go like that was so erotic and hot and that the wait was worth it. His eyes were locked on my groin as he continued to talk. Making love to his wife was good, but it was lacking something. Fire? Passion? Intensity? He moved his foot up the inside of my leg, touching it softly against my flesh, stroking it and caressing, moving it closer to my inner thigh. He said he missed the spontaneity, the heat, the “dirtiness”. His right foot brushed against my inner thigh, I shivered. My legs were spread over the arms of the chair, my cock, balls and ass open and Buca escort exposed for Rob’s benefit. His foot played lightly over my balls and touch softly against the head of my cock. I could feel the sensation building and my cock began to swell. I looked at Rob and noticed his hand brushing gently over his dick, his fingers delicately dancing along the tip and balls. He pressed the sole of his foot against my cock and began to stroke it, causing the blood to rush to the shaft in noticable pulsations. With every movement of his foot, my cock came to life. I sank back into the chair as he brought me to full erection with his foot and the sound of his voice talking about “heat”, and “fire” and “desire”. I closed my eyes and let him explore me and caress me with his foot. Soon, I felt the sensation of his big toe sliding down the side of my engorged cock, between my thigh and ball sack, under my scrotum until I felt him probing my anus with it. He pushed lightly againgst my puckered hole, teasing it, drawing circles around it with the soft pad of his big toe. “Do you like that Jay? Does it feel good? Did you ever finger yourself? Do you want me to stop?” he asked. Of course I liked it. It did feel good. I had fingered myself before and I most certainly did not want him to stop. I felt myself moving my hips in rhythm with Rob’s toe, sliding forward in the chair, trying to open myself for him.

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