Camping trip that I will always remember


I recently went on a backpacking and canoeing trip that I will always remember. On a recent trip going canoeing and camping I had an experience that I will never forget. I went with 5 others, Teri my sexy brunette friend from high school, Claudia, Teri’s friend from college, their friend Rebecca, a very petite redhead. Rebecca’s boyfriend Tom, a tall slender guy. And his friend Keith.The first night out we all hiked about 15 miles, so when we set up camp, we basically had some dinner and went to sleep, all too tire to do much else, the second day we canoed to an island about 3 miles down stream. So on this day we all got unwound and had a relaxing time, that evening we were playing drinking games and truth or dare and stuff like that. Teri dared Claudia to kiss Keith , somewhat innocent or so it seemed, well as Claudia kissed Keith he clearly got aroused, so when Claudia’s turn came around she dared Teri to blow Keith. Well with that Side escort we all got aroused and one thing lead to another and before long we were all sitting around the fire in the nude. So by the time my turn came around, Keith had licked Teri to orgasm as dared by Rebecca, Claudia had sucked Keith off, Tom had rimmed Rebecca as dared by Keith. So when Teri was to dare me I thought for sure she would dare me to do something to Claudia.Well she dared me alright, she dare me to have Tom fuck me in the ass, while Rebecca sucks my balls and Claudia sits on my face. We all laughed, now Teri has known me for years and knows I have never been with a man. I thought it would be dropped but Rebecca said that she would love to suck my balls to see close up Tom’s thick cock pump my ass hard. Claudia said that she really needed a good licking and heard that I was very skilled at providing oral satisfaction. It appeared manavgat escort bayan that all were in favor of this happening but me, until Rebecca got very close to me and started saying in my ear, “You know you want to feel Tom’s cock slide deep in your ass over and over until it is pumping thick cum into you, and you know at the same time you would love to suck Keith’s cock until he blows his load down your throat, ” I involuntary got the hardest erection from her comment. At which Claudia announced that I could either agree, or they could tie me up while I sleep and do it anyway, which again my cock throbbed. To add to my embarrassment Teri announced he has always had a little gay streak, I bet he would love to be the center of all that action.Tom looked at me and said, “Dude, If I fuck you, you will love it, you know you want it, Look how hard you cock got just talking about it. Escort alanya ” I nervously laughed, I looked at Claudia as she sat across from me and her pussy was so wet it was glistening in the firelight. I smiled and told her that if she really wanted this I would do it, but what ever happen to me would also happen to her, she smiled and said, “Is that a dare? If so then what ever happens to me also has to happen to you, deal?”I agreed thinking that I would get out of it, even though I really wanted to see what it felt like to have all this happen. She smile and told me to come over to her, I did and as soon as I did she turned me around and pointed to Keith, she told me that I had to suck Keith off, just as she had. Everyone laughed now thinking I would not go through with it. Well I decided that I was going to shock them and walked over to Keith and knelt down in front of him, I was thinking I would get right back up and we would all have a good laugh. Immediately Keith’s cock met my lips and I just opened up and started sucking, I did not intend on it, but before I realized I was really going at it, his cock was so hard in my mouth, and the thought of this group of friends watching me just had me too excited not to do it.

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