Caught in the Act


After a long hard and frustrating day at the office, I often enjoy stopping by the local pub to cool my frustrations. Today it didn’t work.

The phone had rung non stop for what seemed like an eternity. Every call was someone bitching about this or bitching about that. So to say the least my frustration level was at its peak. All I really wanted to do was tell them all where to go. This has been my lot in life as I have been in sales for ten years. The only benefit to my job is the cute young receptionist in my office.

As I looked out my office door I could easily see her firm, long, tanned legs as they popped out from under her mini skirt. Long dark hair and medium breasts brought her figure from cute to hot and quickly. I watched her work as I tuned out yet another pain in my ass. Her legs swung from side to side as she moved around in the chair to take messages and get files for sales representatives. Her sexy top covered her, but was still loose enough to gape open when she got something from the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. She didn’t like to wear a bra. I only say this as I have noted it several times. Winter, Fall, Spring and especially in the Summer she liked to have them open to the air.

I drifted away while watching her small firm tits dangle for my prevue. They kept me interested and on the edge of excitement most of the day. As the end of the day approached I got a great jolt to my excitement level. While trying to remove a rather large file from the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet she experienced some difficulty and had to stand up. I happened to be watching as she bent her knees and grabbed the file. As she pulled it up her legs slowly parted. She struggled with the file for a good 30 seconds and I gained the knowledge that she doesn’t like underwear either.

Her pussy was nicely shaved, except for a little line straight up that pointed to her lips like a rescue beacon, guiding my eyes to see her sweet lips as they pushed out waiting to greet any passerby. I got hard immediately. When she closed her legs I looked up to her face just in time to see her look up into mine. It was close, but I don’t think she saw me looking. Caught in a daze I returned to my work and reached under my desk to fix my cock. I looked up again to see her smiling at me. I smiled back and went back to work.

This set the tone for the night. I headed to the bar to grab a quick drink before heading home to an empty house as my wife was out of town. My time in the bar only served to excite me more. The wealth of beautiful women in power suits became my only focus. I felt myself getting ever more aroused. The waitress was talking to the guy sitting next to me. Her back was turned and they seemed to be having a good laugh. I couldn’t help but notice the firmness of her ass. It was shapely and beautiful. I rested my hand on my leg just inches from her ass.

I waited for the opportunity to come. I was getting really worked up as the anticipation built. I turned my leg so it was leaning down more and pointing between her legs. Their conversation finished and she backed up to serve another customer. She back up right into my leg and hand. It was nicely placed on her ass as she almost sat down on my lap. I joked about her helping herself to a seat. She laughed and joked back and was none the wiser. The intensity level had gone to a new level and it was time for me to go now. It was really time to go.

I headed out to my car. I had only had one beer so I was more than safe to drive. I hurried to my car and threw my coat into the back. I reached into my pocket and adjusted my underwear pulling them down over my ass and exposing my cock. I was still covered by my pants but my cock sprang free with vengeance. I slid down my zipper and entered my car.

It was getting to be dusk and the street lights had just started to come on. I headed for the highway eager to get home. The beer had served me well as it loosened me up a bit and continued to make me horny. The almanbahis şikayet highway wasn’t very busy but there were still a few vehicles. As I got up to speed and set the cruise control, I popped out my cock. I reached in and pulled out my balls. They needed some air too. I adjusted the vents so they directed the air right onto my cock. Slowly I fondled my cock, thinking about the receptionists tits. So perfect, and small, they would taste so good as I rolled her nipples around with my tongue. I fantasized about her coming into my office and leaning over me and showing them close up. I rubbed my cock a little more as the air danced all over.

I envisioned her straddling me right at my desk. She pulled up her mini skirt. The lips of her pussy grabbed at my cock like a ferocious beast fighting for its meal. The lips slowly wrapped around me and pulled me in. I envisioned the tightness of her pussy as my cock stretched her insides. She leaned back with pleasure, thoroughly enjoying the ride. I squeezed my cock harder to let me feel like her tight pussy. I was going to cum right there onto my car seat. I released my bulge, knowing I needed to wait until I got home.

I did not put my cock away, but continued to tease myself as I drove. A sense of euphoria swept over me. I opened the glove box and removed a golf ball. A ball that had been used quite frequently, but never for golf. I rocked up onto my shoulders and stuffed my hand down my pants. I placed the golf ball against my anus. I pulled apart my ass cheeks as I sat back down. I wiggled and readjusted to make sure that the pressure from the ball was in the right spot to help me with my pleasure. I sat in the fast lane as cars passed me by. None of them noticing my cock or my stroking of it, but the thought of them seeing was well worth while.

I stayed in the fast lane as a big SUV approached me from behind. I could see that the driver was a younger girl. The younger girls don’t like to wait, so I knew she would go around me. She sat behind me tailgating and trying to make me move, I would not. Soon she granted my wish and headed around in the slow lane. Frustrated as she was she passed by and glared in at me. I did not look back as I placed both my hands on the wheel. My cock was hanging out, hard and happy. I was even happier, as this girl had gotten the chance to see it, even though she did not expect to. She paused and took a double take to ensure she didn’t go off the road. She stayed beside me for a moment to watch my cock. She was stunned at the sight, but apparently did not really mind. I glanced over at her as she smiled and waved and gave me thumbs up before she drove away. Now that was the greatest feeling ever. Now I really needed to jerk off.

I exited the highway with great haste. I was nearing desperation. The only thing I could think of was to masturbate, two maybe three times in a row. I sped down my street and quickly entered my driveway. I removed the golf ball and returned it to its home. I grabbed my coat from the back seat and held it in front of me as I exited the car. I went right to the door without tucking my rigid member away. I needed the hand that held my coat to hold open the screen door as I unlocked the main door. My rigid cock was exposed for all my neighbors to see. At this point I did not care. I fumbled with the keys as my excitement was taking me over.

I stormed in the door and slammed it shut behind me. I tossed my coat onto the chair and flipped off my shoes. Quickly and almost in a panic I whipped off my pants and underwear, discarding them on the floor. Off came my shirt as I started to recall all of my fantasies of the day and the ride home as I sat naked on my couch. I remembered the girl watching me in the car. I thought about how she was touching herself as she drove home. Her wetness became overwhelming. She too pulled down her underwear and started to feel her pussy. She stroked her clit as she got wetter and wetter, plunging her fingers deep into her pussy struggling almanbahis canlı casino for some satisfaction. She tickled her asshole with her sopping fingers. She was eager to bring herself to a climax. My hands worked my cock, sliding over the ridge of the head, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

The preshot formed on my cock head and glistened in the low light. I was totally engrossed. I slowed my pace to help build my climax to the highest level I could. I swiped the pre shot off the tip and rubbed it into my asshole. I was ready to cum. I did not care where it landed all I cared about was that I was going to cum and cum hard. Suddenly, I heard a soft pant next to me.

I nearly jumped out of my skin. Standing next to me was my sister in law. Her pants were undone and pulled down slightly. Her hands were groping at herself with reckless abandon. One hand was in her panties the other under her shirt fondling her breast. I looked stunned at her as she whispered for me to continue. I was stunned and shocked to see her there. I did not know what to do. My hand was firmly wrapped around my cock and my fingers were still playing with my asshole. I may have even had them slightly pushed in. I was totally busted.

“Don’t stop!” she said as she looking me in the eyes before scanning my body.

I looked her over as I slowly started stroking my softened cock. The shock of getting caught by my sister in law created feelings of fear and delight. She had always been the one I flirted with and flashed. I loved getting her turned on as I turned myself on. The exhibitionist in me always came out when she was around. I watched as she glared at my body as I slowly worked my cock. Her hand in her shirt was moving in small circles. I presumed she was twisting her nipples. I was really starting to enjoy the view. I tilted my head to try and see more of her. She got the hint. As she stood next to me she started to strip.

She never took her eyes off of me as she slowly pulled down her pants and stepped out of them. Off came her top and revealed her hard nipples, exposed by her bra pushed up over top to allow her access. They were deep red and appeared hard as nails. She stepped towards the front of me as she watched my hands go to work. My excitement level was easily surpassing the level I thought was the maximum I could go. Her light pink G string was being pushed ruthlessly into the folds of her pussy. More preshot formed on the tip of my cock as I slowed my pace to allow her to join me in her excitement.

“Rub it in again, I love that,” she growled at me as she squeezed her tit, milking it towards her nipple.

I was only too happy to oblige. I took the shot and gently applied it to my asshole. It was now slick and wet. I started to rub in circles. I pushed slightly but did not enter my ass. She groaned and grunted her approval as she watched me intently. She yanked off her G string and pulled apart her wet pussy. I watched her as she rubbed her pussy with one hand and held it open with the other. Her hand became wet quickly as she frantically increased her pace. She moved closer to me. I was not sure what she was going to do, but no matter what it was, I was up for it.

Taking her wet hand she grabbed my ass and smeared her juice all over my asshole. The pressure she exerted on my asshole was incredible. She slid her hand up to my shaved balls and caressed them gently. I had to stop stroking or I would have gone off right then and there. I was enjoying this way too much. I bent forward and grabbed her tit and massaged her nipple. It was almost too later already. Suddenly she surprised me. She knelt down in front of me as if to suck my cock, but instead stuck her tongue on my asshole. She licked and twisted with her tongue as she tried to stick it as far as she could up my ass. Guttural sounds emitted from her as she licked my ass. I was in heaven and trying not to cum. I stopped my stroking all together but I did not go soft. I was horny beyond almanbahis casino my belief.

She paused her assault on my ass for a moment to lift my foot into her pussy. She made sure that my leg was positioned at her pussy. She pulled my leg into her snatch and wiggled up and down. I could feel the wetness running down my leg as she plunged into my asshole again. I started to twitch with excitement as I was now overcome with the carnal pleasures.

I groaned out my pleasure, causing her to look up at me. She had been so lost in licking my ass that she forgot I was close to cumming when we started. She jumped to her feet and swung her leg over my lap facing away from me. Her hand dove into her wetness once more. It emerged quickly and I hoped I knew where it was going. She reached out and rubbed it all over her ass. Making sure she was really ready and nice and wet. I grabbed her ass and squeezed with both hands. What I did not notice was her hand returning to her pussy to refill. I aligned my rock hard cock to her pussy and slid in the entire length with no problem. Her wetness prohibited her from stopping short or even partial inside. She bounced up and down several times as she called out to me.

“OH YES!! FUCK MY PUSSY,” she called as she rode me quickly and harshly. It was like I wasn’t even there. “WAIT,” she yelled as she pulled off my cock.

Now this was not even funny. I thought she had decided not to let me cum inside her. I was, once again, stunned. My thoughts were far more devious then hers. What she really wanted was to switch locations. She moved forward just a bit and reached down and grabbed my cock. This time she aimed it at her now smeared asshole. She dropped down like a bomb, forcing my entire length into her ass. Once at the bottom I struggled not to blow my load. But as it has been said it was no use. I was over come with the tightness of her asshole and how quickly she forced me in. I yelled out in joy. Her hand feverously worked on her pussy. The other dropped back to my asshole as she forced two fingers up inside me.

I grabbed her ass in an attempt to have her actually fuck me instead of just cum inside her. She did not seem to want to comply until I placed my fingers on her pussy and started to rub with her. She jumped up and down like a rabbit racing away from a fox. I blew my load before she had started to move. She bounced and pounded on my lap as she worked on her orgasm. Both of our fingers worked on her clit as she quickly rose in excitement. I worked and worked her but she was holding back too. I loved it and it excited me all at the same time. I could feel my cock getting hard again while still up her ass. I concentrated on getting hard so I could fuck her again. It did not take long before I was fully erect again. Now she turned and looked back at me with a huge smile.

“That is it; get that cock nice and big in my ass again. This time fuck me, and do it hard. Do not be gentle. Make me scream. Come on fuck me hard!” she yelled.

As any guy will tell you the second time you try to cum it takes a lot longer. No two minute drills allowed. I was no exception. I grabbed her hips and forced her up and down on to my cock. The slapping sounds echoed through out the room, as did her grunting and promoting of my work. I pounded and pounded her with all that I had left. I forced her to sit down roughly onto my cock. I could feel her drying out as the fuck became much more abrasive. She did not care either. She seemed to be getting exactly what she wanted as was I. I had wanted to really cum at least twice. I just never figured I would be getting fucked by my sister in law. Not that I object.

In an incredible outburst she finally had an orgasm. She screamed so loud that I am sure that the neighbors must have heard. I had slapped her ass as I fucked her and it was now covered with red spots. She shivered as she cam and stayed firmly on top of my cock. She rested there for a minute afterwards falling back onto my chest in exhaustion. I was done too. More than done I was cooked. I would have been surprised if I got hard in the next week, exhausted. After several minutes she got up and headed for the bathroom, leaving me to wonder how she got into my house. Oh well like I really cared.

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