Chantelle’s Punishment


Chantelle and the Butt Plug

I shifted uncomfortably behind the cash register, trying to pay attention to what the customer was saying. I was distracted by a few things. The nipples on top of my tiny breasts were hard enough to cut glass and showed through my bra and the thin dress I was wearing. My pussy was wet enough that it had soaked through my thong, making them uncomfortable and I was sure that everyone in the store could smell how turned on I was.

But the main source of distraction was the little purple plug stuck up my asshole, reminding me of its presence every time I moved. It had been in for four hours, and it would be another four before my shift finished and I could take it out. I wasn’t even allowed to take a bathroom break so I could masturbate and relive the tension building in my body. I thought back to this morning and how I ended up like this…

* * * * *

After I met up with daddy for som mind blowing sex earlier in the week, he had me give him the spare key to my car. He didn’t tell my why he needed it, and spanked me when I asked. I found out why he needed it when I opened my car door to go to work this morning. On the drivers seat was a small wrapped box and a card on top addressed to ‘Pet’ which is what daddy called me.

I opened the letter.

“Dear Pet;

Inside the box you will find a new butt plug, along with some lube. When you get to the mall, before you start work, you will go to the toilets. Inside the stall you will lube up the plug and insert it into your ass. I suggest using the toilet before you do so, as you will not be allowed to remove the plug for any reason during your shift.

You are also not allowed to touch your cunt no matter how wet you get or how turned on you are. Once your shift is over, you are to text me and beg permission to touch yourself and remove the plug.

Good Luck;


I opened the box and found the plug, along with a small Ankara escort bottle of lube. The plug was smaller than daddy’s cock so I knew it would fit in my ass, but I couldn’t imagine wearing it for my whole shift, standing and walking around the store, and not being allowed to touch myself.

I got to the mall at 9:50, not a lot of time before my shift started at 10. I rushed to the washroom as quickly as I could. Because most stores didn’t open till 10, the mall wasn’t crowded yet, and there weren’t a lot of other women in the washroom. I locked myself into a stall and pulled of my thong, leaving it in my purse for the moment. I peed and pooped as quickly as I could, wiped and pulled out the butt plug. I lubed it up and squatted over the toilet. Trying to ignore the sounds of the woman noisily using the toilet in the stall behind me I used one hand to pull my butt cheeks apart and the other to start forcing the plug into my asshole. The thin tip went in easily, but I had to push to get the thicker middle in. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t the most comfortable thing either. Then the widest part was in and the flat end was nestled between my butt cheeks.

I quickly wiped the lube off my had with some toilet paper and pulled my thong back on. As I left the stall I could feel the plug shifting inside me with every step. It was uncomfortable, distracting, and at the same time felt wonderful. My pussy was already getting wet, and I could tell it wouldn’t stop until I was allowed to cum. I texted daddy to let him know that the plug was in, and saw that it was already 10. I was late for work, and the faster I tried to walk, the more the plug moved inside me.

I ended up being five minutes late, and got to endure my supervisor reprimanding me as my mind refused to focus and my pussy clamoured for attention. This was going to be a long day.

Chantelle’s Punishment

I was in trouble. Daddy had told me I wasn’t allowed to cum without his permission, but I was so horny this morning and he was still asleep so I couldn’t Ankara escort bayan text and ask for permission. Instead I masturbate and came hard, imagining daddy’s cock. I told daddy about it when he woke up, and he told me I would be punished. I kept waiting, nervous to see what my punishment would be, but the whole day went by without him telling me to do anything uncomfortable or degrading.

Daddy picked me up after work, and we went out for a nice dinner. I was still on edge, waiting for my punishment, but it looked like daddy had forgotten. Then halfway through dinner, I realized what was happening. Every time my glass of water was empty he refilled it and made sure I drank. He also ordered me two diet cokes. By the time dinner was done, my bladder was starting to feel full.

On the drive back to daddy’s condo I started squirming in my seat, badly needing to pee. Daddy looked over at me and said, “If you can’t hold it, let me know so I can stop and you can piss on the side of the road. But then your punishment will be even worse.”

I held it, and we got to daddy’s condo. He opened the door and I started to rush to the toilet, but he stopped me. First daddy took a towel and laid it down in a corner. Then he took off my dress, leaving me in socks, panties and nothing else.

“Now, as your punishment, you are to stand in the corner on the towel for 30 minutes. If you last the whole 30 minutes, you can use the toilet and your punishment is over. However, if you pee before then, you are going to get one hell of a spanking.”

With that, daddy kissed me, put me on the towel and started a timer. Then he started making dinner while I tried to stay still in the corner. The first ten minuets went by, and pressure increased on my bladder. By fifteen minutes I was dancing in place. At twenty five minutes I started to hold my pussy, trying to think of anything but peeing.

Then daddy started washing dishes, and the sounds of the sink pushed me over the edge. It started as just a trickle soaking my panties and running Escort Ankara down my leg, but in seconds the pee was gushing out of me.

Daddy looked over and said, “Now you’re in trouble.”

Daddy made me strip off my piss soaked panties, and dried most of the pee off my legs and pussy with the towel. Then he put my blindfold over my eyes and told me to open my mouth. When he did he shoved my wadded up piss soaked panties into my mouth. At least because I had drank lots of water the taste wasn’t that bad.

Daddy then pulled me down so I was laying across his lap as he sat on the couch. I felt so embarrassed, naked, smelling of pee and about to get a spanking. ” Keep your panties in your mouth pet. Maybe this will teach you not to wet yourself in the future,” daddy told me.

Half a second after he finished talking there was a great ‘TWACK’ and my left butt cheek exploded with pain. The spanking had started. In a way the panties in my mouth were a good thing because it gave me something to concentrate on rather than the pain of daddy spanking me over and over. I’m not sure how long the spanking lasted, at least a few minutes of continuous blows to my ass, and by the time it was done my cheeks were bright red and I had sucked all the piss out of my panties as I tried to keep from crying out.

Daddy let me stand up, but left the blindfold on and the panties in my mouth. I heard him set the table with the dinner he had made, and the wonderful smells made my stomach start to growl. Daddy came and pulled the panties from my mouth and started to lead me to the table. I was expecting him to sit me down in my chair, but instead he handcuffed my hands behind my back and pushed me down to my knees. Then I heard him unzip and take off his pants.

Daddy sat down and said, “You’re not allowed to eat until I come, so you’d better hurry up before your food gets cold.” I began to shuffle over to him and took his cock into my mouth. This was going to be harder with no hands, which I’m sure is why daddy handcuffed them behind my back.

I was naked, blindfolded, hungry and smelled faintly of my own piss. Daddy always found new ways to push and humiliate me. I loved it.

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