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My First TimeIt was 1958. I was used to showing my dick with the other guys. We used to compare dick sizes.I was very religious, but I was also horny. I had a fetish for lingerie. I would steal panties and bras off the laundry line. Then I would uses them to dress up. I didn’t know how to jerk off at the time. I was 12. I had a bunch of guy friends and we used to compare dick sizes. Although we didn’t jerk off. Didn’t know how.It was early that summer, when Chuck who was 14, told me we could have some fun. Since I was used to comparing dick sizes, I didn’t think any thing was out of th ordinary. He took to the apartment house basement. Where he told me to show my dick. His dick was larger than mine and he told me we could do something different. I didn’t understand. He told me to bend over. There was a mattress in the basement. türbanlı erzincan escort He told me to get on all fours. I did what I was told to do. He was older than me. Suddenly, I felt his dick entering my asshole. I didn’t know what to do. Then he grasped my dick and started to jerk me while he fucked my ass. While he fucked my ass he pulled on my cock and jerked me off for the first time. I never came before. It was delicious. I was awakened to sexual cumming.I started to jerk off regularly. Chuck told me we wished I was girl. I didn’t know that guys fucked anything other then the ass. I was naive.I started to steal lingerie off the clothes line. I used the panties to jerk off and would dress up and parade in front of the windows to turn guys on. I wanted türbanlı erzincan escort bayan to be fucked. But I also wanted to fuck a girl. I was totally conflicted. I knew i liked girls, but I also liked cock. I loved the feel of the warm cock in my hand. I became an exhibitionist. I would show to anyone. However only safely, where no one could get me.I started jerking off in front of the window, so the the girl, Liz, across the street would watch. She and he girlfriend would watch me until I would cum.Liz would come over to my apartment house and bed down with a motorcycle crew. I used to watch from my window and jerk off. She getting even with me. I used to think I would go across the hall and fuck her brains out. I wanted to so badly, but i was scared.Seven türbanlı escort erzincan years later , I was on a train and I was staring at a big busted woman across from me. She had on a short skirt. I was staring up her skirt. She knew I was looking up her skirt . She moved her legs so i could see her pink panties and I started to get hard. Then she called me by name and I realized it was the neighbor girl, that watched me jerk off. Her name was Elizabeth. She was now a 40 DD. She told e that she knew how to satisfy a man. She also remembered my cock. She invited me back to her apartment. I went and she prepared a scotch an water. While I sipped the drink she went to get into something more comfortable. She came out in bra and panties with short robe over them. I kissed her deeply and then I played with her tits, They were delicious. She had a beautiful hairy cunt, I sucked her tits and then went down on her. She 69’ed me and we came over and over again.Then we slept and woke up and fucked again. It was amazing. She sucked me so hard I thought my dick became a part of her mouth. I went down on her again and could believe the taste of her cunt. The juice was delicious. We fucked all night.

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