Chapter 1. The Start of My Panty Passion


Chapter 1. The Start of My Panty PassionUnlike many of you, my love affair with feminine lingerie did not start with my mother.We were rather poor, and my mother came from a rural family. Together that meant her underwear was pretty cheap, plain, and unexciting. It was my aunt, my father’s oldest sister, who fueled my fire.I am the oldest of three boys, with a brother 14 months younger and another 10 years younger. My story starts when I was 10, and my mom was in the hospital delivering my k** brother. Back then, new mothers stayed in the hospital for several days. My dad was at work so my aunt came over to stay with my other brother and me after school until my dad got home.My Aunt Florence was in her mid to late 30s at the time. She was a big women – not fat, but tall with meat on her bones – and reasonably attractive. She had no k**s and didn’t need to work. Over time I had become her surrogate c***d. She and her husband would take me on excursions, buy me special presents, and generally do things for me that my folks couldn’t afford to do.At any rate, I came home from school on the second day of mom’s hospitalization to find Florence on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. I walked in the door to see her big ass waving at me in a pair of sheer pink panties. She had taken off her dress, slip, girdle and stockings (slacks on women weren’t common then) and was in her panties and bra. I don’t know who was more surprised, but we both recovered pretty quickly.I was a pretty smart and inquisitive k**. This was something I hadn’t see before. My mom wore very plain white cotton underwear. I had never seen anything so filmy, and pink only happened when my mom accidentally mixed red and white together in the wash.Florence got up to turn around and face me. Not being around k**s on a regular basis, she didn’t think about what she was showing me. Maybe she thought I was too young. But I wasn’t! I quickly focused on the black bush showing beneath those sheer pink panties. I also noticed the absence of a pecker (I hadn’t begun to refer to it as a cock or a prick).I was captivated, and the barrage of questions began.”Aunt Florence, why are your underpants pink? Why can I see through them? What happened to your thing, you know, what you use to pee?”Florence was used to my persistent questions. She responded as with any other of my Q&A sessions. “Not so fast Bobby. One question at a time. Let’s see, women call them panties or lingerie, not underpants. Men and boys wear underpants. They are pink because women like to dress in soft, feminine colors. Besides, men, including your uncle, seem to like women to wear pink lingerie.””You can see through my panties because they are expensive, high quality lingerie. I like the feel of good quality lingerie next to my skin. It is one of the ways I treat myself.””What does it feel like Aunt Florence? May I feel?” I approached her with my hand extended and touched her on her hip. Since I had been hugging her for years, she wasn’t bothered by my touch. The feeling of her silky panties under my fingers was like flipping a switch. My pleasure centers started to light up. I wanted to experience more.”Oh, Aunt Florence, these really feel nice. I can understand what you mean. They feel much nicer than my underpants do.” I moved my hand over her hip and started around the edge of her ass. As I continued to explore the feel of her panties, I became aware of just how rough my own underwear felt on my pecker.”Aunt Florence, I wish my underwear felt like this. Do they make boy’s underpants like your underpants, I mean your panties?””No Bobby, these are only for women and girls. Men and boys wear cotton underpants like you are wearing.””But that doesn’t seem fair Aunt Florence. Why can’t we wear something that feels so nice? Boy, I wish I could wear something that feels as nice as your panties do!””Bobby, are you saying you want to wear women’s underwear? Are you suggesting you want me to dress you like a girl?””No Aunt Florence. I don’t want to wear türbanlı ığdır escort dresses and stuff. I just like the feel of your panties and wonder how they would feel on me. I wonder how it would feel to have something so smooth rubbing all over me.”Florence paused to think and suddenly her eyes seemed to light up. “Where is your brother? Is he around?””No. He went to the schoolyard with some friends. He will not be home for another hour or so. Why do you ask?”Well, if you can keep a secret I will show you how my panties feel. But you have to promise you won’t tell anybody.””OK, I promise. Cross my heart.””You go into your bedroom, take off all your clothes except your underpants, and wait for me to call you.” With that Florence grabbed her full slip and went into mom’s bedroom. A few minutes later she called me, and I hurried into the room wearing only my too small white boy’s briefs.Florence was sitting on the edge of mom’s bed. She had put on her white slip and taken off her pink panties. She had them in her hand.”Bobby, climb up her on my lap. My slip is almost the same material as my panties. I think you might enjoy sitting on it. I am going to rub my panties over your arms and legs and belly so you can see how they feel.”I turned around, put my hands on her knees, and boosted myself into her lap. She put her arms around me and pulled me back against her. I leaned my back into her big tits and pushed my ass down into her crotch.”Comfortable Bobby? Just settle down and relax while I show you how nice this feels.”She began rubbing her hand, covered in her still-warm silky pink panties, over my bare legs and arms. She rubbed them over my hairless chest and across my nipples. She was right; it felt great. But the funny thing was how my cock started to react. For some reason it started to stiffen and stick up. The more she rubbed, the more my cock responded. I wished hard that she would rub them across my face.”Aunt Florence, what’s happening to my … my thing? Why is it getting bigger?”Now remember, Florence didn’t have any k**s and probably wasn’t too experienced in the ways of a young boy’s cock. She looked over my shoulder and gasped a little.”Oh, Bobby, that’s amazing. I never realized the feel of my lingerie would have that effect on a male.” She was obviously getting caught up in all this. “I wonder if it would get bigger if I rubbed my panties directly on your thing. Would you like to try it?”Would I like to try it? She was getting me so excited I was having a hard time sitting on her lap. I was ready to stand on my head to get her to continue what she was doing.”Bobby, slide off my lap so you can take off your underpants. Then climb back up here on the bed where we will have more room.”I got to my feet, turned my back to her, and started to drop my underpants. She touched me on the shoulder with her panty covered hand and asked me to turn around so see could see my excitement. I did and watched as her eyes dropped to my cock. They got bigger and bigger as her hand moved closer to my stiffening cock.Finally she touched me. The pink nylon on my cock made me jump and made her gasp. She seemed fascinated by my boy cock. And I couldn’t get enough of her panties on my cock. She had taken it between her fingers and was sliding the panties up and down my shaft. She began with a nice slow rhythm while she became familiar with the new sensations we both were experiencing. Meanwhile, I was pumping my hips rapidly back and forth in an effort to get as much of the panty sensation as possible.Eventually she seemed to come back to her senses. “Bobby, climb up here on the bed now so we can be more comfortable.” She helped me up to the top of the bed and got me down on my back. All the while her hands were busy playing with my cock. She had me between her thumb and forefinger, then in her palm, then all her fingers wrapped around me. But her hand kept moving and those lovely pink panties kept pleasuring my virgin cock.Finally türbanlı ığdır escort bayan she stretched out next to me. She reached down with her free hand and pulled her slip up past her knees. “Bobby, I am going to stop for a second until I can get more comfortable.” I watched big-eyed as she slid the straps of her slips down and off her arms, reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and pulled that off her big tits. Then she slid her slip straps back up her arms and covered her tits again with her slip.I had never seen bare tits before. I thought to myself that I would have to try and see more of them. I was also still aware enough to realize we hadn’t talked about her black hairy crotch, and why she didn’t appear to have a cock. But for now, I was just going to lie there and enjoy the good feelings she was producing in my cock with her panties and her hands.I didn’t have to ask her to start again. She seemed to be as eager as me. She leaned over me, pulled me close, and continued to play with my cock.While I lay there and enjoyed the exquisite sensations my cock was experiencing, my hands got busy too. I noted her tits almost falling out of the bodice of her slip. One hand rubbed her side through her sexy slip and slowly made its way to the nearest tit. Cupping her in my hand, I rubbed for a while longer and was rewarded by the swelling and hardening of her nipple. My other hand reached around her back and proceeded to caress the cheeks of her ass. I could have rubbed her silky slip over her tits and ass all day long – just as long as she continued to rub her panties on my cock.She responded to my hands. She began to breathe heavily and to move impatiently on the bed. “Bobby, I am starting to get tired and stiff in this position. Let’s try something different. How about you put these panties on. That way you can enjoy the feel of my panties on your bottom and on your uh thing. And my hands are free to do other things.”I couldn’t imagine what other things she was thinking of, but I sure did find out. I stood on the bed. She sat up, held out those pink panties for me to step into them, and slowly pulled them up my legs, all the while staring at my hard boy cock.. Her panties were really big and baggy on me. They barely stayed up around my waist, and there was lots of extra nylon around my ass and my cock. But my cock still made a little tent in the front of them. They really felt good. God, I was beginning to understand why she wore such nice underwear.We rearranged ourselves on the bed. She sat up against the headboard and spread her legs; I got on my knees between her legs. Anxious to get back to the good feeling in my cock, I began to use my hands, like Florence had, to rub her panties on my turned-on body. My left hand began what I was soon to learn was a hand job. My right hand rubbed those big panties all over my ass and upper thighs.Of course Florence had a ring-side seat. Kneeling there between her legs in her sheer pink panties gave her a clear view of my cock’s reaction to what was happening. She continued to stare, only occasionally lifting her eyes to my face to monitor my pleasure.Once again she seemed to get caught up in what was happening to my cock. She reached out with both hands, one to each side of my ass, and pulled me closer to her crotch. Her hands joined mine, rubbing those panties all over me. She pulled them high on my body and rubbed my chest and back. Then back down to my ass and onto my cock. After a few more laps around my body, she stayed with my dick. Her hands took over as she gently pulled and stroked my cock. She tented the extra panty nylon in her hand and fisted my deliriously happy cock with her panty tent.My hands were again free to explore. Her big tits were again in front of me, with only the top of her slip covering them. Her nipples were making increasingly larger bumps in her slip. I put a hand on each tit and began a slow, circular rubbing motion. Again I responded to the türbanlı escort ığdır feel of nylon in my hands, and Florence seemed to respond also. Her nipples got bigger and bigger. She started to breathe harder and slide her ass around on the bed.“Oh Bobby, your hands make me feel real good inside. See how you are making my nipples get big. Please pull on them a little and they will get even bigger.”So I did, and they did. And my cock did; get bigger that is.“How about you Bobby, are you getting tired of this? I hope not, because if you let me, I think I can show you what happens to a big boy, to a man.”By now I was having a hard time talking. All my concentration was on the good feelings in my crotch. There was no way I wanted her to stop. I nodded my head yes and pleaded with my eyes for her to continue.I straightened and thrust my hips toward her. Now that my hands had left her tits, they must have felt lonely because she began to rub her tits and pull her nipples with her left hand while continuing to stroke my cock with her right.The excitement built in both of us. I had never felt my cock get so hard. It was kind of a pain and an itch at the same time. An itch that the nylon panties and Florence’s hand were scratching. An itch that seemed to find its way to Florence’s crotch also. For she suddenly dropped her left hand to her lap, pulled her slip up higher on her legs, and moved her hand into the mass of black hair that was now partially exposed.I watched as she rubbed her open hand all over the spot between her legs. Then she extended her middle finger and rubbed it up and down. Where was her cock? How did she pee? Damn curious k**!! What the hell is the matter with me? Here I am, in the middle of my first hand job, and my brain’s working overtime with dumb k** questions.Her finger continued to explore her crotch, and I continued to stare. Soon her finger disappeared in what appeared to be a big, pink mouth. In and out, in and out. Then it was back to up and down, occasionally pulling on a little finger that appeared at the top of her mouth.“Aunt Florence, what are you doing?”“I’m making myself feel good while I’m making you feel good with my panties on your cock. Does your cock still feel good?”“Yes, Aunt Florence,” I hissed through closed lips as a particularly intense feeling rushed through my virgin cock.“That’s good Bobby. That means you’ll soon cum. You’ll soon be wetting my panties with your cum. I can’t wait to see you cum in my pink panties. And I am going to cum with you. Let’s hurry!”We must have made a funny scene. The two of us bucking our hips and ass at each other as the intense feelings concentrated between our legs. Her hands moving faster and faster. Her right hand pulling on my cock; her left hand rubbing that little finger in her crotch mouth.I didn’t know what she meant by cum, but I wasn’t going to stop and ask now. My cock started to drool, which got the front of her panties wet. I thought she would get mad, but it only seemed to get her more excited.“You’re close Bobby; you’re close. So am I. I am going to cum soon. Please hurry! Cum in my panties!”And I did. My cock started to pump my first load of jis. Oh what a feeling. A stream of warm, thick liquid shot out of my cock and filled the front of my pink, nylon cock-prison. The feeling was so intense that my toes curled, and I thought the top of my head would explode. So that’s what she meant when she said she would show me what happens to a big boy. She made me cum.She was staring at my crotch, at my cock cuming in her panties, at the wet spot spreading across the front of her panties that made the sheer nylon now transparent. Her job finished, she took her right hand off my wet but still hard boy cock and put it to work in her crotch.It was my turn to stare. Both her hands were rubbing and pulling. Fingers on one hand plunging into her crotch mouth. Fingers on the other rubbing and pulling at the top of her crotch.“Oh Bobby. I am almost there. I’m almost ready to cum. Play with my titties. Pull on my nipples. Hurry!”I leaned forward and filled both hands with big tits. I pulled on her nipples and rubbed them between my thumb and finger. They got bigger and harder. Her movements became more and more frantic. Her hands were a blur in the area between her legs.Then she moaned, arched her back, and gasped “I’m cuming. Bobby, I’m cuming.”

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