Chastity blog day 12 (the wife gets home)

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Chastity blog day 12 (the wife gets home)Day 12:I arrived at my meeting in Cardiff a couple of hours late, but as they weren’t bothered I wasn’t too worried either. The meeting lasted most of the day and by then end of it I was pretty tired after staying up till the early hours with the girl from the supermarket.On the way straight to home, I started thinking about what my wife would do when she got back and how she would react when I told her about the previous night. After all, giving permission and being totally relaxed about something like that can often be quite different things. In the past, she’s never really got too upset by me playing away (we both agreed to this when we got together and long before we were married), but a few times there have been cases where she’s seemed almost jealous. I knew that seeing the girl while I was in chastity wasn’t a breach of the rules, plus my wife had agreed to it, but I was still a bit worried.I got home about 6, with roughly 3 hours before my wife was due back, so did a quick check round the house to make sure everything was nice and tidy. I remade the bed and got a quick salad made and in the fridge in case she wanted something to eat when she arrived.I was glad I’d got straight on with the house, ‘cos at just after 6:30 she got home as she’d caught an earlier train than planned.There didn’t seem to be any trace of worry on her mind and we kissed passionately for a few minutes before she was even out of the hall. She went almanbahis yeni giriş upstairs to the toilet and I got the coffee on, then followed her upstairs.She was sitting on the toilet as I walked in and I told her that I’d missed her pissing on me for the last couple of weeks and she laughed so suddenly she let out a massive fart. That had us laughing even more and we stayed there for a few minutes in stitches of laughter. Finally, she reached forward and grabbed the cage through my jeans and asked if I had been pissed on the previous night. When I said I hadn’t, she called me a poor boy and said I’d just have to wait if I wanted her to do it to me. She then slid forward on the toilet seat and told me to lick her clean, so I knelt down and licked her until there was no more taste of piss. There was, though, the taste that she was getting really turned on and I told her that. She laughed and said that she hadn’t been in the slightest bit frustrated as she’d fucked herself to sleep every night in the hotel with a dildo in each hole.She led me into the bedroom and told me to take off my clothes and lie on the bed. I did what I was told and waited for her to release my cock from it’s 2 week imprisonment. Unfortunately, that wasn’t her plan and she straddled my face and pushed her pussy onto my mouth and made me lick her for half an hour or so while she came few times. Then, she climbed off me and went to her suitcase. She took a pair of dildos almanbahis giriş out of a plastic bag and told me that she’d saved me the honour of cleaning them and that they’d been used every night but hadn’t been washed once while she was away.Firstly, she took the slightly larger one and told me to open my mouth and pushed it as far into my throat as I could take it. Luckily, I’ve learned to deep throat her dildos over the years and, while I gagged a little, was able to suck on it for long enough that she seemed happy with the result.Then she got the (only just) smaller one and pushed that into my mouth. Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind licking asses after they’ve been fucked and will eat cum out of an ass. I also don’t mind cleaning toys that have been up an ass (especially if it’s my ass ‘cos I know where this one has been!), but that’s my limit where s**t is concerned. This dildo was way beyond anything I’d tried before, it’s a ribbed one and there were days old bits of shit in the grooves and as hard as I tried I couldn’t help gagging and puking a little bit over the dildo and onto my face. She just laughed and pushed the dildo back in again. I probably puked half a dozen times before she was happy with how clean the dildo was, then told me to take the pillow case off and put it in the wash, clean my face and mouth and then come back to bed.I did what I was told and she told me to lie back with my legs spread and my knees up. Again, I hoped almanbahis güvenilirmi she was going to take the cage off, but instead she flicked my very full balls with the back of my hand and I screamed and nearly hit the roof. I’m not into pain and she knows that, so we’d never tried anything more than a little ass slapping, but she seemed determined to hurt me this time. I begged her to stop, but she hit my balls another couple of times, then without any warning (or lube) forced the bigger of the two dildos up my ass as far as it would go. While it was there, she slapped my balls again, then pulled the dildo out and leaned forward so she could push it into my mouth. She told me to suck it clean, which I started to do, then I felt something else at my ass and realised she’d started to push the toe of her boot up my ass, exactly as she’d done the day she went away.If anything, she fucked my ass harder with the boot this time than she did after she found I’d cum on it while she was out. When she was done, she shoved the boot into my mouth and made me clean it, then left the bedroom and went for a shower. I stayed on the bed and wondered what would happen next till she called me into the bathroom and told me to get in the shower with her. She made me kneel and lick her ass and pussy again for a while, then told me to wash myself and go to bed.Once in bed, she told me that she’d forgiven me for the boot wanking incident and that she didn’t mind me spending the night with the girl from the superstore, but that I had to spend another day in chastity to make up for having some fun while I was not supposed to be having any at all.At that, she kissed me good night (a very long and loving kiss) and then turned the light off and rolled over to sleep.

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