CHAUFFEUR GIVES ME A RIDECHAUFFER GIVES ME A RIDE by CumBeggarTony was a chauffeur who worked for a car company used by the people Iworked for. He was a big bear of a guy and I got hard just looking at him.He had a big barrel chest that you just knew was covered in thick hair andthe kind of frame that would have looked stupid if he had weighed less than220 pounds. He was about 6 feet tall with dark brown “come to bed and letme fuck you stupid” eyes, and a beard that was kept well trimmed. He hadthick, full lips that I had often imagined crushed against mine. And he wasa horny as a dog with two cocks.I knew this because whenever we worked together — I was an executiveassistant to a company chairman and Tony was his preferred driver — he wouldtalk about sex all the time (when the boss wasn’t in the car, that is). Andgirls clearly found him hot, I saw that for myself. Once, when we were onan overnight trip with the boss, Tony and I were in the hotel bar having afew well-earned drinks before turning in for the night. Another company washaving a convention in the same hotel and we got talking with them. Withinhalf an hour two of the girls in the group had given Tony their room numbersand in the morning he took great delight in telling me that he had fuckedboth of them until they begged him to stop.On the day in question, Tony was picking me up from the airport at around5pm, but when I arrived in the luggage hall and called his mobile, the noiseat the other end told me he was still on the motorway. By the time Icleared customs and got outside, however, he was just pulling up.”You cut it fine!” I teased him. Tony was a mate, I didn’t mind in theleast.”You wait until I tell you what I’ve been up to.” He said, putting myluggage in the boot and getting me into the passenger seat.”I’m all ears,” I grinned, as we pulled away.All the way from Heathrow to my house, Tony told me an amazing tale ofsexual debauchery that had my cock rock hard before we were even out of theairport.Apparently, the day before he had been appointed to pick up this femaleexecutive from the airport and drive her home. The flight landed atlunchtime and he picked up his passenger — a stunning young woman and droveher home to Hampstead. However, the travel had been dreadful and the heatof the day — it was one of those rare summer days where it actually gets tobe more than 80 degrees — had made them both sweaty. But Tony had given hera discreet dash of charm and the occasional dazzling smile and by the timethey got to Hampstead they were best of friends. So much so that on arrivalshe invited him in for a cold drink, use tuzla escort the bathroom, etc. Of course,being Tony, it was only a matter of minutes before they were jumping intobed together and he was giving her the fuck of her life with his 9 inchwonder weapon. (Yes, that is how he refers to his cock; every time he saysit I have to stop myself from licking my lips!) So there they are, bangingaway like a pair of road drills, when suddenly the door opens and anotherman is standing there. The good news, however, is that he is smilingbroadly. To Tony’s understandable surprise he then says, “Welcome home,darling”, to which she says “Are you going to stand there all day or are yougoing to join in.” Of course, he gets his kit off sharpish and joins themon the bed, patting Tony’s hair-covered rump as he does so.Feeling slightly at a disadvantage, Tony — who up until now has been lyingon top of her, weight on his elbows, sucking her nipples, etc — feels heshould lean up so he pulls himself up on to his knees and lifts her legsover his shoulders so that he is upright, while her husband straddles herface so that she can lick his balls. He grins at Tony and puts one hand onTony’s shoulder to steady himself, while he reaches down and flicks hiswife’s clitoris with the other hand. He then puts one finger either side ofTony’s shaft as it slides in and out of her wet cunt, and when his fingersare sopping wet, he puts his hand on his own cock and starts to wank it.At this point, Tony decides he’s in for a penny so he suddenly whips hiscock out of her cunt, grabs the shaft of the other chaps cock and rubs ithard against his own cock and then docks it with his foreskin. All this indone in a flash, at the same time as he pulls the guy towards him and Frenchkisses him hard.As soon as it starts it’s over and Tony is plunging his fat cock back intoher fanny while the husband is still reeling from the surprise. He leansforward and kisses Tony again, running his hands all over his chest, andthen continues wanking himself until he cums in four short blasts, jettinghis spunk all over Tony’s hairy chest and belly. Tony then leans down andsucks the guy’s cock into his mouth, slurping the spunk off it, and finallypumps his own load into the wife’s aching gash. They continued in this veinfor the rest of the day, with Tony finally fucking the husband from behindwhile he 69d with the wife.So as you can imagine, by the time we got to my place, I could barely walk,my erection was so hard.”Fucking hell, mate!” I complained to him. “Have a heart.”Tony looked at the tent in my trousers and laughed. “You’re only pendik escort as bad asme. Look!” and pointed to his own crutch where there was a very sizeablebulge. “But luckily, we have your luggage to shield us from theneighbours.”And with that Tony got out and handed me my briefcase from the boot, whichI discreetly held at waist level, while he grabbed by wheelie case andcarried it to the door. As I opened the door of my flat, Tony made straightfor the loo while I went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers fromthe fridge.”Would you like a beer?” I called as I heard Tony coming out of the loo.”I’d like something else more.” He leered. I turned around and to mydelight, Tony was standing in the kitchen door with his cock thrusting outof his trousers. He had had to make it go down to pee but it was stillpretty sizeable.I couldn’t help myself: I groaned out loud. “Fuck, that looks good enoughto eat!” I said.”Help yourself!” Tony smiled, unbuttoning his tie and beginning to undo hisshirt, revealing a thick mass of dark brown chest hair.Immediately I knelt down and took his plum-sized helmet in my mouth,sucking gently and rolling it around on my tongue. He groaned and pushedthe back of my head so that I took more of his cock into my mouth, feelingthe fleshy softness of his plum as it butted the back of my throat, while myhand wrapped around his impressive shaft and cupped his big hairy balls.After a few minutes, Tony pulled me up and dragged me into a long deepkiss, his sensuous tongue running all over my lips and mouth, while I gentlywanked his foreskin back and forth over his helmet.”Let’s get into the bedroom.” Tony murmured, leading me by the hand. Oncein the bedroom we stripped pretty quickly and Tony lay on the bed on hisback and beckoned for me to climb on top. I straddled him in the 69position and swiftly resumed my favourite cock-sucking position, allowingthe curve of his cock to complement my throat for maximum penetration, whileI cupped his lovely balls in my hands and squeezed them gently.Tony, meanwhile, lost no time in getting to work on my arse with hisamazing mouth, his lips and tongue a frenzy of warm wetness, licking andsucking my hindquarters like there was no tomorrow.Finally I could bear it no more and I lifted my head.”I need you to fuck me, Tony.””Good boy.” He said from in between my legs. “Get on up here then.”I lay down on my back and spread my legs as wide as I could, tilting myhips upwards. Tony lubed his cock with the gel I had in my bedside drawerand knelt between my legs, pushing a lubricated finger into my arse beforelifting my legs and slowly kartal escort pushing the big head of his cock into me.I grunted slightly as I felt him enter me, the heat of his cock searingthrough me, his width stretching me to the point of pain, while a warm glowseemed to accompany it, spreading out through my guts and abdomen like awarming fire. I sighed and stretched out my hands to caress his hairy chestand nipples, and then pulled him down on top of my so that I could kiss himand lock my heels around his arse. He began to pump, slowly at first andthen getting steadily faster so that I was at turn gasping for breath andurging him to fuck me harder and faster. He was good at this. He kept up asteady patter of dirty talk, telling me to beg him for my fucking, asking ifI’d been a good boy, and how I wanted all the boys in the rugby club to fuckme with their big cocks. I was jerking my head from side to side andmuttering furiously that he could do anything he wanted, and jerking my cockas I told him how badly I needed to feel him inside me, fucking me, fillingme with his cum.Tony warned me before he came, and I dug my heels into his back and pushedmy tongue deep down his throat. He pulled off me, gasping for air androared as his buttocks clenched in spasm and his spunk jetted into my arse,pulse after pulse of glorious man custard soaking my innards. He stayedinside me for a few moments before he pulled out, and then wanked me off sothat my cum splashed all over his hairy chest. To my delight he did notimmediately rush to the bathroom to clean it off, but took me in his armsand fondled and kissed me for quite a while.When we had showered, and I had spent a good deal of time on my knees withhis lovely cock in my mouth, I asked if I was likely to get seconds.Tony grinned, “You fucking love it!” he said.”Doesn’t everyone!” I countered.”Fair enough. But I don’t know if I’ll come again tonight. Maybe if Icome back tomorrow?””Of course. Or you’re welcome to stay.””That’s an idea. Mind you, I wonder..” he murmured. Picking up his phone,Tony pressed a button and waited for it to ring.”Hey Fred? Tony.” He said. “I’m at Mark’s place. Yeah, just fucked himthis minute. Great stuff. But I think he’s after an all-nighter and Idon’t think I can do it. You up for it? Great, yeah!”Tony hung up, laughing at my amazed face. “What’s the problem? You thinkI’d fix you up with someone shabby? Fred’s a class shag. He’s got a 12inch cock and he can go all night. You’ll love him!”To cut a long story short, Fred turned up about half an hour later and was,as Tony promised, a class shag. More to the point, he fucked all night withonly 3 hours sleep and left me gasping. Tony stayed the night and snoozedoccasionally, but rose to the occasion in the morning when he gave me athorough rogering after Fred had left.But all of that in another story.

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