Cheating on the nude beach


Cheating on the nude beachCheating on the nude beachI had always wanted to go to a nudist beach alone, but I had never been able to because some friend always wanted to come.So one Saturday morning early, as my boyfriend JC had gone to the summer house with his parents I decided to go alone.I got in my car, kept a towel, some sunscreen in my pink beach bag, and there I went.After a few minutes I reached my destination.I parked in front of a sign on which was written these two words that made me quite nervous and,think about going back the way I had come… ”NUDE ZONE”.I stayed in the car for a while, deciding what to do, until finally I had courage.I got out of the car, I undressed, and I took my towel and the protective cream, I closed the car tight and went to the beach.That was, of course, a whole new experience for me.Everyone was naked, sunbathing, playing volleyball … but naked!Although it was expected, it did not stop surprising me.But I was there, surrounded by naked bodies, also including very attractive men.That produced in me a reaction that I had not expected.Suddenly I began to have a strong excitement, and a feeling of fear and shame washed over me.In a hurry, I spread my towel on the floor.I lay on my stomach, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t manage to uncover that bottle of sunscreen that spilled on the towel.-Do I help you?.A very masculine voice güvenilir bahis was addressing me.Without waiting for it, soft hands began to disperse the cream on my back, on my shoulders, on the nape of my neck, and on my ass …When I noticed that last one, I turned around with a start, and there he was, a young boy, with eyes that looked at me in a funny way.Obviously, he was naked, showing before me two large pecs, perky, with pink nipples,and although he was squatting, you could distinguish a delicate tuft of hair that was lost between his legs,that made sense a turgid ass and a considerable hard cock erected.- Hello, he said smiling.At that laugh, I couldn’t help but laugh too.Still surprised by her spontaneity and calm, seeing me lying there in a somewhat awkward situation.He lay on his back next to me, and we talked for a long time.The truth is that he was having a good time, he was a funny boy, and his good humor.However, as he saw that I was not turning around, he slapped me playfully on the ass, and holding my hand said,that it was time to take a bath and refresh my back that was already very red.She managed to get me up, and we got into the water.The truth is that it came in handy for my back, the coolness of the water calmed a little the sting that I was beginning to feel.Victor started throwing water at me, the typical beach game. I also splashed on him.But güvenilir bahis siteleri he caught me by surprise and at that moment he kissed my neck, he asked me if I liked it.I somewhat nervously said yes, after laughing, he shook my hand, and swimming we moved away to some rocks near the beach.Dragging me to an intimate place away from the eyes of the nudists.Immediately, he began to kiss me, I let myself go, running my tongue through every corner of his mouth,and started massaging my ass with those soft big hands.He parted my lips from her mouth, and began to kiss my chest as my excitement grew stronger.He kept going down, playing with my navel, and finally, she started playing with my sex.He started to lick it like it was ice cream, nibbling on it gently, with gentle strokes of the tongue,running it from above circling, lowering, pressing and sucking.He was like that for a few minutes, until he laid me down on the sand, and began to lick my neck, his fingers ran down my ass,It was not difficult to introduce them due to my extreme humidity.He put two fingers in while his thumb played with my balls, when I started breathing hard because of the pleasure it gave me.My nipples hardened. He took the opportunity to bite and lick them.With his free hand, he grasped the other chest with difficulty.That was delicious and I also slide his tongue from my ass iddaa siteleri to the tip of my cock,and there he started first with strong licks and introducing his tongue inside my foreskin,I was enjoying sex with an explosive man in a heavenly setting.He laid me face down, dropping onto me, and with the help of one of his hands put his fingers through his mouth and lubricated my hole,and she introduced her member that entered without undue difficulty to the bottom … very deep inside me.He closed his eyes and slightly opened his mouth, letting out a pleasant sigh.There he began to move, looking at me again with a mischievous and amused look that characterized him.Grabbing my hands to put them on her big, hard pecs.The pace was increasing, we both started to moan, but he did not want to end in that position.He got down on all fours, and told me he wanted to make the puppy.He wanted to cum and release his sperm on my buttocks and back.He started fucking me very hard and hard, screaming both of pleasure.Without letting go of my nipples, pinching them.I finished a few seconds before he threw his load on my ass.We lay exhausted for a while on the sand, passionately kissing and holding each other,at which point he confessed to me that he had also lost his shyness to nudism as well.It got late, we had to go back, so we went swimming again to the main beach.We collected our things. That was our first meeting, of many that we would have that summer,When we decided to take a tour of the main nudist beaches in the Mediterranean, but that is another story.https://es.xhamster.com/videos/nude-beach-wank-and-cuming-xhGYzmx

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