Circus if Darkness 2


Dahlia ran through the house screaming. Wearing a grey blouse and a matching grey miniskirt with a pair of white running shoes the blonde girl screamed in horror having just seen her boyfriend, Tim, stabbed repeatedly and torn to prices by undead monstrous clowns. Now she didn’t know where she was running. She didn’t care. She just wanted to get out. She went through door after door hearing laughing all around her. She went thought another emerging outside into the brisk night. But there wasn’t just darkness. There was a night sky to be true. But there were lights everywhere. Off tune circus music played into the night lights of pink white and red shined and spun around the distorted and disrupted amusement park. The concrete walk was worn and cracked with rotten cotton candy and empty cups of soda with straws still poking from them. She walked through the fenced off amusement park in fear. Her heart beating an insane rate. Her chest heaved only taking half breaths. She saw a large pink bunny on a bench. It was like it was staring at her. She looked around seeing a mary’go’round with the horses with the paint chipped and worn. She then started running forward hearing the music. She saw another bench at the end of the park seeing the pink bunny. She looked at it with a strange look then turned around to the other bench. The bunny was gone. She gasped turning back around the bunny was gone from that bench too. Her eyes were buggy in horror. Her legs were bent at the knees, her arms were out with her fingers outstretched and clammy. She slowly began to turn around in a circle feeling eyes on her. Suddenly she heard a rapid pattering behind her. She spun around. She then started running again as fast as she could. She saw a shadow move ahead of her. She was terrified but kept going. Her quivering legs pumped until one foot found a piece of rotten cotton candy. Her foot slid back as she fell to the ground. She began to get back up when the sound of pattering got louder and louder. It suddenly ceased right by her head. She spun around her butt on the ground and her upper body being held up by her hands. At her feet stood the large pink stuffed animal, its muzzle bloody, the eyes beady black. A sole piece of innocence with a smile tarnished by evil and destruction and the curse that which plagues the circus house. The eight foot bunny stood above her as her jaw shuddered in fear and confusion. Ankara escort An almost human looking member rising from between its cottong legs.
“What the fuck?” She whispered to herself thinking it all ridiculous. The monster fell upon her, a sudden firm and hard grip pinned her arms to the concrete streets as her legs flailed and she screamed. It’s erect dick poking between her legs. The smell of cotton candy and sticky soda filled the air as the mouth of the bunny opened hissing strangely. One hand ripped at her blouse ripping it wide open shooting buttons in every direction. Exposing her porcelain like skin to the night air, her breasts bulged at the top of her chest for she arched her back trying to escape. Her large breasts held firm in her bra. The bunny then gripped the bra with tact as one quick swipe was given tearing it away as well. She screamed ever louder as her open fist came up bashing the side of its head. Her fist puffed against its fluffy head again and again doing absolutely nothing to stop it. It pinned her arm down again as its other hand cruised down her arm to her bare open chest. She felt a fluffy yet firm hand grasp her breasts she cried out in defiance throwing her head back. It’s hand slowly went down her chest then down her stomach, over he skirt then under it. Her eyes popped open feeling the firm hand rubbing against her treasure. She tried to get away as she gave a troubled cry and her legs tried to cave back in only to be stopped by the bunny’s own legs. The hand ripped away her undergarments as the flew to the street. The lights passed by frantically as it all hit Dahlia so surreally. Her head was in a spin the bunny grasped the inside of her thighs. There was a terrible odor coming from the bunny. It smelled of decay, death and dirt. The bunny widened its legs slowly as she shut her eyes gritting her teeth trying her best to keep them as mush closed as possible. But they slowly opened. Suddenly she felt it. Second by second she felt the monster large hard member plunge into her tight little vag. First its large head clashed at her opening, spreading her lips wide as she screamed in pain, her pussy kept spreading and on their own began to moisten. The head was half way in when the tension began to cease at her opening but the pressure on the soft silky insides of her pussy had to now accommodate the large member. She crying as the member kept going pressing against Ankara escort bayan everything inside of her velvet garden. She felt his fluffy pelvis touch hers. It’s hands now released her arms going after her breasts mauling them. She cried out in terror pounding on its chest repeatedly. Screaming for an end. But she realized after the first heavy pump of its dick, that it just began. She stared into those black eyes looking for some kind of solace that it’d stop. Yet she only saw a deep abyss. It’s hands grasped the bottom of her thighs lifting them to its sides as it pumped its thick dick into her over and over again. It’s long hard member sliding in and out of her soaking wet lips again and again. Her loins throbbed, she cried as they betrayed her. Her next scream was her cumming with closed eyes, crying it out into the night air, her breath showed in the night air. It lifted up to its knees now as it pumped in and out of her. Her hand were by her face now, her eyes were closed as her breathing was rapid going along with every pump of its dick. The effects of the orgasm slowly riveting through her body as another one began to build. Her hands hit the ground. She lifted her body first with her elbows, the orgasm began to rise. She tried to suppress it by lifting her body by her hands but it did nothing but rise further. She suddenly cried out in a moan that dropped her back to the ground. Her voice piercing the air in a cry of forced pleasure as the shock of the orgasm rhythmed through her body, pulsating it over and over. The bunny dropped her as she turned to her knees wanting to crawl away. But her head was in a daze. She crawled very slowly as her dripping pussy throbbed. She then felt something hit her ass harshly. She turned around as the bunny slapped her ass, it then wrapped one arm around her legs, positioning itself above her ass. Dahlia tried to crawl away in any direction. Suddenly she felt it followed by a gasp. She felt cried out in pain as its head began to stretch out her ass hole. The large smooth member pressed in hard ramming forward. She reached out for anything, her hands pattered the concrete ground in desperation as the bunny hissed in enjoyment as its head raised into the air feeling the insides of her smooth slick ass. It’s hands rubbing up on her ass cheeks slapping them violently. The monster felt the pleasure able tickle all along his shaft as it pushed Escort Ankara in and pulled out. It relished in the fact the she screamed and screamed for it to end. An ending that she wouldn’t receive as it pumped harder and harder. Dahlia felt the large shlong inside of her stretching her as she cried out in increasing pain. Her pleas of “please stop” going seemingly unnoticed as it plowed her like snow. She reached back trying to get the monster away with both arms when the monster grasped her wrists pulling harshly and the only way for her arms not to dislocate was for her to arch her back up and go with the creature lifting her upper body off the ground. She was there suspended in the air as the creature rocked her body jolt after jolt, slamming her ass with his own pelvis. It pumped harder and faster, it hands grasped her ass cheeks, squeezing as the hiss turned into a low growl. It’s thrusts becoming slower but more powerful as it then roared an unearthly roar spraying the inside of her ass. It slowly pulled back as it rammed back in giving a secondary spray. It dropped her arms as she fell to the concrete. Her face against the ground, eyes wide as she breathed hard in near gasps. She felt its hands release her ass she fell to the side. She swallowed hard as she struggled to catch her breath. She looked up seeing it stand over her with a long serrated knife. She screamed in horror as she began to crawl away. She stumbled to her feet as she lifted herself to a wobbly sprint. The door came into her sight, closer and closer as the sound of pattering was coming closer and closer. Catching up to her. She came to a sudden stop spinning around lifting her foot. The bunny close lined itself on her foot. The bunny laid on the ground as she began to run again. Her breath became strained as she breathed erratically. She ran up the steps as the bunny just stared at her from a distance, its errie smile just plastered on its face as did nothing but sit there with its head slightly tilted to the right. She ran through the door slamming the door shut. Her body pressed against it bracing for it to attack the door. She didn’t notice the clowns emerge from the shadows behind her. They laughed silently an jeered pointing at her.
She swallowed hard slowly realizing what lurked behind her. She slowly turned around seeing all of them. She opened her mouth as a blood curdling scream erupted.

Damien and Carmen both gasped hearing Dahlias scream of terror. They looked at each other not sure whether to help or run. But it didn’t matter. For something had already come to find them.

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