Cocklust Ch. 37


I stood motionless in the doorway.  Mrs. Collins stared back at me.  Her eyelashes seemed to flutter, and she made a point of tossing her hair.I tried to gauge how much she’d had to drink.  This can’t be happening, I thought.  She’s Chad’s mom.  She can’t seriously be coming on to me.  Can she?“You work out, don’t you?” she asked.I cinched up my bathrobe.  I had to force myself not to answer the question.  “I-I should really go,” I said.  “It’s late.”“You’re a guest in my house.  You don’t want to be rude, do you?”“Listen,” I said, “Mrs. Collins, this whole thing about that picture… I don’t want to get in the middle of you guys.  I mean, between you and Chad—”“Would you rather have your own picture there… maybe one with the two of you?”I wanted to say yes, but I wasn’t sure where she was going with this.  Even assuming Chad and I were at that stage in our relationship—“I’m probably saying too much,” she mumbled, and she gave a tipsy nod.  “The boys… they always say I embarrass them.”I hadn’t expected that response.  I started to wonder if I’d gotten the wrong idea.  “Isn’t that normal for a mom?”“They’re right, though,” she said.  “I’m a horrible parent.”“I—no, you can’t be—”“Look at the evidence,” she said.  “Patrick keeps getting in trouble, and I don’t know what to do with him… and to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to do with Chad either.”“Chad is fine.”“Thanks to you.”I blinked.  “I’m sorry?”“I still don’t really understand it,” she said, “but I can tell how much better he seems.  He was so depressed after his basketball scholarships didn’t work out, which was around the same time he and Valerie broke up.  I was worried he’d end up like his brother… but last spring, somehow, it seemed like everything changed.”I frowned.  I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.  “What do you mean, everything changed?”“He was like his old self again… like the boy I’d known when he was a kid.  His grades got better too.  I could tell he was turning over a new leaf; I just didn’t know why… and he acted strange whenever I asked him about it.  He wouldn’t give me details for months.  Not that I blame him, knowing what I know now… but I do hate that I made him feel that way.”“Well,” I said, “this stuff is complicated.  You can’t really blame yourself—”“Are you trying to give me advice?” she asked.  “You’re not even half my age.”“I… well, I didn’t mean it like that—”“I didn’t say it was a bad thing.  I’m the one who doesn’t have it together… between that and the fact that my marriage is on the rocks.”I swallowed hard.  “I’m really sorry to hear that,” I said.“I haven’t had sex in two years,” she said.  “It’s as if Bill forgot about me… not to mention my needs.”A pang of discomfort rippled through my body.  I didn’t want to talk about those particular needs.  But before I could say anything, she cleared her throat.“It’s almost over, though,” she said, “at least I think so… now that he’s talking about moving away.”“What?”“He’s been offered a job at his company headquarters.  They want him to relocate to Reston, Virginia.  I told him he can do what he wants, but I’m staying right here… so whatever he decides, I guess that’s up to him.”“Oh,” I said.  “I’m sorry…”“It’s my own fault,” she said.  “I made an impulsive decision, and I should’ve known better.”“What do you mean?”“Did Chad ever tell you how the two of us met?”I shook my head.  “No…”“I was on vacation in Hawaii, and Bill was on shore leave.  Of course, being young, I felt like I was in paradise, and isvecbahis I told myself it was love at first sight.  But then reality set in, and he got orders to ship out.  I was worried I’d never see him again… so we got engaged.  Even though we hardly knew each other.”I didn’t know how to respond to that.  It was a helluva lot to digest.“I mean, he did give me my kids, so it wasn’t a complete waste… but now here I am, at an age where I should be the wise one, and I don’t even know what I want in my life.”“I… w-well, I’m not sure it’s not that bad—”“How do you figure?” she asked.  “How am I supposed to find someone new?  Online dating?  I don’t have the first clue how that works.  When I met Bill, it didn’t even exist.”“You’ll figure things out.”She stared at her wine bottle.  “I wish I was that optimistic,” she said.  “Anyway, I guess my point is… I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.”“They weren’t really mistakes,” I said, “you just said so yourself.”“Humph,” she said.  “Well, at least you’re off to a good start… you’ve already known each other longer than Bill and I did.”I bit my lip.  I wondered if she was implying that Chad and I could get married.“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I didn’t mean to dump this on you… it’s gotta be the wine talking.  I really shouldn’t be drinking this much, it’s just, I-I…”“It’s okay,” I said.“I guess you were right.  Y-you probably should go back to bed.  I, well, I don’t want to keep you up longer than I already have.”I forced a smile.  “Are you gonna be okay down here?”“I’ll be fine,” she said.  “I need to call it a night myself… and Scott?”“Yeah?”She let out a loud sigh.  “Chad really cares about you,” she said, “even if he doesn’t always say so.  I guess what I’m trying to tell you is, whatever you’re doing… keep it up.”I didn’t quite know how to respond.  I just nodded.  “I’ll try,” I said, then told her good night and headed back upstairs.When I got back to Chad’s room, he was still fast asleep.  He was still naked, with his sheets twisted around parts of his body, and his cock and balls in full view.  I hurried into the room, shut the door behind me, and dropped my bathrobe.  Then I snuggled up to Chad, and I savored the feeling of his skin against mine.  Holding him like this had always made me feel safe, and that particular night was no different.  It helped me put my worries aside—at least temporarily—and, combined with my exhaustion, it helped me fall asleep.The next day was the first time Chad and I had nothing on our calendars: we had no classes to get to, no assignments to worry about, and no flights to catch.  We would’ve had sex—probably multiple times—if we weren’t already spent from the night before.  But we did the next best thing, which was to spend the whole morning naked, holed up in his bedroom.Of course, I had to tell Chad what had happened.  I couldn’t tell if his mom had broken the picture frame on purpose, but I didn’t think it mattered, especially since Chad had already asked her to take it down.  I was a hell of a lot more worried about the state of their marriage and what Chad might have to go through.  But he wasn’t fazed by anything I said; he seemed to have heard it all before.“You know,” he said, “my dad was never going to win the award for father of the year.  What you’re seeing now is nothing new: he’d always be gone for months at a time, sometimes more than a year.  I can’t tell you how many times he missed my birthday… and forget about my basketball games or whatever.  Of isveçbahis giriş course, the way he sees it, he’s out saving the world.  And I know somebody’s got to do that shit… I just wish it wasn’t my dad.  Or at least, I wish he wasn’t still at it after all these years.”I nodded.  “Is it true what your mom said?  That you were depressed before you met me?”“What?”“She said your grades improved and everything.”Chad snorted.  “She’s just glad I passed Dr. Wells’s class,” he said, “which was mostly thanks to you.”At first I didn’t realize what he meant.  Chad and I had been through so much that I’d completely forgotten about freshman chemistry.  Come to think of it, though, I did remember having helped him out.  I also remembered him calling it a lifesaver, though I wasn’t sure I agreed with that word.  I was sure he could’ve passed the class on his own.“I mean, don’t get me wrong,” he said.  “The last few months… I dunno, they’ve been something else.  I just… I never expected this to happen.”I looked up at the posters around us.  “You didn’t?”“Not really,” he said.  “But I’m glad though, because when they do get divorced… I don’t want to go through that alone.”I didn’t say a word.  I just wrapped my arms around his body, and I pulled him toward me, and Chad responded in kind.  We just lay there, holding each other, for as long as we could.Chad’s room had its own bathroom, so eventually we got in the shower.  I made sure to scrub down every inch of Chad’s body, including the hard-to-reach spots, and then he returned the favor.  I had to stop myself from playing with his bits; I told myself there’d be plenty of time for that later.We did want to get out of the house and avoid the family drama.  I was keen on seeing the nude beach Chad had mentioned, and he wasn’t about to object.  Of course, in order to get there, we had to throw on at least some basic clothes.  So we each threw on a t-shirt, swim trunks, and flip-flops.  Then we headed out.By that point, the sun was high in the sky, and the weather was surprisingly warm.  We parked at the top of a cliff, by some hang gliding place.  Once I saw the beach, I totally got why it was ideal for nudists: the cliffs made it hard to get to, plus they shielded it from view.  Chad and I had to climb down a long winding stairway, and once we got to the bottom, it was easy to forget that we were right by a city.A few people were already naked down there.  The beach wasn’t overly crowded, but a few bathers were playing in the surf, while a handful of others hung out on the sand.  They seemed to come from all walks of life, in all colors, shapes, and sizes.A woman walked past us with her perky tits and well-trimmed bush on display.  In the past, this might’ve gotten me excited.  She looked like a Victoria’s Secret type, and most straight guys would’ve drooled over her.  But I’d gotten so used to male bodies that the female form did nothing for me.  If anything, I was a little put off.Chad seemed to sense what I was thinking.  He took me further down the beach, to the men-only section.  Then he stopped and licked his lips.“You see that spot?” he asked.  He pointed to the top of the cliff.  “That’s where I used to sit.  It had the perfect fucking view.”“I bet,” was all I could say.  Even from below, the view was pretty damn fantastic.  A Middle Eastern dude was lounging nearby, and the sun seemed to shine off his skin.  Two other guys were taking a leisurely stroll.  Not far away, I saw someone surfing the waves; he did isveçbahis yeni giriş have a wetsuit on, but it was so tight that it didn’t leave much to the imagination.Chad and I found a spot we liked, then stripped down and threw our clothes in a bag.  I felt self-conscious at first: it was my first time getting naked in public, at least like this.  But it did feel sexy and kind of naughty.  I just stood there for a moment and took a deep breath, and as I did, I started to feel really liberated.Chad pulled out a blanket and laid it out on the sand.  In the process, he bent over and exposed his pucker.  That butt was so fucking tempting, I couldn’t resist giving it a quick slap.“Hey!” he yelled as he whipped his body around.I grabbed our bag, pulled out a towel, and snapped it at him.  Then I dropped the towel and took off running.“Get back here!” he teased as he chased after me.I looked back at the man meat racing toward me.  His cock and balls bounced with each stride, and his muscles seemed to flex in slow motion.  The sight got me so distracted that I slipped and fell.“That’s what you get!” he said as we both busted up laughing.Suddenly a wave crashed behind me, and I got doused with cold water.  “Oh shit!” I yelled as I jumped to my feet.“Ha!”I kicked at the water and splattered Chad with it.  He came after me again, and I ran further into the ocean.  It was chilly at first, but then my body got used to it, and I started swimming around.Chad followed me in, and he splashed more water at me.  I returned the favor, and he responded in kind, till bursts of water were flying back and forth.Suddenly a wave picked us up, and it threw our bodies together.  I felt Chad’s boner against my thigh, but only for a split second.  Then the water dropped back down, and we found ourselves standing side-by-side.Chad put an arm around me, and he used his free hand to wipe off his face.  “I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long,” he said.  “All I ever did was watch…”“Another fantasy fulfilled, huh?”“I guess you could say that.”Our faces were just inches away from each other.  I was tempted to kiss him, but instead I reached underwater and put my hand on his cock.  It was fully engorged, the temperature notwithstanding.  “You know,” I said, “now that we’re here, we can put on a show… you know, in case some other boy is watching…”“Fuck, I’d love to,” he said, “except they’re super-strict about that.  They’ll let people get naked here, but that’s where they draw the line.  If we did something and got caught…”  But then he didn’t finish his sentence.I felt my heart pound.  Part of me wanted to be naughty, the dirtier the better, but the other side of me didn’t want to get arrested.  Of course, Chad’s house was close enough that we could always fuck there.  “Okay,” I finally said, “I’ll be good, I promise… at least for right now.”We both stayed in the water till our boners went down, then walked back to our stuff.  We didn’t towel ourselves off because we didn’t need to.  The warm air felt good against our bodies, so we just lay on our blanket and relaxed.I lathered my body with sunscreen, including the nooks and crannies that usually didn’t need attention.  I teased Chad as I did it, as if I was oiling myself up.  He never took his eyes off me; as far as I could tell, he never even blinked.I was hoping to lather up Chad’s body too.  But he opted to skip the sunscreen since he wanted a nice tan.  He was taking full advantage of the situation, so he basked in the sun with every inch of his body exposed.  He went out of his way to get even coverage: he regularly shifted his position, and he periodically rolled over.  He even made sure to keep adjusting his cock, and he made a point of exposing the folds in his ass.

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