Cocksucking College Sister 2


Cocksucking College Sister Ch. 02 Summary: A brother attempts to escalate his sexual relationship with his sister. Note: Obviously it’s better to read part one first, but here is a summary in case. In part one Anthony accidentally gets his cock sucked by his sister at a gloryhole and again a second time at a sorority party. Note 2: And again, thanks to Estragon and Goamz86 for copy-editing. Cocksucking College Sister 2 Truthfully, I tried to pretend it didn’t happen. I tried to pretend that the best blow job I had ever received hadn’t come from my 18-year-old college-freshman sister. I tried to move on…but the reality was when I was with another girl all I thought about was Lilly. When I had late night fantasies it was my sister I was beating off to. We avoided each other for just over a month, which was pretty easy as she lived at the dorms and I lived with buddies, but my parent’s 25 th wedding anniversary party would bring us together for the first time since that crazy weekend. By this time, my sister fantasies had become an obsession. My sister had planned a whole weekend event for our parents. It included a family of four dinner on Friday evening, a huge full day party at my parents’ house on Saturday, and a casual Sunday brunch before our family all went our separate ways. Ideas bounced in my head at the opportunity that lay ahead. Should I blackmail her? Seemed like an ok plan, yet I was a much more willing participant in the incest than she was. Should I be sweet and complimentary? I have learned from many of my past relationships (do one night stands count as relationships?), that a few words of flattery often opened up a girl’s legs to a night of pleasure. Or should I do what had been my most sure fire way of getting laid more times than not….get her hammered? I played all three scenarios in my head and a few more high risk ones before settling on using a mixture of all three if need be. She was the last one to arrive on Friday night, a good twenty minutes late, clearly trying to avoid any alone time Pendik escort bayan with me. The look on her face when we first made eye contact showed just how nervous and anxiety-ridden she was about our secret coming out. I realized then that she felt she was to blame and knew that blackmail was a viable option if needed. Every time she sucked her straw from her drink I imagined my cock being the straw. My psychological need to have my sister was as Freudian as possible and one need I planned to make happen. I was sure to make eye contact on numerous occasions, each time my eyes and smile attempting to speak for me. Her flushed face and quick eye contact breaks only enhanced my confidence that I could use her insecurity and guilt to my advantage. Once dinner was done, I asked Lilly, my smile dripping with syrupy sweetness, “Can you give me a ride home, baby sister?” She stammered, unable to hide her nervousness, but also unable to say no, “S-s-sure.” I followed behind, watching her tight ass sway in her jeans, disappointed she had not worn a skirt and pantyhose as every fantasy I had with her included nylons of some sort. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes before I opened the can of worms. “Lilly, we need to talk about what happened.” Tears instantly streamed down her face. “You can’t tell Mom or Dad, they would make me live at home and I finally fit in somewhere.” I smiled, realizing she was more worried about being ratted out than by what she had done with me. “Lilly, I don’t plan to tell on you, we are not kids any more. You have definitely become a woman.” Her face went red and she continued, “I can’t believe you saw me.” I retorted, “I can’t believe how good you were.” She went even redder if that was possible, but didn’t respond. I added, “Can I tell you something, baby sister?” “I guess,” she answered, nervously, staring at the road. “You are an amazing cocksucker.” “Anthony!” she gasped. “Seriously, baby sis. I have had quite a few girls gobble my cock, but I have never Escort Beykoz had someone do what you did.” “Can we not talk about this?” she asked, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. “Ok, Lilly, but answer me one question truthfully,” I requested. “Fine, what?” she agreed, clearly desperate to end this conversation. “Did you enjoy sucking big brother’s cock?” “Anthony! How can you ask me that?” she asked, mortified. “Because I think you did and…” I paused for dramatic effect before dropping the bomb, “I think you want to again.” Lilly’s red face remained, as she stammered in fake denial, “I-I-I , it was wrong Anthony. You are my brother.” “That wasn’t the question, baby sis. The question was did you enjoy it?” “Yes,” she admitted, frustrated, “but I never would have blown you if I knew it was you.” “Twice,” I added. “Fine, twice. It was wrong.” “Why?” I asked. “Because it is incest,” she replied, shocked that I didn’t think it was a big deal. “Lilly. You enjoy my cock in your mouth and I enjoyed your amazing mouth. There is nothing wrong with that.” My hand wandered to her leg. “Don’t!” She weakly protested. “Lilly. I love you. I love you as a sister, and you are all I think about now,” I admitted, my hand moving ever-so-slowly up her leg. I asked, “Can you honestly say you didn’t enjoy it?” “I-um-I, but it’s wrong,” she babbled, unable to deny the truth. I moved my hand away and quickly pulled out my stiff cock from its restrictive cave. Lilly noticed and begged, “Anthony, please put that away.” “Sorry sis, but you got it all big and hard, I think it only fair you help make it go down.” “I can’t,” she weakly replied, her resistance already breaking down. She took quick glimpses at my cock while she drove. Going for broke and betting on her submissive nature, I ordered, “Pull over in that back alley sis.” “Please, no,” she protested. “Do it, baby sis. I know and you know you want to.” She hesitated only a second before putting her foot on the brake and turning into a dark alley. Cevizli escort Once stopped, she clarified, “Ok, Anthony, but only this one time.” Knowing I had her hooked and that this would definitely not be the last time, I lied, “Of course, baby sis.” Her eyes giving away her hunger, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. Instantly, I was in heaven. The first two times she had sucked my cock, she had no idea it was me, well, not until it was too late the second time, but this time she was sucking her brother’s cock of her own accord. I was worried she would do a rush job this time, but she worshipped my cock like no other girl I ever had. She swirled her tongue around my mushroom top, teasing and pleasing it. Slowly, she went deeper down, somehow creating a whirlpool of saliva. It was like being in a warm pussy. She kept a steady, but slow pace as she began bobbing up and down on my cock. I watched in the dark with satisfied glee, knowing that my sister was going to be my personal cocksucker all weekend long. I don’t know how long she made love to my cock with her mouth but four songs played on the car radio and one was a Meatloaf song, so that is like two or three songs before she began to feverishly bob on my cock, each downward bob engulfing my whole nine-inch cock. Unable to resist such a dedicated effort, I shot a load of my cum down my sister’s eager throat. Like the expert cocksucker she was, she didn’t slow down at all as she swallowed every last drop of my cock. Eventually, she sat back up and without a word, put the car in drive and began driving. I allowed my cock to stand at attention the entire drive home while we both sat in silence considering the implications of what just occurred. For her I assume she thought it was the final time, yet her odd glimpse at my still stiff cock told me she still craved her big brother’s cock, and I could easily break her weak resistance whenever I wanted to. A minute before arriving at our parents’, Lilly asked, “Would you please put it away?” “I thought you may want to have seconds,” I teased. Turning the corner to our parents’ block, she said, her tone serious, “I’m serious Anthony, that was the last time.” I put my cock back in my pants and said, “If you say so, baby sis, but if you get the craving….” She sighed as she pulled into our parents’ driveway.

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