College life 18


College life 18***********************Waking up with Corey next to me as the calendar had turned to November feltgood. It was nice to know that things were somewhat back to somewhatnormal. I looked over at Corey’s face. He was the right man for me atthis time. Now I began to wonder where Kris was though I had an idea wherehe was. Without a single doubt, he’d tell me every little detail, true ornot.Corey woke about twenty minutes later. He stretched his muscular arms andleaned over to kiss me. “Damn, it is so uncomfortable with both of us inthis bed but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he stated with me feelinghis erection in my back. It felt so good.”I know, Corey. I wouldn’t either,” I said.”Matt, I love you,” he said.”Corey, I love you, too,” I said.”Such sweet words I never thought I’d hear ever again in my life coming outof your mouth,” he said.”Corey, I’m now really past that. Let’s move on and look to the future.However, we do need to take it as slowly as we can.””Why? We have so much catching up to do,” Corey laughed.”True but maybe we did go a little fast in the past,” I said. “However,with you working now, going too fast maybe not be a problem at all.””It won’t be since but now I can look forward to getting off and seeing youagain,” he said. He pulled me on top of him. We petted each other’s facefor a moment before making out. Corey stopped and looked at me, “Nowthat’s what I really miss. I missed the affection and passion you bring.Sure sex is great…””I know but there will be times when we can be just as close by kissing,” Istated.”That’s really what I learned from you, Matt.””Corey, we’re both guys with needs, however,” I said. “We’ll find ways tosatisfy those needs.” I reached down and began stroking his thick cut 6and half inches. Corey spat on his hand and moved it down to startstroking my eight inches.We continued to stroke and kiss. Corey looked at me, “Would you give methe ultimate joy of being your boyfriend and fuck me?””Oh yes Corey, I will,” I replied with a kiss.We threw down a towel before I inserted a finger in his tight ass. He wasmoaning and groaning while I did my best to loosen him up to take me. Ittook a while for me to get him fully ready. I donned a Magnum and lubed usboth up. Corey had a big smile on his face while I lifted up his legs andpressed them forward. It took a few attempts to get back inside him butonce I did it felt like heaven.”OOOO fuck Matt!” Corey screamed with a painful look replacing his smile.”I’ll be so gentle,” I said and kissed his calf. I went deeper and deeperuntil I felt my pubes against him. I waited for a moment with his assenveloping my rigid cock. I moved slowly in him. He moaned a little. Ileaned down for a kiss.”Matt, you feel so good in me. Damn your dick is so fucking big,” Coreysaid.”I know. Your ass is so fucking hot. My dick loves being back where itbelongs,” I said. I moved faster and slipped out of his hole. It gave methe chance to pour more lube on. I pushed his legs back forward with hisknees near his face. I started fucking him at a nice pace.CLICK! The door opened. “Oh shit!” Kris screamed and slammed the doorshut as quick as it had opened.Corey smiled at me. I didn’t let that interrupt us since I was so horny atthe moment for his hot ass. I slipped out again. Corey seized the chanceand moved to ride me. I watched his beautiful body go down on my hardpole. I leaned up and kissed his chest while grabbing his cock. Corey wasslow at moving but it was so great. My little bed squeaked with eachmovement now while we fucked or should I say made hot love. I continued tostroke Corey’s cock while he rode me. Soon his body tensed up with eachmuscle bulging forth. The first shot hit my face with Corey moaning. Thenext few hit my neck and chest. With him erupting, my cock felt thesqueeze. I filled my condom right there. Corey collapsed on top of me andlicked off some of his cum. We kissed with passion with my soft cockeasing out of his ass.”Damn that felt so good,” Corey said.”I know it did,” I said.”What will Kris think?””I don’t care what he thinks,” I said. “He’ll know now my boyfriend isback.””Fuck yeah, he is,” Corey said.We cleaned up quickly and threw on underwear before Kris came in the room.”Sorry guys,” Kris said. “Thank God I didn’t see much but just enough toknow Matt was fucking you, Corey.””He was,” Corey said and kissed my cheek.”So how’d it türbanlı aydın escort go after you left last night?” I asked Kris.”Great in a way. My fucking head is beating like a bitch though,” Krissaid. “I don’t think it went any better than your night.””Nope, I doubt it did,” I said.”I wanted to fuck Liz so badly last night but damn I was so drunk,” Krislaughed. “Colt had the exact same problem.””Whiskey dick will do that to ya,” Corey laughed.”I usually can fuck with the best of them when I’m drunk but last night Icouldn’t. The worst part was Liz was wanting her some dick,” Kris said.”It’ll teach you a lesson,” I joked.”Damn right it did. Not to get so drunk I can’t get me some,” Krislaughed. “I’m so tired.””Alright, we’ll be quiet then,” I said.Kris lay on his bed. I swear as soon as his head hit his pillow he wasout. Corey quietly dressed and left as well. I sat at my computer andposted a few pictures on Facebook and tagged them as well since I wasFacebook friends with Jess, Scott and Juan as well. Mom was emailed a fewtoo that I knew she would enjoy and seeing all my friends. I didn’t sendthe ones with beer cans all around us but she wasn’t so ignorant not toknow what went on here.Corey sent me a text and wanted me to go work out with him. I texted himback and said I’d be down in a few minutes. I left Kris sleeping andheaded down. We worked out hard with Corey pushing me to my limits.Kris was up when I returned with Colt and Jess in our room as well. Idiscretely got undressed and headed to shower. I returned, dressed andlistened to their chatter about last night. We soon headed out early byour standards to grab something to eat. A vast majority of our friendswent along to keep things going. Other students did look at us oddly whenwe walked a big group. The talk while eating was livelier than ever to thepoint it was loud and gaining attention. We didn’t care and knew they werejealous of what we had going.Walking back, Corey grabbed my hand while Scott grabbed Hayden’s hand. Wetalked among ourselves while we headed back. Corey and I went to Scott’sroom while the rest went to mine. Without having to ask, I could see howhappy Scott really was with Hayden. We talked and watched TV together.”Now this shit is more like it,” Scott noted.”Yes it is,” Corey said. “I can’t tell you how happy I am.””I really couldn’t be happier either. Hayden here is the fucking best,”Scott said and enjoyed a nice long kiss with him.Corey pulled me close and we kissed as well. “Scott, I beg to differ butMatt is the fucking best.””What does it matter as long as we are happy and satisfied? It took me along time to realize what in life made me happy, guys,” Scott said. “NowI’m not so sure I’m bi. What’s more I don’t give a fuck either what peoplesay anymore.””So you’ve told your parents?” I asked.”Hell no,” Scott laughed. “I’m not quite ready to go there yet. I will besoon though.””It’s easy here with everyone being so accepting, at least in our group,”Corey said. “Not everyone on this campus is as accepting. Yesterday Itold this guy at the center I was back with my boyfriend. He laughed anddidn’t speak to me the rest of the day.””Maybe he’s jealous,” Hayden said.”Matt?” Scott said.”He can be jealous as long as he doesn’t touch,” I said.”No, he has a girlfriend and is probably a homophobe,” Corey said. “You getto a point where you don’t care if people accept that you are gay or not.I’m like Scott and don’t give a fuck if people can’t accept I’m gay. Notshit I can do about it. I guess everyone thinks we can flip aswitch… well some of us can’t flip a switch and go after girls…””I’m starting to wonder if I could switch that flip…” We started laughingat him. “You know flip that switch.”Juan came in the door and opened his computer. It gave the rest of us ahint it was time to leave. I bid Corey a good night and headed back to myroom. Now it was Kris and Colt watching football. I did a littlestudying. Kris finally cracked a book once Colt left and the game wasover.The night was done when Kris threw off his clothes and jumped into bed. Itossed off mine including my underwear. Kris laughed a little.”What a weekend, huh?” Kris commented.”Boy it was one for the books,” I said.”Matt, I don’t want another drop of alcohol for a while.””I’ll remember that come say Friday night,” I said.Kris laughed, “That’ll türbanlı aydın escort bayan be a while for me. In a way, this is just how Ithought college would be. We’d have the best friends ever. We’d party ourasses off. We’d just really have a great time.””It has been rather idealistic, huh? Just what you think but with a littlemix of drama to keep things interesting,” I said.”Thanks to your ass, it has been rather dramatic,” Kris said. “That’s lifeand we move on.”We continued to talk. Mostly it was about our love lives and how thingswere looking up for both of us. It was past one before we called it anight.Waking up Monday here at the first of November, I had to smile sinceeverything was going so well now. I woke Kris up at his normal time,enough for him to get dressed and brush his teeth before throwing on a capover his blond mop. In the first class, I got back my test which wasmultiple choice and I had done quite well. It was a great way to start theday. The next class was rather boring but aren’t most college classes. Iate with Kris and Jess before heading off to my art class. Reilly wasthere and smiled at me when I made eye contact with him. The main focus ofthe class was choosing an artist to do a short paper on. I picked Vermeerout of the list since I enjoyed exploring people I knew nothing about.Hayden was bold and chose Manet. I knew just enough about him to know hehad lots of work to explore. Thankfully, the paper didn’t have to be thatlong.After chatting with Hayden on the way back, I veered off and headed to mydorm to see what the day held. Kris was back early and eager to head tothe rec center.”Kris, I went yesterday so I’m not going today,” I explained.”That’s okay with me but you’ll miss seeing Corey for a minute,” he said.”Besides, what’s it going to hurt?””You do know Corey wants us to change and go with him on Tuesdays…””I can sure do that,” Kris said. “I’m sure the rest wouldn’t mind kickingup a notch.””Like you need to go in the first place,” I commented.Kris pulled up his shirt, “These bitches right here have my ass agirlfriend. I got to keep working on these bad boys. I drank like a fishall weekend and need to work that shit off.”I shook my head after seeing one incredible set of abs and deep cuts at hiswaist. If nothing, he was as cut as ever with his steady working out.There again I was so proud to have definition in mine though miles from thesheer work of art that Kris and Corey had going on. Our crew, troop orwhatever we were all headed to the rec center. Corey spoke to us briefly.The last thing I wanted to do was to overdo it with him and get him fired.A majority worked on their chests and shoulders while I did some sit upsand core work before riding the bike. I sat and waited but did havewondering eyes in this place filled with hot guys and girls. We showeredat the rec center before heading back.The night was rather normal as any, which was nice for a change. I didhave to show off all the pictures I had taken and send them to everyone sothey could have them as well. The funniest thing that happened was Kris,Colt, Alex and Jess mooned the camera while I took more pictures. It was anice array of straight boy ass though they thought it was hilarious. I gotsome great shots of them as well without their shirts so they could showthat we had great bodies when they were old and fat.I did see and spend just a little time with Corey that night before he saidhe needed to study and do a paper.Tuesday was about the same with only a few of us joining Corey to go workout. It was quicker than the day before with less people. I did get tospend the rest of the afternoon with Corey and continue to let ourrelationship grow. It was nice taking a short nap with him in his bedwhile Michael was out.That night, a bunch of us gathered in my room. Liz and Monica were thereas well. It was funny looking around and seeing how some were lax with therazors, me included while we experimented and tested our looks with facialhair. We kept the door open as an invitation to any and all that wanted tojoin in. Kris wouldn’t have it any other way though.”I tell you what we all need to do,” Colt said.”What’s that?” Jess asked.”Friday night, we all need to pile up and go get some ink like this badboy,” Colt said, pointing to his tattoo. “I’m ready for another one. Sowho türbanlı escort aydın is with me?””Hell yeah, count me in,” Kris said. “I’m dying to get some. Matt, yourass is getting one too.””I don’t know about that,” I said.”I bet if Corey got one then you would,” Jess said.”We’ll see about that,” I said.”I’ll go for sure,” Scott said. “My biggest problem will be what to getand where.””Get one of these bitches,” Khalid stated and pulled up the back of hisshirt.”Damn dude,” Alex said.”Khalid, you can barely see it though,” Kris stated.”I know since I’m so black,” Khalid said. “You see the dudes on ourfootball team have them and some of them are darker than I am.””Corey?” Colt asked.”I don’t know. I want one but the cash,” Corey replied.”They aren’t cheap,” Colt said. “This one cost me one fifty.””Fuck that,” Alex said. “I wanted one but not at that price. I can justhear my Mom scream when I say I need a hundred for some ink.””You could get pierced,” Jess said and pointed to his ears. “I may go thatroute and get a bar in my upper ear.”We continued to talk about tattooing and piercing. Piercing seemed moreappealing to me than a tattoo did. If I didn’t like it, it can be removed.Once that finished, Jess asked Kris, “Are your parents coming to tailgatefor the game this weekend?””I don’t know,” Kris replied. Right there, he pulled out his phone. Wecould all here him talking to his Mom while he went on and on about wantingto tailgate. We knew he had talked them into it before he said goodbye.”You’re the fucking man,” Jess stated loudly.”I know that. Ask Liz here,” Kris laughed. “We all need to get shittogether and have one big ass tailgate then.””I can get some chips and dip,” Kendall stated.”I’ll bring whatever if I’m invited,” Alex said.”Everybody’s invited. My parents want to meet every one of you, especiallyLiz here,” Kris said.”I can’t wait then but my parents may be coming too,” she said.”It’ll be even bigger then,” Colt said. “If nothing else, we can pool ourfunds and have a really big blowout.””That is if we have any after getting a tattoo,” Scott stated. We did haveto laugh.We continued to make plans with all of us being excited about the prospectsof another killer weekend. About ten, Kris asked if he could get somealone time with Liz. They all started leaving but no one seemed to careplus a few stated they needed to do some homework.”Matt, do you think you and Corey could nicely go to Corey’s room?” Krisasked me and was being really nice.”We can do that,” Corey said and grabbed my hand.”See you about midnight then,” Kris said while I was leaving with Coreywith Liz, Colt and Monica still there.Corey and I went to his room. Michael was watching TV. Corey sat down athis desk and starting doing some of his math homework. It wasn’t longuntil I was helping him. He finished up with his work. The two of uscrawled into his bed. We did kiss a little.”Man, it is good to see you two going at it over there,” Michael said.”Michael, just ignore us alright,” Corey said.”Okay,” Michael said.We did get in some great lip time before it was time for me to head out andlet them sleep. I opened the door with Kris at his desk.”Thanks Matt,” Kris said.”No problem at all. It gave Corey and me I just a little time as well,” Isaid. I undressed totally and pulled back my sheets. “What the fuck!” Ihollered seeing a fresh wet spot on my sheets.Kris was snickering. “Oh Colt got a little busy over there with Monica.””God damn you Kris!” I said.”Just calm the fuck down,” Kris said.”For one, you let him fuck that whore in my fucking bed!””So what if I did, Matt! I fucked the shit out of Liz too!””Here in the same room!””Fuck yeah!” Kris screamed.”I can’t believe you, Kris.””We both got under sheets and fucked them. They’re the ones who wanted ourdicks!””What I’m so pissed about is I don’t like going to sleep in someone else’sfluids.””Change the goddamn sheets then!””I am!” I said. I did just that and wasn’t the least bit happy about doingit.”Matt, I can’t believe you’re so pissed about some juice on your sheets,”Kris commented.”Fine, one night why don’t I let Scott and Hayden fuck in your bed and blowtheir shit all over your sheets right before you come back and try tosleep.””Fuck you Matt! I have been nothing but nice to your ass and here you goblow up on some fucking… oh fuck it, dude!””No go ahead and let’s get this shit out in the open!””No Matt, I’m stopping this shit right now. We’re in here arguing overshit!””You probably think it’s probably funny,” I said and got into bed. “Idon’t. It’s fucking nasty!””Fine,” Kris shook his head. “I’ll tell them next time to put down atowel.”I turned out the light after Kris got into bed.****************** MORE ROOMING ON THE WAY!!! *******************

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