College Roommates Ch. 06: The Truth


I sat down in my Music Theory class Monday morning after my long weekend of rekindling with Dom. It felt so great to be back together with her! She had captured the feeling perfectly when she told me it felt like she was breathing again, as if she were holding it for an eternity and she finally took a full gulp of air. James came in and the more risque turn of events came flooding back to me and I felt a huge blush on my cheeks. He plopped down next to me in his usual seat, smiling nonchalantly at me.

“Hey!” he was so relaxed. I smirked still blushing and wriggled my fingers at him shyly. He nudged me playfully. “Relax! We’re still cool!” he chuckled, not at all phased by the fact that Dom and I ultimately rejected his request to have a threesome. We figured it was in our best interests to keep the relationship between me and Dom.

“So,” I offered, not sure what to say and he scratched his chin flipping through his notebook for an open page. I did the same and he put his hand on my arm, a very friendly gesture.

“Honestly Rachel, relax! I understand and it doesn’t hurt my feelings. You and Dom are a pretty solid item and I wouldn’t want to come between you two. Besides it feels like nothing ever could!” he added and I cringed feeling guilt wash over me. He noticed my change of mood but couldn’t ask me anything more because our professor walked in.

“Rach!” James called out to me as I walked to the library to study before my english class. I turned and waved at him and his arm dropped lazily on my shoulders as he escorted me to our usual study room. We normally rented out a tech suite in the library to work on our Music Theory together, sometimes others joined us but this time around we were alone.

“Hey! Can you believe this project? Finding a classical composer and studying their compositions and compare it to modern day music? Real tricky stuff,” I grumbled and he shrugged hitting the elevator button. We went up to the third floor and shuffled quietly to our room. We worked silently for a bit, trying to research composers when he cleared his throat.

“I’m curious, about your reaction to my comment earlier about you and Dom, are you two not as solid as every believes?” he inquired suddenly and I felt my heart sink a bit and sighed. Everyone close to Dom and I knew for the most part what happened but no one knows the whole story. No one but Dom and myself. I guess now would be a good time to get it off my chest.

“Look, Dom and I are solid! Stronger than ever! It took me a summer to figure that out, but I fixed my mistakes,” I admitted and he pursed his lips a little perplexed. “Okay you want the whole story?” he nodded leaning back in his chair his arms crossed. I took a deep breath to steady myself ready to explain everything. “Dom and I met on the first day of school, because we were roommates. I had never dated anyone, boy or girl, before and she was different and sexy and mysterious to me but we clicked. Then a month after school started we went on, a, date?” I offered and he smirked. “Anyway after that day it was hot, and steamy, and amazing. We slept together every night, we fucked and loved and, well you saw a little bit yourself. That was my whole year last year, when I was doing the whole student thing,” I admitted and his face flushed a bit.

“Must have been some freshman year,” he mused and I nodded giggling. I couldn’t tell if he was uncomfortable or horny thinking about it.

“Well, it all suddenly ended when we had to move off campus for the summer and go back home. We went from being around each other every day to only skyping, texting, or calling to interact with each other. We tried to make it work. Every day for a while we were doing fine,” I smiled thinking about how awesome it was at first to work through long distance. “But she wasn’t there, you know? And my mom didn’t understand it. Never got me, thought it was just a fling and kept pushing me to stop talking to her. Whenever I asked my mom if I could go see her or if she could come see me she would fight with me, or refuse. I got to spend some weekends or long trips at her house but she could never get to see me. And we lived so far away!” I grumbled feeling frustrated all over again. “I had to learn how to handle it, and honestly artvin escort I didn’t know how. Going from not feeling in love with anyone, to loving her so much, to be forced away from her, it was too much. Then my mom did something unbelievable, and I honestly blame her for my relationship issues. My mom started setting up these weird ‘happenstance’ situations where I would end up having to run into or talk to my best friend from high school,” I grumbled remembering it all so vividly.

“Happenstance?” he pressed and I nodded shaking my head.

“She would have him do chores around the yard, or the pool, or fix something in the house that ‘broke’ you know?” I rolled my eyes chuckling. “Apparently he was in love with me? Or so he told my mom. Well she thought maybe getting the two of us some alone time would ‘correct’ my curiosities? I don’t know. Anyway we did end up hanging out a lot. And I was losing connection with Dom slowly. I didn’t text her as much, or when I was with him. I got irritated when she would ask me about my feelings for him. Why I was so attached to him toward the end of the summer. Then, I just started feeling, alone? As if she didn’t get me anymore, or my mom, and it felt like he was the only one that would listen. So I started getting caught up in the feeling of having someone around me who cared for me. He was filling a void that was creeping into my heart. I guess you would say I have anxieties when I feel like I’m losing someone or something I freak out,” I admitted and he nodded his arms crossed lazily. He was still listening his face concerned and intrigued at the same time.

“Did you do it with him?” he asked suddenly and that threw me off.

“Ew no!” I chuckled when he flinched. “I mean ew because he is more like a brother to me! At least I feel that way now. I mean he tried, it’s not to say he didn’t. He tried kissing me, cuddling with me, he tried a lot of things,” I mumbled. “I didn’t do anything with him, but I never stopped his advances either. It was like I was leading him on to keep him wanting me, but I didn’t want him or anything with him. I just enjoyed the feeling of having someone around again. And then I did the dumbest thing ever. I told Dom I wanted to take a break and just stopped talking to her,” I admitted. “Then I tried liking my friend back. Even tried going on dates to try and create that chemistry with him that I had with Dom. It didn’t work. Anyway we got back to school and I spent weeks hating myself and thinking about her. I was afraid to text her or try and talk to her because I didn’t know if she even wanted to see me or hear from me again. The only text I ever got from her was about her room assignment, which she only told me about because we were fighting a lot during room selection and so she shacked up with her cousin instead of me,” I came full circle. “Which leads us to last week, this weekend, and now. We got back together, talked it all over, and are working back up to what we had before summer, maybe even past that to something stronger? Who knows!” I threw my hands up and he nodded slowly scratching his head.

“So you fucked it up, huh?” he teased and I nodded sheepishly and he smirked. “Damn, thought it was something Nikki did, then maybe I’d have a chance!” he laughed when I swatted at him and ran a hand through his hair. “Relax! I’m joking! Besides I have my eyes on someone else,” he admitted and I shook my head laughing with him. We kept working and talking about random things when his phone went off suddenly. “Shit!” he grumbled fumbling in his bag for it. He pulled it out and silenced the alarm. “Meeting before my class, I got to go! Sorry!” he collected everything quickly then rushed out after hugging me. I worked alone then, playing music on my laptop softly for background noise when a knock on the door scared me. I looked up and saw Dom looking through the glass at me her arm up against the door her head resting against it. She blew me a kiss and my heart pounded in my chest as her hand went to the doorknob and she opened it.

“You look so smart and sexy with all your books out and studying so hard like that. I was standing there watching you for a while deciding if I wanted to interrupt you or not,” she murmured her voice escort artvin that husky sound it always was when she was hot for me. I swallowed hard my eyes darting from her face to the window opening up this room to the rest of the library. She dropped her bag walking the short distance toward me leaning over me her hand on the back of my chair her other hand on the table. “Seeing you so freaked out and excited to see me at the same time is a really adorable look for you,” she whispered her lips at my ear and my neck. I trembled and she groaned softly.

“P-p-people can s-s-see in here,” I whispered weakly trying to protest my body under a spell from her sweet kisses.

“I thought you liked having people watch you,” she challenged and I swallowed feeling a lump in my throat as her hand reached up to brush my hair back her lips working their way down my neck her fingers dancing lightly across the back of my neck and over my shoulder.

“Strangers, sure, students who may see me again,” I moaned then as her teeth nibbled at my neck. “Or teachers,” I gasped as her tongue teased my skin her hand sliding up against my scalp ruffling and tugging at my hair as her lips slid across my jaw. She pulled my head back slightly and moaned in appreciation.

“You, are so fucking sexy, you have no idea how hard it is for me not to just tear through your clothes every day and make love to your body,” she groaned her lips working up and down my neck and along my jaw in a slow, sensual pattern. My eyes were rolling back my body heating up as her fingers kneaded through my hair turning and straining my neck to her desire so she could touch every inch of my skin.

“Dom, what if someone looks in here?” I protested one final time and she put her lips to my ear and nibbled at it playfully her tongue teasing its curves and crevices.

“Then they’ll understand why I couldn’t help myself,” she groaned into my ear her fingers curling into a fist in my hair pulling my head back her lips finding mine. She kissed me eagerly her hand tugging and massaging my hair, her lips coaxing me to relax. I felt her tongue flick against my lips and they parted obediently as her free hand slid down the front of my shirt into my bra and groped my boob. I trembled and moaned into her mouth as her palm brushed against my nipple her expert hands working me over into bliss. My whole body was on fire, her tongue lovingly caressing mine as her hand worked over to my other tit. She started nibbling and sucking on my lips mimicking what she usually did to my pussy and I practically melted.

“I want your pussy right now,” she groaned her hand pulling out of my shirt and dropping down to my jeans. She undid them her hand sliding down against my crotch over my sopping wet panties. She groaned then her lips brushing against mine lovingly. “You’re so wet, you really like the idea of getting caught don’t you?” she cooed her voice so scratchy and hoarse. She was gone. I couldn’t utter words, just moans as her hand teased the soaking cotton against my throbbing pussy. My lips were swollen and swallowing her fingers my clit peaking out already. I could feel it as she caressed my cunt.

“Dominique,” I groaned trembling as her tongue ran along my neck. She bit my neck then, just hard enough to make me wince but not so hard it actually hurt. “What do you want?” I whispered her fingers practically fucking me through my panties. She bit her lip pulling away to look at me her hand still massaging my swollen sex.

“I want to taste your lovely cunt,” she whispered her eyes smoldering with desire. I glanced behind her to see if anyone was outside the window. No one. I nodded then and she bit her lip pulling away as I got up to maneuver the chair on the far end of the table so no one could see my legs. She crawled under it and we worked my jeans off me sliding them up under my ass so that I wasn’t sitting bare butt on the seat. She then pulled my panties down to my ankles and I slid as far forward as I could spreading my legs for her. I couldn’t see a thing she was doing and I was pretending to study but as soon as I felt her face against my pussy I moaned loudly. She giggled then and I bit my lip trying to be quiet as she licked and nibbled at my artvin escort bayan pussy. She couldn’t control herself though, her tongue wildly fucking and lapping at my cunt her fingers soon joining the mix. Her tongue, her fingers, and her nose were all wildly mixing around darting from my clit, to my sex, in and out. Finally she settled on using her one hand to pull my lips and hood back to expose my clit, which she sucked on it furiously as two fingers plunged deep inside of me searching desperately for my orgasm. I tried my hardest not to hump her face as she flicked her tongue over my clit.

“Fuck!” I groaned clutching the table then as her fingers worked furiously in and out of my pussy, her breath hot as she released my clit letting her tongue play with it instead, her free hand rubbing up and down my pussy lips working in extra pressure on my clit. I was gone then, biting my hand to muffle my moans as I twitched in the seat feeling my body burning up. My muscles tensed all over, my body trembling. I started humping her face recklessly, no longer concerned if anyone could see me. I reached down and grabbed her head then, grinding my pussy against her face as I came. She let me hump her face until I collapsed in the seat spent, her tongue lapping at my juices longingly.

“I want to fuck your cunt,” she purred from under the table. She crawled over to the door and shut the lights off, locking it. “Get under the table,” she demanded and I did. She crawled back under it and I could hear her taking her pants off. She slid between my legs her pussy meeting mine and I trembled feeling how hot she was. She grabbed my leg for leverage and started grinding our pussies together and I moaned humping against her our bodies a tangled mess. We were panting with desire, sweat was beading on my forehead as we fucked moaning as quietly as we could. I was so afraid someone would notice the lights were off and try and come in to see if anyone was in here. I knew my laptop was still on. It made it so exhilarating though!

“I’m gonna cum!” I groaned and she moaned back grinding faster, our clits bumping up against each other every so often spiking our pleasure. She started gasping and bucking wildly and I knew she was cumming so I took over grabbing her thigh and humping her delicious pussy excitedly listening to her stifle her moans. It was so erotic. I started trembling feeling myself build up to my climax and I knew it was my turn. I went crazy, panting and grunting rubbing our swollen cunts together in a hot sticky mess. The small room was heating up fast and it was adding to the high I was feeling. “Oh god!” I groaned trembling as my orgasm washed over me my body exploding in a burning heat my muscles going to jelly. I collapsed then, turning over weakly to bury my face into her pussy.

“Rachel,” she moaned her hands reaching down and playing with my hair. I smirked licking her lips lovingly, tasting her sweet nectar. “You are amazing,” she whispered and I nuzzled her pussy inhaling its aroma for another moment before getting up to collect myself and get dressed.

“If you come to all of my study sessions I’m going to fail my classes,” I teased after we had turned the lights back on. She kissed me sweetly pinching my nose.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you today, so I had to,” she shrugged plopping down in the chair next to me pulling out her own homework. “Besides, you still have time to work before you english class, I didn’t take up too much time,” she snarked sticking her tongue out at me. I leaned forward and captured it in my lips sucking on it gently and she moaned her eyes closing kissing me tenderly, our tongues swirling longingly. “After your english class, we are meeting up at my room. I need more of you,” she groaned, her hand sliding back into my hair kissing me desperately. Someone knocked on the door then and she sighed pulling away. I turned to see Sydney and some of her friends. I waved them in and glanced apologetically at Dom who was now pouting.

“It smells like sex in here,” Sydney blurted out and Dom and I looked at each other and she shrugged and I blushed my whole face on fire.

“I mean, I guess it should considering we just had sex,” Dom said blatantly. Sydney looked at us shocked then giggled at my own shocked expression. “But we are done,” she looked at me then her eyes burning. “For now,” Sydney and her friends gushed then they hurried off to get chairs and Dom leaned forward to kiss me one more time before working on her own homework as I talked to Sydney and them about the Music Festival.

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