The Keyholder Pt 6


Amy had succumbed yet again, letting Ben out of chastity so that they could make love. However, this time she had placed a thin layer of textured steel mesh inside his small Prince Albert chastity cage before locking it back on his ever-hopeful cock. Now when Ben’s cock swelled, it pushed into the mesh causing a whole new feeling of sadistic pain.They had redressed after love making, Ben in jeans and a black shirt, and Amy in her short red dress, and were sitting opposite each other on the kitchen stools.“I’m nervous and I’m not even wearing the cage,” Amy smiled excitedly, her body glowing from intercourse and now eager to understand the new look in Ben’s dreamy eyes.“It’s cool,” he breathed hesitantly.“You know what I’ll do it you misbehave…,” Amy paused as she brushed her fingers over her crossed legs. The thin sheer material of her dress moved with her, revealing her toned thighs and pale flowery lingerie, “…I’ll undress.”“Oh fuck,” Ben moaned, his penis starting to burn, “That might kill me.”Amy pulled her dress back down so that it covered her thighs and watched Ben’s eyes intently, “Shall I remove the mesh?” she asked apprehensively.Ben gazed at Amy as she fidgeted nervously. The new sensation inside his cage, and the potential of much more to come, only added to her power and mystique. This could hurt, but right then being hurt by such beautiful eyes was enticing. “Coffee?” he smiled.*They left their apartment and walked together, Amy hidden behind sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. When they reached the café, Amy handed her designer leather jacket to the waitress and let Ben lead her to their usual table at the back.“I hope you don’t try to have an erection here,” she smiled mischievously.“At least you have the key… in case of emergency,” Ben winked.“Oh, but you can’t have it…” Amy leaned forward, licking her lips as she spoke.“I’ll take it by force, if I have to…”“You know where I keep it, “Amy breathed as she uncrossed her legs, “I’ll have you arrested before you get anywhere near it.”The pretty brunette beneath the wide brim of her summer hat was again controlling his cock, her eyes and her smile making him swell uncontrollably, “I guess I’ll just collapse in agony on the floor by your feet?”“Guess you do…”Amy could feel the mix of power and arousal going to her head. Their lips were almost touching, and she could feel Ben’s rapid breathe. He was about to kiss her when he broke away, stood up and looked round the room in an effort to clear his mind.“I may as well collapse by your feet now,” he smiled painfully.“Please do…”Ben looked under the table at Amy’s ankle-high leather boots and long legs that disappeared under her hitched-up red dress.“Unless you want to look for the key with your lips…” she sighed dreamily.“That would probably castrate me,” Ben replied.Amy smiled and beckoned with her fingers for Ben to pass her the chain that was padlocked to his chastity cage.“Really?” he asked, the swelling already starting, “Here?”“Aha…”Amy discretely reached beneath the table for the chain and wrapped it around the metal bar that was embedded in the wall and locked it with a padlock.“At least that won’t stop me from collapsing at your feet,” Ben breathed, “… in fact now that’s about all I can do.”‘Mind and body,” Amy purred. She made a cute clicking noise, “Imprisonment, humiliation, castration… mmm, what shall it be today?”Ben loved watching Amy become aroused, it was such a turn-on, but this time painfully so.“Let’s go home and make love,” he winced, her cage gripping and tormenting his cock.“And let you go free?” Amy’s hand was under her dress, surreptitiously touching the silk that pulled tight around her love-struck body, “You don’t know how much I love this.”“I do… that’s why it’s agony.”Amy was now tuning out as the feeling grew.“Amy?” Ben called.“We’ll make love at home…”She stood kocaeli escort up and stretched, her thighs revealing themselves from beneath the sheer red fabric.“Amy, I’m chained to the wall,” Ben whispered, both his cock and his mind about to blow.Amy slinked around to Ben’s side of the table and kissed his mouth, her tongue pushing deep, her body desperate for his, “The key to the chain is in my jacket… I’ll leave it for you,” she murmured, pointing to the coat rack that was way out of Ben’s reach.“No!” he cried, “How do I get that?” His eyes were aroused and confused as his hand slipped hopefully beneath her dress, perilously close to her clit.Amy stopped and looked at him carefully, “Never say ‘no’, darling…”Ben smiled, totally captivated by her domineering beauty.“I’m sorry,” he gasped, “Just that your cage is really gripping me.”Amy leaned in and whispered, “Enjoy the torment, darling,” she trembled as she turned, her dress floating up almost magically as she left.Ben watched her walk away, stopping only at the coat rack to slip her fitted leather jacket over her slim shoulders.*Once again, she had taken his breath away leaving Ben with flashbacks to when they had first met. Excitement mixed with pure terror, not knowing who she was or when she might unlock him. He watched her walk away with the same admiration, even reverence, that he had felt when she had been the unknown woman in the sex shop.He watched her swish back her hair and stride towards a table at the far side café of the large crowded café. She spun around, smoothed her dress, and sat down to watch the man she had left chained by his penis to the wall.His phone dinged with a text, ‘Love to watch you get out of this’.Ben ordered another coffee and just sat watching Amy from across the room. She was smiling and playing with her hair but stayed frustratingly on her seat.His phone dinged again, ‘You can leave at any time.’‘Just without my penis!’ He caught her eye and they shared a smile, ‘Don’t smile, it hurts!’ he typed.Amy giggled, picked up her bag and left.*She returned over an hour later and sat down on her original chair opposite Ben with her shopping bags piled next to her. His eyes seemed to follow her as if idolising her, which made her lips part and her breathing slow.  She placed a single key on the table between them and watched Ben’s reaction.“That will unchain you from the wall…if you want,” she offered.Ben touched the key, “It’s warm.”Amy smiled.The padlock key was tiny and it seemed almost insulting that that one key in Amy’s pocket had been enough to imprison him. He looked around and discretely released the small padlock that tethered him to the wall. He coiled the chained back inside his pocket, picked up her shopping and quickly followed Amy outside.The day was now hot, and a warm wind was tugging at Amy’s dress, the thin red fabric pulling tight and moulding itself to her body. She spun around as Ben approached her, letting the wind lift her dress even further. She was smiling, sexually alive, as she stood with her legs apart and her tongue hovering against her lips.She then turned again and ran into the park, with Ben in pursuit. He caught her hand and reeled her in and kissed her. Her tongue dug into his mouth, sending shock waves into his body and seconds later pain into his mesh-covered chastity cage.“Fucking mesh,” he moaned, now on his knees.He traced his finger up Amy’s legs and felt his chastity key clipped to the inside of her pale flowery lingerie. It was low down, deep between her cheeks in what Amy had found to be the most intimately secure hidey-hole; completely hidden from sight.“Maybe I should be wearing jeans,” Amy breathed.Ben knew that was her way of saying that she wouldn’t unlock him. It was both her codeword and practical reality as there was no way to extract the key once she had squeezed her kocaeli escort bayan body into figure-hugging jeans.“With the mesh still inside?” Ben gasped.She nodded.“I only felt the key through your pants.”“Maybe I should lock you in your room while I change …” “I didn’t touch it,” he cried with arousal and frustration in equal measures.He loved playing with Amy when she was in this mood and grabbed her around the waist and kissed her again. And yet again he had to stop as the mesh dug into his cock.Another couple had just entered the park and so Ben wrapped his hand around Amy’s and tried to lead her away. She tried to hold him back, her dress swaying as she fought to resist. He pulled again and she wobbled off balance and laughed as she stepped forward only to be caught by his strong arms.With Ben now in control, Amy unzipped his fly and reached for the chain that was attached to his cock cage and tugged gently. Ben stopped and stared back into Amy’s dark eyes, wondering where her slim tanned arms would take him. Instead, Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust her body against his as she kissed his lips.Ben’s cock swelled against the mesh and, with the pain building, he had to get away. However, Amy still held the leash to his cock, controlling him like most girls would control their dog. He crouched down to relieve the pressure just as a gust of wind whipped up her dress to reveal innocent flowery underwear.“Before it’s lost inside your jeans,” Ben panted, his lips stimulating Amy’s clit through her damp underwear.“Oh fuck, don’t make me change my mind…” she moaned, desperate to indulge in more fantasies before they made love. She pulled up on the chain and forced Ben back onto his feet.“Let’s go, darling,” she snapped as she tugged him forward.Ben tried to protest, but Amy pulled on the chain to winch her helpless man towards her, his cage pushing harmlessly into her crotch. After only the briefest of kisses, she pulled him over to a nearby railing, half hidden by the trees, and wrapped the chain around the steel bars.“Don’t chain me up again… it’s too fucking sexy!” Ben moaned.Amy turned and walked a few steps before sitting down on the grass.“How did you lock me up so quickly?” Ben called genuinely amazed.Amy smiled from behind sunglasses as she lay in the sun with her legs apart and her dress riding higher and higher on her body.“Okay, just put your jeans on,” Ben cried, now accepting that if Amy wasn’t ready to release him, then it was better if he couldn’t see what he was missing.With Ben almost in touching distance of her spread legs, Amy closed her eyes and daydreamed. She imagined Ben breaking loose and dropping to his knees to worship her. It was amazing how she could almost feel his lips. She imagined him breaking out of his cage and forcing himself on her with the appetite of a man who had been denied for a hundred years. It was a beautiful fantasy and one that they would have to play out that evening. For now, she had an even better fantasy; her imprisoned and chastised man waiting lovingly for his release.*By the time they had returned home, and Ben had closed the front door, Amy was already in their bedroom, easing her jeans up over her thighs. Ben sighed, his cock aching from the mesh, now totally exasperated as her jeans disappeared up inside her dress. He watched as the denim squeezed over her round butt, stretched over her hips, and finally buttoned up around her waist. Only then did she slip out of her dress and pull on a white tee-shirt.Amy was so close, her scent playing with his mind, and yet he had to block her smile from his thoughts or else suffer the consequences. He looked around the room but couldn’t help but glance back.“I can’t even watch you,” he winced, tapping his crotch to relieve the discomfort.“A real dilemma….”“Make love?” he asked hopefully.“Soon…”“Can izmit escort I swap places with the key?”Amy smiled as Ben took her hand and led her over to the door of the spare room. He let go and walked inside alone and undressed down to his cage.“Please lock me in and throw away the key,” he exhaled, everything about the brunette spinning around his head.“Do you still like this?” she asked tentatively.“I’ve never felt more alive.”“You still pleased I moved in?”“Fuck, there’s so much I want to do with you,” he sighed longingly.“Does that include wearing my cuffs?”Amy grinned, and her ponytail bobbed, as she cuffed Ben’s hands to his chastity cage and trailed her fingers longingly around his naked body. She then placed one hand on the silver door handle, “I promise it will only be for a little while?” she whispered almost remorsefully.“Just lock me in,” Ben cried unable to look at her aroused body for a moment longer.Amy pulled the door closed with a bang and turned the key. She had never felt so happy and so excited; a sort of excitement that she hadn’t felt since she was a child.Ben stood and rattled the locked door. It was maddeningly frustrating, but this was what he loved about Amy. He paced around the small room to the security bars on the small windows and then returned and knelt back down to look at her.“Would you ever throw away my chastity key?” he asked.Amy looked back at him shyly through the empty keyhole, “That’s mine forever,” she whispered.“And if you leave me?” he asked.“Then I’ll take it with me…”“I love you,” Ben breathed.“I love you too…” she quickly repeated.They stopped and stared. Neither had said those words before. Ben started to smile, which made Amy giggle.“Is this your attempt to get an early release?” she asked accusingly.“Would it work?”“No!” she cried before pausing, “Okay, yes!”Ben fell forward, and with his chained hands unable to stop him, head-butted the door. Amy laughed out loud as she jumped up and searched her pockets for the door key. Seconds later the door was open, and she stood almost timidly in front of him.“Want to undress me?” she asked sweetly.“Want to let me out of these chains?”“Well, I can’t really do that until you’ve undressed me…” Amy tapped the back of her jeans.Still handcuffed to his own balls, Ben unbuttoned her jeans and used his shackled hands to tussle and pull the denim down over her hips.“Sure you can’t help?” he panted with a smile.Amy shook her head, leaving her shackled man to slowly ease her jeans from her body. Her tee-shirt was impossible for Ben to remove and so he went straight to her panties. The silk quickly floated down to her ankles but stayed trapped as Amy refused to lift her feet. His penis was now throbbing, and he dropped to his knees and rolled down onto the floor and looked up the provocative woman above him.“Okay, I’ve officially collapsed at your feet,” he laughed.Amy retrieved the keys and released one of Ben’s handcuffs, only to lock the free end around her ankle. She unlocked his chastity cage and carefully removed the cage to reveal a red crisscrossed mesh pattern on Ben’s penis.Ben lay still as blood rushed back into his tormented cock. Amy was now crouching above him, her bare legs bouncing dangerously above his head as she gently explored the effects of her twisted fantasies.He suddenly rolled to one side, slid his hands underneath her body and used his strength to lift her up. Amy immediately draped her arms around his neck and kissed him, not letting go as he laid her down on the bed. Ben tried to untangle himself, only to realise that his wrist was still chained to Amy’s ankle.“Leave it,” she moaned, as she rubbed lubricant between her open legs and watched as Ben’s ripped body pushed inside.They made love and then lay handcuffed together on the bed as Amy explored the tiny creases on Ben’s forehead. She had seen him wince from the pain caused by her mesh, and maybe those were what she could now see. She loved how her actions were shaping his whole life and she kissed his forehead before burying back against his chest.

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