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“This is so wrong,” she said to herself as the warm hand slid between her silky, tanned and taut thighs. She however did nothing more than exhale a soft yes as the hand began to move toward the crotch of her tiny silken thong that was becoming wetter by the second. His mouth moved from her hot lips to the nipples of her soft full breasts that were visible through the cloth, he began to plant kisses on them through the cotton shirt. She closed her eyes as waves of euphoria washed over her. His hands pushed her t- shirt up and his lips began to kiss and suck her young firm breasts. She stopped him only long enough to pull the shirt over her head. He resumed the kissing while his tongue licked every velvety inch..Her firm pink nipples were sucked in between his teeth and she moaned softly as they gently scrapped them. She forced herself to be silent, if they were caught to would spell disaster for them. Shari had just turned seventeen as school let out for the Summer. It was during her birthday almanbahis dinner that her parents informed of her Aunt Emma and Uncle Darren’s impending visit. They were driving up from Florida and would spend a week with them before they headed West. Shari was overjoyed as she had not seen them or her cousins in a few years. She assisted her parents in cleaning the house and pool area in preparation for their arrival.. When the topic of sleeping arrangements came up Shari was asked about giving her room to the twins, she had no problem with that. Her Aunt and Uncle would occupy her older brother’s room as he was working overseas. Her cousin Dan would probably sleep in the motor home, of all her cousins Dan was her favorite. They had played together as children and despite their age differences they spent many happy hours talking. After his family moved they stayed connected through MySpace until it turned to shit and then on Facebook, they sent each other pages of emails and they shared almanbahis yeni giriş about every aspect of their life. “He can sleep in the rumpus room on the floor with me, we have spare sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses” Shari stated. Her parents gave each other bemused grins. “Not going to happen,” Dad said. “Well why not?” she asked. “Do we have to spell it out? He’s a boy, almost a man and you are an attractive young lady. There’s no need to tempt faith,” her Dad stated. “Ewww. Do you think my cousin would try anything or that I would let him?” “It’s been known to happen,” Mom responded. Finally on Wednesday she spotted the massive motor home coming up the street and alerted her parents. She watched as it was skillfully backed into the drive and they waited until the engine was switched off before they approached. The twins were the first off and almost knocked off her feet with their greeting. Her Aunt and Uncle exited and gave her and her parents warm hugs. Finally almanbahis giriş Dan exited the motor home and Shari was blown away by his looks and build. In the year absence he had lost weight, gained muscle and height. She gave him a warm hug and he hugged her back. “You look fucking great,” she managed to say once the adults were out of hearing range. “Me? You’re the one that’s smoking hot,” he responded. They joined their families in the backyard and talked about what has been happening in their lives in between playing with the twins.It was decided to grill that evening so the Dad’s broke out the gas grill as the ladies collected all the meats and veggies. From the moment he arrived Shari swore that Dan was checking her out every time she walked past him. Now granted her nylon shorts fit her like a second skin, but it was hardly the sexiest thing she owned. Still he managed to sneak peaks at her firm backside and slender legs and she enjoyed the attention.. The dinner dishes were cleared away and the parents began to indulge themselves with alcoholic beverages. Stories and jokes were swapped until around 10:00 PM when they broke up long enough to settle the twins down. Once again the subject of where she and Dan would sleep.

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