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Tara waited expectantly at the luggage carousel. The sign in her hand simply had “His” last name on it but it meant so much more to her. It was a sign of the weekend they had secretly planned for nearly a year. Coordinated, schemed, finagled and amazingly it was all about to come true. Not only was the week itself difficult to coordinate but “His” special requests were unique too.

It was difficult for her to pack for this trip knowing that his requirement was she not wear any clothes that were not either given by him or provided by the hotel. She was wearing the first item provided by him: a black suit with a chauffeur’s cap. He had gotten her size right but had not provided any underwear. Whether by his choice or because he forgot she could not be sure. She suspected he did not forget but preferred the idea of her “au natural” under the severe suit. Either way she complied with his wish and now stood there waiting for him in a suit without anything on underneath.

She was also under strict instructions to act like she really was an employee and not his lover. She would have to restrain herself and pretend not to want him.

She felt her resolve weaken as she saw him coming down the escalator. She fought back the urge jump into his arms to hug him in her excitement she smiled as she saw him start to move towards her in excitement. Then he remembered his role and walked slowly towards her. He indicated he was the person she was looking for then together they claimed his luggage and soon were in the hired limo. She put his luggage in the car then climbed in the back with him since there was already a real driver there. Soon they were underway and the privacy screen went up.

Then and only then did he reach for her. They kissed passionately while his hands explored her body. She unzipped his pants desperate to feel his hard cock. He, in turn, unzipped her pants and yanked them hard down to her knees. Then he lifted her on his lap and slid himself in her quickly. She was so wet from waiting and not wearing underwear that she took him fully inside her without any problem. She began to ride him like a stallion bucking and jumping up and down on his lap as their passion grew. Soon she felt herself loose control and she screamed in ecstasy which in turn brought his orgasm to the surface and he filled her with his hot cum.

They pulled loose and looked around quickly as they pulled their clothes together. The car smelled strongly of the musk of their sex and they giggled at each other at how naughty they were as the car pulled to a stop at the curb. The driver flipped a switch to announce their arrival and allowed them a few moments before he opened the door.

They checked into the room without any problems. The quickie in the car seemed to have kept their passion in check, for now. The bellman had a funny look on his face having a female chauffeur help take the luggage into the suite but did not say anything. The suite itself was huge with a separate bath, hot tub, bar and living room then a master bedroom with a beautiful view in floor to ceiling windows. He tipped the bellman then set about unpacking.

When he was finished he turned and looked at Tana and said “Um, I think you are over-dressed. Remember the rule, no clothing permitted in the suite.”

She stood up from her seat on the low dressing chair and looked at him. She slowly began to unbutton her jacket then slid it off of her shoulders and tossed it to him. Then she took off her shirt each button revealing more of her tantalizingly. Until at last she took it off and handed it to him. She smiled at the erection he was getting from her show as she turned her back to him and lowered her pants over her ass revealing herself to him. She handed him her pants and waited. He put them carefully away in the closet and looked her up and down with lust in his eyes. She smiled back and looked at the huge bulge in his pants.

Then she asked “What about you? Clothing is an option for you?”

He smiled and said, “Of course, but since you asked, I think I should join you.” He smiled and pulled his polo shirt off then quickly dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Standing in his underwear he neatly folded his clothes and put them away.

Then he walked to the bar but was interrupted by her with an “uhhmmmm” throat clearing sound as she pointed at his underwear and said “I think you forgot something”. To her astonishment he actually blushed but quickly pulled them off. She loved the look of his cock pointing straight out and could not help but stare.

Self consciously he walked behind the bar and asked if she’d like a drink. She smiled at his embarrassment. He was an attractive man naked in front of a naked lover yet still embarrassed. She thought it was cute. She took the champagne he handed her and walked toward the window certain he was watching her naked ass. She could not help but sway a little more seductively than usual.

The sun was setting over the water and the scene out the window quickly distracted her. She felt a little dizzy standing near the floor to ceiling windows. travesti porno They were more than twenty floors up; it was breathtaking. Watching out the window she silently surveyed the scene while absently sipping her champagne. Seeing a movement she looked to the left and saw a man on a balcony in the next building. He had a beer in his hand and was wearing a robe but more importantly was staring straight at her. She blushed suddenly remembering she was naked in front of a huge window and it was very likely he could see her. To test she tipped her glass to him as if making a toast. Almost instantly he returned her toast and then moved his hands in a clapping motion and nodded appreciatively.

It was that moment that her lover chose to slide behind her and kiss her neck. The hot feeling of his lips on her neck and ears made her forget everything but “His” touch. He took her drink from her before she spilled it and set it down on a table beside them, then resumed kissing her and fondling her breasts from behind. His cock slid seductively up the crack of her ass then between her legs as he fondled her. She reached out to the window and braced herself on it giving him a better angle to take her like she needed him to do. And take her he did. He thrust his hard cock into her quickly and deeply filling her with his passion. His thrusts made her weak with desire and she soon found herself supporting her body against the window. Her arms flat and her breasts and face pressed against the glass while he pounded her from behind.

This was no quickie like in the car he was set to a rhythm that would last for a while and she was equally prepared to make it last. She moaned in pleasure having him slowly fill her. He was hard and thick and satisfied her so well. She turned her head to look at him and see the pleasure and concentration in his loving her. But while doing so she so movement out the window again. The man on the balcony was watching them make love and had opened his robe and was stroking himself.

The sight of a stranger watching them while her lover filled her so wonderfully excited her more than she imagined it would. She began to feel the stirring of an orgasm deep inside her. Each thrust of his cock inside her urged it on while the images of the man stroking himself added an edge to her excitement promising to be the biggest ever. She began to clench him inside with each stroke. Silently urging him towards release along with her. Her muscles clamping did the trick as she felt him begin to pound harder and faster into her. Each thrust was now smashing her against the glass and causing a moan to escape from her lips. She knew her orgasm was unstoppable now as she felt her knees weaken and it began. She thrashed against him simultaneously wanting him to stop and go harder. He continued to pound riding her as she thrashed and moaned louder and louder. Each wave of her orgasm clenching him inside her in a death grip of heat. Soon through the fog of orgasm she felt him get even harder and begin to fill her with his hot cum forcing another wave of pleasure. He legs gave way with this on and she collapsed sliding down the glass while his cock popped free of her and spewed his hot cum across her back and into her hair. As she slid down the glass she saw the man across the way in his own private ecstasy, his head leaning back and obviously cumming while he stroked.

He smiled at the sight of her exhausted naked body. Kneeling down he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. There he gently tucked her in and left to finish his drink. After a short rest he decided to try out the huge Jacuzzi in the suite. Taking the bottle with him he quickly was resting in the bubbles as the water teased his skin alive.

The sound of the Jacuzzi kept him from hearing her until she slid in beside him and nestled up under his arm. Thoroughly satisfied they sat for a long while his arm around her both enjoying the water relaxing them sipping champagne. He saw the phone beside the tub and picked it up. Pressing the number for room service he shortly had ordered a huge feast and left instructions to let themselves in and set the table.

They heard the staff in the other room setting the table and waited. Soon they heard the door and then silence. Figuring it was safe enough they climbed out of the tub and dried each other off. It felt strange at first but eating dinner in the nude and by candlelight eventually felt perfectly normal, although he did find himself caught staring at her large breasts several times. In fact the dinner and conversation helped him to recoup so much that by the end he was beginning to feel like he could go again in spite of the recent sexual adventures. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing.

After answering the phone he said, “We need to put on a robe and head down to the spa, our massage therapists are ready.” While she went in the bathroom to retrieve the robes he called room service to pick up the dishes. Soon they were on their way.

The massage was phenomenal. They were each treated to full body güzel porno massages in the same room. He had an older blond haired woman while she had a muscular older gentleman. Each was obviously very skilled. As the massage progressed she found herself aroused by watching him get his massage and the things her masseur was doing to her made her all the more aroused. When they turned over for the front half she could see that the massage was having the same effect on “Him”. His sheet had a definite “tent” being made all the larger by the masseuse working her way up his legs.

By the time the massage was over she was practically on fire with desire and the look in his eyes told her he was too.

They soon were back in their robes and on their way back to the room. As quickly as the elevator doors closed she grabbed him and kissed him hard on the mouth. Her passion evident in the racing tongue and her lips pressed so hard on his. His hot hands found their way in her robe and squeezed her breasts hard as they kissed. He broke their kiss to nibble her neck. As he did this she saw the surveillance camera move to focus on them. She worked his robe off of his shoulders while he slipped his arms out then she tossed it over the camera. It hung there blocking the view of his now naked body as she dropped her own robe.

He reached into the pocket of his robe and found the room key then went to the elevator panel, inserted the key and pressed the stop button. The elevator stopped and no alarm sounded. She was beyond caring and attacked him with passionate kisses; her arms wrapped around him. He lifted her up and entered her as her legs wrapped around his waist. He carried her while his cock throbbed inside her and set her precariously on the hand rail. No having the vantage he needed he began to pound his hot cock inside her with an animal fury. She raked his back leaving scratch marks which only acted to spur his thrusting along. She was being pounded for all she could take and was only able to casually notice the robe falling off of the camera as her orgasm began to build inside her. His thrusts quickened as his balls slapped against her ass. He began to get even harder and the throbbing she felt indicated that he was not far from cumming. This helped her let go her own impending release. Her pussy began to spasm around his cock clamping it in a vise grip while his own orgasm began. His cock spewed hot cum inside her while he slammed into her until at last he stopped and collapsed against her. His cock slipped from inside her as his cum dribbled down her leg. He let her down to the floor and they each donned their robe again. She winked at the camera and slowly closed her robe giving them one last look for good measure. He turned the key and soon the door opened on their floor while the smell of sex filled the small elevator. //

Exhausted, they both barely made it to the bed before falling into a deep satisfied sleep. When she awoke she found he was gone. A note on the bedside table told her his schedule for the day and that he would not be able to get to the room until afternoon at the earliest. He reminded her that she was to remain naked and that the room steward would provide anything she needed. He had already had breakfast but their was still coffee in the carafe so she poured herself a cup.

Plodding over to the window she opened the sliding door to the cool morning air and sat in a chair watching the morning sun warm the water. As she began to wake up she looked around and remembered where the stranger had been before. Almost as soon as she looked she saw him staring intently at her. She remembered that she was naked and blushed. She almost left to hide herself but something in the pleasure evident on his face told her to stay. He was once again in his robe and looked to be wearing a swimsuit under it. She looked back at him and watched him watch her. He motioned for her to stay and went into his room returning in a moment with a bag from a local store. She watched with interest as he opened it and pulled out a box. HE opened the box and removed a pair of binoculars. He immediately lifted them to his eyes and she knew that he could now see her very clearly. She smiled and posed. It made her hot and a little embarrassed knowing that he was examining her so closely.

She tried to relax and pretend to not notice any longer. When she looked back she saw that he was still watching her. She made a hand motion like she was opening a robe and gestured to him. He got a puzzled look on his face then she pointed at him and did the motion again. Obviously the he got it because he quickly set down the binoculars and removed his robe laying it on the back of the chair. She smiled and nodded then rubbed a nipple to make it hard sort of as a reward. When she looked back he was nodding approvingly. She though she could make out a bulge in his loose fitting trunks. She found she could make a game out of ignoring him and pretending to just sit there casually; moving around to allow him different views of her body.

After a while she was very turned anal porno on and once forget he was there and touched herself. When she remembered she quickly looked back where he was. Yes he had seen her and nodded when she looked his way . He looked like he wanted her to continue. With hand motions she asked if he wanted her to do that he nodded immediately and strongly YES. She pointed at his shorts and motioned down. He looked puzzled so she did it again until he understood. She would touch herself if he dropped his trunks.

He looked like he was thinking about it. He looked around to see if anyone else could see and stepped back off of the balcony a little. He slowly pulled down his trunks allowing his hard cock to pop free then picked up his binoculars again expectantly. //

She smiled and turned her body so that her legs were towards him. Slowly she parted her legs allowing him to see her glistening wet pussy. She had shaved before coming here so it was fresh and clean and he could see every fold. She pulled two chairs near her and set one foot on each then slid to the edge of her chair allowing him a completely unobstructed view of her pussy and ass. She slowly fingered herself gradually getting into the feeling more and more knowing that he was watching her every move made it all the easier to tease herself into a climax. As she lingered on her throbbing clit she looked back at him and could tell he was stroking himself but could really not see that he was done until he pulled back on his trunks. He lifted the binoculars back to watch her and she frowned. His puzzled expression asked why. She made the motion of binoculars then pouted again as if to say “I could not see”. He nodded and offered his to her. She nodded emphatically. He looked like he was thinking and then grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “What room?” large so she could see. She went inside found a piece of paper and wrote the room number on it then showed it to him. He nodded and blew her a kiss then went inside.

She decided she was hungry for brunch or late breakfast and placed an order for room service she told them to just bring it in when it was ready. Not wanting to violate the “no clothes” rule she took a shower and waited until she heard the room service come and leave again before going out. The breakfast was there but so was a package that was addressed to her room. Curious, she opened it and giggled when she saw the brand new binoculars. They were capable of zooming in really close and she could not wait to try them out.

She quickly ate her breakfast while it was still hot then poured another cup of coffee and went to the window. She looked over to the stranger’s room but did not see him. So she sat in her chair and looked around getting used to the new binoculars. They were very powerful and she enjoyed looking at all the things to see. She saw birds and animals near the water and watched people walking around carrying on their daily activities. She caught the occasional glimpse of someone in nearby hotel or apartment rooms but nothing really interesting. Then she remembered to check and see if the stranger was there.

As her vision centered on his area she jumped a little to see him staring back at her with his own binoculars. Then she looked him up and down closely. He was wearing a hotel robe that gave her good view of his muscular legs. After she had looked at him for a while and watched him watch her she pulled down the binoculars and made the “take your robe off motion”. She knew he understood and she quickly picked up the binoculars to watch. He stood up and slowly opened his robe. She felt herself get excited as his body came into view. His chest was slightly hairy and muscular he had a trim waist and his cock was long and moderately thick but very, very hard. She could even see a glisten of pre-cum on it as she zoomed in.

She knew she as getting wet watching him and realized she should give him a show also. She turned towards him and put her feet up like before giving him the perfect view of her pussy. She saw him sit back down and watch her. The whole scene was highly erotic. She was sitting there exposing herself to him watching his cock throb and then looking at his shaved balls. She had never seen anyone shaved there before and found herself really interested and excited. She did not even realize she was touching herself until she saw him begin to stroke himself too. Then it became a contest. Whatever she did he would mimic, where his parts allowed. Soon his pre-cum was flowing freely down his throbbing cock. She began to finger herself faster and harder feeling the pleasure of her impending orgasm all the while watching him stroke himself harder and harder his head purple and glistening with pre-cum. She could actually see his balls begin to tighten as his own orgasm was soon to cum. She could feel her own juices gushing out of her as the orgasm quickly rushed over her making her lose sight of him in the limited view of the binoculars. She rode her orgasm to its end moaning and convulsing then quickly bringing the binoculars back to find him. She found him just in time his hand was now flying up and down on his cock as the first spurt of white cum flew in the air. She watched memorized as rope after rope of cum shot into the air covering his stomach and legs. Until it finally stopped and his cock began to deflate throbbing and covered with cum.

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