Cowboy Fantasies Ch. 01


Patricia sat on the bar playing with the lip of her glass and eyeing the cowboy watching her from a table behind her.

He smiled, displaying a cute set of dimples. He cocked his eyebrow and raised his beer bottle up as to salute her. His buttoned up shirt was open and it exposed his gleaming chest.

Patricia smiled nervously, bringing her blonde hair over her ear quickly. She was making a full out of herself and sighed down into her cup.

The cowboy put down the bottle and walked slowly up to her. She heard the boots clack the ground getting closer and she circled her finger around her glass.

He sat on the stool next to her and tilted his cowboy hat up. His eyes were purely green and his smile was radiant.

“Howdy” He said, “Two beers, bartender.”

“Coming up!”

“Hi.” She said with a slight grin.

The bartender came back with the beer and set on the table.

“Here’s your beers, partner.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You-‘re welcome!”

The cowboy slid one next to Patricia’s class and opened up his by squeezing and turning the knob.

“Ooops, I fogot about yours.” He said and opened hers up.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” He said, smiling the same radiant smile, “So,” he continued, “what’s a good looking gal like yourself doing alone?” He intertwined his fingers together and studied her.

“Just seeing around, seeing if any cute cowboys like yourself would approach me.” She smiled and then laughed.

“Yeah?” He said, half grining, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.” He put out his hand. “My name’s Clay.”


“Wow, that’s a pretty name.”

“Why thank you.”

“Yeah.” He looked down and over to the Güngören escort band playing. He flicked a thumb.

“You like it?”

“Love it.”

“So, you wouldn’t mind a man like myself asking you for a dance?”

“I’ll be glad too.”

He took her hand, she put the beer bottle down and they went to the dance floor.

The colorful lights circled the floor and the band began their up beat country song.

Clay took Patricia’s right hand and rested his left on her narrow waist. He could feel her plum butt under her tight jeans. He looked into her blue eyes and smiled a playfully.

They slowly began moving their hips to the music. Her hips were rocking against his crotch. It surprised Clay for a moment, but he liked how it felt. He wanted to enter her vagina, but knew he had to be patient and wait. Then as they turned around, she pinched Clay’s butt. Clay clenched up and smiled. Patrica bit her lip and raised her eyebrows.

Patricia could feel the muscular build underneath Clay’s shirt; there was no doubt this cowboy had spent a lot of time at the gym. He smelled of alcohol and Stetson cologne.

She welcomed the growth pressing against her vagina as she rocked into him. She looked down on it as if something new was happening. She loved how big it felt.

They were dancing for a while and they decided to go upstairs and finish the night with some sex.

He opened a door and spotted a couple fucking in there like grunting pigs. He went to another one and was relieved to find it empty. They entered the small room with a queen size bed sitting by itself on the far wall. Clay made certain to lock the door. His heart was beating heavy İnnovia escort bayan in his chest and hewanted to see how this woman was in bed after all.

Clay placed his hands on her waist and Patricia began to spread her hands over his chest. Then Clay picked her feet off the ground and she wrapped her legs around him, kissing his neck. He laid her down on the bed and started to button down her shirt as she did the same with him. Clay was delighted with her body. She had milky white breasts and a smooth flat stomach that Clay hand an urge to kiss.

He looked down on her and loved the lost expression on her face as she started to unbutton his jeans and take them down. She ran her hands down his naked and thickly muscled legs. Clay tensed and rippled them.

Clay un-strapped her bra and threw it to the side. He bit his lip and looked at her round breasts. He cupped her left one brought the nipple into his warm mouth sucking on it gently, teasing her nerve endings and causing her to moan.

“Now, easy.” Clay said, putting her arms above her head. He cupped both breasts slowly stroking the underside with his fingers and the top with his palms. He massaged them around, his head following them and sucking on her nipples.

Patricia looked down with her mouth open and heaving. She had already developed beads of sweat on her forehead. She placed her hands on his broad back. It was well muscled and she rubbed it up and down rolling her eyes back as Clay dug his face into her cleavage.

He felt her heaving under him and she stroked his abs. Clay takes down her skirt and pecks small kisses down her leg as he slided down her panties.

His hands go down Escort Kağıthane her stomach and he slowly sucks a kiss on the top of it, and then went to her middle and sucked a kiss there. She tensed and her stomach trembled. He moved his tongue inside her belly button and sucked on it. Her back arched slightly and her head dug into the pillow.


Clay sat up and crawled over.

“Look at me.”

His mouth hung open and he moved his hips inside her. His cock was thick and long and filled her up the way she wanted.

She moaned in pleasure as he began to thrust.

“Oh, god…”

Clay’s breath was heavy and he clenched the bed sheets around him. She leaned her head back still groaning and calling out his name.

“Clay,ungh, uhh…”

His mouth hung open looking at her reaction. He kissed her neck already developing sweat.

Then he quickened and she began screaming and cupping his butt cheeks.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”

Her hands felt small on them. His butt cheeks were round as melons and she rolled her eyes in a delightful awe and then moved her hands back to the curve where his butt joined his pumping hips.

“You like it rough don’t you baby?!” He grunted out between his teeth, spraying her with a little spit.


He paused for a minute to regain his senses, moved his hands to her hips and pumped harder.

“Oh Yeahhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The angry look on his face was replaced by an ecstasy filled face and he squeezed her breast.

“Ohh baby…” He said.

“Shit yeah!” She screamed almost out of breath.

She felt her orgasm come, sending every nerve in her body erupting and arched herself into him, her legs trembling.


Clay grinded up and paused, releasing a small gasp from his lips. His body jolted up and down as his cum shot inside her. He bit on her shoulder and relaxed on top of her.

Patricia curled her fingers in his hair and sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

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